Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 24 Gu Family (ETL) - Chapter 24 Part 2

Chapter 24 My calculation is your time will be over soon Part 2

In the circle of businessmen, seniority is judged by economic strength, and the one with the most money is the boss. Wherever Papa Gu goes, there are people who come to flatter him. It's not good to not give a face when people come, so he will give a perfunctory sip. But taking a sip for each person, a dozen of people could make him drunk.

A middle-aged entrepreneur approached Gu Decheng with a glass of wine and chatted with him, "Mr. Gu is not only capable but also taught your sons well. Your two eldest sons are both capable, needless to say. But I also heard that your 3rd son is also at the top of the school. He learned from a very powerful master and has saved many people."

What Gu Decheng likes to hear is that others praise his son, and he is happy to hide here in a less crowded area to chat and drink less. Just as he was talking, a mocking voice asked, "Can I ask Third Young Master Gu to do a prayer dance and fortune telling on how to guard against bad people?"

Gu Decheng knew it is Li Shengkai without looking back. The whole Li family has been emptied out by him, so he doesn't know where Li Shengkai got the courage, to dare to provoke him here. With a cold face, Gu Decheng said condescendingly with the attitude of a winner, "If you want to guard against bad people, just cover your face when you go out."

At first, Li Shengkai didn't understand what Gu Decheng meant, but the person next to Gu Decheng almost laughed out loud. President Gu meant that Li Shengkai is the bad person. So if he covered his face when he went out, other people can guard against him.

After figuring out the meaning, Li Shengkai cursed in a low voice with a dark face. He scoffed at Gu Decheng's attitude of ‘showing off’ his son and said, "I wonder which master is so awesome to be able to teach fools so well?"

Gu Decheng understood the meaning when he heard it and his expression turned cold all of a sudden. Just as he is about to explode, a cold voice said indifferently, "If Mr. Li still has time to care about how the Gu family's children are raised, it's better to care about yourself."

Everyone is startled when they heard this voice. They all turned their heads and saw a tall, handsome but unsmiling young man who had come to stand behind Gu Decheng. He is wearing a white shirt, while the collar and cufflinks are cool gray. It made his handsome face seem to lack a human touch.

It is Yu Ze.

Even though Yu Ze is young, everyone present dare not underestimate him. They can understand to some extent what kind of temperament is he. Unexpectedly, the notoriously indifferent young man directly confronts Li Shengkai. Those who found out what is going on all shut their mouths, quietly observing the development of the situation here, for fear of accidentally causing trouble for themselves.

Yu Ze passed by Li Shengkai expressionlessly, picked up a wine glass from the plate carried by the waiter, and toasted Gu Decheng, "Mr. Gu, we meet again."

Gu Decheng clinked glasses with Yu Ze happily, but is also a little surprised that Yu Ze would go out of his way to interrupt, "I thought you wouldn't come."

"I've got something to do at the company, so I'm late." Yu Ze's expression softened, and he directly changed the subject, "Mr. Gu taught your sons well. Gu Ye saved my nephew's life a while ago and took good care of him. My family has always been grateful."

"Naturally, saving a friend should be a duty." The corners of Gu Decheng's mouth curved up, feeling relieved. He looked at this young man with admiration and felt envious in his heart that Yu Ze is able to support a business empire at such a young age, but none of his sons wanted to succeed him.

Just as the atmosphere eased, a voice carrying a smile said lightly, "Yo~ Mister, let me calculate. You've had bad luck these past few months. Is it okay to be bald and wear a wig at such a young age?"

When Gu Decheng heard the familiar voice, he let out an angry laugh. His third son, who is the most difficult to discipline is here. He doesn’t know how Gu Ye managed to get in, but he is currently pinching his fingers and standing solemnly in front of Li Shengkai, telling his fortune.

"If you do too many bad things, don't walk around at night as it's easy to run into ghosts. Don’t sleep too much with your 3rd, 4th, and 5th mistress as it will make you prone to impotence. Let me calculate more, aiya, you have 2 children outside. Madam Li is so lucky, she’s a mother to 2 extra children!"

Gu Decheng became sullen, wanting to stop this little bastard from engaging in feudal superstition in front of so many people. But before he could go out, he is stopped by Yu Ze who said, "I suddenly felt that his actions are quite interesting." Yu Ze paused, staring at the smirk on Gu Ye's face. His eyebrows and eyes are slightly drawn, and the corners of his mouth are raised a little before continuing, "I want to hear what he wants to say."

Feeling a headache, Gu Decheng rubbed his forehead. This little rascal had nothing good to say, and Yu Zu will absolutely regret it.

Today Li Shengkai brought his wife with him. After all, it is a formal business reception, and more than half of the businessmen brought their wives. Li Shengkai’s business is taken over from his father-in-law, so if his wife comes, he can win some face. When Hu Yu heard that her husband is messing around outside, Hu Yu's expression became a little uneasy.

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Ma'am, don't change your expression yet. He has the look of a scoundrel. Your father should still be alive right, but he is not in good health, got harmed by bad people ah. Is he(LSK) married into your family? Did he start his business with your family’s power? A lot of indiscriminate means were used eh, and you still think that your father suddenly fell ill. Is it really because of his poor health? Have you never used those godforsaken methods?"

"You are talking nonsense! Where did this wild child come from, simply talking nonsense!" Hu Yu immediately changed her attitude. She had met Gu Ye before, but Gu Ye had changed so much that she didn't recognize him for a while.

Gu Ye curled his lips, amused, "Wild child? That's not what you said when you asked my mother to kill me."

Hearing what Gu Ye said, everyone understood that this is the 3rd son of the Gu family. Those words of persuasion that Hu Yu said were uploaded by Mrs. Gu to her social page so there are quite a few people present who know about this. They didn’t comment but the way they looked at Hu Yu is different.

Hu Yu is furious but unable to quibble so her face turned pale with anger.

Gu Ye sneered, "How did your father fall sick? You can ask someone to check it out. The cause is absolutely inseparable from the man next to you."

Indeed, the people present heard of the news that Li Shengkai started his business by relying on his father-in-law and mother-in-law. In the end, the old father-in-law got tricked into transferring all the shares to Li Shengkai. Although there is no evidence, people who know how things work can see that something is fishy. That’s why Gu Decheng told Mrs. Gu that this person's family history is not clean. Only Hu Yu loves Li Shengkai deeply and doesn't know anything.

Being watched by so many people, Li Shengkai panicked and scolded in embarrassment, "Gu Decheng, is this the way you taught your son? What kind of place is this, he dares to come here to act wild?!"

Seeing Li Shengkai acting nervous, Gu Decheng calmed down instead. He leisurely watched the commotion, clinked glasses with Yu Ze, and drank another sip.

Li Shengkai's eyes turned red with anger.

Compared with Li Shengkai's exasperation, Gu Ye said calmly, "I calculated some more. You have a mistress who is pregnant with someone else's seed, but now the child carries the surname Li, that's amazing! How much money did you steal for this illegitimate son of yours? Ma'am, please be cautious. He used the money your father earned to support his lover, who even gave him a cuckold. The relationship between your family is too chaotic."

Hu Yu's complexion became even uglier. She knew that her husband raised a woman outside. She cried and quarreled, and later her husband severed ties with that woman, so why is the child involved now? It is said that the Old Third of the Gu family can tell fortunes. Right now, he could tell the story with so many details, could it be true?

Subconsciously, Hu Yu felt a little uneasy and speculative when she looked at her husband, and took this matter to heart.

Li Shengkai glared at Hu Yu, "You actually believe this kind of nonsense!"

"Tsk tsk tsk," Gu Ye chuckled a few times, "I can count how many bastard things you have done. Did you keep your tax evasion secret tightly? Whoever dares to cooperate with you is a hero, who is not afraid of death or sacrifice, and dares to contribute all his property."

It was not easy but Li Shengkai managed to attract a few people who reluctantly agreed to cooperate with him. But now they looked at each other, tax evasion? Gu Ye rescued Mr. Yu's grandson before, which has long been spread. If the Gu family’s 3rd son is saying nonsense, it’s still okay. But if he really can tell fortune, then this cooperation has to stop.

Li Shengkai squeezed the wine glass fiercely, wishing he could stab Gu Ye to death with the glass.

Gu Ye took the time to ask, "Are you thinking to hit me? It's really ‘an old cat sleeping on the eaves, habits passed down from generation to generation’. Your son must be yours biologically, this is still certain. He dared to commit school violence when he was just in junior high school, beating his classmate into vegetative states. You gave half a million to settle the matter but if your son murders and sets fire in the future, can you also settle it for him?

‘The upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant’[1]. What kind of eye-prickling things you gave birth to?"

The people watching the commotion around are all prominent figures. If one wants to see the teaching style of a family, one can see it from the children. Li Shengkai taught his children like this, it is conceivable that their family is not a good parent.

Li Shengkai couldn't hold his head up anymore. With so many people looking, he really can't do anything to Gu Ye so he could only stand trembling from anger due to his words. If eyes could kill, he would have cut Gu Ye 800 times.

Gu Ye gave Li Shengkai a cold look, and finally said to him, "You’re finished."

If it wasn't for Li Shengkai playing tricks with that Evil Beckoning talisman, the owner of this body should still have half a year's lifespan. Although it was by mistake that he came into this body and got a big advantage of rebirth, Gu Ye still felt that ‘he’ was being bullied. If he doesn't take revenge and get back to the perpetrator, he will feel uncomfortable all over.

Gu Ye walked straight past Li Shengkai to Gu Decheng, and asked with a smile, "Let me see first, has this old man drunk too much?"

Gu Decheng scolded with a smile, "Still playing around!"

Gu Decheng is in a good mood, and introduced, "This is President Yu. He is young and promising, a leader of the younger generation in the business world. If you have one-tenth of him, I will happily burn incense and offer prayers to God."

Gu Ye regretfully said, "Then forget it, the Bodhisattva will not accept your incense."

Gu Decheng opened his mouth but choked back what he wanted to say. He just wanted to hit the child.

Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze and said with a smile, "Mr. Yu, I still owe you 2 meals."

Inside, Gu Ye sighed in admiration. From facial features to figures to temperament, every detail of this person makes people feel perfect and flawless. But his father wants him to be like Yu Ze, which is absolutely impossible. He just wants to lie down like a salted fish and enjoy life.

The corner of Yu Ze's mouth twitched slightly, "How?"

Gu Ye stretched out his fingers and explained to Yu Ze, "You treated me to a meal that night. Then the next day, I asked you to go do something for me, so in total 2 meals."

Gu Decheng grabbed Gu Ye from behind and scolded him, "Nonsense! President Yu is busy, how can he has time to eat with you?"

"I have the time." Yu Ze took out a business card with a gentle expression, "You decide the time and place, just let me know one day in advance."

Gu Ye took it in a daze, a little confused. Is CEO normally so easy to talk to?

Gu Decheng said helplessly, "Don't bother him. He has a childish temper, can’t spoil him too much."

Yu Ze smiled slightly, "He is very sensible."

Gu Decheng glared at Gu Ye, reminding him not to mess around, and don’t ask Yu Ze out for real.

Gu Ye has already happily put the business card in his pocket. This business card is still enveloped with a purple aura. After he returned home, he will rub with his hands more, and then buy lottery tickets.

Seeing that it is almost midnight, this business banquet should end. Gu Decheng took Gu Ye with him, exchanged pleasantries with some old friends, and then left. When walking towards the parking lot, Gu Ye looked at his father resentfully. This old man is really unreasonable. When they were heading out, a big boss asked him to tell his fortune, and he did it. But his old man wouldn't let him take the money. How can there be such a loss-making business?

Gu Decheng stared back at Gu Ye, "Uncle Lin is just teasing you, how could you really tell his fortune for real?"

Gu Ye curled his lips, "I dare to tell even when the king of heaven comes."

Gu Decheng had a cold face and wanted about to take the opportunity to teach Gu Ye a lesson. Let him know what to say on what occasion, especially in this kind of business circle. Everyone is two-faced people. They smile at you on the surface but stab you in the back. Talking too much will be a disadvantage for him.

However, before Gu Decheng could say much, a middle-aged man in a black shirt came over, "Hello, Mr. Gu, I'm from Xuanshu Association, and I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Gu Decheng frowned, "What does the Xuanshu Association want to do with me? My son is not a Taoist priest either."

"You misunderstood," the person from the Xuanshu Association quickly explained, "I just wanted to ask 3rd Young Master a few questions."

Gu Ye asked back with a look of disgust, "Xuanshu Association is not my father, why should I answer any questions? I refused!"

People from Xuanshu Association: "..."

If you say that this tooth-aching attitude has nothing to do with ‘that guy’, he wouldn't believe it if you beat him to death.

Gu Decheng: Don't listen to his nonsense!

Yu Ze: Very interesting.

Raw word count: 6813 (whole chapter)


[1] When the superiors (or parents) do not set a good example, the subordinates (or children) are not expected behave well.

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