Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 24 Gu Family (ETL) - Chapter 24 Part 1

Chapter 24 My calculation is your time will be over soon Part 1

Early the next morning, Gu Ye got up early to wash up, took his schoolbag and luggage downstairs, and put them in the lobby before going to eat.

This time the breakfast is not ‘100% mark noodles’, but dumplings. According to Mrs. Gu, "Leave home with dumplings, return home with noodles. These are egg-filling dumplings, so after eating them, you two can scram."

Gu Ye quietly glanced at his younger brother's bowl, and then at his own bowl, as if comparing the contents.

Seeing that, Mrs. Gu's heart tightened, fearing that Gu Ye say nonsense like "My brother's dumplings are bigger than mine" which would make Gu Decheng and the older sons feel uncomfortable.

Gu Ye looked at her face and smiled. Then he switched his bowl with his younger brother and said, "Our mother is biased. You have opened/leaked dumplings in your bowl."

Gu Yang blinked. He really believed Gu Ye’s words and asked, "Really? Mom, why do you only love my brother and not me?"

Mrs. Gu couldn't hold back the corner of her mouth, and said with disgust, "Because your brother studies better than you. You silly thing, you ate a lot but your brain didn’t grow."

Gu Yang looked dazed, "Is this my biological mother, really?"

Mrs. Gu gave her son a prideful sneer.

Just after eating, the servant came to the restaurant door with a long brocade box in his arms. "Third Young Master, there’s a middle-aged woman outside who left you a gift just now."

Gu Ye wiped his mouth and took the box under the doubtful eyes of the whole family. Then, under the scrutinizing eyes of his father, he quietly opened a slight gap in the box. After seeing what was inside, he immediately closed it.

"Mom, here's a Mother's Day gift for you." Gu Ye swiftly passed the box on to Mrs. Gu and said with a smile, "Take it back to your room before opening it. Don't let my dad snatch it away."

Happily accepting the gift, Mrs. Gu turned away to peek into the box. Then her expression paused slightly, before changing into joy. She hugged the box tightly, "Mom has accepted this gift. You won't go back on your words, right?"

Gu Ye felt the pain from the damage, but he still keeps smiling, "No."

Inside the box was the bank card sent by Aunt Wang. It was unknown where she got the money, but they managed to pay off their debts already. The thing is that there is a pennant included in the box! His family’s old man will get high blood pressure whenever he saw pennants. In order to prevent him from doing fortune-telling, his father even wanted to send him abroad. At such a critical time, how can he dare to take the contents out?!

Gu Ye dragged his suitcase to school in great pain (of losing money) while Mrs. Gu happily sent him to the car, telling him to take good care of himself, not to catch a cold, and not to lose weight~ Who is her real biological son? He has long been forgotten.

Gu Ye sat in the car and shook his head. This is what a woman who is obsessed with money looks like, how scary!

Once back to school, the topic that everyone cares about is which school to apply for. Friends will get together in groups of 3 or 5 people to discuss and decide what is their 1st and 2nd choice, and what is the reason. Just like a room full of ducklings, no one is idle in the class. The monitor stood up and shouted, "Students, Mr. Yu asked the students who have arrived to hand in their application forms first! Hand it to me!"

Xia Xiang took out his form and came to Gu Ye's side, "Have you decided where to go?"

Gu Ye took out his form to show Xia Xiang. The word ‘Capital University’ was neatly written in all the boxes, as if he really has a soft spot for it.

Zhao Pengyu came over and took a look, "My god! This is the top university in the country, where you can honor your ancestors if you pass the exam, but the minimum score is too high." Then, he looked around. Seeing no one approached them, he asked in a low voice, "You two, with your condition, why not study abroad?"

Gu Ye whispered: "No, the capital has a lot of rich people. Fortune-telling does make money."

Hearing that, both Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang became speechless. Gu Ye’s reason is too simple.

"What if you don't pass the exam?"

"That's just right then. I can take my younger brother with me to set up a stall under the overpass. Dear patrons, you must take care of my business."

Xia Xiang took a pen on Gu Ye's desk. In his own form, he wrote in the empty 1st choice column: Capital University. Then he said, "Believe in yourself, you will be able to do it, try your best."

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth curved up. Xia Xiang is really a contradictory person. He is timid on the outside, but very assertive inside, and he won’t rush into anything when encountered a problem. Next, he turned to look at Zhao Pengyu's form, all 3 boxes are empty. It seems that he has no idea where to go.

Zhao Pengyu hesitated for a moment, before taking the pen in Xia Xiang's hand. He wrote his 1st choice calmly: Capital University.

The class monitor who ran over to ask if they had finished filling their form saw Zhao Pengyu's form. He stared at him with wide eyes, his eyes seemed to be saying, ‘Have you gone crazy? You weakling with only battle power of 5 points?’

Zhao Pengyu laughed carelessly, "People must have dreams, what if they come true?"

Gu Ye took a closer look at Zhao Pengyu's eyes, and patted him on the shoulder with a smile, "Let's make up lessons. In the last monthly exam, you advanced 500 ranks. This time, you need to advance 800 in the monthly exam, and then get to the top 300 in the whole school. After that, in our last monthly exam, just get the top 50. Then your result will be almost there in time for the college entrance examination."

Zhao Pengyu waved his hand but said nothing and went back to study materials.

At noon, Teacher Yu called Gu Ye to the office, "I don’t see any problem with your 1st choice, but will you change your 2nd and 3rd choices?"

Gu Ye insisted, "No change."

"So confident?"

"It's not about having self-confidence, it's about cutting off all your backups."

Teacher Yu has never seen such a stubborn person, "Why?"

With a cold face, Gu Ye answered seriously, "Because it's closer to home."

The corner of Teacher Yu's mouth twitched, and he said kindly, “But changing the other choices won’t interfere with your 1st choice. Teacher is saying this for your own good."

Gu Ye nodded, "I understand, but I don't want to go to any other school."

"That's all right then, you can go back to your class." Teacher Yu told Gu Ye to leave and sent a message to his parents: [Your child has filled in his application form, and he wrote the same school for all the choices. Do you, as the parents know about this?]

When Gu Decheng received this WeChat message, he really hesitated whether he should directly change Gu Ye's choices. As a father, as long as it is for his son's own good, he doesn't mind being a bad guy and making Gu Ye hate him. Because how many years does he have left to live? But Gu Ye's life has just begun.

Just when Gu Decheng is hesitating, Mrs. Gu shook her head at him and persuaded, "Forget it. This child has finally started to live like a normal person so just let him be. Or are you counting on him to expand your territory in the future? Our family's money is enough to support him for a lifetime. Besides, you may be able to send him away for 3 years, 5 years, but can you keep him from coming back for the rest of his life?"

Mrs. Gu hesitated for a moment, but still reluctantly took out the bank card that Gu Ye gave her, and put it on Gu Decheng's desk.

"Old Third went out on the second day of the holiday and rescued a family of four. I have checked the thank-you letter and the bank card they sent, there are 1.8 million yuan in it. He called me at school and asked me to donate half of the money to charity for your good fortune (good karma). Then, the rest is left to me as a Mother's Day gift."

Speaking of this, Mrs. Gu wiped away touching tears while feeling the pain of losing money, "The child is doing good deeds, how can there be any retribution from heaven? I raise him from baby to now, is it easy for me? You said you want to send him away just like this, but did you even think about how I feel as a mother? People said stepmothers have no heart. If the child is gone, I don’t know what other people would say about me. Like I cannot tolerate his existence or what?"

The more Mrs. Gu talked, the more aggrieved she became. Mrs. Gu is a bit of an actor, and she had to keep Gu Ye for her happiness' sake, but she didn't expect her heart to be moved as she spoke. Hence, the more she cried, the more aggrieved she became. Being a stepmother is not easy, and raising children is not easy either. She was only in her twenties when she raised Gu Ye, and she had no experience at all. Gu Ye’s body was weak, and she was afraid that if she didn't do well, she would make the Gu family unhappy by raising the child badly. But in the end, she had no right to speak at all.

When Mrs. Gu cried, Gu Decheng also felt distressed. Thinking of the smile on Gu Ye's face, his heart softened, "Okay, okay, we won't send him away. I’ll listen to your mother and son both. You have the right to speak, and I didn't say that you can’t give an opinion."

Mrs. Gu's eyes turned red from crying, but she began to be arrogant and playful, "Then you leave my son behind!"

"Yes, yes, he’ll stay!" Gu Decheng agreed and immediately called Teacher Yu, "The 1st choice doesn’t need to be changed, but the 2nd choice, please change to Huaxia University of Science, and the 3rd choice to Huaxia Public University."

These two schools can be ranked in the top 5 in the country, and they are also very famous in the world's famous school rankings. Moreover, they are both in the north, relatively close to the capital, satisfying Gu Ye's wish to go home anytime.

Teacher Yu helped to amend Gu Ye's form before returning it to him, "This is your father's opinion. When filling out the application form online, you should write according to this, and you can't write the same for all three boxes."

Gu Ye squinted his eyes and held up the list happily, "Thank you, teacher, thank you, Mom! I won!"

Teacher Yu: "..." I don't understand what the kid is thinking.

In the next coming weeks, everyone is studying like crazy. Gu Ye also felt the pressure and placed study on top of everything else. This is just to study hard in order to go to the Capital University which is the nearest school to home. As for Xia Xiang, he will go wherever Gu Ye goes. In order not to live with ghosts, he studies desperately.

Zhao Pengyu also went crazy. Because his results were too far behind, he needed to make up more. He stopped playing ball and only slept 5 hours a night. After lights out, he would continue to read with a flashlight. The materials from Gu Ye’s brothers really came in handy, and he would finish reading a copy in a few days.

To everyone's shock, Zhao Pengyu could learn by analogy about a topic once someone explained it to him. After doing 2 questions of the same type, he basically understood how to solve it. And so, his results climbed the ranks like flying like a rocket. His clever mind makes many good students jealous. The teachers of all subjects wanted to beat him in anger.

You are so smart, why didn't you study properly before? Where is your IQ used?!

Gu Ye answered in place of Zhao Pengyu, "It's used for being stupid."

Zhao Pengyu couldn’t even protest.

Finally enduring to the end of the month, Zhao Pengyu lost several pounds but his monthly exam results shocked the whole school. As Gu Ye said, he advanced to 800 places in one breath and the top 300 in the school.

And so, until the eve of the college entrance examination, the last two crazy months have ended. All 3rd years got a day off. They returned to their dorm and pack up their things. Then the next day afternoon, they go back to school and go to the examination hall to check things out.

When Gu Ye got home, his eldest brother went abroad again, and his second brother returned to the company. The house is quiet and peaceful. Gu Ye lay down and fell asleep for a full 12 hours before Mrs. Gu woke him up to drink some soup.

Looking at the time, it is past 10.00 pm. Gu Ye looked at the sky outside and asked worriedly, "Where's my dad? He hasn't come back by this time?"

As soon as this is mentioned, Mrs. Gu became angry and complained distressedly, "He’s busy. There is a reception tonight, and he still drinks at such an age. His blood pressure is like being tied to a balloon, it only goes up but not down."

Gu Ye frowned, "Give me the address, I'll pick him up. He shouldn’t drink too much."

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