Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 21 Aunt Wang (ETL)

Chapter 21 Someone wants their whole family to die

Mrs. Zhao's friend's surname is Wang, and Zhao Pengyu always calls her Aunt Wang. Aunt Wang's family background is average and is very different from Mrs. Zhao's background. But when the two were in college, they miraculously be friends together and have maintained a close friendship for so many years. The main reason is this aunt has a good personality! She is kind-hearted, and she treated her friends sincerely. She is just an honest-to-God tomboy, a tomboy who can do anything for her friends.

Later, Aunt Wang married well. Both husband and wife are very capable, and the family managed to accumulate a small amount of assets/property. Their family has been living smoothly, but recently not sure what happened, they encountered all kinds of bad luck.

Once Mrs. Zhao reminded her, Aunt Wang knew who she was talking about. She asked, "That little master? Can he help? It's really the third young master of the Gu family who calculated the problem? Gu Decheng's son?"

"Yes, it's amazing. So many masters failed to save my son's life but Gu Ye rescued Pengyu as soon as he came. This child is not like the rumors at all. His eyes are so bright, his smile is so beautiful, and he also speaks politely." In short, in Mrs. Zhao's view, Gu Ye is full of positive points and perfection.

However, Aunt Wang is still a little doubtful, "But before this, so many people talked about the rumor that he was not smart enough, how could he suddenly just know how to calculate and do fortune telling now?"

"Before this? It’s probably to get his father's attention. After all, his father was too busy to take care of him."

After all, there are a lot of twists and turns in the wealthy family. Having a child who has been pretending to be a fool for more than 20 years doesn’t sound impossible. The richer you are, the more people you have in the family. Hence, the more complicated your family is, the more troubles you have at home.

Mrs. Zhao is not a person who likes to inquire about gossip. She only believes in her own eyes when looking at people, and she has never misjudged people over the years.

"In short, this kid is trustworthy. If you believe me, you can find him for help. If you don't believe me, you can just forget about it. Also, even if you want to invite him over, you have to ask in advance if he is free."

Once Mrs. Zhao said that her friend had nothing to worry about, "Okay, I believe you. Can you help me to ask him if he can come? Money is not a problem."

At this moment, Gu Ye is lying at the door of the study, looking pitifully at Mrs. Gu who is studying business. Recently Mrs. Gu started to learn how to do business and her beauty shop really made money. This made her even more energetic and focused on her business. Gu Ye had had enough sleep in the afternoon, so he came to interrupt her study; annoying her to the max.

"Mom, I have something to say but I don't know if I should tell you." Gu Ye lay at the door, hesitating to speak.

When Mrs. Gu heard how Gu Ye sounded hesitant, she had no choice but to stop what she was doing, "What's wrong? Are you short of money?"

Gu Ye dawdled into the study, then closed the door with an aggrieved expression on his face.

Mrs. Gu couldn't help standing up, "You didn't do anything bad, did you? Did you make your father angry?"

Gu Ye pursed his lips, "I recently looked at my father's face and calculated that he will have ‘peach blossom’ luck within this year."

*Peach blossom luck means good luck with love and relationship

Hearing that, Mrs. Gu's heart skipped a beat, "Impossible, your dad is already 60!"

"But he doesn't look that old, and he is rich!" Gu Ye took Mrs. Gu's hand, with an uneasy expression on his face, "Mom, you can't relax your vigilance. Society doesn’t lack wealthy old men in their sixties who still marry new young wives. I know that my dad is not that kind of person. He is very devoted to you, but we can’t against a vixen coming to snatch him away! I don't want another little mom. I'm already 19, so if there is a stepmother who is not a few years older than me, neither my brother nor I can hold our heads up at school."

Mrs. Gu’s breath stilled for a moment. When she thought of the possibility of being c u c k ed, the flame of her fury rose 2.8 meters in an instant, "Who dares?!"

Gu Ye lowered his face, filled with righteous indignation, "Nowadays many girls don't want to find a job after graduating from college so they went and become mistresses for old men. These girls have endless means to achieve their purpose and use everything to the extreme. Examples, coincidental meetings, pretending to fall down, pretending to be dizzy, faking pregnancy, and even saying that they had memory loss when they are desperate. Don’t you agree that these are scary?"

Thinking about it, Mrs. Gu's complexion gradually became ugly. Indeed, she has heard many such rumors. Some old men are shameless, not only adopting a young girl as their mistress, but several at the same time. But their family's old man, Mr. Gu, even though he is 60 years old, he has no gray hair yet so he looks like a handsome old man. Also, he has the demeanor of a mature man and most importantly is rich, which is exactly the goal of a girl who doesn't study well at school.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and continued, "If something like this really happens, who can care about you? My eldest brother probably goes home like twice a year, and for my second brother, can he do anything about this? He was not under your care when he was young. It’s only my brother and I who were raised by you from young. We will take care of you when you are old, and we will hit back at whoever dares to bully you!"

Mrs. Gu got taken aback by Gu Ye's sudden confession of filial piety. This sentence really touched her heart, and she was so moved that she wanted to hug this son.

"If you put it that way, then Mom won't worry anymore when I get old."

Mrs. Gu had actually thought about this issue a long time ago. When they are old, Gu Decheng will pass away earlier than her. But her son is just a silly child who can’t stands up by himself, and only knows how to play. The eldest and the second child must be the most successful ones, but unfortunately, they don't have much affection for her. On the surface, their etiquette and behavior might be perfect, but in fact, they were quite distant from her. If Gu Ye treats her well, the eldest and second child will not abandon her mother and her son alone for the sake of their younger brother.

On this point, Gu Ye really didn't lie to Mrs. Gu. After all, he was raised by her. Even if there is no blood relationship between them, Gu Ye will not be a bastard to abandon Mrs. Gu. As long as Mrs. Gu doesn't harm him, it’s his duty as the adopted son to provide for the elderly.

Now, Mrs. Gu is moved by what Gu Ye said. Squinting her eyes, Mrs. Gu secretly thought about how to guard against the vixen, "Did you really calculate out your dad's peach blossom luck in relationship within this year?"

Gu Ye nodded, "Fortune tellers can't lie." He added in his heart: But as a son, I can!

Mrs. Gu lowered her face, and said solemnly, "Okay, Mother knows what to do. You are indeed Mother’s good son."

Gu Ye felt guilty for being praised. In his heart, he knelt down and kowtowed to his stepmother, silently promising that when she is old, he will give her countless little money that she likes most.

At this moment, Gu Ye saw Mrs. Gu's face and suddenly discovered something unusual. After seeing what it is actually, the corners of Gu Ye's mouth twitched. Is this for real?! Such a dog blood plot twist?

"What's on my face?" Mrs. Gu covered her face, a little frightened by Gu Ye's expression. Since she knew that Gu Ye could do fortune-telling, she only wanted to hear the good, not the bad.

Gu Ye said seriously, "Mom, you will get rich this year."

Mrs. Gu twitched the corner of her mouth in disbelief. Aiya, she suddenly couldn't control her happiness.

But Gu Ye continued, "Unfortunately, you have a peach blossom misfortune."

Hearing that, Mrs. Gu's heart skipped a beat. She asked exasperatedly, "Can't I just enjoy my day normally?" Her husband has peach blossom luck, while she has peach blossom misfortune. She just wants to live a good life.

Gu Ye told Mrs. Gu with a distressed face, "Don't talk to strange men. The guy doesn't really like you, he was arranged to set you up."

Mrs. Gu understood what Gu Ye means instantly. She raised her eyebrows with a domineering look and said, "Humph, want to steal my money? They should throw away that thought!"

Gu Ye couldn't help laughing because his little stepmother is too cooperative. He was thinking about how to persuade her into listening to him, but he didn't expect her to think about money matters which caused her to become anxious.

"Just pay attention to your surrounding." Gu Ye quietly opened the door, "I'm leaving now. If you meet the guy, remember to tell me and I'll get him."

Mrs. Gu sneered proudly, "Don't worry. Your father won’t have a chance to find you another young stepmother, and no one can cheat me of my money. Your mother will always be your mother."

After Gu Ye went out the door, he turned his head back blankly, and proceed to rummage through his pocket. Just when Mrs. Gu thought Gu Ye is going to take out something to give her, Gu Ye pulled out his hand and pinched his two fingers together. With a serious face, he made a ‘heart’ gesture and said, "Mom, good luck. I love you yo."

Mrs. Gu: "..."

This brat!

Gu Ye almost couldn't hold back when he turned around. Then he burst out laughing, his mom is so easy to persuade. After tonight, in order to keep her position as Mrs. Gu, his mother will not let him, an ally, go abroad. During pillow talk at night, his father will hesitate, because his father's only weakness is that ‘his ears are soft’ in front of his wife.

As for the peach blossom misfortune, it’s actually a rotten peach blossom. Since opening the beauty shop, Mrs. Gu has been taking great care of her appearance. She is good-looking to start with and now she’s also rich, so she will inevitably cause dubious people to lure her away. But it’s all great now, because whoever gets close to her will make her think that they just want to cheat her of money, so his little stepmother will tear those people apart.

Thinking of the stability of the family and his happy life in the future, Gu Ye went back to his room in a good mood. Jumping onto his bed, he hugged a pillow and laughed: Perfect!

At this moment, the phone buzzed under the pillow. Gu Ye took it out and took a look. It's from Zhao Pengyu, and there were 4 missed calls. Gu Ye quickly answered, "I'm sorry, I didn't bring my phone with me just now."

"Frick! I thought you were captured by a female ghost!"

Hearing that, Gu Ye is speechless before saying, "I'm not you."

"Stop, let’s not quarrel. I have something serious to say, are you free tomorrow? I have an aunt, and I would like to invite you to see her family’s feng shui. There have been a lot of troubles in her family recently."

Gu Ye casually picked up ‘Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Answering Questions Like A Dog’ on the bedside, and said with a deep expression, "Whether I’m free or not, it depends on when you pay me. How much time I’m available depends on how much you pay."

Zhao Pengyu told his mother directly, "Mom, you have to let Aunt Wang know in advance that Gu Ye is doing charity recently. He needs money, a lot of money."

When Mrs. Zhao heard this, she immediately took out her mobile phone to send a message to her friend. She couldn't help but say something to her son, "Look at Gu Ye, and then look at you, sigh."

Zhao Pengyu felt exasperated by the remark. Like, what's wrong with him? Say it out!

Zhao Pengyu made an appointment with Gu Ye to pick him up at his home at 9.00 am tomorrow and accompany him to Aunt Wang's house to see the feng shui. However, no one expected that something would happen to Aunt Wang's house just this night.

In the past 3 months, Aunt Wang's family has been really unlucky, and blood is spilled. First, her husband's business suffered damages one after another, and then her son got hit on the head by a flower pot and has to stay in the hospital bed for half a month. Next, her daughter went climbing a mountain with a friend and encountered a landslide, almost leaving her life there.

The fatal misfortune just kept coming one after another, not to mention the trivial ones.

They asked a lot of masters to check their feng shui and spent a lot of money on remodeling the house. It worked in the first few days, but something happened again after a few days. On the night Zhao Pengyu set the appointment with Gu Ye, Aunt Wang’s husband was on the way home and his car brakes suddenly failed to work, causing the car to fly directly off the bridge. If it weren't for the crowds around and the firefighters arriving in time, he would have died.

At dawn the next day, Aunt Wang couldn't help but call Mrs. Zhao, urging her in a broken voice, "When will the little master come? Hurry up and invite him over. I really don’t know which Bodhisattva I offended. Why do I feel like I got possessed by bad luck?!"

Gu Ye received Zhao Pengyu's urging call and knew that human life was at stake. Hence, he quickly gets up in a daze and found that he is the last one in the family to get up. The whole family has the habit of getting up early and exercising except him. Gu Ye suddenly felt that he is just like a *salted fish.

[Banana: The word salted/咸 has the same pronunciation as idle/闲. It’s just a play of words]

Gu Decheng looked at Gu Ye with a complicated gaze for a while. Recalling what his wife said last night, he sighed. The eldest son is far away abroad, while the second son does not go home often. There are only 2 children left, and if one is driven out, he may not see him again in the future. Gu Decheng also wants to have a full house of children and grandchildren years later, and he doesn't want to be a lonely old man.

But Gu Decheng couldn't bear not saying anything, so he called Gu Ye who wanted to run away to his side.

"I heard from your elder brother that you don't want to study abroad with him?"

Gu Ye nodded obediently.

"Why? Tell me the truth."

Gu Ye hesitated for a moment, then smiled, "I don't have the ambitions of my elder brother and my second brother, nor do I have their business talent. So, it’s fine to just leave the future of the Gu family to them. I just want to go home and see you two often. After all, you are over 60 and approaching retirement age."

Gu Decheng didn't expect Gu Ye to say such a thing. He almost got emotional and say ‘Do whatever you want’. But after calming down, he still kept a cold face, and said to Gu Ye like a strict father, "You will continue to engage in those feudal superstitions if you stay in China. It's better to go abroad with your elder brother to study. I'm still young, and I don't need you to be filial by my side now."

Gu Ye suppressed a smile, "But, your eyes are telling me this: Don't go ~ stay back~ don’t leave old father behind!"

Gu Ye's naughty tone is like how Er Kang is trying to keep Zi Wei at his side[1], which is extremely exaggerated.

Gu Decheng blushed and choked out a sentence: "...Farts!"

Gu Ye jumped back exaggeratedly, and said in horror, "You actually swore?! That’s terrifying!"

At this moment, President Gu wanted to beat his son again, but Gu Ye saw that things are not looking good, so he ran away. Gu Decheng was so angry, but this outburst simply make him lose all his temper. The corners of his mouth curved up as he shook his head helplessly, and he scolded with a smile, "This brat!"

Before breakfast is finished, Zhao Pengyu arrived at the door. Due to his wearing like an unreliable second-rich generation last time, it caused him to be scrutinized by the elder brother of the Gu family. This time Zhao Pengyu learned his lesson. He wore a British-style T-shirt and flat glasses, pretending to be a school top scorer.

Gu Decheng saw that the young man looked familiar and subconsciously gave him another look. Hence, Zhao Pengyu immediately revealed his identity. Gu Decheng has met his parents, and both of them are cultivated people. According to the Zhao family’s etiquette, Zhao Pengyu should also be a good boy.

When Zhao Pengyu seriously asked Gu Ye out to study together, Papa Gu didn't think much and just let Gu Ye go.

After both of them left the house, Zhao Pengyu took off his glasses, and asked anxiously, "How is it? My disguise is not bad, right?"

Gu Ye pondered for a moment how likely his father would not beat him up if he knew he had been cheated someday. The answer is zero.

Gu Ye felt despair and didn't want to praise Zhao Pengyu.

Two hours later, they finally arrived at the community where Aunt Wang's home is located. This is a high-end community with a quiet environment. The entire community is made out of 6-story buildings where 1 household occupies 2 floors (Bi-level apartment). Generally, there are 3 households in each building. Although the Wang family is not as good as the Gu family and the Zhao family to stay in a big villa, it can be seen from the residence that Aunt Wang's family is also considered rich.

Zhao Pengyu whispered in the elevator: "Aunt Wang's husband was in a car accident last night and almost died. It caused Aunt Wang to have a breakdown last night. They have a good marriage relationship and a good temper."

Gu Ye's expression turned cold from the moment he got into the elevator, "Does Aunt Wang live on the 3rd floor?"

Zhao Pengyu looked at Gu Ye as if he is looking at a god, "This kind of thing also can be calculated? Dude, you are amazing!"

"It's not from calculation, it's what I saw." Gu Ye's tone became colder and colder, and he said in a deep voice: "This black-colored evil spirit… It's not a matter of feng shui problem, it's a curse. Someone wants their whole family to die."

Raw word count: 4216 (Aww yiss, 4k word count is really hard to finish translation in one go)


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[1] A scene from the drama [My Fair Princess] that made it to the list of memes.

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