Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 20 Gu Family (ETL)

Chapter 20 If you force me too much, I will start summoning soul

When Zhao Pengyu saw Gu Sen's expression, he stopped pretending to be cool. He took off his sunglasses and got out of the car. Seeing that Gu Sen and Gu Ye had somewhat similar eyebrows and eyes, Zhao Pengyu instantly acted obediently and asked, "You are Gu Ye's brother, right? I am Gu Ye’s classmate, who came to play with him. Big brother, is Gu Ye at home?”

Hearing his self-introduction, Gu Sen sized him up, and Zhao Pengyu's skin tensed up from the scrutinization. He somehow felt that he is a bad boy who induced people’s younger brothers to be bad as well.

Gu Sen didn't bother to argue with the child and said, "This is Gu Ye's home indeed, but there are no masters here."

"Hehe, I'm kidding. That’s my nickname for Gu Ye, Master Gu." Zhao Pengyu smiled awkwardly. Inside, he is thinking that when he invites Gu Ye out in the future, he had to find an excuse because his family didn't seem to like him doing this kind of thing (feng shui).

Gu Sen took another look at Zhao Pengyu. Seeing that he really didn't look like a bad boy, he then asked the security guard to inform Gu Ye.

After successfully calling Gu Ye out, Zhao Pengyu complained with fear on his face, "Your elder brother is really scary. In his eyes, I seem to be some kind of irresponsible rich second-generation."

Gu Ye looked at the sports car Zhao Pengyu is driving. Then he supported his chin on his palm and said deeply, "You don’t look like a rich second generation, but like a little boy who is taken care of by a rich woman (sugar mama).”

"There you go again! It’s like you will feel uncomfortable if you stopped teasing me for a day!" Zhao Pengyu opened the car door and pushed Gu Ye into it, "See if I will kidnap you to sell someday!"

Gu Ye lazily leaned back in his chair and started to mutter. His slow tone is like reading a block of text, without any emotion at all, but it sounded extremely annoying, "Ah, help. There’s a kidnapping, I’m being abducted. This thug beat me until my whole body is fractured..."

Zhao Pengyu’s mouth twitched, "Father, shut up!"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Okay~ My big son!"

Zhao Pengyu just wanted to beat Gu Ye up. What is actually maintaining the friendship between them? He really want to strangle him when he could!

Seeing that there’s no driver and Zhao Pengyu is driving the car, Gu Ye asked worriedly, "Do you have a driver's license?"

Zhao Pengyu said proudly, "Of course, I took the exam the moment I turned eighteen."

Gu Ye is still counting with his fingers. After calculating that nothing would happen to them today, he then said, "Okay, you can drive."

Zhao Pengyu felt hopeless. What kind of experience is it to have a friend who can pinch and count?

After arriving at Zhao's residence, Zhao Pengyu's parents entertained Gu Ye very warmly. They arranged several plates of fruit and snacks and so on. It didn't look like Gu Ye was invited to see feng shui, but more like they were just looking for an excuse to invite him over to be a guest.

Gu Ye said embarrassedly, "Let's look at Feng Shui first."

"Sure sure," Father Zhao stood up, "Uncle will take you to see. I’ll let your aunt prepare lunch at noon today. Pengyu, go together with us and entertain your friends well."

Zhao Pengyu has an inexplicable feeling like Gu Ye is their biological son instead of him. And him, he is like a freebie given to his parents during a telco company’s event when they reloaded money in their account.

Gu Ye walked around Zhao's residence briefly, and said with a smile, "This villa must have been checked by a capable Feng shui master when it was under construction. I have nothing to change, but only one point for Mr. Zhao's reference. In Feng shui, it is believed that a tree in the northwest of the villa is auspicious. Tree represents the beginning of all things, but the tree cannot be higher than the villa. If the tree is higher than the villa, the young males in the family will be prone to accidents. The tree should be very short when it was planted but now, it is already taller than the villa."

As soon as Zhao Zhifeng thinks back to their residence’s arrangement, it was indeed the case. When the villa was built, his father-in-law asked someone to check the feng shui. The master also said that the tree should not be too tall. But it has been so many years ago and he didn't really believe it before that, so he has totally forgotten about this advice. Now that Gu Ye mentioned it, Zhao Zhifeng thought about it and immediately thought of Zhao Pengyu's accident. He also became suspicious, wondering if his child's accident is caused by this tree.

As a concerned father, Zhao Zhifeng firmly made the decision and told the housekeeper, "Get someone to dig up this tree now and plant a small one."

Gu Ye chuckled, "Don't worry, just change it when you have time. Also, there is nothing else wrong with your feng shui. You and your wife often do good deeds and are both blessed people. Sometimes it's better to believe in yourself than to believe in fate. People who often do good deeds will never have a bad fate."

"Okay, okay, uncle has written it down." Zhao Zhifeng happily took out a bank card that he had prepared in advance from his pocket, "This 1 million is money for checking our feng shui. After you checked it, I feel at ease. On the other hand, I inquired around and heard that there are rules in your business regarding payment. It is said that only when the family is ruined or dying, then the master will not collect money. I don't know too much about this, but anyway, I won't give you too much money, just the market price."

Gu Ye squinted his eyes. This 1 million fee is the market price that only first-class masters can get, but there are indeed these sayings about payments. There 3 basic rules of a fortune teller’s fee: Charge more if the party is rich, charge less if the party is poor, and lastly, never do it for free.

For special circumstances, there are also 3 rules where they won’t accept the payment:
- Don’t charge dying people, which is to say they don’t accept dead people’s money.
- Don’t charge those who cannot avoid the imminent disaster, because even if you tell the other party, the other party will not be able to avoid death anyway.
- Don’t charge those who have no more luck in this lifetime, because the person's life is about to decline, and accepting it will damage one's own virtue.

However, Gu Ye doesn't follow the rules very much. Whether he accepts the payment or not still depends on his mood. If he wants to accept it, he accepts it. If not, he won't take it. After earning the money, he’ll just donate millions to charities. Then, the debt owed to God by divulging the secrets of heaven will be immediately repaid with merit. Speaking of this, Gu Ye didn't refuse the payment, and took it with a smile, "Then, thank you, Uncle Zhao."

Gu Ye had no choice but to stay at Zhao Pengyu's house for lunch. It can be seen that the Zhao couple is unwilling to owe favors to others. Since he didn't ask for money after saving Zhao Pengyu, it made them feel uneasy. So, if he didn’t eat this meal, Gu Ye doesn't know how the couple would find a way to pay him back in the future.

Hence, Gu Ye got fed too much in this lunch.

On the side, Zhao Pengyu is jealous, "I’m doubting that you are my mother's real son instead of me."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Don't worry, I'll help you make up your lessons later. After your grades improve, Auntie will treat me even better."

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu is at a loss for words. He thought that Gu Ye would say his mother would like him for getting better grades, but he didn't expect to hear that his mother will like Gu Ye even more. This unreasonable plot made him want to shout: Who can take this rascal away from me now?

After sending Gu Ye home, just as Zhao Pengyu is about to leave, Gu Ye opened his car door again and pressed on Zhao Pengyu's shoulder with a serious face, "Brother, don't go yet. My elder brother and second brother are back, and they gave me a lot of presents. I can’t use it all, so I’ll give you a set.”

Hearing about the gifts made Zhao Pengyu feel embarrassed. It seems Gu Ye found his conscience and thought to give him a gift. Not long after, 2 servants came out carrying a box and put it in Zhao Pengyu's car, "Master Zhao, my third young master told you to open it after you go home."

Seeing that the box is so big and heavy, Zhao Pengyu hummed a little tune happily and went back, thinking to himself that there must be a lot of good things inside. After returning home, Zhao Pengyu couldn't wait to take it apart and saw "Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Answering Questions Like A Dog", and then read "Five-Year College Entrance Exam and Three-Year Simulation Set"... There is no need to read the following, it's all this kind of books. Zhao Pengyu's face turned green with anger, "If I got tricked by Gu Ye again, I'm going to kill myself by swallowing shiet!"

Mother Zhao is about to head out to her company when she heard her son shouting. She stood at the door in shock, and asked in disgust, "Don’t you feel disgusting about that?! What a way to die!"

Zhao Pengyu collapsed and covered his face, feeling hopeless.

Gu Ye went home and took a nap in the afternoon. When he got up in the evening, he saw Gu Sen sitting in the bar area, looking at the college entrance application form he brought back. Gu Ye went over and poured himself a glass of ice water. Just as he is drinking, Gu Sen suddenly asked, "I heard you've been doing fortune-telling recently."

When Gu Ye heard that the tone is not right, he swallowed the mouthful of water and responded obediently, "En, was just casually doing it, it's just for fun. My duty is to study hard."

Looking at Gu Ye’s appearance, he didn't seem to be fooling around in the second term so Gu Sen's expression softened slightly, "What do you think about the university you are going to apply for?"

Gu Ye found a stool and sat down, his current behavior couldn't be more obedient, "Just want to get on the capital university."

Gu Sen frowned, "There are better educational resources abroad."

Gu Ye took a bite of the ice, chewing it crunchily, "Not going."


"I can't get used to the food there."

Seeing Gu Ye's serious expression, Gu Sen almost laughed in anger. What kind of reason was that?! And he actually said it like it’s the most logical thing.

"I can buy you a house, hire a Chinese housekeeper, and if you want, you can bring a nanny with you from home." Gu Sen felt that Gu Ye is still too young to plan for his future, and tried to reason with him.

Gu Ye shook his head, and said with a serious face, "Brother, it's pretty good in the capital university. I can go home 4 times a month, and when there are 5 Sundays in a month, I can come back 5 times!"

Gu Ye seriously stretched out 5 fingers, told the facts, and presented supporting information, "I can come back to see my old father, eat the beef noodles made by my mother, check out our mentally handicapped brother, and also there’s someone can help me wash my clothes. When I leave home for university, I can take a lot of snacks with me and save money."

Gu Sen's head is buzzing, listening to Gu Ye's babbling. It sounded reasonable at first, but in fact it is all weird and unreasonable words so he just felt a headache. Brother Gu took a deep breath and calmed himself down, "Go to study abroad with me, and I will try my best to satisfy you with all these demands. If it doesn't work, you can live with me."

Gu Ye is not anxious and slowly said his biggest reason for not going, "Brother, I will miss home and miss my parents."

Gu Sen is at a loss for words and couldn't coax Gu Ye anymore!

"How old are you? Still sticking to your parents?"

Gu Ye put down the water glass and saw his big brother's angry expression of wanting to beat him up. So he quietly moved out of the area of the bar and said, "I can't help it, I'm still young." After speaking, he raised his long legs, whoosh! He is gone.

Gu Sen palmed his forehead, understood why their old man didn't want to talk about future planning with Old Third himself, and sent him to talk instead. Right now, he only feels a headache.

Gu Lin was standing on the handrail of the second floor, supporting his chin to watch the excitement earlier. He couldn't help teasing, "Dad is afraid that Gu Ye would be punished by the gods for too much fortune-telling, so he wanted you to take him abroad. But now Old Third is obviously unwilling. It’s not like you guys could kidnap him and send him out, right?"

Gu Sen thought about the old man's temper, it is really possible.

Gu Lin said with a smile, "If you guys force him too much, aren't you afraid that he will start summoning our mother's soul?"

Gu Sen: "..."

After Gu Ye returned to his room, he took out the extra application form that Teacher Yu gave as a spare, and quickly fill in the blanks: Capital First University! Capital First University! Capital First University! After finishing writing, Gu Ye still felt unsafe. A powerful person like his father might tamper with his application form, or tie him up and stuff him on the plane. Now, his elder brother has banded up with his father. As for his second brother, Gu Ye still can't tell which camp he is in. In this family, he can only count on… Gu Ye’s eyes moved, there is a way!

Gu Ye hid the application form and went downstairs silently. There are only 3 words in his mind: He he he.

At this moment, at Zhao Pengyu's home, Mother Zhao asked her friend, "That little master is back from school. Isn't there always something going on in your house recently? You also said that it is very evil, why don't you ask him to take a look?"

Mrs. Zhao didn't expect that her recommendation would once again dig out the dark side of human nature and save her friend's family of four.

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