Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 19 Gu Family (ETL)

Chapter 19 This younger brother provides door-to-door service!

On the third day after Gu Ye returned to school, Zhao Pengyu returned to school alive and well, and babbled to Gu Ye about everything his uncle had done, "My uncle said thank you for providing the clues, and he owes you a favor."

Gu Ye smiled slightly, "It is his merit to be able to find out the truth and give your wife justice. I have done nothing to help. Moreover, he believed my one-sided words and saved an innocent child. I should thank him instead."

As soon as Zhao Pengyu heard the word ‘wife’, he felt his head is hurting, "I don't want to marry a wife anymore, please forgive me!"

Gu Ye encouraged Zhao Pengyu earnestly, "Then you find a good family and marry (as the female), or you will grow old alone."

Zhao Pengyu had the urge to knock Gu Ye down and beat him up, "I'll marry to you, do you want it?"

Gu Ye stood up, made a cross with both hands and looked disgusted, "Too ugly, no thanks."

On the contrary, Zhao Pengyu got amused and he chased after Gu Ye cheerfully, "Gu Ye, do you know Feng Shui? Can you help to take a look at my family?"

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "Your parents said that?"


"I want money this time."

"You got it!"

"Alright then, this brother provides door-to-door services, such as ancestral fortune-telling, feng shui, 5 elements, and 8 trigrams... human hair braids, professional treatment of infertility, phone screen protectors, and more. " Gu Ye is talking nonsense in such a serious manner that Zhao Pengyu felt like collapsing and covered his face, "Be more serious!"

Gu Ye looked at Zhao Pengyu like he is an ungrateful person, "How can you say that your savior is not serious?"

Zhao Pengyu broke down, "Father, I beg you to please shut up, thank you!"

"Okay, my big boy!"

Zhao Pengyu gritted his teeth angrily, and kept reminding himself that if he beat up his savior, he would be punished by God!

After accepting another business deal, Gu Ye returned to the classroom in a good mood. As soon as he sat down, several classmates gathered around, "Gu Ye, how do you do this question? Can you explain it to me? Please, please!"

Since Gu Ye got first place in the exam, the teachers and classmates paid special attention to him. Gradually, everyone believed that Gu Ye is really good at studying and that Gu Ye is not arrogant or acted aloof. Generally, he would explain the answers when asked. The most important thing is that he is good-looking, and girls are willing to talk to him. Gradually, Gu Ye's popularity became better and better, and some boys are secretly jealous of him. But when they saw his smiling face, they couldn't feel jealous anymore.

On the other hand, Lin Zihao, who was always popular and good at studying before, after being ‘cursed’ by Gu Ye, his grades kept declining. Also, his personality became weirder so his popularity became worse. Quoting from the girls in the class, ‘Who is not a little princess in their heart’? So who are you showing your displeased face to? This sister is not your mom!

The good thing is that Lin Zihao will run away when he saw Gu Ye, and he didn't have the courage to cause trouble again so Gu Ye didn't bother to talk to him.

Like other high school seniors, Gu Ye is faced with reviewing materials every day. The college entrance examination is getting closer and Gu Ye watched his classmates running back and forth to eat and to study, holding a small note to recite the question in their hands. Gu Ye also felt the pressure. Hence, he resolutely picked up a small notebook and ran to the cafeteria with his classmates, perfectly blending into the tense learning atmosphere.

Seeing Gu Ye like this, Si Hongxing and the others also worked hard to improve themselves; ‘sharpening their guns before the battle’. Their boss is this hardworking so as the younger brothers/subordinates, they can't drag him back. If they can’t get into 1st choice*, there’s always 2nd choice. At worse, they’ll get into 3rd choice. If it doesn’t work, they can still learn a crafting skill and open a shop. Then, they can develop into a company in the future and hire those who have learned well to be their employees!

Banana: I didn’t read too much into some explanations on this but it is somewhat similar to the choices I mentioned earlier. 1st choice is gov uni, 2nd choice is general uni, while 3rd choice is private uni (which is more expensive). Well, if I got it wrong, just let it go XD joking, do tell me what is it… in simple English lol

The whole school is filled with a studious air, even the school bully gang has started to learn. Seeing this, Teacher Yu is very relieved. This is the last batch of students he taught before retirement, so he wishes them all good grades and no regrets.

It wasn't until the day of the holiday that the students breathed a sigh of relief. Teacher Yu came and sent each of them a few sheets of paper, "After you go back home, discuss your choices with your family. You will have to apply for the college when you come back."

Gu Ye stuffed the papers into his schoolbag, he already had an idea in his mind about his future plans.

When leaving the school gate, Zhao Pengyu reminded, "I will pick you up tomorrow morning to come to my house to see Feng Shui."

Gu Ye waved his hand with a smile, indicating that he would never forget. After walking more than a thousand meters, he finally got into the car that came to pick him up. Just as Gu Ye sat down, a figure rushed over from behind and put his arms around Gu Ye's neck, "Wahaha! Tai Ling Nine Palaces, Tai Yi Defence stance, Hundred Gods vessel! Evil spirits, do not approach! As per Taishang Laojun, listen to me! Catch!*"

*A string of nonsense from Gu Yang which Banana doesn’t want to waste time to translate XD Apologies m(_ _)m

Gu Ye rolled his eyes, and slapped Gu Yang's forehead with his backhand, only saying, "Are you stupid?!"

Gu Yang leaned over with a hehehe and asked, "Brother, do I look like a real master from these that I just learned?"

Gu Ye nodded perfunctorily, "Yeah real, a real fool."

Aggrieved, Gu Yang put his head on Gu Ye's shoulder and remained motionless. The child has suffered a severe blow mentally and needs comfort. Gu Ye is amused, and rubbed his younger brother's head helplessly, "You have grown so big, but why are you still acting like a baby?"

Hearing that, Gu Yang's eyes widened. With a look of coldness on his face, he argued, "Where did I act like a spoiled child? How can a man act like a spoiled child?!"

Gu Ye nodded perfunctorily, "Alright, alright. My younger brother is a true man, he will never act like a baby. Later when we pass by the figure shop in a while, I will buy you a mecha figure."

Gu Yang jumped up and down in the car excitedly, "Okay! My pocket money has already been used up! Bro, I can’t believe that you still have yours!"

Gu Ye doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry, Gu Yang is a typical example of ‘a dog who can’t keep a stash in its dog hole’*. He would spend all the money given to him.

*Not sure what this reference means

At this moment, the uncle driver said, "Young masters, the eldest and second young master returned home yesterday and they bought a lot of gifts for you two. I saw a life-size Transformer inside."

"Wow!" Gu Yang happily said, "It's for me! I called my elder brother about it, and he promised to buy it for me!" Gu Yang thought for a while, his face suddenly became serious, "Aiya, I forgot to ask for a gift from my second brother. I wanted a new laptop."

Gu Ye couldn't help laughing. This is why Gu Yang didn't need to study at all. As long as he kept this purity, his brothers could feed him for the rest of his life.

Upon returning home, Gu Yang rushed out of the car like a wild horse, shouting happily, "Big Brother! Second Brother! We're back!"

Compared to Gu Yang's excitement, Gu Ye, the biological younger brother, is walking slowly with a calm expression instead.

On the lawn of the back garden, there is a rockery carved out of marble. Next to the rockery, there is a set of tables and chairs made of marble. Two young men with similar features and eyes are playing chess. Hearing Gu Yang's voice, they both looked over at the same time and laughed.

"Old Fourth has grown a lot taller." Gu Sen[1], the eldest brother, is 26 years old this year, and he is a little more mature. He looks more like his father, Gu Decheng, who is a little stern. Gu Sen looked calm and unruffled and already has the temperament of a mature elite.

The second eldest, Gu Lin, is 23 years old and has just graduated. His appearance is more similar to Gu Ye. Gu Lin looks like his mother, adding his handsome eyebrows, and a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes which makes him look dreamy when he smiles. When the corners of his mouth are raised slightly, he looked like a good-tempered handsome man. But Gu Lin acted with the elegance of a nobleman so he didn't look like a promiscuous person. Those who know him know that this noble son dared to start an entertainment company when he was still in college. At such young age, he has occupied half of the entertainment industry so he is definitely a ruthless person.

"It would be great if the Old Third is half as active as the Old Fourth." Gu Lin looked at Gu Ye who is approaching slowly, and said softly, "This year, let’s give him a birthday celebration."

Gu Sen hesitated for a moment, then frowned, "I'm afraid he won't be able to accept it."

Gu Ye's birthday coincides with his mother's memorial day. His mother died because of dystocia while giving birth to him. A few years ago, the family was busy sweeping the grave during that time, so they couldn't think of celebrating his birthday. Later, when the family wanted to celebrate it for him, Gu Ye refused it. The whole family felt that Gu Ye's gloomy temperament was also due to their lack of concern, which caused him to be unable to have a normal childhood. Now that they wanted to make up for it, Gu Ye has grown up so it is too late.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Yang has already reached them. The elder brother and the second brother treated Gu Yang like a child, each reached out a hand to ruffle his hair, making a mess of it. But Gu Yang felt pleased instead, and then asked with concern, "Brother, brother, where is my gift?"

Gu Sen winked at the assistant who is standing not far away. The assistant understood and quickly found someone to push the gift over in a cart. A two-meter-tall Bumblebee made Gu Yang jump up happily on the spot.

Gu Lin smiled and said, "All the gifts I bought for you are in your room, including the laptop you want."

When Gu Yang heard this, he got happy that he ran all over the lawn. The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched when he saw it. He felt like he wanted to tie a rope around that brat and let his mother pull him back into the house to make him quiet! Don't act like a monkey!

When the two brothers looked at Gu Ye again, the smiles on their faces became more restrained, and their eyes showed a little cautiousness.

"Old Third, I heard that you have been ranked first in the school twice, and you are doing very well."

"Is there anything you want? Tell your brothers. Also, I bought you a mobile phone, a computer, and several game consoles, and put them in your room. Go back and see if you like it."

Hearing that, Gu Ye chuckled; it's not easy being an older brother. "Thank you, big brother and second brother, I have caused you two to spend money."

When Gu Ye smiled, Gu Sen and Gu Lin are stunned because they had never seen Gu Ye smile like this since they were young. Gu Sen and Gu Lin immediately felt a lot relieved. Gu Ye can finally act like a normal person, and become happy when accepting gifts!

Early the next morning, two security guards carried two big bags upstairs and knocked on the door of Gu Ye's room.

"Third Young Master, this is a gift that Eldest Young Master bought for you, and this one is from Second Young Master."

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, he pursed his lips and led the men into his room with restraint. After the guards left, Gu Ye closed the door. He took the scissors and started opening the bags with a smile. However, the smile on his face turned cold the next second.

"Five-Year College Entrance Exam and Three-Year Simulation Set", "College Entrance Examination Must-Do Questions", "Fifty Sets Test of College Entrance Last Sprint", "College Entrance Examination Help", "College Entrance Examination Review Key Points", "College Entrance Exam Top Scholar Key Points", "Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Answering Questions Like A Dog"... There are more than 50 books in one set and it’s multiplied by two!

Gu Ye put down the scissors with a cold face, and the corners of his mouth twitched. His elder brother and the second brother must have bought it at the bookstore closest to home. Also, they must have said the same thing like a domineering president, "Give me a set of all the review materials for the college entrance examination, all of them!"

As a domineering president, shouldn't they buy him some high-end things instead? Or just give him a big red envelope. Who the hell would want this kind of information/books?

When Gu Ye came downstairs to have breakfast, he saw Gu Yang wearing the latest jersey sitting on the sofa. There’s the latest mobile phone beside him, the latest laptop computer in his arms, and the latest backpack with the zipper open. Inside the backpack, there are several of the latest game consoles. Gu Yang is like a local tyrant showing off his wealth. He happily crossed his legs and had a feeling that his life has reached its peak. Thinking about the study materials in his room again, Gu Ye suddenly felt that he had received a fatal blow, and his heart ached.

Mrs. Gu looked at her silly son with complicated eyes, who is feeling blissful there. Seeing Gu Ye coming downstairs made her feel even more uncomfortable.

Gu Sen and Gu Lin are really good to Gu Yang. Since childhood, they have given Gu Yang whatever he wanted, but they never gave him study materials. There is a sentence called ‘killing with love’, and she sometimes wonders if the two elder brothers did this on purpose. Like are they trying to raise Gu Yang into a waste? But thinking about the attitudes of the two brothers in the house normally, it seems that they are not doing that. In short, Mrs. Gu's mood is very complicated.

After breakfast, Gu Yang is still playing in the living room. While no one is around, Mrs. Gu sneaked up behind her son. She pinched him by the back of his neck, and whispered with a disappointed tone, "Why didn’t you go to find your eldest and second brothers to nurture feelings with them? Why are you playing here?"

Gu Yang bared his teeth in pain, and said reluctantly, "I don't want to go. If to play, I better find my third brother instead. Because they always scold me while playing, and asked me to study hard. Oh yeah, when my eldest brother is angry, he looks like Father, like a Tyrannosaurus rex. When my second brother is angry, he squints his eyes and looks good, but his aura scares me to death. My second brother is like Godzilla in a beauty's skin, ahhhh~~ ouch ouch ouch! "

Mrs. Gu is so angry that she just wants to hit her son, you idiot! Stop yowling! Could it be that Gu Yang is counting on Old Third’s fortune-telling money to support him in the future? If Gu Yang really lost his father, wouldn't he have to rely on the eldest and second child?

Gu Yang didn't understand Mrs. Gu’s mood about being a mother at all. He suddenly changed his expression while clutching the back of his neck, "Actually, my third brother is also scary when he scolds others with a cold face. But it’s not like Tyrannosaurus Rex or Godzilla. More like a cat that might bite? Or a fox? Forget it, it doesn't matter anyway, he loves me."

Mrs. Gu rolled her eyes angrily, "How can you compare your brother with a fox and a cat?"

Gu Yang thought for a while before answering, "Why not? They both look good. Foxes and cats are also the same species, and they both have fur."

Mrs. Gu couldn't bear it anymore, and slapped his son on the back, "The hell is the same species, you stupid boy. One is canine while one is feline. If you don't study, you can't even tell the species apart. My god, you are so stupid, I'm so furious!"

Gu Yang didn't coax his mother but just returned to play his game happily. In half a minute, Mrs. Gu angrily stormed away. There is no way to talk with such a silly son!

At this moment, a luxury car stopped in front of Gu's Residence. A cool-looking handsome man with sunglasses poked his head out of the window, asking Big Brother Gu who got called to visit Dad’s company, "Excuse me, is this the home of Master Gu Ye?"

Gu Sen's expression turned cold. Master? What master? When did Old Third get such a title?

Raw word count: 4015 (No wonder the translation process felt laborious this time, turns out that the word count is over 4k huh)


[1] Random but I find it kinda cute how the sons’ names have nature in it. Gu Sen and Gu Lin forms the word ‘Sen Lin/森林’ which means forest. The ‘Ye/叶’ from Gu Ye means leaf, while the ‘Yang/阳’ in Gu Yang is part of ‘Tai Yang/太阳’ which means the Sun.

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