Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 22 Aunt Wang (ETL)

Chapter 22 Don't be cowardly, just do it!

Zhao Pengyu knocked on the door of Aunt Wang's house. Seeing a slightly chubby aunt opening the door, Gu Ye's expression became colder, and it could be seen that he is getting angry. Such a strong black evil spirit. If he came 2 days later, there would be a massacre in this family. This misfortune was not formed naturally at all, it was secretly done by people in his profession.

Gu Ye hates this kind of person the most. Those who don't have the ability but spout nonsense to cheat people deserve a beating. Those who have the ability but used it to harm others just fking deserve death.

Judging from Aunt Wang's facial reading, Zhao Pengyu’s description of her is correct. This aunt is a kind-hearted person with a straight temper and is very loyal to her friends. But her eyeballs are slightly protruding and the bridge of her nose is uneven, which shows that this aunt is not very good at handling the relationship between friends. Kindness makes her easy to trust friends and be deceived by people around her, hence the situation she is in today.

"This is the little master that your mother told me about? Please come in." Aunt Wang didn't sleep all night so her face is pale and her hair is a bit messy. It could be seen that she had just come back from outside, and she didn't even have time to take off her coat. Hastily invited the two of them in, she arranged for the nanny to make tea for them.

Zhao Pengyu pulled Aunt Wang to the sofa and sat down, "Aunt Wang, don't go busying around with the tasks. We just ate a meal so we are not thirsty. You should sit down and rest for a while. How is Uncle now?"

"Fortunately, it's just a broken arm," Aunt Wang said with a sense of gratitude that he survived the catastrophe. "Falling down from such a high bridge and he managed to survive. It's God's blessing."

While Zhao Pengyu is talking to Aunt Wang, Gu Ye had already looked around the living room of this house and the decoration made him feel a headache. This messy aura, it seems that many masters have come to see the feng shui. It’s like this master asked to put a bottle on one side while another master asked to put a mirror on the other. There are also some Taoist runes painted on the steps upstairs. The entire arrangement looks just like an altar. Anyone who makes it like this at home may really attract ghosts even if they didn’t do anything (bad).

Looking at Aunt Wang again, Gu Ye can see that when the black qi in the house tried to seep into her body, most of it got blocked by the light glowing from an item on her neck. This is why all her family members had accidents while Aunt Wang didn't.

Gu Ye asked directly, "Aunt Wang, can I see what you are wearing around your neck?"

"Yes, it's just a small Buddha statue," Aunt Wang took off the pendant from her neck and handed it to Gu Ye. "It's not a valuable thing. It's a relic left to me by my grandma, and I've been wearing it since I was a child."

Gu Ye didn't take it but said, "It saved your life. You have a predestined relationship with Buddha so after this is over, remember to go to the temple to burn some incense."

"Oh, alright!" Aunt Wang got stunned for a moment before realizing what Gu Ye meant. She quickly put the thing on her neck again, promising, "I will definitely offer incense to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas later, and donate incense money!"

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched slightly but he continued, "Your husband's ancestors were in the shipbuilding business along the coast. They made their fortune 30 years ago, and then came to the mainland to change their profession to making children's toys, right?"

"Yes." Aunt Wang is dumbfounded by Gu Ye's words. Her husband’s ancestor was indeed a shipbuilder. But this was mentioned after he came to the mainland and this happened decades ago. This little master actually calculated these, it’s amazing!

Gu Ye added, "Your family is honest and kind, and has never done anything bad. Generally speaking, your fate should not be over yet."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that someone wants to kill your family of four. Both your children are unlucky, your husband's business is not doing good recently, and something even happened yesterday. Doing the math, you probably lost more than 10 million yuan in business in the past 3 months and the family is already in debt."

Hearing that, Aunt Wang's complexion changed and her expression flustered. It’s all correct!

The family is indeed in a bind. In order not to affect the business outside, no one told anyone about this matter. But this little master has calculated this, it's amazing! Strangely amazing and terrifying!

Gu Ye smiled, "Aunt Wang, do you believe me?"

At this point, Aunt Wang can only answer nervously, "I trust you! If master has something to say, just say it."

"It’s enough if you believe me. Call your daughter now and ask her to come back from the East Outer Ring road."

Aunt Wang thought of her daughter. When she knew that her father had an accident, she rushed back overnight and told her that she had already got into a taxi. According to her daughter's temperament, she will go to see her father first. From the airport to the hospital, she would have to take the West Outer Ring road. Aunt Wang's heart skipped a beat. When she thought that something would happen to her daughter, she trembled in fright and took out her mobile phone to call her daughter.

When Aunt Wang’s daughter Hang Siwen heard her mother suddenly asked her to change the route, she said helplessly, "I will arrive at the hospital in 20 minutes. It takes another hour if I make the detour."

Aunt Wang is so anxious that she is about to cry, "My daughter, listen to your mother. Take the detour! You have to take the East Outer Ring road!"

Hang Siwen felt tired, "Did you invite another fortune teller again? What age is this? How many times have I told you that those masters are all liars? We have to believe in science."

"Listen to your mother, take a detour!" Aunt Wang started to get angry, "This little master really knows how to calculate. Even the things about your father and ancestors can be counted clearly. Don't talk nonsense with me, take a detour! Your mother won't hurt you!"

Hearing her mother hang up the phone in the taxi, Hang Siwen is so angry that she threw her phone into her bag. "It's already late, why need to detour?! She is just like ‘turning to any doctor one can find when critically ill’."

The taxi driver is amused by the conversation, "How many people can really tell fortunes in this day and age? Those so-called masters will come to your house to take a look, and then they can deduce from the details what is happening in your home. These tricks are specially designed to deceive old men, old ladies, and housewives."

"I know right?" Hang Siwen said angrily, "This kind of liar should be arrested and educated!"

While speaking, they reached the road turning to the East Outer Ring road. The driver asked for confirmation, "So you still want to take the detour?"

Seeing that they are about to arrive at the hospital, Hang Siwen hesitated for a moment. But then, she looked discouraged and said, "Forget it, I’ll listen to her and take a detour. Else, she might find out and it make her angry again."

The driver happily took a detour, he can earn another 200 yuan.

As soon as the taxi turned around, he heard a harsh crash behind him. The driver looked in the rearview mirror and his face turned pale with fright, "My god!"

Hang Siwen also looked back to see what happened behind them. Her eyes widened in horror, and her whole body turned cold. On the road they were supposed to go, a fuel tanker crashed into the fence at the side of the road, and the front of the truck is already on fire. The two drivers jumped out of the truck and frantically sprayed the fire extinguishing agent.

Just imagine, if they took that road, they will inevitably be hit by that truck. At that time, don't talk about their condition after being hit, in case their car caught fire as well, it will quickly burn its way to the oil tank. There won’t be much time for people to put out the fire.

Neither of them spoke for a full 5 minutes.

The taxi driver finally broke the silence and said, "Well, miss, can you scan my code and add me as a friend? Then later tell me where your mother found the master."

Hang Siwen swallowed in shock, "En."

Aunt Wang called her son next because Gu Ye told her not to let her son head east within this month. Due to a problem with the family's business, Aunt Wang's son left the house a few days ago in order to raise funds. After hanging up the phone, Aunt Wang felt uneasy, fearing that something would happen if one of her children didn't listen to her.

Gu Ye waited for Aunt Wang to breathe a sigh of relief before asking, "Who did you give your family’s birthdate characters to?"

"Birthdate characters?" Aunt Wang thought for a while and said, "A friend asked me for it. A friend I grew up with, but it's impossible to have anything to do with her. Because before she asked for it, my family was already unlucky."

"A person's aura will constantly change with the outside world, it's normal to be unlucky once in a while. Don't always complain, the more you complain, the weaker your aura will be."

"I did complain a few times to that friend. She said she will go to pray and request for a peace talisman together so I gave her the birthdate characters."

Aunt Wang firmly believed in her friend and said, "It must have nothing to do with her, she won't harm me. We are childhood friends. Her family is poor, and I often help her. Even the flower shop she is running now, I was the one who got someone to help her started it."

Gu Ye smiled and didn't persuade Aunt Wang. He pointed to a lot of random things in the house and said, "Throw them all away. More decorations don’t mean the effect will be better."

"Okay, I'll throw it all away in a while. I will change it as you say." Aunt Wang already regarded Gu Ye as a real god.

"Can I go upstairs and see around?"

"Yes, no problem. Upstairs is my bedroom with my husband, as well as my husband's study room and a tea room. Come with me."

The moment they reached upstairs, the strong evil qi made Gu Ye rub his eyes.

Zhao Pengyu didn't have spiritual eyes so he couldn't see anything. Concerned, he asked Gu Ye, "Did you sleep well?"

Gu Ye shook his head, his eyes are irritated and a little uncomfortable. He looked around upstairs, and his eyes are fixed on the potted fortune tree standing in the corner. This tree is already as tall as a person, with luxuriant branches and leaves, and the dark green leaves are crowded together. It seemed to be well maintained. Only after Gu Ye squatted down that he can see the flower pot covered by leaves.

Seeing Gu Ye stopping at the plant, Aunt Wang thought of what Gu Ye said about birthdate characters before. Feeling uneasy, she asked, "This potted tree is given by that friend who took away my family's birthdate characters. Is there a problem?"

Gu Ye smiled. Rolling up his sleeves, he carried the potted flower up from the ground. Just when Aunt Wang is amazed at how strong he was, Gu Ye threw the flower pot on the ground. With a ‘crash’, the sound of the flowerpot breaking, a strong, nauseating bloody smell filled the entire living room.

Aunt Wang covered her mouth as she watched Gu Ye swiped the dirt twice, and pulled out an oil-paper bag from the soil. He opened it and revealed a blood-red talisman, which is not very auspicious at first glance. There is also a piece of paper inside, which listed the hand-written birthdate characters of her family of four. Seeing this, Aunt Wang froze in a daze. Her eyes widened, and she shivered in disbelief. The handwriting is so familiar.

Gu Ye tapped the talisman paper and glanced at Aunt Wang who couldn't believe her eyes. He said, "It has the same effect as the 'Evil Beckoning Household Talisman', but it is more poisonous than that. Not only can this thing kill your whole family, but there is also a function that can suck the good luck of your whole family and transfer it to the caster themselves."

Aunt Wang's face turned pale, and her eyes are faintly red. She felt very cold and shivered all over. At this moment, she could only say, "Why? Why is this happening?"

"The matter between your friends is beyond my control. I just want to do something else." Gu Ye held the talisman paper and sneered, "Foul stuff, but quite poisonous."

Zhao Pengyu supported the weak Aunt Wang, feeling that people's hearts are unpredictable and chilling. He lowered his head and asked Gu Ye who is still squatting, "Do you want to destroy it?"

"Of course, we also have to mess with the bastard who draws such harmful spells." Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, and his voice became colder, "He probably doesn't know that there is still a psycho like me in this world. Using evil to fight evil, the cowards will die, while the tough ones will live. Their life and death all depend on their own ability."

Zhao Pengyu got startled by these words and broke into a cold sweat. Isn't this just trying to use their life to fight? Why not use skills ah?!

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