Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 16 Zhao Pengyu (ETL)

Chapter 16 Kill whoever comes, gods or ghosts

In a private hospital with a quiet environment and tight security, Zhao Pengyu lay quietly on the hospital bed, as if asleep. But the people from the Zhao family are going crazy soon. This hospital is their own property and their doctor's medical skills can be said to be second to none in the country. However, they couldn't find out what ailment Zhao Pengyu had.

Mother Zhao, a strong career woman, is also panicking at the moment. She asked her husband with a pale face, "Is there something wrong with the thing he picked up last night? I want to get a master to take a look."

Zhao Zhifeng frowned, "Even the doctor can't help, so what's the use of a master? Better not delve into this kind of supernatural thing, don't delay the child's treatment."

Mother Zhao pursed her lips and struggled a little. It is indeed the truth, but her intuition as a mother told her that the bag her son picked up last night is a bit evil.

At this moment, a little nurse walked out of the ward with a bundle in her arms, and the couple quickly took two steps forward. Mother Zhao asked anxiously, "Nurse, did the doctor’s discussion produce any result?"

The little nurse said respectfully, "The doctors are still in a meeting to discuss, I believe the results will come out soon, and," the little nurse hesitated to continue. She handed the white pillowcase and the things wrapped inside to Mrs. Zhao, saying, "We know you two are anxious, but this kind of thing is really useless. We have to believe in medicine."

Mrs. Zhao opened the bundle suspiciously, and her expression turned cold all of a sudden. She turned to look at her husband and he had the same expression as hers. This is a bundle of thick stacks of hell money! This hell money has obviously been thrown away by the housekeeper previously!

When Zhao Pengyu picked it up last night, Mrs. Zhao just felt it was ominous, so she told the housekeeper, ‘Get someone to take it out and throw it away, it's too unlucky’. She figured that the bag must have been from someone who bought it for grave sweeping, but accidentally dropped it because of the unexpected heavy rain. It's just that the hell money people made nowadays are too similar to the real RMB. Then, due to the gloomy weather, her son didn't see the content clearly. But now, the real question is how did the thrown hell money come back to her son?

Zhao Zhifeng’s expression turned cold, "Nurse, where did you find this thing?"

Seeing the couple's expressions, the little nurse also realized that it is unusual and her expression changed, "Under, under Master Zhao's pillow."

Zhao Zhifeng looked at the bodyguard at the door again, "Who has been in this ward?"

The bodyguard shook his head seriously, "No one is allowed in except the doctors and nurses."

But Zhao Zhifeng said angrily, "Go and check the surveillance to see who has sneaked in!"

The result was no one did!

The couple looked at each other, and they both saw disbelief and seriousness in each other's eyes. After throwing this away last night, Zhao Pengyu developed a high fever and was sent to the hospital in the middle of the night. The doctor hasn't found out what the disease is until now, and now the bag of hell money thrown away by the housekeeper unexpectedly appeared under Zhao Pengyu's pillow.

Mother Zhao's face darkened, and her entangled heart suddenly became firm, " I'll get a master to look at it."

Although Zhao Zhifeng's expression is ugly, he still didn't quite believe it. "I think someone deliberately played tricks. Let's check first."

"We can make preparation on both sides. Inviting the master to take a look won’t delay the treatment." Mother Zhao returned to her strong career-woman demeanor and said, "You should keep an eye on this side and ask the doctor to investigate quickly. I will invite the master at my side."

In this way, Mrs. Zhao invited more than a dozen masters back in a row through her father's contacts. However, after seeing Zhao Pengyu's current situation, the masters all shook their heads and said regretfully, "He is linked to an engagement, so snatching his soul by force would injure his soul."

"Yes, it's not easy to save. Even if we saved his life, his soul will not be complete. That means he will either become stupid or fell into a vegetative state."

Hearing that, Mrs. Zhao's body became unstable for a moment. She took a deep breath, and her voice trembled uncontrollably, "Even if it is a vegetative state, we still must save him."

Several masters looked at each other. They could only bite the bullet and give it a try. Wang Minghai is a well-known master who is highly respected in the circle of metaphysics. He said, "To form this kind of contract, there must be a medium. Did the young master pick up something?"

Mother Zhao pointed tiredly at the hell money on the table, "He picked up a bag of these things."

Wang Minghai said with an ugly expression, "That's the medium, what a strong resentment!"

Hearing the remark, the other masters opened their spiritual eyes and they are all shocked when they saw it.

"The resentment from the evil spirit is so heavy!"

A psychic female master suddenly sensed something. She trembled all over and her face started turning blue. Her facial features are twisted in pain and the female master fell to the ground. She used her fingernails to scratch the floor, and it tore her nails apart, blood flowed out from the wound. All the masters around her changed their expressions. The master nearest to her swiftly knocked her unconscious with a chop at the back of her neck.

Because of all the masters’ expressions, Madam Zhao also became nervous, "This is?"

"From the ghost’s aura, Zuo Yun can sense how they died," Wang Minghai said with an ugly face, "This ghost died in too much pain, and with a lot of resentment so Zuo Yun is affected by it."

Wang Minghai took out a dagger made of copper coins. He bit his finger, smeared the blood evenly on the dagger, and pierced at the bag with all his strength. The stacks of hell money shook a few times, and a black light flew out, fiercely pouncing at him. Master Wang shook his hand, and the dagger flew out to the light. Next, the copper coin dagger broke and scattered all over the ground.

Wang Minghai's face turned as pale as paper.

The expressions of the other masters became solemn. The skills they practiced are not meant to save people to start with (but to exorcist ghosts). And now, the ghost aura is so heavy even in broad daylight so they dare not act rashly. After sending the masters off, Mrs. Zhao invited a few more masters to come and see. However, upon hearing what happened to Wang Minghai and Zuo Yun, no one dared to take action easily.

For several days in a row, Zhao Pengyu is transferred to another hospital 3 times, and a doctor is also invited from abroad, but Zhao Pengyu still did not wake up. His parents are desperate. Until noon on the 3rd day, the doctor said that if he still couldn't wake up, the best outcome would be Zhao Pengyu turning into a vegetable. On the other hand, the worst outcome is… they have to be mentally prepared (for his death).

Mother Zhao finally couldn't bear it any longer. She covered her face and burst into tears, her lips are bitten until they bled. If she could, she would exchange her life for her son's, but she tried everything, and nothing works!

At that moment, Gu Ye asked Xia Xiang with a smile, "My lovely red scarf*, have you ever lied?"

*it’s like a Boy scout

Xia Xiang shook his head in confusion.

"My lovely red scarf, do you want to be an envoy of justice with me and save a lamb who is lost on the road to the underworld?"

Xia Xiang is so frightened by Gu Ye's gentle tone that his goosebumps stood up. His instinct told him that Gu Ye is up to nothing good but he said, "...what do you want to do, just say it."

Gu Ye turned serious the next second, "Go to Teacher Yu and tell him that I have a high fever of 40 degrees and you need to take me to a doctor outside the school. When you come back by yourself in a while, tell the teacher that you left me with the doctor for an infusion."

Xia Xiang: "..."

Ten minutes later, Xia Xiang sent Gu Ye to the taxi to the hospital, crying without tears. Xia Xiang has been a good boy for 18 years and has never lied. Teacher Yu didn't suspect that he would lie, so he approved it directly. Xia Xiang frowned guiltily, and asked in a low voice, "Is Zhao Pengyu seriously ill? We should have come out earlier."

Gu Ye helplessly replied, "Getting out early doesn't necessarily mean we can see him." With his face, who would believe that he is really capable? If something went bad, they will be treated as a kid making trouble and getting kicked out.

Gu Ye is right. After hearing the staff's report, Mrs. Zhao really didn't believe that Gu Ye could save Zhao Pengyu because he is too young after all. But now, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, Mrs. Zhao will try her best to try. After sending someone to invite Gu Ye in, Mrs. Zhao saw Gu Ye's face with his red lips and pearly teeth. His peach blossom eyes curved when he smiled, no matter how she sees him, Gu Ye doesn’t look anything like a master at all. Mrs. Zhao sat down on the edge of the bed, holding her son's hand, and said weakly, "Little master, please see if my son can be saved. The doctor said he won't survive tonight."

Zhao Pengyu's face is pale and his lips are blue. There is a wisp of black qi between the eyebrows, and in the midst of it is a faint red line, exuding evil qi. Gu Ye didn't speak, and expressionlessly took out half a stick of incense from the small bag in his pocket. He lit the incense and held it between two fingers. Next, without anything to support it, the incense simply stood firmly between Zhao Pengyu's eyebrows.

Seeing this scene, Mrs. Zhao widened her eyes in surprise, "This is?"

"Soul-guiding incense." Gu Ye smiled, "Before this, I have already calculated that he will have a calamity and protected his soul with a talisman. Right now, I’ll use the soul-guiding incense to guide him back."

The incense can be seen burning visibly but there isn’t any ash falling down. A wisp of blue smoke strangely flowed into Zhao Pengyu's nose as he breathes. A few seconds later, Zhao Pengyu's breathing is obviously much easier, and his lips returned to a red shade.

Mrs. Zhao is so shocked that she didn't know what to say. A huge surprise hit her head suddenly when she is already in despair so she didn't know how to react. She wanted to be happy, but is afraid of being disappointed again, "This, this is … does this means my son can be saved? Can he still be saved?"

Gu Ye smiled, "Of course I can save him. I will kill any beings that come, be it Gods or ghosts. As long as I want to save someone, anyone who comes to snatch my target will die under my hand."

Mrs. Zhao stood up excitedly, and asked in disbelief, "He won’t become a fool or a vegetable?"

Gu Ye is amused by the question and replied, "Of course not, those who told you this are noobs."

Mrs. Zhao covered her mouth and looked at Gu Ye's young face excitedly. Those so-called ‘noobs’ are all famous masters. Is this young man really capable, or is he just bragging? She couldn't bear to be disappointed again.

At this moment, Gu Ye stretched out his hand and slapped Zhao Pengyu on the forehead, "Don't sleep! Teacher Yu is calling you to get up and eat!"

Under Mrs. Zhao's expectant gaze, Zhao Pengyu slowly opened his eyes. But before he fully awakened, Mother Zhao rushed over, hugged him, and cried loudly. The fear and despair she experienced in the past few days are all expressed in the cry. Zhao Pengyu is stunned, he had never seen his mother cry like this before. After coming to his senses, he quickly comforted his mother. Then he looked at Gu Ye and said with emotion, "You saved my life again."

Gu Ye smiled, "There are still many things to do later, waking up doesn't mean it's over."

Mrs. Zhao had just finished calling her husband who was busy looking for a doctor to let him know that their son has woken up. But upon hearing Gu Ye’s words, she stood there in a daze and asked, "Is there something bad going to happen again?"

Gu Ye felt helpless, he really pities all the parents in the world. He knew that the moment he said something is not good, Mrs. Zhao as the mother would collapse.

"Don't worry, take it step by step." Gu Ye asked, "Did he pick up something? Take it out and have a look."

Mrs. Zhao hurriedly sent someone to fetch the bag. Zhao Pengyu tugged at Gu Ye in a despaired look, "I keep dreaming of marrying a wife and she keeps chasing behind me. I have almost run to the end of the earth, you have to save me. I'm still a child!"

Gu Ye replied with a disgusted tone, "Then you are a giant child."

Zhao Pengyu is about to cry at Gu Ye's light words, "I’m serious, don't joke!"

Gu Ye pulled up a chair and sat upright, "So, did you complete the ceremony?"

Zhao Pengyu quickly explained, "No, I've been running away. If it wasn't for the stamina I built from playing basketball, I would never be able to run away from her!"

Gu Ye asked seriously, "Is the new wife beautiful?"

Zhao Pengyu answered solemnly, "I didn't see clearly, I just ran for my life."

Gu Ye couldn't hold back anymore, and laughed, "That's a pity then. Why didn't you check out what your wife looks like?"

Only then did Zhao Pengyu realize that Gu Ye is teasing him. He really wanted to jump up from the bed from the anger, "Brother Ye, Father! Please help me! I’ll really die if you don’t stop joking around!"

Mrs. Zhao on the side finally showed a smile. She helplessly went to turn on the light in the room, the day is getting darker now.

Gu Ye replied with disdain, "People are recruiting a son-in-law, and left a ‘recruitment request’ which you picked it up. You looked fair and clean, and your family is rich. Other than that, you are of the right age and also can be considered an educated person. People have taken a fancy to you, and you willingly accepted the betrothal gift, so what can I do?"

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu anxiously replied, "I don't agree! This is a fraudulent marriage! I barely pass every fcckiing exam, so how can I be considered educated?!"

Gu Ye suddenly approached, looked at Zhao Pengyu's neck, and saw that there is a light pink mark. Gu Ye lowered his face and asked, "Could it be that you went into the bridal chamber with her? Your wife gave you that kiss mark? I can't help you."

"No! I'm still a virgin, I swear!"

Gu Ye had a lot of meaning, "You... are sure useless."

Zhao Pengyu: "..." What is the best answer? Give me a hint!

Gu Ye finished teasing and said, "Okay, I'll write down some materials that I needed so you guys prepare it. The thing you have provoked this time didn’t die from any ordinary injustice, its evil qi is extremely thick. It will a bit troublesome to solve it."

As soon as Gu Ye finished writing the list, the door of the ward is pushed open from the outside, and a few people entered. The one holding the bag of hell money, from the looks of it should be Zhao Pengyu's father. The other one is wearing a suit and is tall and sturdy. The person has handsome features, and the tear mole under the corner of his left eye, plus the anxious look in his eyes slightly eased his cold temperament. But the person still gave people a strong sense of distance, which made people feel uncomfortable getting close to him.

As soon as that person showed up, Gu Ye is stunned. Because that person has the aura that gods and ghosts would not dare to mess with, the ‘God’s dear son’ he saw that evening. Seeing him, Gu Ye's eyes lit up. It seems that saving Zhao Pengyu would not be any trouble at all.

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