Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 17 Zhao Pengyu (ETL)

Chapter 17 Mr. Yu, whose three views have been shattered

Zhao Zhifeng hugged his son excitedly, before giving the bag to Gu Ye, "This is what Peng Yu picked up. We threw it away twice but it still came back by itself, so we didn't dare to burn it. The master said that if we burned it, his soul would also be sent there."

Hearing that, Gu Ye laughed. This master also has some abilities. Because if it wasn’t for the protection amulet he drew for Zhao Pengyu, his soul would really be sent over there.

Gu Ye threw the hell money to the ground. Then he picked up a fork from the table and stabbed it hard.

*crackle crackle

Suddenly a few wisps of black smoke rose around the fork, trying to block the fork from going further. A sneer appears on the corner of Gu Ye's mouth. He made a finger sign, and a thunderbolt struck from nowhere. Then, a sharp bloody smell wafted out from the hell money.

Mrs. Zhao reminded nervously, "Master Wang Minghai also wants to destroy it but this thing will fight back, be careful!"

Gu Ye curled his lips and said earnestly, "Why bother? ‘Forcefully plucked melons are not sweet’. I'll send you an identical one in a while. You just make do with that one." After he said that, Gu Ye pushed hard, and the fork went straight in. Next, a pool of black blood suddenly flowed out on the ground. At that moment, Zhao Pengyu instantly felt his whole body relax, and his breathing became easier.

A gust of ominous wind suddenly blew up the bloody hell money, and the whole ward is covered in gusts of wind. However, when the gust got close to Yu Ze, it hurriedly detoured. Seeing this scene, Gu Ye thought in his heart, ‘As expected from someone like Yu Ze. No matter how fierce the ghost is, they dare not touch this big shot.’

Gu Ye made another finger sign and purple flames appeared, wrapping around the hell money. No matter how they struggle, the paper still burns quickly. Gu Ye said indifferently, "Either you get out, or I smash your soul to smithereens. I don't follow the bullshit rules of the metaphysic world."

At the moment, the sky outside is getting dark, and the chilly wind is blowing around in the ward, but it didn't dare to approach Gu Ye. After struggling for a few rounds, the black smoke turned into a ghostly figure. It looked withered, black, and thin, with a pair of gray eyes staring at Gu Ye sullenly. The thick ghostly aura made the temperature in the ward drop several degrees and everyone present screamed in fright. Zhao Pengyu recovered some strength, and he jumped up from the bed to block in front of his mother. But his legs are trembling, and he didn't dare to look at the ghost. This was the first time in his life that he had emotional entanglements with a woman (but it was a ghost), it will leave a psychological shadow in his mind!

Yu Ze looked at the female ghost indifferently. He looked up and down and then looked at the figure’s feet... there is no shadow. Yu Ze glanced at the wall resolutely, but the surface is unblemished without any small holes (so there’s no place for a mini projector) to display images. Looking at the expressions of his family members who are about to faint with fright, Yu Ze kept his face sullen and stood at the front, blocking his elder sister and nephew behind him. After that, he stared at the female ghost coldly, with anger in his eyes.

Gu Ye smiled and pointed at Zhao Pengyu, "Since you don't want to leave, it means you like this type?"

In the dead gray eyes of the female ghost, there is a little light.

"Let him go, I'll send you another one that is exactly the same. As for your grievances, someone will help you solve them. But if you keep pestering him, then… hehe." Gu Ye's expression turned cold, and his killing intent is showing. If a ghost harmed the people who caused their death, Gu Ye won’t care. But harming many innocent people and causing them to be injured, has touched the bottom line of his tolerance.

The female ghost looked at Gu Ye apprehensively, and then at Yu Ze, who is covered in purple (imperial) aura and had a very unfriendly expression. After struggling for a while, she took 2 steps back. With a sweep of a chilly wind, she disappeared, leaving hell money all over the place.

Everyone at the scene stared wide-eyed in horror. They couldn’t react from the shock just now, and Mrs. Zhao's face turned pale. Only Yu Ze stared blankly at the unscientifically explainable phenomenon in front of him, with a complicated expression on his face.

Gu Ye said disgustedly, “Alright, just take these hell money out and burn it. She won't come back again."

Zhao Pengyu pinched his nose, "Why is it so smelly?"

"Your wife gave you a dowry to let you marry into the family but you rejected the marriage. It’s logical that she vomited blood in anger, right?"

Zhao Pengyu wanted to cry. Please don't ever mention the word ‘wife’ again, he is about to pee (from fright)!

Gu Ye looked at the ghostly atmosphere in the room and said, "Open the windows to let the air in. Also, quickly buy the things that I listed."

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye who is standing next to him expressionlessly, "You..."


"Is that a ghost?"


The corner of Yu Ze's mouth twitched.

Gu Ye is amused, this person's expression is saying that his three views just exploded. "You looked so calm when you saw the female ghost just now. Are you studying it to explain the whole thing scientifically?"

Yu Ze nodded coldly, "But I haven't found out anything."

"Pfft!" Gu Ye had never seen such an interesting person, and couldn't help laughing out loud.

Yu Ze frowned but looking at Gu Ye's innocent smiling face, he shook his head helplessly. There is really no scientific basis regarding what had just happened.

Not long after, the materials Gu Ye requested arrived. Taking the things to the small table on the balcony, he sat there and started folding some papers. Everyone in the ward didn't dare to disturb him so they watched him quietly with his head down. Gu Ye’s expression is calm and serene. He is doing his own things in an orderly manner, and the people in the ward gradually felt that the atmosphere has become quieter. From the moment they got frightened to death to looking at Gu Ye now, it seems like that scary scene happened a long time ago (instead of just now). There is a certain kind of person who has this kind of strange aura. When they are quiet, the air around them will calm down with time. Hence, Zhao Pengyu lay down on the bed again, feeling drowsy.

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's bag, walked over, and asked in a deep voice, "Do you need help?" His voice is very magnetic but slightly cold, which is in line with his temperament. The gentlemanly voice is perfect and people are unable to find fault with it, but the same voice also makes people feel a sense of distance.

Gu Ye looked up, smiled, and pushed the folded paper over, "Mr. Yu, you can touch each of the papers. Once you did that, they will become invincible."

Yu Ze: "..."

Gu Ye smiled, "I'm not joking, Mr. Yu's fate is very good and it’s extremely rare. Other than that, you often do good deeds so you are blessed by God. Ghosts and evil spirits won’t dare to provoke you. Which is why if you touch the papers, these things will carry a wisp of your aura and evil spirits will avoid them."

Yu Ze raised his eyebrows slightly, "Can it save Pengyu?"

Gu Ye nodded, "Yes."

Yu Ze didn't say anything anymore and touched the folded papers of Gu Ye one by one. His movements are slow and elegant, and his expressions are serious as if he is performing some kind of ritual.

Gu Ye pursed his lips, wanting to chuckle again. This rare imperial fate and a temperament that prevents strangers from getting close, but he cares about his family very much. Judging by the faint golden aura on his body, he is a philanthropist as well. No wonder although there are so many people in the Yu family, Mr. Yu chose Yu Ze instead, the youngest son, as his successor.

At this moment, Yu Ze's secretary quietly sent a message to Yu Ze: ‘President Yu, I heard that the reason why Li Rui's case was solved so quickly was because someone secretly helped. That day the little Taoist climbed the wall, was he really chasing stars?’

After Yu Ze finished reading the message, he raised his eyes to look at Gu Ye before replied coldly: ‘Are you a paparazzi?’

The secretary felt helpless. He was reminding Yu Ze that this little mister seems to be superstitious so it's better not to get close to this kind of person.

Half an hour later, Gu Ye glued the folded paper together and made a half-meter-tall figure who looked like Zhao Pengyu. Then he turned and said, "Mr. Zhao, Mrs. Zhao, I need blood from the fingertips of your ring fingers, just 2 drops is enough.”

As soon as Zhao Pengyu heard that Gu Ye wanted to take his parents' blood, he couldn’t take it and demanded, "Why take my parents' blood? It's my fault, so you can use mine."

Gu Ye gave Zhao Pengyu a disdainful look and said, "Because your blood is given to you by your parents, so this is the only way to replace your place. Using your blood is like giving you a lift (to the ghost bride). Remember, don't let people in my profession take your blood away. If not, when you really encounter someone with a wicked heart, you will die without knowing why."

Zhao Pengyu is left speechless by the remark and fell down on the bed like a defeated penguin.

After taking the blood from Zhao Pengyu's parents, Gu Ye evenly applied it to the area between the paper figure's eyebrows. Next, he took out a cinnabar pen from his pocket and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, his face became serious when he opened his eyes again. As soon as the tip of the pen touched the paper, Gu Ye swiftly drew a talisman in a stroke, and a stand-in talisman is formed.

"Draw the curtains and turn off the lights."

After the room fell into darkness, Gu Ye drew a circle beside the bed. Throwing the paper figure in, he drew a talisman in the air and touched the figure’s forehead with his fingertips. A hazy golden light flashed, and a group of green flames sprang up from the paper figure's body. This weird scene makes one's scalp tingle and the onlookers backed away subconsciously. No matter how they looked at it, they only felt that it was evil.

The paper figure quickly disappeared into the green flames, and Zhao Pengyu's complexion became much better visible to the naked eye, "I feel that my body is not so heavy anymore. Does this mean that I’m getting better?"

When Gu Ye nodded, Zhao Pengyu grabbed his clothes and said emotionally, "From now on, my life is yours."

Gu Ye patted Zhao Pengyu’s paw off the corner of his clothes and said, "Then you have to study hard. I need you to advance at least 500 ranks in the next monthly exam, as you will accompany me to university."

"What?" Zhao Pengyu laughed dryly a few times, not believing his ears, "What the hell?"

Gu Ye smiled nicely, "If you can't advance to 500 ranks, I'll send you to marry the young lady."

Zhao Pengyu thought about his grades, and asked desperately, "Can I change..."

"No," Gu Ye refused without waiting for him to finish. He looked at Zhao Pengyu's parents and said with a smile, "His yang energy is affected but he'll be fine after 2 days of sleep. The curtains should be opened to let him get more sun exposure."

Mother Zhao asked worriedly, "It won't look for him again, right?"

Gu Ye shook his head, "No, it won’t. Now, I have to go back to school as Xia Xiang is still waiting for me to cancel my vacation." Gu Ye looked at his watch and waved to Zhao Pengyu. He turned around to leave but Father Zhao hurriedly stopped him, "Little Mister, please wait!"

As soon as Gu Ye turned his head, a check is stuffed in his hand. He looked down and smiled. The Zhao family is really generous because they gave him 5 million yuan right away. However, Gu Ye stuffed the check back with a smile, "Zhao Pengyu is my friend."

Father Zhao still wanted to say something, but he felt his wife tugging at him. After understanding what his wife meant, Father Zhao smiled knowingly. There is a change when he looked at Gu Ye's eyes again, and he said appreciatively, "You’re right. Pengyu's life really shouldn't be measured by money, I'm too old-minded."

They are all smart people so no need for more words. Father Zhao can see that Gu Ye is not someone who can be swayed by money. He made this trip specially for his friend but refused 5 million yuan without blinking his eyes. With such righteousness and kindness, it is his son's blessing to have such a friend.

"In this case, do come over to play when you are free in the future. Aunty’s soup-making skills are very good. You can try it."

Gu Ye thanked the other party with a smile and went out but someone followed behind him, "I'll see you off, I still have something to ask you."

It is Yu Ze.

To be able to say the word ‘ask for advice’ so formally to a high school student, one can see how is his character from it. The corners of Gu Ye's mouth curved up slightly, "Then, I’ll trouble Mr. Yu."

After getting in the car, Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze's face again and still found it unbelievable. This is the person with the most amazing fate he has ever seen.

"Mr. Yu is really blessed." Gu Ye couldn't help but let out a sigh.

Yu Ze said disapprovingly, "In your line of work, everyone says that my family line is cut off as I won’t have my own children and grandchildren and that my life is incomplete. Where is the blessing?"

Gu Ye laughed, "Do you believe in fate?"

"I don’t."

"That's right. Don't believe in fate, just believe in yourself."

It is the first time Yu Ze heard a so-called master saying that it’s okay to not believe in fate and believe in himself instead. Yu Ze subconsciously took another look at Gu Ye but only saw him squinting his eyes, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth. Gu Ye’s pupils are as black as obsidian; deep, unfathomable, and somewhat mysterious. But it's hard to hide the purity and straightforwardness in his eyes.

This is a person who doesn't like to beat around the bush.

Yu Ze's constant cold expression finally eased slightly. The corner of the mouth curved up, and a slight smile rose as he said, "Can I ask you about that woman?"

Gu Ye looked out the window and said, "There is something wrong with that bridge. A poor soul died tragically, buried under the bridge piles. Mr. Yu wants to investigate?"

Yu Ze nodded, "Pengyu almost died, naturally I want to find out."

"I don't know the specifics, I just exchanged Zhao Pengyu's soul with a substitute technique. I'm about to take the college entrance examination, so I don't have time to fight with her. Though I promised to give her justice, that also has to wait until my summer vacation. But if Mr. Yu wanted to investigate, it helped me a lot."

Yu Ze shook his head, "It was Pengyu who caused trouble, so I shouldn't have left everything to you."

Gu Ye looked more appreciatively at the other party, "My suggestion is to start from that corpse."

"Are you sure there's a body there?"

"Very sure."


Looking at Yu Ze seriously thanking him after confirmation, Gu Ye almost laughed out loud. This person is so interesting.

The car soon stopped at the entrance of a tucked-away restaurant. Gu Ye tilted his head questioningly, "En?"

Yu Ze opened the car door and explained, "The school is not selling any food at a time like this so  I will send you back after eating."

Gu Ye touched his stomach which seemed to be rumbling all the way, and smiled awkwardly, "Then, thank you."

After this incident, Yu Ze's long-standing atheism has been shaken. But he never expected that when he followed the direction Gu Ye gave to investigate and see the result in front of him, it completely overturned his previous belief. When this result is presented in front of Zhao's family, everyone fell silent. It can only be said that human nature is really complicated.

There are 3 evils among the people: shackles on dragons, life stakes, and human sacrifices[1]. The story of this bridge is about the protagonist who got sold for money by her biological parents to be buried alive under a bridge pile.


The author has something to say: It's Qixi Festival, Yu Ze invites my Gu Ye to dinner, I...I suspect he is up to no good! spits That is my ‘shou/bottom/uke’!

Raw word count: 3918


[1] The Chinese wording is this - 民间有三恶:龙上枷、打生桩、活人祭。Banana doesn’t understand the meaning too much but from a glance at a baidu explanation, it seems to be like this:
Shackles on dragons - Bridges are viewed as a kind of shackles while rivers are viewed as dragons. Building a bridge across a body of water is considered shackling a dragon
Live stakes - It means human sacrifices are buried alive under stakes/piles (to enable a bridge to be built successfully)
Human sacrifice - Human sacrifice :v

[Banana] Apologies for late chapter this week. June is a busy month at RL work. Will try to publish more on July (if things work well in June).

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