Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 15 Zhao Pengyu (ETL)

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Chapter 15 Life hangs by a thread

It rained sporadically all night again. The next morning, before dawn, the two brothers who lived on the 3rd floor opened the door almost at the same time. Gu Yang is carrying a big plus-size bag. He quietly followed Gu Ye downstairs, arriving at the garage.

Just as Gu Yang is about to open the door, Gu Ye grabbed him by the collar of his back and pulled him back, "Don't get on yet. Let me draw a spell first."

"Oh." Gu Yang stood aside obediently, looking at Gu Ye drawing symbols in the air with admiration.

Driver: "…"

After the boys got in the car, the uncle driver is about to start the engine when Gu Ye opened his mouth, "Not yet. Wait until it’s exactly 6.00 am to go out. We cannot miss the time, even a minute earlier. I want to make a fortune today."

Hearing that, the uncle driver is speechless. Inside, he is thinking that it is no wonder President Gu wanted to beat his son up. If this was his own son, he would want to beat him too. Last night, 3rd young master asked him to come to the garage at this time and to drive him to a place. The driver thought it is urgent, but it turned out the 3rd young master just wanted to play a superstition game. The college entrance examination is about to happen, but the young master doesn’t seem anxious.

2 minutes later, the car started and the driver asked, "Third Young Master, Fourth Young Master, where are you two going?"

Gu Ye pinched his fingers and calculated, "Go all the way east, then just stop under the first overpass."

Gu Yang hugged his backpack excitedly. He unzipped it and showed the content to Gu Ye, "Brother, look at how well I have prepared!"

Gu Ye leaned over to take a look, and got amused, "You changed your robe again?"

"I called a purchasing agent last night and bought it from them."

Gu Ye didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so he suppressed a smile and praised, "You're so smart."

"Hehe." Gu Yang put on the Taoist robe happily. Next, he took out a pair of sunglasses from his backpack and put it on, "Brother, am I going to pretend to be blind for a while? Do I need to touch the bones or something (fortune-telling by touching bones)?"

Gu Ye replied with a disdainful tone, "No, it's only liars who have so many gimmicks. We don't need to do that."

Hearing the conversation, the driver's face is stiff. He is worried that the two brothers would get beaten up when they returned home.

All the way to the east, after half an hour, they finally saw the overpass. The driver watched the two brothers get out of the car, and asked worriedly, "Both young masters, how about you two just go back with me now?"

Gu Ye waved his hand and said calmly, "No, I’ll do it here."

The uncle driver took 2 steps before turning to look at the two brothers worriedly. The usual useless rich second generation from other people's families would race cars, pick up girls, fight, and make trouble. But the rich second generation of the Gu family became a fortune teller and set up a fortune-telling stall. This is really different amongst the rich second generation.

At the current time, it is just dawn. There are no pedestrians except for a few cars passing by here and there. The brothers set up the booth, and Gu Yang wondered, "Brother, is there really someone who will come to get their fortunes told? Isn’t this place not very good/strategic?"

Gu Ye looked at an incoming luxury car about 200 meters away and smiled, "Isn't it time now? The time is just right."

Gu Yang looked over suspiciously, thinking that the driver might not stop the car.

In the blink of an eye, the car arrived in front of them. Without any intention of stopping, the car drove past them. Gu Yang is just about to say ‘Brother, you made a mistake’ but unexpectedly, the car suddenly slowed down after passing more than 10 meters. After that, it gradually stopped at the side of the road before slowly backing up. Gu Yang widened his eyes and opened his mouth in shock. The car came back! His brother is a heavenly being!

He Yunyi is the owner of a leather shoe processing factory. His business has been good and his annual income is about several million yuan. He even received a large order last year and his career is on the upswing. It all changed when a sudden fire broke out in the warehouse a few days ago and all his goods are burnt down. If the delivery cannot be made by the due date, even if he sold the entire factory, it won’t be enough to pay the penalty fee.

Being forced to a corner, in desperation, He Yunyi visited the factories of several agents around him. He wanted to ask the people in the same field to help him replenish the stock. However, begging for a week now, he still couldn't find a manufacturer willing to help him. On the way return in despair, he saw two teenagers sitting under the bridge.

He Yunyi got out of the car and looked at the things the two children were holding. Even though he currently felt bitter like he swallowed a goldthread herb, he still couldn't help laughing, "You two came out to set up a stall on such a cold day? You are so dedicated.”

Gu Ye smiled, "I'm waiting for someone who is predestined. Brother, do you want to get your fortune told?"

He Yunyi smiled wryly, "If fortune telling is useful, I don't need to bother coming out." He took out 300 yuan from his wallet and stuffed it into Gu Ye’s hand, who is obviously older, "I see that you two are well dressed, you should be from a good background. Did something happen at home too? This 300 yuan is enough for the two of you to eat for 2 days. Go and ask your relatives and friends for help. Don't come out and start an illegal business at a young age."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Your financial situation should be tighter than the two of us."

Hearing that, He Yunyi is taken aback for a moment. When Gu Ye's pupils that are darker than normal looked at him with a slight smile, He Yunyi suddenly felt that he had been seen through, and couldn't help but tremble in his heart. Right now, he is driving a luxury car and is dressed decently. How does this young man who he has never met know that he is short of money? Could it be that he really come across an expert? He Yunyi's expression turned serious. Inside, he decided to take this gamble, and he asked in a deep voice, "Little brother, how much for a fortune-telling?"

Gu Ye looked into the other person's eyes and said, "Seeing that your situation is down now, I will ask you for 3,000 yuan first. After half a year, you will get rich, and then I will take the remaining 30,000 yuan."

He Yunyi's face is sullen, but he still didn't give up and asked, "Where do you see that my situation is not good?"

Gu Ye still looked calm and relaxed as he said, "It’s up to you whether you want to continue this fortune-telling."

He Yunyi didn’t know why but he gritted his teeth in determination and took out all the cash in his wallet, the amount is exactly 3,000 yuan.

Taking the money, Gu Ye put it in his pocket, and said, "Looking at your face, your luck is contained within, your forehead has light but it is not bright. Your good luck only lasted for 3 years. Give me your hand, I want to read your palm."

He Yunyi is secretly startled. He is really lucky in the past few years and counting the days, it is indeed almost 3 years!

Gu Ye looked at He Yunyi’s palm and said, "Your house had a fire incident."

This statement caused He Yunyi to be dumbfounded, the calculation is too accurate!

Gu Ye chuckled lightly, "A point of luck assists a point of fortune. Sometimes, it's a blessing in disguise. If you believe me, go east. Head all the way to the east, and you will be able to make a comeback.

“If this calculation is correct, remember to send me the remaining money after 3 months. I still set up a stall under this overpass during the summer vacation."

He Yunyi gritted his teeth, and nodded in response, "Thank you, young mister, for your guidance!"

Since there are no more options left to use, He Yunyi steeled his heart and turned the car around, go east! All the way east!

Gu Yang pulled at Gu Ye's pocket, his eyes shining brightly, "Brother! Just a calculation is worth so much money?"

Gu Ye patted Gu Yang on the head with a smile, "Silly boy, towards rich people we naturally request more from them."

"But, didn't you say that he is poorer than both of us?"

"He will have money in the future, a lot of money."

After making a small fortune, Gu Ye and Gu Yang found a place to have breakfast. As soon as they finished the last bite, they got caught by Mrs. Gu. Getting stuffed into the car, they are dragged to her newly opened beauty shop.

"Help mom to change the feng shui for fortune. Change it into a treasure bowl or a money tree, the kind that drops money every day."

Hearing that, Gu Ye became speechless. He looked at the placements of this store, "Mom, the Feng Shui should have been pretty good before, why did you change it?

Mrs. Gu said with disdain, "The feng shui arrangement was what the little bitch Hu Yu asked someone to do. I felt disgusted when I saw it, so I redecorated it."

Gu Ye smiled, "Okay, I'll set up another wealth-gathering feng shui for you. Remove this shelf, and move it to the wall. Then, put a fish tank here, and it needs to have running water. Next, spread a layer of fine sand and aquatic plants underneath. Sand can gather and store luck, while water can carry luck. Then, the customers in the store will be endless."

The store manager who was following Mrs. Gu is stunned. She didn't expect the Feng Shui master called by the new boss to be so young and her son to boot. After receiving Mrs. Gu's gaze, she quickly wrote it down, not daring to underestimate Gu Ye.

Gu Ye pointed to a compartment in the southeast direction, "The southeast symbolizes the abundance of wealth. If there is a problem here, no matter how good the other places are, it is useless. Hence, the screen at that location is not good. Replace it with a strong one."

Mrs. Gu said seriously: "I'll ask someone to build a wall instead."

Gu Ye turned speechless before saying, "As long as you are happy."

Mrs. Gu is happy and she added, "Look around quickly if there is still something to be changed. We have to go to the next store after this."

Gu Yang is surprised, "Mom, how many stores did you buy?"

"Ten or so," Mrs. Gu raised her chin, and said proudly, "Hu Yu sells them at a low price, so I bought all to piss her off. I have plenty of pocket money."

Gu Yang wondered out loud, "Didn't you ask for it from Dad?"

"No!" Mrs. Gu slapped his son on the back angrily, "I have money myself!"

Gu Ye felt tired from the conversation. This silly boy, what nonsense he is talking about, isn't he looking for a beating?

After running around with his little stepmother for a day, Gu Ye finished changing the feng shui of all the stores. It is already dark by then, and Mrs. Gu checked the time to see that it was dinnertime. So she booked a private room at the hotel, and called Gu Decheng, "I’m taking our two sons out to eat, so you settle dinner by yourself."

Gu Ye and Gu Yang had a great time eating but it was different for their father. After a busy day, President Gu came home and found that his wife and son are not there. He looked at the table of dishes brought by the nanny and sighed for a long time. He took a sip of the soup but it felt tasteless.

How can one be Mrs. Gu without any brains? Mrs. Gu is occasionally willful, just enough to let Gu Decheng know that this family can't do without her. Mrs. Gu didn't want to go back early, so she kept adding food to Gu Ye, "Eat some more, your younger brother will be taller than you in no time. It’s because you eat less that you can’t grow taller."

Gu Ye is holding the bowl, and calmly said, "I suspect that my younger brother ate my share of nutrition when I was young..."

"Nonsense!" Mrs. Gu blushed and slapped a shrimp into Gu Ye's mouth, "You were born prematurely. At that time, your mother had a difficult labor when she gave birth to you, and you almost suffocated to death. Innately, you are not as healthy as your brother, I have worked very hard to bring you up like this."

"I know." Gu Ye smiled, "Just kidding around."

Mrs. Gu: "..."

Even eating can't block your mouth!

On the first day of the school day, Gu Ye returned to school early, and somehow felt a lot quieter around him. He glanced at Zhao Pengyu's seat as if aware of something. The person who usually came early unexpectedly didn't show up today.

At this moment, Xia Xiang hurried over and said, "Gu Ye, Zhao Pengyu seems to be sick, very sick."

Gu Ye thought of the calamity he once calculated for Zhao Pengyu. Pinching his fingers to calculate, Gu Ye’s expression suddenly changed, "Not good! This guy is going to die soon!"

At the moment, Zhao Pengyu's life is hanging by a thread.

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