Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 14 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 14 Don't take the bridge on a rainy day

When Teacher Yu heard about the report on cheating, his serious face became more solemn, "You and Gu Ye are not even in the same examination room, how do you know that he cheated?"

Seeing Teacher Yu showing this expression, Lin Zihao is slightly nervous as he said, "He used a special method. Not only do I know about this, but Liu Yiwen also knows it. Other than that, Xia Xiang and Zhao Pengyu, they all know about it."

Teacher Yu frowned, "How did he cheat exactly? You have to show me the evidence to support your accusation."

"He must have used abnormal means. Or, how about you ask him to do the questions again now, he will definitely not be able to do so."

Teacher Yu raised his eyebrows, "That is to say, you have no evidence."

"I have it, I..." Lin Zihao gritted his teeth, and said in a low voice, "Gu Ye can control ghosts. There must be something in his schoolbag to catch ghosts, you can find out after searching him. Those ‘things’ must have told him the answer."

A serious old pedant like Teacher Yu can't listen to nonsense like ghosts and whatnot, "Nonsense!" As soon as Lin Zihao finished speaking, Teacher Yu scolded him angrily, "What age is this now? Ghosts, monsters, and gods are people's imaginations. They can be explained scientifically. Even if we can't explain it now, it can be explained in the future. If there’s something that you don't understand, you need to read more instead. You are already in the third year of high school, why do you still believe in feudal superstition?"

"No, Mr. Yu, please believe me. He really knows how to control ghosts. He always has a bottle in his pocket. There must be a female ghost in the bottle. He also helps the female ghost to kill people. If you don't believe me, you can check his dormitory and schoolbag. There must be something in there."

Hearing that, Teacher Yu's face became gloomier. Seeing Lin Zihao as if he is getting blinded by his obsession, Teacher Yu took out the draft paper that Gu Ye had used before, "Look, these are all brought back by the invigilator. It can also be seen from the paper that Gu Ye really calculated it by himself. Everything is clear and transparent, so how can there be any ghosts?"

Lin Zihao looked at the calculation process on the draft in disbelief. There are several questions that he couldn't solve, but Gu Ye actually did it. "This must be...he is possessed by a ghost!" The more Lin Zihao thinks about it, the more he felt that he is right, "Teacher Yu, Gu Ye is so different from before, he must be possessed by a ghost. He can't do these questions previously! He is so stupid, how can he solve such difficult questions and got it right?"

Seeing that Lin Zihao is unrepentant, Teacher Yu angrily slammed his thermos on the table, "Lin Zihao!"

Lin Zihao got so frightened that he trembled all over as if he had been poured with a basin of cold water. Immediately, he calmed down and cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He doesn’t dare to speak out anymore.

Teacher Yu said with a disappointed tone: "I can see that you are usually motivated in your studies and perform well. I forgive you this time, but you are not allowed to talk nonsense in the future. Teacher knows that Gu Ye did better than you in the exam this time and you really can’t understand why, but you can’t spread rumors to slander others. If you have time to care about Gu Ye, you should care about your own grades. In just 3 months, you have fallen more than 300 ranks. If this continues, do you think you can get good results for your 1st choice of university? I think you might not even get into your 2nd choice![1]"

Lin Zihao turned pale with fright when he heard this, "I'm sorry for the teacher. I, I, I will study hard!"

Teacher Yu said helplessly, "You can go back now."

Lin Zihao secretly regretted that he should not have been impulsive. He should have gone to Teacher Yu after he obtained evidence of Gu Ye's cheating. Teacher Yu would not believe his one-sided statement about such things.

Returning to the classroom in a daze, Lin Zihao sat down in his seat. The students around him thought he was called for extra lessons by the homeroom teacher so they all comforted him, "Don't think too much, just do it well next time. There is still a chance.”

Nodding absent-mindedly, Lin Zihao opened his drawer, wanting to take out the books for the next class. Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened the drawer, his heart skipped a beat and his mind is dazed by the fright. The few sheets of paper he hid at the bottom of the drawer are now carelessly placed on the top, with a big word ‘Read’ scribbled on it letting him know that what he wanted to do had already been discovered.

This is what Lin Zihao wrote at home about the death of the song king, singer Li Rui and what Gu Ye did to him. He planned to sell it to the newspaper to earn some pocket money. But because he has to catch a bus on the way here and missed the submission time, Lin Zihao temporarily put the article in his school bag. Lin Zihao vaguely saw something behind the paper, and nervously turned the paper over. Behind it is a chibi drawing of a person, It seems to be talking about a student who is going to take the college entrance examination. But when he went to the toilet, he dropped his admission ticket into the toilet and thus was not able to enter the examination room. Lin Zihao stared at the comic in a daze, but the 3 words written at the bottom made his pupils shrink.

It said ‘By Gu Ye’!

Gu Ye knows what happened?

Lin Zihao suddenly remembered Gu Ye asking him earlier if he had ever done something wrong to him, and that he told him not to do it now if he hadn't done anything yet. Could it be that not only Gu Ye can catch ghosts, but he also can predict the future?

Lin Zihao looked at Gu Ye in horror. At the same time, Gu Ye turned his head and smiled at him. The slightly curved corner of his mouth looked soft and gentle but it made Lin Zihao suddenly think of the scene where Gu Ye is beating up ghosts, which caused his scalp to turn numb.

Gu Ye raised his index finger and put it on his lips. He motioned a ‘shush’, then turned his head away and stopped looking at Lin Zihao. The more Lin Zihao thought about what happened, the more afraid Lin Zihao became. Gu Ye is telling him to keep the secret and not go out and talk nonsense - it means he knew everything. Wouldn't this comic be Gu Ye's curse on him? Will he really miss the college entrance examination? Thinking of the result, Lin Zihao wanted to go crazy. He hurriedly tore up the article into pieces and threw them into the trash can. His whole body is shuddering from the chill.

"Gu Ye, I... I'm sorry!" After class, Lin Zihao plucked up the courage to come to Gu Ye's table and sincerely apologized, he is scared. He is afraid of missing the college entrance examination, afraid of Gu Ye's punishment for him.

Gu Ye looked at Lin Zihao, and said a word with a smile, "Scram."

At noon, Gu Ye had just finished his meal when he heard from a classmate that Mr. Yu is looking for him. Gu Ye inquired about the location and found Teacher Yu's office. Teacher Yu is wearing his reading glasses and reading the paper. Seeing him coming, Teacher Yu looked up at him and said, "Gu Ye, sit down."

Gu Ye sat down obediently, very well-behaved.

"I'm looking at your test paper for this exam. You have improved so much that the teachers find it unbelievable. Even your handwriting is written so beautifully." Teacher Yu looked into Gu Ye's eyes seriously, "Teacher is going to give you a few more questions, can you do it again?"

Gu Ye nodded obediently, "Yes."

Teacher Yu took out the pre-made questions from the drawer and handed Gu Ye a pen. Gu Ye took it and started to write, finishing it in a few minutes. Looking at Gu Ye’s answer, Mr. Yu could not suppress his joy, and the smile on his serious face made a layer of wrinkle, "Good good good, good job. Continue to work hard in the future!"

Not long after, Teacher Yu went to the school management and got Gu Ye's exam papers posted on the school bulletin board. Even Gu Ye's draft paper and the questions that Gu Ye did right in front of him are all released, proving that Gu Ye got first place in the test by his own ability.

Now, everyone on the senior high school campus is bursting with commotion, and the people who said it was impossible before have been slapped in the face!

Many teachers told the students, "There are no stupid students, only students who don't work hard! Gu Ye must have taken advantage of the winter vacation when you all went out to play and secretly studied at home! The forever-lowest has risen to become the number 1 at school, how inspirational! You all have to open your eyes and see how he did it!"

After that, there are really students who started peeking at Gu Ye, wanting to know how he studies, and how can he improve his grades so much in such a short period of time. Gu Ye suddenly felt that not only he became a strange species, but also a strange species with a panda head* on his head. Even when he went to the toilet, people would pay attention to him, so eye-catching. Unfortunately, he didn't want to be stared at.

*Because panda is a rare animal in China :v

Finally, it is the day of the next holiday week. As soon as Gu Ye came home, before he could even take off his shoes, Mrs. Gu rushed over excitedly, "Old Third, you got first in the exam? First in the school?"

Gu Ye nodded tiredly, "You guys already know?"

At this moment, Gu Decheng came down from the second floor, and there is joy in his eyes, "Teacher Yu called me and said that you have made great progress."

"That's right, that's right, the teacher keeps praising you!" Mrs. Gu said happily, "For this reason, your father didn't go to the company, and just waiting for you to come back to reward you well for your hard work!"

Hearing that, Gu Ye raised his eyebrows. Next, his eyes lit up when he saw Gu Decheng holding several thick red packets in his hand.

"I will definitely study hard. I will keep working hard, and get better next time!" Gu Ye turned serious in a second, and bowed deeply to his parents, "I'm sorry for worrying my parents before this!"

Mrs. Gu got taken aback. Why Gu Ye became so emotional all of a sudden? It's embarrassing.

Gu Decheng originally wanted to give Gu Ye a few pieces of advice like telling him not to be proud, but he didn't expect his son to be so sensible. So, he swallowed the words and put a stack of red packets into Gu Ye's hand, saying seriously, "This is the rule in our family. For every subject you placed first, I will reward you with 10,000 yuan. Seeing that this is the first time you got the 1st at school, you will be rewarded another 10,000 yuan. If you can still take the first place next time, I will double it for you."

"Thank you, Dad!" Gu Ye put the red packets in his pocket and ran upstairs happily.

Seeing that his brother received several red packets, Gu Yang scratched his head and said, "Well, I also advanced 3 ranks in this monthly exam. Do I have any red packets?"

Mrs. Gu didn't wait for Gu Decheng to speak, and said with a tone like ‘Why can’t you get better’, "I reward you with an extra chicken leg."

"Hehe." Hearing that, Gu Yang carried his schoolbag and ran away happily.

Mrs. Gu sighed silently and asked herself where did she raise him wrong. This silly boy, just a chicken leg is enough for him. Can’t he see how thick his 3rd brother's red packets are? Those can buy a truckload of chicken legs!

When Gu Ye arrived in his room, he happily opened the red packets and counted in total 50,000 yuan. As expected from Gu Decheng, he is worthy of being called the national father.

Gu Yang quietly followed and asked curiously, "Brother, how much did Dad give you?"

Gu Ye hooked his fingers at the child to beckon him over. Watching the child leaning over like a big dog, Gu Ye took out a dozen of red notes (100 yuan) and stuffed them into his younger brother's hand. Then he said in a low voice, "Take it and buy the game console you like. Don’t let Mom know.”

Because if Mrs. Gu finds out, it will definitely be confiscated, just like the money Gu Yang won from the lottery previously.

Gu Yang rushed over excitedly and hugged Gu Ye's leg, rubbing against him, "Brother! When I grow up, I will definitely make good money! I will earn money for you to spend!"

Gu Ye patted his younger brother's head. Inside, he really wanted to say, ‘Don't be stupid, my silly boy. You won't make any money in your life, so just wait for the dividends to feed you.’

At noon, Mrs. Gu cooked a lot of dishes together with the nanny. Gu Decheng is in a happy mood and even drank a small cup of wine. Gu Ye looked at his father's eyebrows and said with concern, "You should rest at home this afternoon, don't go to the company. There will be heavy rain in a while, it is dangerous."

Gu Decheng glanced out the window. The sun is shining brightly now, where is the rain coming from?

However, due to Gu Decheng almost having a car accident last time, Mrs. Gu is startled by Gu Ye’s words. She hurriedly persuaded, "It doesn't matter whether it will rains or not. It’s a happy occasion today and you also drank a bit. Since you don't have anything important to do in the afternoon, don't go to work today. It's rare that you get to rest a day at home."

After being persuaded by his wife, Gu Decheng hesitated, "All right, I won't go in the afternoon."

Unexpectedly, it really rained suddenly in the afternoon, fast and pouring. It rained all afternoon, and news broke out in the evening. Because of the sudden rain, water accumulated in a tunnel, causing more than a dozen vehicles to be trapped in the tunnel. Firefighters were dispatched urgently, but fortunately, there were no casualties.

Looking at the time and place mentioned in the news, Gu Decheng realized that it happened to be the tunnel he would be passing through when he got off work. On the other hand, Mrs. Gu is terrified. Watching the news, she said in shock, "It's amazing, Old Third is really amazing!"

Gu Decheng had a stiff expression on his face, hiding the fear and surprise in his eyes. He said stiffly, "It was just a lucky guess, a lucky guess."

Mrs. Gu didn't listen to her husband's nonsense at all, "No, I have to ask Old Third to calculate when will I get rich." After saying that, she left in a hurry to find Gu Ye.

At this moment, Zhao Pengyu finally came out of the Internet cafe. The college entrance examination is about to begin so his mother didn’t let him play on the computer or the mobile phone. He couldn't stay idle, so he sneaked to the Internet cafe in the morning but he didn't expect it to rain in the afternoon. Finally, the rain stopped, so he is anxious to go home. Taking a shortcut on his mountain bike, he whizzed home like he is on Nezha’s fire wheels.

It is already dark at this moment, and there are not many pedestrians on the road. As he continues to cycle, Zhao Pengyu suddenly saw a flash of gold in front of him so he rode over to see. It turned out to be a red cloth bag embroidered with gold thread and Zhao Pengyu picked it up. The fabric is a bit old, and it is embroidered with pictures of dragons and phoenixes. It looked like something used by people who got married in the 1980s.

Zhao Pengyu opened it and got startled by the content, "My god! So much money? Won’t the person who lost the money be anxious to death?"

The earnest young man stood there and waited for half an hour but didn't see anyone coming back to look for it. Seeing the day is getting late, if he doesn't return home soon, his family will really worry. So, Zhao Pengyu simply stuffed the cloth bag in his pockets, planning to call the police after he got home.

What Zhao Pengyu didn't see is, at the place he passed by earlier which is washed by the rain, a pillar made of cement is exposed. This is actually an abandoned old bridge that was deliberately buried.

Raw word count: 3892


[1] Not very familiar with China education system so I tried to guess it. If you know the meaning, feel free to inform me to correct it. The raw words are 这么下去,你还想考一本?你连二本都考不上!

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