Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 13 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 13 Saved a white-eyed wolf[1]

Gu Ye smiled, "Right now, you didn’t but let’s hope there’s none in the future as well."

Lin Zihao smiled awkwardly, "How is it possible? You are overthinking."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and glanced at Lin Zihao before curling his lips noncommittally. He flipped through the information Xia Xiang gave him, and turned away to Xia Xiang to assure him, "I'll take a good look at these, you don't have to keep staring at me. I will get a good result this time, I promise."

A smile appeared on Xia Xiang's face, "I believe in you!"

Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen got nothing but embarrassment and they also felt it, that Gu Ye didn't like them. When Lin Zihao left, he cast a mocking glance at Gu Ye. Feeling ashamed and angry, he angrily wondered where Gu Ye's self-confidence comes from, to dare say that he can achieve good results this time. This low-level scum of thousands of years, it couldn't be he is depending on enslaved ghosts to know the answer?

Not only Lin Zihao, but the whole class thinks that Gu Ye is finished. Gu Ye has always been the bottom one in the whole grade. Even Qian Zhen, who sleeps in class, does better in the exam than him. Every time, Gu Ye caused the average score of their class to be lowered.

The two girls also came forward to persuade, "Gu Ye, why don't you ask Xia Xiang to make up lessons for you? He is amazing and his grades have always been very good."

"That's right, Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen are not bad either. They both scored in the top ten in the year-end and final exams. Every single improvement of your results counts."

Gu Ye saw that the students had good intentions, so he didn't refute them. He just smiled and said nothing. The two girls are also helpless. Gu Ye has changed a lot since he came back. His appearance is more captivating now and he smiled more, becoming cheerful. Now, many girls are willing to talk to him, but for some reason, his person exudes a sense of alienation, so they just can't get close.

After Lin Zihao returned to his seat, he thought of the way Gu Ye looked at him. Hesitating for a moment, he opened the drawer and guiltily hid the things he had prepared in advance at the bottom of the book. He is a little scared, afraid of Gu Ye.

Seeing that the mock exam is getting closer and closer, the senior 3rd-year students are all focused on reviewing studies, and they are too lazy to care whether Gu Ye is studying or not. Finally came the day of the exam, Teacher Yu came over during the evening self-study, and as usual, he gave everyone a pre-examination motivational talk like if they can pass the exam this time, they will be able to lay the foundation for their future life, which is very important.

Gu Ye looked at the motivated whole class with a numb face. He wished he could use his pen as a sword, and chop down this little test paper, let them kneel and sing ‘Conquer’. Gu Ye suddenly felt that it is fortunate that Mr.Yu had chosen the great profession as a teacher. If he went to engage in pyramid schemes, the world would be over.

After the motivational talk is over, the students started moving the tables according to the teacher's request. There are 2000 students in the 3rd year grade, and students’ seating order had been disrupted. Gu Ye's examination number is exactly No.2000, Xia Xiang's is No.0009, and Zhao Pengyu's is No.1338. Looking at the numbers, it’s obvious that their examination number is listed according to the results of the last exam.

Upon seeing Gu Ye's examination number, Zhao Pengyu couldn’t help laughing, "Hahaha, you are in Class 30, you are even more behind than me! This time you are in a group of terrible students, but don't worry. You should be the best-looking and obedient-looking person in this group of slackers!"

Gu Ye replied with a disdainful tone, "As someone who has a peach blossom calamity and dying soon, you still have the face to mock other people?"

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu said, "Fck! Brother, can you not?!" His heart already feeling the chill, "Is it real? Don't scare me! I don't even have any peach blossom (love encounter) but getting a calamity version straight up? Won't I be impotent in the future?"

"It's still the same sentence from me, don't walk across a bridge." Gu Ye looked at Zhao Pengyu's forehead again, and slapped him on the forehead worriedly, "This slap may save your darn life once if you are dying.”

"Then, you slap me a few more times!" Zhao Pengyu grimaced and felt afraid, "Father, please slap me again!"

Xia Xiang persuaded Zhao Pengyu to calm down, "You don't have many love encounters at school, so what are you afraid of? Right now, you should read the key points I highlighted for you. You have an exam tomorrow."

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu is speechless. The world of top students is really scary. Life is not important, the exam is the most important!

The next day, Gu Ye came to the examination room of Class 30. The moment he stepped into the door, with a swoosh, all the candidates in the classroom are like chickens in a slaughterhouse, as quiet as chickens[2].

Gu Ye took a look and laughed, "Hey, we are all acquaintances."

They are none other than Qian Zhen and his little brothers who got taught a lesson by him. There are also Si Hongxing and more than half of his little brothers who have been dealt with by him too. Recently, Qian Zhen got tortured too much and can’t take it anymore so he didn’t appear much. Si Hongxing on the other hand is doing well and has expanded, becoming Wu Zhong's number one school bully gang. At this moment, the two gangs got together into two groups, discussing how to make a cheat sheet. But when they saw Gu Ye enter the door, their expression changed.

Si Hongxing quickly stood up, "Boss, I've wiped your seat clean, here it is!"

Not sure whose school uniform Si Hongxing grabbed, he used it to wipe the table with the number 2000 spotless, and pulled the stool away like an underling, "Boss, please sit down."

Si Hongxing's little brothers, after hearing their big brother's description of Gu Ye, all looked at Gu Ye in admiration. They followed suit and called Gu Ye boss together, "Boss, I heard that you like drinking milk tea. I've been holding it in my arms for a long time so it is still hot."

Holding the milk tea, Gu Ye squinted his eyes and sat in the last seat of the whole grade, surrounded by people like a star, watching Qian Zhen and his gang. But Qian Zhen and those people all turned away from Gu Ye with cold faces. After experiencing the efficiency of Gu Ye's crow's mouth, they are all afraid that they would become unlucky after meeting Gu Ye's eyes.

Not long after, the bell rang, and 2 male teachers with fierce looks came to the classroom with papers and closed the door. Seeing the problematic students in this room, their faces became colder. As if as long as they dared to violate discipline, the teachers would grab their necks like picking up chickens and throwing them out, their aura has a deterrent effect.

Teacher Ma said seriously, "The first one is the math test, you are not allowed to whisper or engage in superfluous small movements. After the papers are sent out, you will bow your head and do the questions. Do the ones you know first, and cover the ones you don't know for later. If later also don’t know how to answer, then draw a circle."

Hearing that, Gu Ye suddenly remembered that he had seen many circles on the test paper of the original owner. So that was how it came about, this teacher is really talented!

After handing out the papers, Gu Ye started to answer the questions with his head down. The owner of this body enrolled in the same subjects as him, all science subjects. Gu Ye even answered many questions like this before his rebirth. Gu Ye didn't raise his head and wrote half a sheet in a breath.

Teacher Ma found that Gu Ye is not in the same state as before, so he wandered to Gu Ye’s seat with his hands behind his back. When he took a closer look, he got stunned. Gu Ye got all the answers right!

Teacher Ma specially took a look at Gu Ye's calculation paper for the multiple-choice questions. The answers turned out to be calculated step by step. The handwriting is neat and beautiful as if he has practiced calligraphy before. Recalling Gu Ye's previous handwriting, Teacher Ma thought in shock, can a person change so much in a short period of time?

"This draft paper, can you give it to me when you are done with it?" When it is almost time to hand in the answers, Teacher Ma came to Gu Ye again and asked him in a low voice.

Gu Ye nodded, "It's useless for me to keep it. If Teacher wants to see it, just take it."

Teacher Ma smiled at Gu Ye and said, "Continue to work hard for the next paper!"

The draft paper is quickly delivered to Teacher Yu, Gu Ye's homeroom teacher. The teacher said, "The Gu Ye from your class can really hide himself. Look at how well he wrote the answers. I think his set of papers may get full marks."

"Really?" Teacher Yu excitedly put down his elderly-looking cup and put on his reading glasses. After carefully looking at Gu Ye's draft paper, he said with relief, "This child, why didn't he show such intelligence before? He is like a different person in this one month. He became a sensible child, and he works very hard. I hope this hard work will pay off, and he will take the college entrance examination soon, which is the first big challenge in life."

Hearing that, the young female teacher in the same office also came over to have a look, and exclaimed, "I heard that Gu Ye is Gu Decheng's son, is it true? He also has a stepmother, this child’s life is not easy."

Having said that, all the teachers present ‘understood’ what it means. Children from rich families sure don’t have it easy. It is only after when the college entrance examination is coming that they are forced to show their trump card. Unknowingly, Mrs. Gu took the blame.

After the exam, there is no time for the 3rd year students to wait nervously for their results, because they still have countless sets of papers to do, and they can't finish them at all. It wasn't until the end of March, when the students have holidays again that the grades came out. Not only the homeroom teacher will have a copy of the report card, but the school will also display the full list of grades on the big wall of the school newspaper section. It is clear at a glance who got how many marks, it is simply a public execution.

When it was heard that the results came out, Xia Xiang couldn't sit still. He rubbed his hands nervously, "Gu Ye, let's go and have a look too!"

The nonchalant Gu Ye smiled, "The calculation told me that I did well in the exam."

Xia Xiang: "...be more serious."

"I'm very serious and you don't have to look either. This time, you should be in the top five."

Xia Xiang's eyes lit up. Having said that, he wanted to confirm it even more. At this time, someone shouted from downstairs, "First in grade! It turned out to be Gu Ye! It's Gu Ye! That idiot Gu Ye!!!”

The high school campus burst into commotion all of a sudden, and countless heads popped out of the windows like mushrooms after the rain, and they all looked down, "Really? Fcck! Impossible!"

"Impossible! If Gu Ye can pass the exam, even sows can cultivate immortality!"

"Impossible! If Gu Ye can take first place in the school, I will stream myself eating shiet!"

"I can frickin take a dump while doing a handstand (if it's real)! For Gu Ye to get first place in the exam, the school must have made a mistake!"


No one believed that Gu Ye could be the first in the school. Even Xia Xiang stared in shock. But after a moment of stunned expression, he shouted happily, "Gu Ye! First! You are first! That's great! You are not stupid at all, they are stupid!"

"Gu Ye got the first place in the test?" Zhao Pengyu heard this when he came back from playing ball. He ran 2 steps forward happily and plopped on Gu Ye's table, "A treat, you must treat me when you come back from the holiday!"

Except for these 2 roommates, the other students didn't look at Gu Ye so well, "I can accept whoever comes first in the exam, but only Gu Ye can't."

"Yes, Gu Ye was so stupid before, there must be something wrong with him taking the first place in the exam."

"Why don't we go to the teacher to ask? Strongly demanding for Gu Ye's exam papers to be released for public view."


Zhao Pengyu heard those ‘stupid Gu Ye’ around him and stopped smiling. He stood up furiously and scolded, "So it’s okay for Gu Ye to fail the exam, but if he passes the exam, there are definitely problems? Who sets that rule? You guys are not stupid either, so why didn't you take the first place in the exam?"

Seeing how irritable Zhao Pengyu is, Gu Ye held him back with one hand and said flatly, "It's okay, they will shut up soon."

Zhao Pengyu is still annoyed, "Come, show off your arrogance from that night and fcck them!"

The corner of Gu Ye’s mouth twitched, and he said indifferently, "There are many ways to make them shut up, but there are many things in this world that cannot go as we wish. If we have to explain everything, wouldn’t it be tiring? How about putting away the time for the people we care about instead?”

"Fcck! Dude, are you a bit too Buddha-natured?" Zhao Pengyu thought of Gu Ye's audacity in kicking ghosts and threatening the bunch of gangsters with an iron rod. No matter how one looks at Gu Ye, he doesn't have a Buddha nature at all.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, clasped his hands together, and said reverently, "Buddha is at ease in my heart."

Zhao Pengyu's mouth twitched, "Brother, you are a Taoist priest! Wouldn't your sect master come into your dreams to scold you?!"

At the same time, standing in front of the results list, Lin Zihao felt uncomfortable when he saw that his ranking dropped by more than 300 places at once. Then he saw the name of Gu Ye, who is ranked first. The more he looked at it, the more it hurt his eyes. He didn't believe that Gu Ye could score so many points on the test. If he could do well in the test, why was he always at the bottom of the list before?

Thinking of Gu Ye's special ability, Lin Zihao is sure that Gu Ye definitely didn't study properly. He could just get a little ghost to give him the answer, it’s just a matter of minutes. Even if Gu Ye saved him before, he has already paid the corresponding reward, 800 yuan, it was all given to Gu Ye! Lin Zihao looks down on Gu Ye from the bottom of his heart, and now even Xia Xiang is hanging out with Gu Ye so Lin Zihao looked down on Xia Xiang too. The rich second generation is such the rich second generation. If it is not because he is rich enough to hire a tutor, how can Xia Xiang study so well to get good results?

The more Lin Zihao thought about it, the angrier he gets. Clenched his fists, he left the crowd sullenly. A few minutes later, Lin Zihao went to Teacher Yu who is about to go to the classroom to announce the results, and said with a gloomy face, "Teacher Yu, I want to talk to you about Gu Ye. Gu Ye cheated, and he cheated with a special method.”

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[1] I think y’all should have known the meaning of white-eyed wolf by now after reading so many novels XD But if you really don’t know, click here and check Item no.3 - https://www.echineselearning.com/blog/introduce-five-slang-words-related-to-animals
[2] some kind of pun, don’t mind it

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