Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 12 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 12 Good karma, good reincarnation, no one will be spared

"He saved a whole city before but he also ruthlessly stepped on the face of the entire metaphysic world."

The middle-aged man’s expression looked ugly as if he just swallowed a plate of flies. One can see that the old man felt his balls hurt from just thinking of Gu Ye.

"You’re an outsider, so don't ask further. It's not him anyway so take your time to finding that person."

After the middle-aged man said this, he stood up and left. In short, he didn't want to talk more.

"Achoo!" Gu Ye sneezed loudly.

"Brother, someone must be praising your handsomeness behind your back." Gu Yang raised his head, and gave his brother a thumbs up solemnly, without hesitation in his flattery. Currently, he is trying to finish his homework because he spent the whole holiday playing around and suddenly remembered that he didn't write his homework at all.

Gu Ye smiled and rubbed the top of the child's head, "Little flatterer! It's useless to praise me, you do your homework yourself. By the way, you can help me cover mine too."

Gu Yang: "..." Is this his real brother?!

That night, Wang Qianqian's body is dug up overnight. There aren’t any students in the school at this time so there won’t be panic. The forensic doctor found Li Rui's hair on the body. The child's DNA test results also showed that Li Rui is the father of the child. When the photo of Wang Qianqian's corpse is thrown on Li Rui's face, Li Rui finally couldn't take it anymore. He collapsed and pleaded guilty.

The truth soon came to light, and the reporter who paid attention to this incident wrote a post and posted it online. Then the fans suddenly realized, especially those braindead fans, who are dumbfounded, that they deeply loved a scumbag for 7 years! A murderer! And that child is already 9 months old, how can he have the heart to do it?

But there is something more exciting. During the 2 days in detention, Li Rui had dr-ug withdrawal syndromes. He took drugs! Since killing Wang Qianqian, Li Rui has had severe psychological stress. In order to relax, he touched dr-ugs.

Netizens are even less calm now, this hypocrite!

The hell is a national idol?! He killed someone! And he took dr-ug! What else is he not afraid to do?!

It is a certainty that Li Rui needs to pay for his crimes. In the face of the evidence, no one sympathized with him anymore. Regarding the part where he confessed his guilt in a trance at the concert, the netizens took it as withdrawal syndrome, making him accidentally let out the secret in his heart. Only those who have handled the case know, the reason why this case came to light so quickly is that there is another person who is secretly helping.

The night before the start of school, Gu Ye was busy packing his schoolbags when he sensed 3 ghostly auras approaching from afar. He stopped his movements, walked to the window, and looked out. Just outside the gate, 3 ghost figures are stopped by the golden light barrier. It turned out to be Wang Qianqian and her big-headed son. There is also a blurry ghost image behind them. The figure seems to be in the state of soul leaving the body. But the body should not be far from death, it is Li Rui. Seeing Gu Ye standing by the window, Wang Qianqian didn't force her way in again. Bowing down deeply to Gu Ye, she made her son lower his head with the other hand. After kowtowing to Gu Ye, she tied Li Rui's soul with a chain and they left. Looking at it from a distance, those who didn't know would think that the mother and child is out for a walk with a dog.

Gu Ye looked at the backs of the family of 3 and nodded secretly: A family should be whole and together.

Early the next morning, a piece of news about Li Rui, the king of singers, once again blasted the entire Internet. In the past few days, the name Li Rui has filled the major websites like a massacre. No celebrity is as strong as him in grabbing headlines. Unfortunately, this is the last time he grabs the headlines because last night Li Rui committed suicide in fear of crime! There are also gossip reports that Li Rui's death was extremely miserable. He bit an artery in his arm, wrote a confession letter on the wall with his blood, and then bled to death. We all know that arteries are not as shallow as veins, which can be seen with the naked eye on our skin. How much meat did he bite off to reach the arteries? This suicide technique is a bit high!

Many people took this statement as nonsense, but only Gu Ye thought it might be true. With Wang Qianqian's 7 years of grievances, plus her big-headed son, making Li Rui crazy is not a problem. The law of Heaven and reincarnation, karma and retribution, for people like Li Rui who owed karma, the Xuanshu Association would not care if Wang Qianqian took him away.

This matter has come to an end and Master Gu is returning to school soon. Master Gu is about to take a mock exam, he has always been the bottom one in the school before. If he still gets such a small score on the test this time, Master Gu will definitely get spanked.

Gu Ye and Gu Yang's breakfast is still the ‘100%* marks’ noodles made by the little stepmother herself. Looking at the happy little stepmother, Gu Ye raised his eyebrows unexpectedly, "Mom, are you planning to do business?"

*The noodles with 2 eggs

Mrs. Gu is surprised, "You can see it? Recently, your dad has been going against Li Shengkai and his family until they suffocate so Hu Yu wanted to sell her beauty shop. I thought if she sells it at a low price, I will buy it. That’ll piss her off. Aiya! I also don't know why their family has been so unlucky recently, everything is not going well. Li Shengkai is still young but he is now almost bald. Have you guys seen the Mediterranean baldness before?"

Gu Ye is speechless, he is not interested in any uncle with Mediterranean baldness.

As if remembering something, Mrs. Gu's complexion changed suddenly. She held Gu Ye's face happily and kissed him on the forehead, "Old Third, quickly calculate for Mom. Will mom make money if I open a beauty shop?"

Gu Ye took out a tissue in embarrassment and wiped the lip marks on his forehead vigorously. Then he looked at Mrs. Gu with a slightly disgusted look.

Mrs. Gu raised her brows, and asked dissatisfiedly: "What are you wiping it for? You know, I was the one who put on the open-crotch pants for you. When you were a child, you shitted me all over..."

"Mom!" Gu Ye covered his face helplessly, "You can get rich! You can definitely get rich!"

Only then Mrs. Gu is satisfied, "That’s more like it. If I don't make money, then you can go and draw me a money-making formation. Or give me a treasure bowl or something, so money will come tumbling in every day."

Hearing that, Gu Ye is speechless. did he think he is the magic paintbrush? (another reference HERE)

Gu Yang looked at his brother sympathetically. It's over, his mother is going to use 3rd brother as a cash cow.

Returning to the campus again, Gu Ye heads to the classroom first with his schoolbag on his back as usual, but unfortunately, he is stopped by someone just after entering the school gate. The students around all looked over subconsciously, sympathizing with Gu Ye. Gu Ye is too miserable. He offended Qian Zhen, the number one school bully gang before, and now he is stopped by the number two school bully gang. With his small body, standing in front of Si Hongxing of the basketball team, just like Titan King Kong and Little Barbie. He couldn't even resist a slap from Si Hongxing.

However, the next scene surprised people. Si Hongxing bowed deeply to Gu Ye, gritted his teeth, and said forcefully, "Thank you for saving my parents' lives! From now on, you will be my big brother. This life is yours! If Qian Zhen troubles you again, I will fight him with all I have!"

Hearing that, the students around gasped. What the hell?! Is Si Hongxing crazy, letting Gu Ye be the boss? Can Gu Ye do anything they do? Smoking, drinking, perming his hair? Or go disco, pick up girls, or participate in group fights?

Gu Ye looked at Si Hongxing for a few seconds, and said with a serious face, "I'm sorry, I don't need a younger brother, and I don't want to form a clique. There’s only studying in my heart."

Si Hongxing: "..."

"Pfft!" Not sure who from the onlookers suddenly laughed out, they are amused by the words. Why does it sound so funny to hear the word ‘study’ from Gu Ye's mouth?

At this moment, Qian Zhen brought along his bunch of little brothers who are not much left and swaggered into the school gate. The surrounding students collectively moved back a few steps, for fear that Qian Zhen would suddenly violently beat Gu Ye. Then, if Si Hongxing joins the fight, they will be accidentally injured.

To everyone's surprise, when Qian Zhen saw Gu Ye, he just froze for a moment. Then he turned his head away, pretending not to see Gu Ye, and left. His footsteps are even a little faster than usual.

The students: ???

Not long after, the news that Gu Ye became Si Hongxing’s boss spread throughout the campus. Also, Qian Zhen also changed from his usual domineering appearance, hiding away when he saw Gu Ye. That is to say, the boss of Wu Zhong School became Gu Ye? That stupid Gu Ye?!

For a while, Gu Ye became a magical existence in the whole school. Gu Ye clearly felt that wherever he went, people would look at him twice, like he is a walking oddity.

After the self-study session in the morning, Zhao Pengyu happily asked Gu Ye and Xia Xiang to have breakfast. Since the 2 moved to Gu Ye’s dormitory, the three of them have become conjoined triplets.

"Gu Xiao Ye, I have formally introduced you to my grandfather. If he invites you during the summer vacation, you must go!"

Gu Ye casually replied, lacking interest, "Who is your grandfather?"

Zhao Pengyu whispered: "The old master of the Yu family."

Gu Ye's eyes widened in surprise, "Old master Yu?"

"Hush!" Zhao Pengyu threw tea eggs into Gu Ye's mouth nervously, "Don't say it out, I'm just an ordinary little rich second-generation!"

It's no wonder that Zhao Pengyu is so defensive. The main reason is that the Yu family is too powerful. The Old Master Yu, not only he is a respected person from the business world, but he is also very famous in the world of calligraphy and painting. People from all walks of life and even the metaphysic circle respect him very much. Once it is known that Zhao Pengyu is the grandson of Old Master Yu, his life may not be so comfortable.

Besides, there is a saying called ‘nephew follows the uncle’s footsteps’, and his uncle Yu Ze is a legend in the business world at a young age who single-handedly built a business empire. As his nephew, Zhao Pengyu’s academic performance is like ‘a small fry with a battle power of 5 points’, it's too embarrassing to say it.

Gu Ye thought for a while, then nodded solemnly, "Don't worry. If the old master asks, I will definitely go."

When Gu Ye’s master was alive, Old Master Yu did him a great favor. To the old master, it might be a trivial matter, but to Gu Ye’s master and him, it was a great favor. Old Master Yu doesn't lack anything but his master will always remember this matter. If the old master needs it, Gu Ye is willing to lend a hand. To be a decent human being, you must know how to repay kindness and have no regrets in your heart.

Xia Xiang puffed his cheeks, "Before the summer vacation, you two have to make up lessons, and I will make a study plan for you. You should do at least 5 sets of papers every day, and I will keep an eye on you all the way."

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu is puzzled, "What's wrong with you? What agitated you?"

Xia Xiang pursed his lips without explaining, and said sullenly, "Otherwise, everyone who sees you when you go out during the summer vacation will ask how you did in the exam. What will you say? Also, there will be a mock exam soon. According to the results this time, we also have to consider which university to go to, and the teacher will give corresponding recommendations at that time."

Xia Xiang looked at Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu seriously, and said earnestly like an old mother, "Do you two want Teacher Yu to recommend you to a technical school and make you learn how to drive an excavator?"

Gu Ye leaned back in his chair and said lazily, "I don't care. I can drive that excavator to dig graves then."

Xia Xiang puffed up his cheeks angrily, "You… you… you!"

Xia Xiang repeated the word ‘You’ angrily but didn't do anything in the end. Like a little rabbit, he bared his teeth, took a big bite of a pastry, and chewed angrily.

Actually, when he returned home during the holiday, he told his parents that he had a very good classmate who gave him a spell, which is more effective than those given by those masters. However, when his parents knew that the classmate was Gu Ye, they strictly stopped him from mingling with Gu Ye. Their words were: "You must have been cheated. The Gu family’s Old Third is a joke in the circle of the wealthy. Getting together with him will definitely make your studies worse. He will definitely not be admitted to a good university, so he can only go home and live off his old man. Do you want to become a waste like him?"

Xia Xiang was so angry at the comment and got into a cold war with his parents for a long time. He felt that Gu Ye is not stupid, and he must have deliberately not studied hard in the past.

Gu Ye held his chin, looking at Xia Xiang. When he saw that the pastry in his hand was stuffed with red bean paste, he leaned over and asked with a concerned tone, "Is it delicious?"

Xia Xiang paused, "...not bad."

Gu Ye stood up happily, "I'm going to buy one too."

Xia Xiang: "..." He should just break off with this kind of friend!

Even though Xia Xiang is angry at Gu Ye's unmotivated attitude, he still gave him the study materials after class, "Read it first. If there’s anything you don't know, I will explain it to you."

That got the whole class curious. Xia Xiang's grades had never been out of the top 10 ranking of the whole grade. And now, he actually gave Gu Ye extra lessons? But with Gu Ye's IQ, can he make up for it?

At this moment, Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen* also came over. They said, "If you want to make up lessons, we can also help."

*In case you guys forgot who, they are the dudes who summoned Wang Qianqian.

Picking up the notes Xia Xiang gave him, Gu Ye tilted his head and looked at the two people who had just approached. Suddenly he smiled and asked, "Are you afraid of me?"

The two quickly shook their heads, "No."

Gu Ye smiled. Li Rui died and they all knew that it was related to Wang Qianqian. As those who knew about the entire story, what are they thinking at this moment? Gu Ye's gaze skipped over Liu Yiwen who didn't dare to look at him, and landed on Lin Zihao, and asked meaningfully, "You, you didn't do anything to be sorry for me, did you?"

Lin Zihao's expression changed instantly, "No, no."

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