Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 122.3 - Award Ceremony

The group quickly gathered together, smiled at each other, and walked towards the red carpet, their path of conquest (of awards)!

Guo Zekai and Fan Ling'er walked together, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi walked together, followed by two supporting actors, a total of six people, stepped onto the red carpet, and the fans who came to watch also began to scream frantically.

"Film Emperor Qin! We love you, you are the Best Actor in our hearts!"

"Queen Su, we are your Queen fans, we will always support you!"

"Film Emperor and Queen together, together, together!" The cheers for "together" gradually overwhelmed the other voices. The fans seemed to have this tacit understanding and instantly changed their previously agreed slogans to this one phrase. Then the word "together" filled the entire space, becoming the loudest voice.

Hearing these cheers and the word "together" that were repeatedly mentioned countless times, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi smiled at each other and walked together on the red carpet. They will be together forever, never apart!

"Look here, look here!" The journalists on both sides of the red carpet shouted loudly, wanting to get Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi's attention. Many of them had been specifically instructed by their bosses to take a handsome photo of Qin Jiran, or else they would definitely lose their bonus.

Although Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi did not intentionally stop, they still cooperated quite well, leaving a positive impression on the journalists on both sides. Su Yanyi held Qin Jiran's arm, and the two looked very intimate, wearing obviously couple outfits, unabashedly displaying their relationship. Many people who witnessed this scene felt dazzled by it.

Qin Jiran's cold face softened a bit because of Su Yanyi's presence, while Su Yanyi's usually cold demeanor also showed a hint of softness because of Qin Jiran. The two walked together, complementing each other and shining brightly. Their proud attitude was enough to win over everyone and attract everyone's attention, making people amazed and crazy.

Unconsciously, Guo Zekai and Fan Ling'er fell two steps behind the couple, giving control to Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi. Even if they walked together, they couldn't hide the unique radiance due to the two.

When they reached the host, there was a short interview before the start of the event. The six members of the cast first signed their names, then stood side by side in a row.

When signing their names, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran signed their names together. The last stroke of Su Yanyi's character "Yi" connected with the last stroke of Qin Jiran's character "Qin", as if the two names were holding hands and connected together, full of love and affection.

"President Su, this is your first time attending the Starlight Awards ceremony, and you surprised everyone by walking on the red carpet. Can you share your thoughts?" The host was also a familiar face, Dragon Media's variety show queen, Xiang Nan.

"I came with my husband. Wherever he is, I will be there too." Su Yanyi took the microphone handed to her by Xiang Nan and spoke with her usual cold voice very seriously. At the same time, she looked at Qin Jiran, and her usually cold eyes instantly became warmer.

Qin Jiran hugged Su Yanyi's hand tightly and gave her a deep look. If the occasion had been more appropriate, he really wanted to hold Su Yanyi tightly and tell her that wherever she is, he will be there too!

"Oh, President Su, cough cough, we are doing an interview, not confessing our love. Do you know that your words just now sounded like a public confession to Mr. Qin in front of the whole country? Such a high-profile display of affection will make people envious and hateful." Xiang Nan, unable to control her emotions, couldn't help but make fun of Su Yanyi a bit. After saying it, she felt a little embarrassed and looked at Su Yanyi. Oh, look at what she did! She actually teased the Queen! She really didn't want to be banned!

"I look forward to everyone in the country knowing that this man belongs to me." Su Yanyi was still calm and composed, saying such an amazing and domineering statement. She didn't mind using this occasion to declare her exclusive ownership of Qin Jiran!

"Cough cough..." Xiang Nan couldn't help but clear her throat after putting down the microphone. Su Yanyi was truly a Queen, extremely domineering! Xiang Nan looked at  the calm Qin Jiran. She smiled and asked, "Mr. Qin, since President Su has publicly confessed her love, do you have anything you want to say to her?"

"I think Yanyi has already heard everything I want to say, and I believe that she understands what I want to convey. So, I won't tell you guys." Qin Jiran didn't say any lovey-dovey words, but his answer seemed to be a form of affection as well. The understanding and emotion between them made people feel immensely happy and warm.

"Hehe, okay, I understand. You guys are showing your love again. Fans will definitely scream when they see this scene. Do you know that you have become a symbol of love in the hearts of countless fans? You must continue to be happy and let us see what true love means - there is no most loving, only more loving." What Xiang Nan said truly represented the voices of countless fans, and many fans gave her a thumbs up when they saw this scene.

Xiang Nan also interviewed Guo Zekai and Fan Ling'er before letting everyone enter the venue. Due to the identities of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran, their seats were arranged at the front. After they sat down, they waited for the award ceremony to begin.

"Yanyi, actually I have a lot to say to you, but at that time, I suddenly didn't know what to say. And the words I want to say are only meant for you to hear alone." After sitting down, Qin Jiran held Su Yan Yi's hand and said.

"I have a lot of time to listen to you, say anything you want." Su Yanyi also held Qin Jiran's hand, and said very seriously. The two looked at each other and smiled, showing their tenderness.

As the President of Resplendent Entertainment, she already knew the final winners of each award before the ceremony. However, she didn't reveal it, and Qin Jiran didn't ask. It seemed like a kind of tacit understanding between them. They didn't seem to care about the importance of winning awards. For Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran, the significance of winning seemed to be less important than being together.

"Then we'll talk more when we get back."

"Okay, after it's over, we'll go back together."

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