Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 122.2 - Award Ceremony

In the evening, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran went home together.

Qin Jiran drove this time. But before the two of them could even change their clothes, Mother Su showed up.

"Yanyi, don't change the subject. How long have you been pregnant? Have you had a checkup? Does Mom need to arrange a doctor for you? Pregnancy is not a small matter, you must be careful!"

Mother Su asked a bunch of questions seriously. Her determined expression indicated that this time she would not let Su Yanyi change the subject.

"Just got pregnant. Less than half a month. No check-up yet. It's too early now. I'll go later. Can I answer like this, Mom?"

Su Yanyi also knew that she couldn't avoid it. So she answered her mother's questions very directly and skillfully without lying.

After all, being pregnant for one day is equivalent to less than half a month.

Mother Su frowned, feeling that there was something not quite right with this answer.

But after thinking about it, she couldn't find anything wrong.

The only thing that puzzled her was how Yanyi found out she was pregnant so early.

After all, many pregnant women only discover their pregnancy after one or two months.

However the doubts quickly passed and Mother Su didn't intend to delve deeper.

It was better to discover such things earlier.

"Okay, that's alright. When we designed your building, we had a nursery in mind. But we didn't furnish it much. Starting tomorrow, we'll arrange it bit by bit. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl. So should it be blue or pink? Or maybe yellow? You know, Mom actually wanted to do it today. But she just couldn't decide on the final color and wanted to ask you..." Mother Su was excited and couldn't stop talking.

Su Yanyi looked at Mother Su with a look of disdain, regretting that she had revealed her pregnancy news so early.

She really shouldn't have. But now it was too late.

Qin Jiran smiled and held Su Yanyi's hand. He whispered in her ear, "Mom is doing this for our own good."

"I know. That's why she's still talking, and I'm still listening."

Otherwise, she would have turned and left!

"Cough, Mom, you can talk to Yanyi. I'll go cook. Do Grandpa and Dad come back for dinner? If they do, I'll make more food, and we can all eat here together." Qin Jiran interrupted Mother Su's rambling.

"Okay, that's great. It's lively to have dinner together. I'll help too! Let's make more food."

Mother Su was successfully distracted and went into the kitchen with Qin Jiran. She also had the servants notify everyone that they would be having dinner in this building tonight.

Watching this scene, Su Yanyi couldn't help but roll her eyes.

She could imagine that the topic of the baby would once again become eternal during the family dinner tonight.

Oh, could she skip dinner? She was already full!

The dinner was indeed lively. Inevitably  the conversation centered around the baby, with everyone discussing what they should do for the baby. Even Little Su Nuo participated.

"Grandma, from now on, Nuo Nuo won't eat so much candy every day. Can we save some for my little brother?" Su Nuo said cutely, making everyone laugh.

"You should eat less candy or your teeth will hurt." Mother Su teased her cute little grandson.

Su Nuo was also about to lose his baby teeth. So he needed to be careful or his teeth would hurt.

Hearing that his teeth would hurt, Su Nuo was frightened. He immediately covered his small mouth and stared at his grandma in horror.

"Hahaha, don't be afraid. Your teeth won't hurt as long as you eat less candy."

The happy dinner ended. Su Yanyi quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Her enthusiastic family was something she wasn't used to. She only hoped that such days wouldn't last too long.

The task of cleaning up the dining table was handed over to the maid. Qin Jiran went to serve Su Yanyi personally.

"Do you want to take a walk? Sit in the backyard?"

The weather was getting warmer. Books said that pregnant women should exercise more.


Compared to the recent noise, the feeling of walking hand in hand in the yard was peaceful and calm. It made her irritability disappear.

She felt that this kind of life was not bad.

In late April, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi each received an invitation to the Starlight Awards.

Kang Zhong, as their assistant and agent, suddenly had a good idea when he received the two invitations.

"President Su, you will go to the Starlight Awards this time, right?" Kang Zhong went to find Su Yanyi with the invitation.

"Not interested." She had never been there before, and she had no intention of going this time.

"Ahem, this time is different." Kang Zhong pushed his glasses and said meaningfully.

"How is it different?" Su Yanyi was still dealing with documents and didn't even look at him.

"President Su! Have you forgotten? Not only are you invited, but also Mr. Qin. Don't you plan to accompany Mr. Qin?" Kang Zhong said with a helpless tone.

Su Yanyi was taken aback and then realized this problem. She looked up at Kang Zhong and calmly said, "Let Deanne design two sets of dresses for us. I like black."

"Yes, President Su!" Seeing President Su say this with a cold face, Kang Zhong couldn't help but feel like laughing.

President Su was indeed becoming more and more interesting!

After leaving Su Yanyi's office, Kang Zhong happened to meet Qin Jiran who came to deliver lunch.

The small kitchen in the office was not as big as the one at home. Sometimes when there was time, Qin Jiran would go home to cook and bring the food to the company to eat together, so as not to trouble Su Yanyi.

"Jiran, have you decided what to wear to the Starlight Awards already? President Su said to let Deanne design couple's outfits for you. She also said that she likes black. How about you?" Kang Zhong asked.

"Yanyi is going too?" Qin Jiran immediately seized the key point and asked in surprise. He remembered that Yanyi rarely attended such occasions before.

"Of course, she will go with you. Your charm is obviously much greater than the Starlight Awards." Without Qin Jiran, President Su would definitely not participate.

"I like black too!" Qin Jiran smiled and pushed open the door of the office, walking in. He was already looking forward to attending the Starlight Awards with Yanyi.

Behind him, Kang Zhong pushed his glasses and muttered to himself, "I knew it would be like this."

"Dear, it's time for lunch. I've stewed some crucian carp soup and made egg rolls, both of which you love." Qin Jiran shook the large lunch box in his hand and went directly to the small break room to lay out the lunch.

Su Yanyi didn't need to be urged. She went to the restroom to wash her hands as soon as she heard it was time for lunch.

She obediently sat down at the table and waited for Qin Jiran to serve her food and soup. It wasn't that she didn't want to help, but her husband never let her do anything, afraid that she would tire herself out.

Su Yanyi felt both helpless and sweet at the same time. Soon all her attention was drawn to the scent of the food, and she began to eat seriously.

As the Resplendent Entertainment's exclusive Chief Designer, Deanne's efficiency and quality were very high.

She quickly designed a set of couple's outfits for the two of them, according to their preferences.

The main color of the outfits was black, with a few silver embellishments at some areas, adding a luxurious touch to the couple's outfits.

On the day of the Starlight Awards, celebrities from all over gathered together, shining brightly. The Starlight Awards, which are held annually, can be said to be the most prestigious film and television awards in China. Whether invited or not, stars will gather here, along with journalists and fans from all over the country.

Starlight Award

Screams, cheers, journalist interviews, and the red carpet leading to the venue have become the center of attention for all. Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi's car also stopped not far from the red carpet, where the cast of "The Power Strife" was also waiting for them. They had already agreed to walk the red carpet together.

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