Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 122.1 - Award Ceremony

After breakfast, Su Yanyi calmly used the excuse of having a morning meeting at work and not being able to be late to escape the questioning of the elders.

Qin Jiran personally drove Yanyi to work. The speed was slower than usual.

After a while, Su Yanyi couldn't stand it anymore. She didn't like riding fast cars. But even if she didn't mind, the cars behind them did!

"Speed up, don't make me feel like riding a car is slower than walking, okay?" Su Yanyi said helplessly.

"I'm afraid you'll be uncomfortable," Qin Jiran explained.

Since he knew Yanyi was pregnant, he had been extremely careful no matter what he did, afraid that Yanyi would be uncomfortable.

"You're making me uncomfortable like this. I'm pregnant, but can you calm down? Don't be so cautious. It will only make me uncomfortable."

Yanyi knew why Qin Jiran was acting like this. It was all because of their baby, who had only appeared for one day!

Oh, one day, this was really a magical number, especially for a pregnant woman!

"Oh, sorry, I didn't know. I'm just a little nervous. You know, this is my first time being a father. I'm afraid the child will have problems. I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of your body. I don't know anything. I'm really afraid I won't do well."

Qin Jiran wanted to hold Yanyi's hand. But he thought about driving and for safety's sake, he didn't, even though this was a very simple action in ordinary times.

"Okay, I understand, but don't be nervous, don't worry, everything will be fine. Trust me, and trust yourself, everything will be okay, okay?"

Su Yanyi tried to slow down her voice and comfort Qin Jiran, asking him not to be so nervous. Otherwise, this man might be nervous for ten months.

"Phew, I know I'm too nervous, but as long as I think you have a baby, I can't calm down." Qin Jiran took a deep breath and said helplessly.

"Then don't think about the baby, think about me first. That little thing has to stay in my stomach for ten months. You don't have to care about him so much now!"

Su Yanyi's voice was a bit cold, as if she was unhappy. She didn't want to be affected by the child's problems from now on.

Qin Jiran was stunned. It took him a moment to react. "Okay, I won't be nervous. Don't be angry."

"Hmph." Su Yanyi snorted coldly.

Both of them arrived at the company's underground parking lot. Su Yanyi opened the car door and got out by herself. Qin Jiran also followed her out.

"What are you getting down here for?" Su Yanyi asked Qin Jiran. Doesn't he have his own job to do?

"I asked Fan Ling'er to replace me as a judge. She happened to have some free time during this period."

Qin Jiran explained. He had solved this issue while cleaning up the dining table this morning.

When Qin Jiran found out that Yanyi was pregnant, he decided to try and delegate his work as much as possible.

As long as it was not something that only he could do, he'd arrange for someone else to do it.

For him, it was obviously not as important as Yanyi and the baby!

"What about you?" Su Yanyi was clearly not concerned about who would be the judge, but what Qin Jiran was going to do.

"Cough cough, it depends on whether you need a personal 24-hour life assistant."

Qin Jiran obviously had already found himself a new job. But he didn't know if the boss would be willing to hire him.

"I don't need one at all." Su Yanyi decisively refused. A life assistant? Why did she feel it was more like a personal nanny?

"Oh, don't be like that, am I being criticized before I even start?"

Qin Jiran wasn't surprised by this answer. But he wasn't going to give up that easily either.

As an entertainment worker who could arrange his own time, he felt that he should provide personal service while his wife was pregnant.

"Congratulations, you answered correctly." Su Yanyi didn't try to hide her disdain.

She was in the early stages of pregnancy, not in a vegetative state. She really didn't need a personal nanny!

Su Yanyi was about to leave, but Qin Jiran grabbed her wrist.

He looked at her with a pitiful expression and said, "Yanyi, if you despise me like this, I'll be sad."

"Pfft! Cough cough..."

At this moment, laughter suddenly sounded from behind a nearby pillar.

"Who's there? Come out!" Qin Jiran's gentle voice just now suddenly turned cold and serious, and his eyes became sharp.

"Brother Qin, President Su, hehe, sorry, I was going to go deliver some documents. I wasn't intentionally eavesdropping on your conversation, I swear!"

Jiang Xiaobin walked out with a suppressed smile on his face, raising his hands in a surrendering gesture as if he was being held at gunpoint.

"If you can control your smile, maybe I'll believe you more." Qin Jiran softened a bit when he saw that it was Jiang Xiaobin.

"I wish I could, but it seems a little out of control." Jiang Xiaobin was also trying very hard to control his smile, to make it less exaggerated, but he just couldn't.

The way Brother Qin acted cute and coquettish was just too funny!

Jiang Xiaobin dared to swear that if another person saw Qin Jiran acting like this, they would laugh even more exaggeratedly than he did!

"Go deliver the files. Don't waste time here."

Qin Jiran glared at Jiang Xiaobin. He felt that he was a bit of a nuisance.

"Yes, I'll go right away. I won't be a bother here anymore. Brother Qin and President Su, please continue your discussion, oh, about the assistant issue, oh, no, I mean discussing the issue of disdain. Hahaha..."

Jiang Xiaobin laughed and ran away while joking.

Seeing that no one was around, Qin Jiran immediately became the gentle and pitiful person he was just a short while ago.

His speed of changing his demeanor was extremely professional as he said to Su Yanyi, "Yanyi, I will be very obedient and won't disturb your work. Besides, it's only temporary. You know that I'm a little nervous. Let me stay by your side. I'll leave when I have work to do."

Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran seriously, slightly tilted her head, and said arrogantly, "Okay."

Qin Jiran immediately smiled and kissed Su Yanyi lightly.

The two of them happily went to the office together.

On that day, Kang Zhong and Pan Yan's workload decreased because a certain very competent personal assistant, Qin Jiran, started working.

Coffee? No, no, pregnant women cannot drink coffee. But there was always warm water and various cakes and biscuits on Su Yanyi's desk.

While Su Yanyi was working, Qin Jiran searched for various knowledge about pregnant women and babies on the side.

At the same time, he asked Jiang Xiaobin to buy books of this type from the bookstore.

Jiang Xiaobin finally confirmed his guess that Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were really having a baby. The news he heard in the morning was not a rumor after all!

Jiang Xiaobin excitedly emptied the bookstore of baby-rearing books.

At noon, Qin Jiran even cooked a very nutritious meal for Su Yanyi in the lounge's small kitchen.

All the dishes were prepared according to the book. All were beneficial for pregnant women and fetuses.

"It's no wonder President Su is a queen, not only in personality, status, but also in treatment." Outside the office, Pan Yan said to Kang Zhong.

Kang Zhong's face had a moment of stiffness. He couldn't help but complain about Qin Jiran in his heart.

He was very happy that Su Yanyi could find such a perfect man who loved and cared for her in every way.

But could this kind of treatment not be done in front of his girlfriend? This comparison really made him helpless. He didn't want to be ridiculed by his girlfriend because of this comparison!

Although he didn't want to admit it, it had to be said that because of Qin Jiran's existence, and because of his meticulous tenderness and care for Su Yanyi, his pursuit of her became more and more bumpy and difficult!

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