Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 121.3 - Baby On Board

"Yanyi..." Qin Jiran held Su Yanyi's hand, calling her name pitifully like a big dog coaxing its master.

Su Yanyi found it funny and stopped teasing Qin Jiran. She repeated what she had said earlier very clearly, word by word.

"I said I'm pregnant."

Qin Jiran was stunned for a moment. He blinked his eyes a few times. Then his smile slowly widened, revealing his white teeth.

"Yanyi, Yanyi, are you kidding me?"

Qin Jiran stuttered, looking like he wanted to believe but was afraid to believe because it was too good to be true.

Su Yanyi closed her eyes, ignoring Qin Jiran. However he was too excited to be ignored. He was eager to get a definite answer from Su Yanyi.

"Yanyi! Yanyi, Don't sleep. Tell me, is this real? Are you really pregnant with our baby? How old is the baby? Have you gone to the hospital for a check-up?"

Qin Jiran transformed into Monk Tang and bombarded Su Yanyi with a lot of questions. He even pulled her hand, trying to get her up.

Su Yanyi couldn't really sleep at this time. So she opened her eyes and looked at Qin Jiran, who was in an excited state.

"Can you sleep or not?" Su Yanyi asked coldly.

Qin Jiran smiled to please her and said, "Yan Yi, let's not sleep yet. Let's talk about the baby. Are you really pregnant?"

He couldn't sleep now. He felt that he might not need to sleep all night!

"Do you think I would joke about something like this with you?"

"Of course not! So, this is really real!" Qin Jiran hugged Su Yanyi and kissed her deeply. He poured all his excitement and emotion into the kiss, remembering this moment deeply.

That night when Su Yanyi fell asleep exhausted, Qin Jiran was still very excited and couldn't sleep. He could only hold Su Yanyi. Looking at her sleeping face, he kept smiling stupidly the entire time.

The next morning when Su Yanyi woke up, she found that her body pillow was missing. She opened her eyes and saw Qin Jiran's smiling face.

"Yan Yi, good morning. I made breakfast. Come down and eat after you freshen up."

Despite not sleeping all night, Qin Jiran was in high spirits. His bright and gentle smile almost blinded Su Yanyi's eyes.

What's wrong with this man? This was Su Yanyi's first reaction. But then she remembered what had happened last night. Oh, she was pregnant! So this man was happy like he had taken a stimulant.

"Not doing morning exercises anymore?" Normally in the morning, both of them exercise first and then have breakfast. But obviously, the situation is different now.

"You're pregnant. You have a baby. You can't do morning exercises." Qin Jiran held Su Yanyi's hand and said affectionately.

After making breakfast, he looked up some information online. But the information on the internet was too messy and difficult to organize. So Qin Jiran planned to go to the bookstore later to buy some books on pregnancy and childcare.

"..." On the first day of pregnancy?

Looking at Qin Jiran's serious expression, Su Yanyi suddenly felt that many things would change during the ten months of pregnancy.

When Yanyi went downstairs after washing up, she was almost scared by the table full of food. Was this breakfast for two people? Or did Qin Jiran invite the whole family to have breakfast together?

"Auntie, good morning, Little Nuo is here." Little Su Nuo's appeared at their door. He was wearing a kindergarten student uniform. Led by Mother Su, he came to eat breakfast early in the morning.

"You didn't exercise this morning, so I brought Nuo Nuo over to see you and to have breakfast." Mother Su explained.

She glanced at the table unintentionally and then obviously froze for a moment, saying, "Such a sumptuous breakfast, did you know we were coming? Are you clairvoyant? Or do you live like this every day? No wonder Little Nuo always wants to come over here for food."

Mother Su teased the two of them. Su Yanyi behaved calmly, sat down at the table, and picked the food she liked to eat.

Qin Jiran was a little embarrassed. He looked at Mother Su and then at Yanyi. He seemed to want to say something but didn't know how to say it.

"Uncle, come and sit down quickly. It's time for breakfast." Little Nuo sat next to Su Yanyi. He immediately called out to Qin Jiran when he saw he was not sitting.

"I think we should let your grandpa and dad come over too. Do you mind?" Mother Su pointed to the food on the table, thinking that having a family breakfast would be nice.

"Of course not." Su Yanyi had no objection. Qin Jiran smiled awkwardly. He just wanted Yanyi to eat more. But then he ended up cooking so much.

Soon Grandpa Su and Dad Su came over and were very happy to see the table full of breakfast.

Grandpa Su laughed and said, "Why are you so considerate today? Do you know to make breakfast for grandpa to eat?"

Qin Jiran became even more embarrassed. Could he really say that he just accidentally made too much food?

The family began to eat breakfast beautifully.

Qin Jiran tried to speak several times but hesitated. He just looked at Su Yanyi's calm expression and really didn't know how to start.

In fact, everyone at the table, except Little Su Nuo, noticed his anomaly.

In the end, Mother Su kindly asked, "Jiran, what's wrong? Is there anything you want to say?"

Qin Jiran didn't immediately respond. Instead he looked at Su Yanyi, as if asking whether he could really say it.

"Let me say it. I think I'm pregnant. Your desire will soon come true. Now we can start thinking about what to name the child." Su Yanyi calmly announced this explosive news, shocking all the Su family members!

"Ah! Am I hallucinating? Why did I hear Yanyi say that she's pregnant?"

Mother Su is so funny. She even patted her ears as if she really misheard something.

"Is it April Fool's Day today? I remember it has already passed. Yanyi, it's not a good habit to joke about being pregnant."

Dad Su also said seriously, but his eyes showed his obvious joy. He obviously believed the news that Yanyi is pregnant.

"Hahaha, good, good, finally! Grandpa has been looking forward to this for a long time. Not disappointing Grandpa, she's indeed Grandpa's granddaughter!" Grandpa Su laughed happily. His spirit seemed to be better instantly.

"Auntie, if you have a baby, can Nuonuo have a little brother? Are you going to give birth to a little brother for Nuonuo?" Little Su Nuo also blinked his big eyes and curiously asked Yanyi. He also wants a little brother. The little black brother in kindergarten has a brother. He said that a brother is fun to play with. He also wants to play with a brother.

"Maybe it's a little sister." Yanyi didn't know if the child is a boy or a girl.

"A little sister? Will the little sister play with Nuonuo?" Little Su Nuo continued to ask curiously. His innocent and naive appearance was really cute.

"Of course she will. Whether it's a little brother or a little sister, they will play with Nuo Nuo. But Nuo Nuo also has to take care of the little brother or little sister. Nuo Nuo will soon be a big brother." Mother Su touched Little Su Nuo's head and said lovingly.

"Yanyi, how long have you been pregnant? Have you been to the hospital for a check-up? Did the doctor say anything?"

Mother Su is the most experienced among the group. After the excitement passed, she asked carefully.

Su Yanyi's movement paused for a second. After all, she couldn't tell everyone that she just got pregnant yesterday, so the hospital couldn't detect it at all, could she?

"Cough, let's eat first. Let's talk after we finish eating."

Su Yanyi decided to temporarily ignore this issue. Otherwise, she was afraid of scaring everyone.

"Eat? How can we have the mood to eat? Answer mom's question first. Or you can't eat."

Mother Su was not that easy to fool. She immediately asked persistently.

Seeing her mother's appearance, Su Yanyi suddenly realized that she seemed to have done a stupid thing.

She actually announced the news on the second day of her pregnancy. Now she was rendered speechless when asked by her own mother. She really didn't know how to answer this question.

"Mom, let Yanyi eat first. Let's talk after the meal. Otherwise, the porridge will get cold."

Qin Jiran interjected and advised. Although he also wants to know, he still doesn't want Yanyi to skip breakfast.

Mother Su couldn't help but laugh and waved her hand, saying, "Alright, alright, let's eat first. We'll talk after finishing the meal."

The family continued to have breakfast happily, but the atmosphere was obviously different. The elders occasionally mentioned the child's issue, showing more obvious concern for the child.

Their Su family is about to have a new member, just thinking about it, the elders couldn't help but show a smile on their faces. They began to plan what to prepare for this newest little member.

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