Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 121.2 - Baby On Board

Qin Jiran directly hugged Su Yanyi. This stopped her from doing anything.

In fact Su Yanyi hadn't done anything major. She just held a plate.

However the stimulation of the day clearly lowered Qin Jiran's tolerance. He couldn't bear to watch it anymore!

Su Yanyi found it funny.

This man never said anything when he cooked. But he made a big deal out of it when she did it once.

It made her feel really helpless yet her heart felt warm.

"Ah!" Su Yanyi sighed helplessly.

At this point, she didn't want to say anything anymore.

"What's wrong? Are you upset? Why are you sighing? If there's something I did wrong, just tell me directly. You're making me worried and scared," Qin Jiran said.

Su Yanyi raised her fist and lightly hit Qin Jiran's forehead.

She pushed his head back and said, "You're an idiot, a big idiot!"

Qin Jiran smiled.

Although he was called an idiot, he was happy because Su Yanyi didn't seem genuinely angry.

He kissed the corner of her mouth, picked her up and put her on the sofa.

"Sit here for a while. I'll clean up and come back," he said.

Su Yanyi sat on the sofa and watched Qin Jiran clean the table methodically.

Watching this man who didn't even want her to clean the table, she felt a sense of happiness.

When Qin Jiran turned around, Su Yanyi walked quietly behind him and hugged him lightly, resting her head on his back.


"Yes? What's wrong?"

Qin Jiran felt that Su Yanyi seemed to have something to say to him.

I love you... Su Yanyi carefully enunciated these three words in her heart!

Qin Jiran didn't hear Su Yanyi's answer, nor did he feel anything strange.

He thought she didn't want to talk. He just hugged her, gently kissing her.

"What do you want to do? Watch TV? Or go to the study and read?" he asked.

"I want to take a bath. It's getting late." Su Yanyi said, her hands around Qin Jiran's neck. "Can you carry me?"

Qin Jiran was happy to oblige.

He carried Su Yanyi to the bathroom, filled the bathtub with water and checked the temperature.

When he saw that Su Yanyi didn't intend to undress, he smiled and said, "My Queen, shall I serve you?"

Su Yanyi also smiled and raised her hand. "Permission granted."

One by one, her clothes fell off. Qin Jiran's heart began to beat faster.

However his movements were not ambiguous. After helping Su Yanyi take off her clothes, he carried her into the bathtub.

The water temperature was just right for Su Yanyi. She closed her eyes comfortably.

"Shall I help you wash your back?"

Qin Jiran sat outside the bathtub, looking gently at Su Yanyi.

Su Yanyi put her hand on Qin Jiran's arm. Her other hand hugged Qin Jiran's neck tightly.

She kissed him while pulling him closer to the bathtub.

The bathtub was large enough for two people. But Qin Jiran still held Su Yanyi tightly in his arms and whispered in her ear, "Darling, can we do something else first?"

Su Yanyi's answer was to kiss the man behind her again.

And thus, a beautiful and passionate night began in the bathroom, in the bedroom, and on the bed, the two left their traces everywhere.

When they finally stopped, Su Yanyi lay exhausted on top of Qin Jiran. It was already very late.

Su Yanyi was a bit drowsy. Qin Jiran seemed to be falling asleep soon too.

Both of them were in the last state before sleep. At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded!

【Congratulations to the host for completing the upgrade task.

From level three to level four, upgrade begins...】

After a brief pause, the system voice sounded again.

【A golden energy stone is discovered, and the system upgrade has changed.

After the upgrade, the system will evolve from a Perfect Virtuous Wife System to a Perfect Virtuous Wife and Good Mother System!】

Then there was a long pause. By this time, Su Yanyi had completely awakened. She was waiting for the next series of sounds to sound again.

【Congratulations to the host for reaching level four.

The level four scoring task is to help the fetus grow healthily in the mother's body.

The host will get one point every month till the fetus is fully developed.

The task of upgrading from level four to level five is for the fetus to be born smoothly.

Please work hard, host!】

【Congratulations to the host for reaching level four.

The current score is thirty points.

The system's level three functions have all been upgraded to level four, viz the fourth-level space function, fourth-level positioning function, fourth-level cooking function, fourth-level medical function, fourth-level resource function, and fourth-level special auxiliary function.

Hidden task functions continue to exist.】

【The fourth-level space function is an extension of space storage, from fifty cubic meters to one hundred cubic meters, and with thermal insulation and preservation functions.】

【The fourth-level positioning function will not limit the number of people and is a global surface positioning.】

【The fourth-level cooking function and fourth-level medical function have added a creation function.

The host can create recipes according to their preferences and different needs and have the system analyze and adjust them to perfection.】

【The fourth-level resource function will gift the host a creative-type elf spirit that can create in all aspects according to the host's requirements.】

【The fourth-level special auxiliary function will have a qualitative change.

Requesting the host to experience it by themselves.

The host can have two opportunities to ask for help every day.】

【The fourth-level system still has hidden tasks that are not announced.

The host will receive a hefty reward for completing them on their own.

Please work hard, host.】

【The fourth-level system has activated the Childcare Function.

All questions regarding infant growth and parenting can be found in this function.

We wish the host a smooth delivery.】

【The introduction of the fourth-level system is complete.

Now, requesting the host draw the upgrade reward. We wish the host good luck!】

【Drawing the upgrade reward...

Congratulations to the host for winning a magical earphone.

The earphone has many functions.

Please experience it yourself.

The reward has been placed in your space package.

Please don't forget to check it.】

A long list of functions made Su Yanyi a little dizzy. But she still noticed that the fourth-level functions were indeed very different from the third-level functions.

Even the original features had undergone a qualitative change after upgrading.  They became more practical and convenient. This made Su Yanyi very satisfied.

However at this moment, all these functions were clearly not the most important thing on Su Yanyi's mind.

When the system finally quieted down, her mind was filled with only one thing!

She was pregnant!

She was actually pregnant!

Su Yanyi flipped over from Qin Jiran's body and lay on the bed.

Her hand involuntarily covered her abdomen.

There was no change there. But Su Yanyi knew that a little life was already beginning to grow there. A child that belonged to her and Qin Jiran, and perhaps more than one. But at this moment, Su Yanyi obviously did not think about it!

Qin Jiran was a little drowsy. But he sensed Su Yanyi's movement and half-opened his eyes to find Su Yanyi.

He then asked as he hugged her "Yanyi, what's wrong? Why aren't you sleeping? Aren't you tired?"

"...I'm pregnant," Su Yanyi thought about it and decided to tell Qin Jiran about it as soon as possible.

"Oh, go to sleep earlier and don't tire yourself out."

Qin Jiran's voice was already very low, and his mind was obviously not very clear.

One second, two seconds, three seconds!

Just as Su Yanyi was considering whether to sleep or wake Qin Jiran up with a slap, Qin Jiran suddenly sat up. He looked at Su Yanyi incredulously, asking, "What did you just say? I think I didn't hear it clearly!"

Su Yanyi lay quietly, watching the excited man. She thought that maybe now she should just go to sleep tonight.

"Did I say something? I don't remember. I'm tired. Let's go to sleep," Su Yanyi said, closing her eyes. She looked like she was about to sleep.

"But, but you... you just said..."

Qin Jiran scratched his head anxiously. He pulled Su Yanyi's hand. But she ignored him.

He pulled again. But Su Yanyi still didn't react.

Qin Jiran gritted his teeth and leaned in to kiss her.


However, soon, Qin Jiran covered his mouth and sat up in misery! Ah! Poor him was bitten by Yanyi again.

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