Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 123.1 - I Love You Too

The Starlight Awards ceremony officially began, with one award after another being announced. Some people were happy, some were disappointed, some were surprised, while others stood in the spotlight, enjoying endless applause.

"Now I announce that the winner of the Starlight Award for Best Actor is Mr. Qin Jiran, the male lead in "The Power Strife"! Please welcome Mr. Qin Jiran to the stage."

Qin Jiran stood up, hugged Su Yanyi tightly, then walked confidently to the stage to accept his award.

"Mr. Qin, please share your acceptance speech." The host handed the microphone to Qin Jiran.

Holding the Best Actor trophy in his hand, this was his second time receiving this award, but his mood was completely different from the first time.

The first time he stood on this stage, his only expectation was that Su Yanyi would glance at him more because of this honor. He hoped to let her know that he had been working hard to become better and more outstanding. He hoped his efforts could bring them closer and make her notice him!

He was clumsy and couldn't find any other way to please her. He couldn't even express his love to her because he was timid and cowardly at that time. He only knew how to work hard in silence, but he didn't know how to pursue her.

Actually, he still doesn't know how to pursue Su Yanyi because he is still clumsy.

But everything is different now. He stood on the Starlight Awards stage again, accompanied by the person he loved the most. The one and only woman he loved. She made him braver, more confident, and filled with hope.

She also helped him understand what love, family, happiness, and joy are.

It can be said that the him of the past and the present are completely different. The feeling of extreme happiness and satisfaction in his heart now is something he could never have imagined before.

"Whether it was the first time I stood here or standing here again, there are many people I should thank, but the only person I am thinking of is you. The first time I stood here, I hoped you would see me, and now that I stand here again, you are with me. I want to say thank you for giving me everything, love, family affection, warmth, happiness, and excitement. It is your presence that makes me feel that everything I have is meaningful. Without you, any honor is meaningless. So the person I want to thank the most is you, my dear. I love you."

"Ah-woo!" As Qin Jiran finished his speech, the audience burst into howls of excitement. Fans who were lucky enough to be present couldn't help but scream. Publicly confessing your love is indeed the most exciting way to show affection!

"Film Emperor is mighty! Queen is mighty! Film Emperor and Queen together! Together! Together!" A unified cheer echoed throughout the audience, and Qin Jiran waved to the direction of the fans, causing the cheers of "together" to become even louder.

"Oh, my ears are almost deafened by you, stop, stop for a moment. Don't you want the Queen to also express her feelings at this moment? Where is the Queen, where is the microphone? Let the queen also say a few words to us." Xiang Nan exaggeratedly shouted into the microphone, and the other staff quickly handed the microphone to Su Yanyi.

Su Yanyi stood up and looked at the man on the stage who was looking at her with a focused gaze. She held the microphone and said very seriously, word by word, "Darling, I love you too!"

"Ah-woo!" Even louder screams erupted, and the fans were really drunk with excitement!

"Together! Together!"

Some young girls even shed tears because of this moving scene. Although it was someone else's love story, they had been watching, paying attention, and supporting all along. And then, seeing this touching scene, they were really moved.

What a beautiful love story! The story of a prince and a princess. They were also looking forward to it.

And at this moment, the most surprised person must be the man standing on the stage like a wooden chicken!

Wooden chicken: an idiomatic expression used to describe someone who is stiff and unresponsive, often in a situation where they are surprised or shocked.

What did Yanyi just say? Qin Jiran could hardly believe what he had just heard. It must be the most beautiful words in the world, making him unable to believe that he had actually heard it!

"I love you too..." Qin Jiran's mind kept repeating this sentence, dazed, and didn't know how to react.

He had always told himself not to care so much, as long as he persisted, guarded and took care of Yanyi, and loved Yanyi, he would definitely wait until the day when the girl he loved also loved him back.

But now that he really heard this sentence, he realized that he cared so much. Although he could always feel Yanyi's feelings for him, there was still anxiety, doubt, and a hint of uncertainty in his heart. And it was these uncertainties that miraculously disappeared at this moment.

For him, Yanyi's words "I love you too" were like the most magical spell that could smooth out all the uneasiness, making him the happiest man in the world in an instant!

"Mr. Qin, are you so happy that you're stunned? Don't you think that the most important thing you should do now is to walk up to President Su and give our queen a happy hug?" The host saw Qin Jiran's stunned look and kindly reminded him.

Only then did Qin Jiran react, and he walked quickly to Su Yanyi's side, tightly embracing her, holding on to the most important person in his life.

And this scene was captured by many people present, especially by the nonstop flashing lights of the journalists.

The award ceremony continued, and Guo Zekai also won the Best Director award for "The Power Strife". They could have competed for the Best Screenplay award as well, but Su Yanyi voluntarily gave up the award and gave it to someone who needed it more.

When Guo Zekai went up to receive his award, his speech was quite humorous.

"I am happy to receive this award, but also a bit embarrassed. I have always felt that being a director is a difficult job that requires a lot of things to be done, like attracting investors, auditioning actors, and arranging the crew. You guys should understand what I mean. But this time, all I had to do was the directoring part, and there were no problems with anything else. Qin Jiran, as the assistant director, also helped me a lot, especially with the script, which was very detailed and made my job as a director much easier. I feel a bit embarrassed even receiving this award..."

Although the lead actress, Fan Ling'er, was nominated, she did not receive the final award due to her limited role. Instead, it went to a veteran actress. However, Fan Ling'er did not feel disappointed. Being nominated was already a great achievement, after all, the female lead in "The Power Strife" was not a particularly outstanding role. She had already anticipated this result.

However, although Fan Ling'er did not win the Best Actress award for this film, she still gained both fame and fortune, which she was satisfied with.

After the award ceremony, the two of them took the latest flight back to City A. Along the way, Qin Jiran held Su Yanyi's hand tightly.

"Thank you for accompanying me on this trip. Are you feeling okay? Do you feel uncomfortable?" Qin Jiran asked with some concern. Su Yanyi's body was not as strong as before, so she had to be careful.

"I'm fine, don't worry." It had only been half a month of the pregnancy, taking a plane and walking on the red carpet were really not a problem.

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