Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 120.2 - Oh, Such Temptation...

Qin Jiran held Su Yanyi in his arms and kissed her deeply.

The word "husband" from Su Yanyi directly entered his heart.

"Yanyi, can you stop being so naughty? The way you're acting... I can't handle it! I really want to take you back to the bedroom," Qin Jiran said hoarsely, his hands already starting to wander uncontrollably.

"Why? Don't you like it?" Su Yanyi blinked her eyes. Her usually cold gaze was now filled with a charming and seductive feeling.

"I do like it, but I can't control myself. Don't you want to go to the company? Shall we go back to the room?" Qin Jiran said, his voice still hoarse.

"Hehe, why go back to the room? Can't we do it here?" Su Yanyi's words were like the final switch. Now Qin Jiran completely lost control.

Well, he really couldn't wait to go back to the bedroom. Yanyi's appearance made him unable to resist.

Breakfast ended in a passionate fire.

The two of them were late for work.

This was the first time Su Yanyi had shown her extremely changeable and exceptionally seductive side in front of Qin Jiran.

Going by Qin Jiran's reaction, Su Yanyi also seemed to have found a more interesting game.

She increasingly disliked the distance between them, so she would find ways to break it in her own way!

And just as the two were passionately intertwined, rumors about Qin Jiran quietly spread.

Although Kang Zhong had collected all the newspapers he could collect and cleared up various online messages, some fans still saw them and spread them in their own way.

The internet was a very difficult thing to control. It could spread on forums, on Weibo, on QQ, and on Tieba. The channels were diverse, so this rumor was inevitably known by more and more people.

The photo of Qin Jiran and the fan standing together was also reprinted in a small number of newspapers.

There were way too many rumors in the entertainment industry. It was impossible to tell what was true and what was false. Maybe the two people who were rumored to be together didn't even know each other, or even if they were married, they didn't have any feelings. Or it could be two people who seemed to have nothing to do with each other, but had been married for many years. In short, it was hard to tell what was true!

Clear-headed fans didn't believe this rumor, especially when the evidence was only a photo of the two people standing together, which couldn't explain anything.

But there were also unclear-headed fans, especially among the fans of the two of them. These fans immediately became agitated when they saw the news.

Qin Jiran's and Su Yanyi's official Weibo accounts suddenly became quite lively.

Especially under Qin Jiran's Weibo, there were rare voices of condemnation.

【T/N: 《Netizens' comments》】

《We request the Film Emperor to come forward and explain what happened with the rumor. How could you betray our queen?》

《Womanizers should all face retribution. Film Emperor, please don't be a womanizer. I am your die-hard couple fan!》

《I believe that Film Emperor and Queen are truly in love! Any rumors are fictional!》

While Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were still entangled with each other, more and more comments appeared on the internet.

Kang Zhong saw that the situation was getting out of control and decided to call Su Yanyi. However, she didn't answer the phone, leaving him to wonder what she was doing at the moment.

At noon, Su Yanyi finally found time to call Kang Zhong back.

After learning about the current public reaction, she arranged for a Dragon Media representative to wait for her at Resplendent Entertainment.

In the afternoon, she and Qin Jiran went there together for a simple interview with the reporters.

Su Yanyi began to speak in a cold voice towards the camera, "My relationship with Jiran is very good, that's beyond doubt. I am very angry about this rumor. Although it is just a trick used by some low-level entertainment journalists, if anyone uses these tricks on me and my husband again, I won't be polite. Resplendent Entertainment and the Su family's exclusive lawyer are always ready for you."

The two reporters who were sent to interview Su Yanyi felt very awkward after hearing these words.

They thought to themselves,

'As expected of our queen, she is really domineering and makes people speechless. If this video is really broadcast, it will definitely cause a huge public opinion storm. However, our queen probably wouldn't care about these things.'

"Ahem, President Su, Film Emperor Qin, there is a question that many of my colleagues asked me to ask you. Everyone is very curious about when you two plan to have a baby. Do you have any plans or are you not planning anything for now?" The reporter asked with some embarrassment.

Although it was a sensitive question, it was one of the most highly anticipated questions that could not be missed during the interview.

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi and felt that it would be more appropriate for her to answer this question since he didn't have the final say.

"The baby is already in our plans, and it shouldn't take too long." Su Yanyi thought for a moment before answering the question seriously.

Whether it was the anticipation of their families, Qin Jiran's hopes, or the requirements of the system task, the baby would be her biggest task in the near future.

She herself did not reject or refuse this task. Instead she gave everyone an affirmative answer. This was also the most anticipated answer.

Qin Jiran's eyes were filled with undisguised joy.

This definite answer was obviously more exciting than the words "let nature take its course."

Qin Jiran knew Su Yanyi's character very well. If she didn't really think so, she wouldn't have said it like that.

So, it also meant that their child was really in their plans!

"Then do you hope for a boy or a girl?" The reporter was also very happy.

This answer was simply the headline news.

The editor-in-chief would definitely give them a bonus when they brought it back!

Su Yanyi hadn't thought about this question and after thinking for a moment, she looked at Qin Jiran, obviously meaning for him to answer.

Qin Jiran smiled and looked at Su Yanyi before answering the reporter, "Whether it's a boy or a girl, as long as it's mine and Yanyi's child, I look forward to it. This question doesn't have much technical content."

"Hahaha, Film Emperor has become humorous. The saying that you were the hardest interviewee before must have been a joke." The reporter also joked and complimented Qin Jiran.

"So, I'll ask the final question to Film Emperor. May I ask Mr. Qin, in one sentence, how deep is your affection for President Su?" The female journalist among the two asked eagerly. In fact, she had added this question herself.

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi and slowly uttered four words, "Life and death together."

The interview ended on a happy note after half an hour. Qin Jiran left Resplendent Entertainment to go to the audition site. He didn't show up today, so he had someone replace him. He is now rushing to the site to wrap things up.

And while Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were dealing with their respective work, the journalists went back to Dragon Media and edited the video.

They aired it in the afternoon entertainment news segment and also broadcasted it on Dragon Media's live network broadcast.

It could be considered as Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi's explanation for the scandal.

Of course, it could also be seen as Su Yanyi's warning about the incident.

Soon after the video was released, the comments on Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi's Weibo changed. The fans started to scream.

《As expected of my most magnificent Queen! So strong! So domineering! So invincible! Queen, I love you!》

《Oh, the Queen is angry again. This kind of high-cold style is really heartwarming. When will the little bun be born? I really want to see the Little Queen!》

《Hey, why not have a Little Film Emperor? One Queen is enough! I want to see the Little Film Emperor, and then the little and big Film Emperors surround the Queen! That would be so loving!》

《Oh, if it's a Little Film Emperor and a Little Queen, that would be even better! The legendary dragon and phoenix twins! If the Queen is willing to fulfill my little wish, I will give the Queen countless likes!》

《Cough cough, are your main concerns only on these issues? Haven't you noticed the four words the Film Emperor just said? That's the point, okay?》


TL ramblings: Is it too much to ask for a King, a Queen, a Film Emperor and a Film Empress?

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