Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 120.1 - Oh, Such Temptation...

Journalists are an ever-present profession, especially tabloid journalists.

So when Qin Jiran and a woman's intimate photo appeared on the front page of a certain tabloid the next day, it really wasn't that surprising.

Of course, there were still many people who were surprised. But Su Yanyi was probably the only one who wasn't. She had received the news half an hour earlier and didn't tell him.

"It's just a contestant. I signed an autograph for her and didn't say anything else." Qin Jiran explained to Su Yanyi as he held the newspaper.

After publicly acknowledging their relationship, this was the first time such a scandal had occurred. It made him very anxious.

"Okay," Su Yanyi said calmly, eating breakfast. She had received the notification while Qin Jiran was making breakfast.

Su Yanyi's indifferent reaction made Qin Jiran feel a bit helpless.

Was she concerned or unconcerned?

"It's really a misunderstanding." Qin Jiran explained again.

Su Yanyi finally looked up at Qin Jiran and said in a calm tone, "I know." She never doubted it, let alone thought it was a misunderstanding.

With Su Yanyi's confirmation that she had no misunderstandings, Qin Jiran breathed a sigh of relief.

The only thing he cared about was Yanyi's feelings.

"I've already taken care of it. Let's eat breakfast first," she said.

Half an hour ago, when she heard about the incident, she had already asked Kang Zhong to handle it.

Although a small number of the newspapers had leaked out, most of them had been retrieved.

As for the newspaper that dared to report such content, she had also asked Kang Zhong to deal with it. That newspaper's name probably wouldn't appear in the public eye again.

Su Yanyi's calmness made Qin Jiran feel at ease, but also suddenly felt that he was a bit useless. Compared to Yanyi, he was not calm at all.

Qin Jiran ate his breakfast with a depressed look, not even picking up the dishes, just drinking the porridge non-stop.

Soon, Su Yanyi noticed his strange behavior.

"What's wrong with you?" Su Yanyi asked with great confusion.

Was he dissatisfied with her way of handling things?

Qin Jiran shook his head and whispered, "Nothing."

In fact, there was really nothing wrong. He just suddenly felt low.

But when he heard Su Yanyi ask him, he immediately adjusted his mood. He didn't want to affect her mood because of his emotions.

"You're lying," Su Yanyi said, not believing that this man was emotionally stable rn.

"I just feel useless. You always have to do everything for me and work so hard," Qin Jiran confessed, unable to keep up the lie when Su Yanyi called him out on it.

"Idiot." After hearing this answer, Su Yanyi couldn't help but mutter a sentence and said somewhat dissatisfied, "Do you have to divide us so clearly? Isn't your business also my business? If you don't like me helping you deal with things, then I won't care about it in the future."

"How could it be! I don't dislike it, I just feel that I'm slow to respond and need you to take care of everything," Qin Jiran explained nervously immediately. He hadn't heard Yanyi speak to him so coldly in a long time, and the content of her words made him fearful. How could she not care about him? If Yanyi didn't take care of him, then who would?

"You think too much. What's wrong with me worrying? I worry if I want to. Besides, it's Kang Zhong who's actually doing the worrying," Su Yanyi didn't want Qin Jiran to divide them so clearly.

Or rather, she didn't like Qin Jiran's attitude of not wanting her to do anything and fearing that she would get tired.

Every time she did something for this man, his expression was both excited and touched.

At first, she didn't feel anything. But after a while, Su Yanyi suddenly felt that this reaction itself highlighted the distance between them.

Su Yanyi knew that Qin Jiran had always been cautious, gentle and considerate towards her, but also eager to please her.

This may be because of his feelings for her, but more importantly, it was a kind of distance.

The only thing that made Su Yanyi feel gratified was that this distance was gradually decreasing. Compared to the beginning, it was much better now. At least this man would joke with her now, and when she said no, this man would continue like a rogue, making her both angry and helpless.

"Yanyi, thank you," Qin Jiran grabbed Su Yanyi's hand. Yes, he was just thinking too much. Why did they have to divide everything between them?

In fact, as Su Yanyi had thought, Qin Jiran's feelings for her were not just love, but also admiration.

He had placed Su Yanyi too high and himself too low, naturally creating a distance between them.

Although this distance was gradually decreasing, the essence of it had never changed. Su Yanyi gradually felt and understood this through Qin Jiran's actions.

Su Yanyi stood up, pulled her hand away from Qin Jiran's grasp. Crossing her hands over his shoulders, she placed them on the back of his chair, fixing Qin Jiran to the chair. Then, she bent down, looking down at Qin Jiran, giving a scrutinizing gaze.

"Qin Jiran!" Su Yanyi spoke in a cold voice, not feeling very pleased.

"Here!" Qin Jiran felt even more nervous, why did he feel like he was about to be sentenced? His heart beat faster and faster, both because of nervousness and excitement!

At this moment, Yanyi was full of momentum, truly resembling Her Majesty the Queen.

It was the same demeanor that had initially stirred his heart.

"You tell me, if I slap your left cheek, then you will offer your right cheek to me as well, right?"

"......" Can he really say no? Qin Jiran swallowed nonexistent saliva and considered how much possibility there was of domestic violence!

Qin Jiran couldn't quite figure it out. Not long ago, they were in a warm pace of explaining and understanding, but why did the style suddenly change to this kind of punishment and interrogation? Wasn't the jump too big? He really couldn't adapt to it!

"Otherwise, would you slap me?" Su Yanyi continued to approach, and the two were almost face-to-face.

"Cough cough, Yanyi, don't joke." Qin Jiran moved his body back and tried to stick to the back of the chair, looking at Su Yanyi timidly.

Cough cough, Yanyi, did you forget to take your medicine this morning and have a relapse? It's all my fault for not taking care of you! Qin Jiran was also a little stimulated. When Su Yanyi took her medicine, he should have taken two pills together.

Su Yanyi's eyes flickered and she suddenly asked, "Is that female fan pretty?"

This time, Qin Jiran's face became extremely embarrassed.

Oh, can we continue to study the topic of that slap?

"I didn't see her clearly. How can I remember if she's pretty or not? Yanyi, have you finished breakfast? I'll send you to the company. If we don't leave now, we'll be late." Qin Jiran is now entangled and just wants to scratch his head. His wife's personality is too changeable and too mysterious. How to solve it!

Su Yanyi wanted to laugh but she still looked at Qin Jiran with a cold and dangerous face.

When she couldn't help it, she slowly sat on Qin Jiran's lap.

Oh, that move was extremely ambiguous!

"I'm prettier than her, right?" Su Yanyi asked softly. Her voice rang right next to Qin Jiran's ear.

Qin Jiran's ears turned red. His whole body became tense. He couldn't help but wrap his arms around Su Yanyi's slender waist.

Such Su Yanyi was an irresistible temptation for him.

"Of course!" Although his brain was a bit dull, he still answered this kind of question. Only a fool would say that another woman is beautiful in front of his wife!

"But you haven't signed for me yet." Su Yanyi continued to speak in Qin Jiran's ear. The hot air when she spoke fell on Qin Jiran's ear, making his ear redder and his hands around Su Yanyi tighter.

Being stimulated like this early in the morning really made him feel the urge to go back to bed!

"Yanyi, let's, let's not do this. If you have something to say, just say it, I'll listen." Qin Jiran's speech became stuttered. He really couldn't adapt to this kind of Su Yanyi.

"I'll listen to you, how about that? Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it. Hmm? Husband..." Su Yanyi's murmurs and soft words were spoken very slowly, instantly making Qin Jiran feel numb all over.

Oh, such temptation...

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