Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 120.3 - Oh, Such Temptation...

《Life and death are intertwined! How could no one notice? But when these four words are spoken, they don't give a feeling of sweetness, but rather a heavy feeling. Can we really follow each other through life and death? These four words just sound beautiful.》

《When the Film Emperor spoke, he was very affectionate. I always feel that he is serious, especially when he looks at Queen Su with such an incredibly gentle gaze.》

《I also believe that the Film Emperor is serious. True love is invincible!》

Kang Zhong and Jiang Xiaobin were monitoring the latest developments of Qin Jiran and Su Yan's official Weibo accounts together in the office.

Seeing these comments, both of them feel relieved.

At this moment, the same comment appeared on the Weibo accounts that they were monitoring.

《I've said the same thing to the Queen before. Now I'm saying it again to the Film Emperor. Although it's a bit troublesome, I still want both of you to know that I support your feelings! Queen and Film Emperor, you must love each other forever! You must have a bunch of little buns and live happily ever after!》

After seeing this comment, Kang Zhong suddenly had an idea.

"What do you think about combining their Weibo accounts? Anyway, they don't often post any private messages, and many of the messages are common. Instead of having fans run around, why not merge them into one? " Kang Zhong proposed.

Jiang Xiaobin's eyes lit up. He also thought it was a good idea.

But he didn't dare to agree to so easily. He said, "Let me talk to Brother Qin first. If he agrees, I have no objection."

"Then I'll talk to President Su."

Kang Zhong and Jiang Xiaobin immediately contacted Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran respectively and mentioned the matter of merging their Weibo accounts.

Qin Jiran said that he had no objections and that Jiang Xiaobin could rest assured to follow Kang Zhong's arrangement.

As for Su Yanyi, she also immediately agreed.

However, she naturally thought more than Qin Jiran and directly ordered, "Contact the person in charge of the website, operate in the background, directly merge the two Weibo accounts, and keep all the content, fans and followers. If they can't do it, then we'll just give up these two Weibo accounts and do it ourselves."

Oh, we have to say that our domineering President Su has always been like this!

"I understand. I'll take care of it." Kang Zhong was obviously is accustomed to Su Yan's decisions and accepted them without hesitation.

Kang Zhong hung up the phone and started to contact the website manager of the two Weibo accounts according to Su Yanyi's instructions. He then contacted the person in charge of the parent company.

Then negotiations began, but this seemed to be just a small matter. Kang Zhong settled it with a few phone calls.

Jiang Xiaobin was very surprised to see this. He looked at Kang Zhong with admiration.

"Brother Kang, you're really amazing. You deserve to be a gold medal assistant, amazing." Jiang Xiaobin felt that his admiration could not be described in words.

"You can do it too." Because of his relationship with Qin Jiran, Kang Zhong had many opportunities to get in touch with Jiang Xiaobin recently, and would occasionally give him some advice.

Their relationship was can be considered as half mentor and half friend. Kang Zhong also had a good impression of Jiang Xiaobin.

"I will try my best." Jiang Xiaobin already saw Kang Zhong as his learning target.

During their conversation, their official Weibo accounts were also merging.

Many data needed to be processed, but this was obviously not something they needed to worry about.

Fans soon discovered this issue.

At this time, fans who wanted to browse both of their Weibo accounts were very frustrated to find that they couldn't open their pages.

They restarted their browser and even their computer, but still couldn't access their pages.

Fans were immediately unhappy and then discovered that other people's Weibo accounts could be accessed except for those of the two of them.

Unhappiness immediately turned into anger.

How could the website treat their idols like this?

This had to be protested, and the website's complaint box was immediately occupied by angry fans.

However, the website's response was also very fast.

They immediately announced on the homepage that the two accounts would be merged.

Fans immediately became calm and then started screaming.

They left messages saying that the website was very thoughtful. It should have been done earlier.

They had firsthand experience that it was very difficult for them to run around the two separate accounts.

For the website's thoughtfulness, fans gave countless likes and were also looking forward to what it would be like after their Weibo accounts were merged.

Of course, there were also voices of protest. After all not every fan was a fan of both of them.

But under the premise that the vast majority of fans supporting the merge, the voices of these few protesters were buried.

After six hours of backstage operations, their shared new Weibo account was finally completed.

The names of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were side by side at the top of the page.

For the commemoration of this extremely valuable moment, fans of both initiated a campaign to leave their names and give likes, celebrating this moment for their shared idol.

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