High Energy QR Code

Chapter 101.2: Examination Results

Chapter 101.2

Yan Hebi and Yan Bi had already covered the surveillance footage of the obstetrics and gynecology department with recordings from a few days ago, so they didn't have to worry about being seen. Nurse Lin secretly called the nursing aide of the woman who had given birth and chattered on, instructing her on how to take care of the woman, keeping her occupied while the group slipped into the ward.

Xing Ye drew a Clear Test Cabin and Cao Qian carefully picked up the sleeping postpartum woman and placed her inside the capsule for testing. After the test, they quietly put her back in her original position.

When the group exited the ward, Nurse Lin let go of the drowsy nursing aide and met up with them in the disinfection room.

Xing Ye handed Nurse Lin a lab report. It wrote:

Patient Race: Human.

Patient Gender: Female.

Patient Symptoms: The patient just gave birth and is currently weak. The patient requires several days of rest and adequate nutrition must be ensured.

Patient Special Condition: Recovery ability is twice that of an ordinary person.

The lab test results were all normal instructions for postpartum care. Nurse Lin's expression revealed pleasant surprise. "So, if we drink the medicine, we don't need to worry anymore!"

Nurse Lin didn't care about the child. After all, it wasn't hers. She only cared about not being drained by the parasite and giving birth to a monster.

However, this new mother was perfectly normal and the test results showed her condition was even better than usual post-partum women. It showed that she didn't need to observe the usual postpartum practices and her surgery was healing twice as fast as an average person's.

With the test cabin, they were also able to confirm the new mother was still human.

This was to be expected since Director Wang didn't assign anyone to monitor her. She only received regular care.

"She doesn't seem to have many issues, but I believe the baby is very important," Xing Ye said, looking at the intensive care unit.

He told Nurse Lin, "You wait here for the results while we go to the intensive care unit."

Nurse Lin was relieved that she didn't have to be present. Xing Ye used alcohol to dab his temples once again and sighed, "I think I need an energy drink or a coffee."

Arriving in front of the intensive care unit, Xing Ye was about to draw a QR code when he was stopped by Yan Hebi. "You said we could end the battle today and I believe you. We don't need to save QR codes at this point. Let me use mine!"

"Don't show off," Xing Ye said, pushing his hand down. "Based on what you've all said, this isn't a one-and-over deal. There are more worlds to come, and the QR codes are our chips. If there's a way to save QR codes, we shouldn't use the original ones."

Yan Hebi lowered his head dejectedly. "I'm useless. I can't do anything. Even when the girl I like is sick, all I can do is let her charge forward."

He really liked Xing Ye. In just a few days, he had been conquered by this outstanding and beautiful woman.

Xing Ye felt a twinge of guilt in his heart and said to Yan Hebi, "I have something to tell you after we reach the true ending."

"Really? What is it?" Yan Hebi's eyes lit up, looking forward to what Xing Ye had to say.

It's probably not what you want to hear, but I must honestly tell Yan Hebi my true gender. I can't let this ambiguous relationship continue. Xing Ye thought to himself.

"I can't say it for now, but based on the clues we've gathered so far, I have a rough idea of the plot. We just need to verify two things to be certain. First, we need to test the baby. The second is the CD." Xing Ye said. "After examining the baby, we'll find a computer to decrypt its content."

After stopping Yan Hebi from using the QR code, Xing Ye drew a new QR code in the air.

"Carbon Monoxide Leak," a delayed QR code that could release carbon monoxide in a limited area of space, indiscriminately affecting friend and foe. It wasn't real carbon monoxide but could mimic the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, it wouldn't cause real poisoning, and once outside the range of the QR code, the symptoms would disappear. Compared to normal carbon monoxide poisoning, the QR code was faster: it would cause dizziness in one minute, loss of consciousness in three minutes, and death in ten minutes, with an effective range of 50 cubic meters and a duration of 10 minutes. After redrawing, the effective range was reduced to 25 cubic meters and the duration was shortened to 5 minutes, only causing temporary unconsciousness.

Xing Ye and the others didn't intend to kill anyone; they just wanted the opponents to temporarily lose consciousness.

The baby was in an incubator and wouldn't be affected. Moreover, the range of the QR code was controllable. The intensive care unit had a space of 40 cubic meters so there was an extra 15 cubic meters outside the QR code's range.

After using the QR code, the three nurses fainted three minutes later. Xing Ye and the others immediately entered the room. In the non-toxic space for 30 seconds, Cao Qian carefully took the baby out of the incubator and placed him in the testing capsule.

After one minute of examination, they quickly returned the baby to its original place, left the intensive care unit, and the testing capsule disappeared.

When the testing capsule disappeared, the 5-minute duration had already passed. The three nurses woke up unharmed, not even understanding why they had been asleep for 5 minutes.

Unlike real gas poisoning, once outside the effect of the QR code, they would return to normal. It wasn't like real carbon monoxide poisoning, which required treatment and could leave lingering after-effects.

The four of them silently entered the room with the computer that Nurse Lin had arranged for them and quietly examined the lab report.

Patient Race: Evolved Human

Patient Gender: Male

Patient Condition: None, in good health

Patient Characteristics: Absorbs nutrients from parasitic organisms at birth, transforming their abilities into his own. The extent of his abilities cannot be estimated upon reaching adulthood.

The group stared at the lab report for a long time, unable to speak. Nurse Lin said, "Could it be that Director Wang is a good person? She discovered that we were parasitized and found a way to heal us. In the process, the new mother and the baby absorb the energy of the parasite in reverse. Not only is the woman healthy, but the baby also gains superhuman power. She is really saving us! Xing Ye, can I drink this medicine?"

"You can drink it if you want, it should be fine. I reckon the skinless lizard this lady gave birth to that day was stillborn. It was probably taken away for research purposes. As for the placenta, there are many aspects worth studying in the placenta of an evolved human. Who knows, they might discover something new from it." Xing Ye said casually.

Nurse Lin happily took out the medicine. Xing Ye colly said to her, "You'd better drink it now. That way, you'll be asleep for 24 hours and can't interfere with our actions."

"Huh?" Nurse Lin awkwardly smiled. "You distrust me that much?"

Xing Ye held Cao Qian's notebook and said, "That's right, I don't trust you. Although you didn't leak any information about my teammates, your words contradicted each other. You just said that your teammates would wake up tomorrow morning at six, and drinking the potion would make you sleep for 24 hours. That implies they drank the oral solution at six yesterday morning. However, I saw them both yesterday at nine in the morning and confirmed their identities as players.

"You may not know this, but after you left yesterday, we checked the surveillance footage. At that time, Nurse He and Doctor Fei weren't asleep yet. They chatted with you for a while until 6 PM, after which we lost trail of them.

"I don't know if drinking the potion will cause a 12-hour or 24-hour coma, but you should drink it now to save your life. I don't want you to affect our actions."

Cao Qian's notebook only recorded the details and Xing Ye didn't know how he had confirmed the players' identities through the notebook alone. However, that wasn't that important.

After hearing Xing Ye's words, Cao Qian pulled out a scalpel and aimed it at Nurse Lin's forehead. Her voice was emotionless, "Drink it, or I'll deduct 1,000 points from you."

Nurse Lin looked at the four against her and knew she had no chance of winning. She picked up the potion bottle and said, "I'm just trying to protect myself. It's not like I harmed you guys, I just concealed some information!"

"I know," Xing Ye said. "We don't intend to kill you, but the things you did makes it impossible to trust you. You wanted to gather information from both your team and ours for your own benefit. Many people have such thoughts. I don't blame you, but I won't forgive you, understand?"

Hearing his words, Nurse Lin knew she no longer had a chance to resist. She reluctantly drank the potion and fell asleep after about ten minutes.

After confirming that she had indeed entered a coma with the test cabin, Xing Ye had Cao Qian put her on the bed.

On the other side, Yan Hebi focused on his work. He had already opened the CD with the computer Nurse Lin found, and, of course, remembered to disconnect from the wifi this time.

Xing Ye looked at the computer, took out the storybook, and read it out word by word.

Guan Ling asked, "What does it say?"

Xing Ye said, "The hidden code corresponds to the words in the storybook. By searching for the words according to the page numbers, it should create some kind of record when written out.

"Don't you need to copy it down?" Cao Qian asked.

Xing Ye said, "There's no need. its contents are about what I had guessed. This battle is nearing its end. I shouldn't lose my memory again"

Nor will I forget the person in the mirror and what happened between us.

Xing Ye was truly curious. He thought he was naturally suspicious and couldn't understand how his favorability toward a person could be so high.

To be honest, the preparations his yesterday's self had made were truly effective. If he hadn't woken up to a group of monsters, his progress would probably have stayed on whether to trust Cao Qian and the others or not. He wouldn't have accepted the current situation so quickly, enduring the dizziness, and going straight to analyzing the truth based on the existing clues.

When he looked at Cao Qian's densely crowded notebook, he even couldn't help but compare himself. His yesterday's self only took one day to discover so much information and even outsmarted his current self. It was truly remarkable.

Xing Ye even knew that the reason his past self left him in suspense and didn't tell his teammates was to challenge his present self.

Every clue recorded by Cao Qian seemed to say to him: Can you discover the truth in the shortest amount of time? I've already found it but I'm choosing not to tell you the truth. I want to see whether you can find it yourself.

Of course, he could do it! He would find the answers at an even faster speed. He wouldn't take 24 hours- he would end the battle within today.

Indeed, the person who understood him the most was himself. Just some information left in Cao Qian's notes ignited his competitive spirit, allowing him to overcome the pain of being parasitized and persevere with an unwavering determination not to lose.

Could it be... Did my yesterday's self already consider the possibility I would get a fever today? Xing Ye shook his head inwardly.

After deciphering the final piece of encrypted text, Xing Ye took a deep breath and said, "I know everything now."

Right now, it was only 4 AM. Did it take only four hours to uncover everything? Guan Ling asked excitedly, "Does that mean the director is the villain? He discovered this type of parasite and knew he could control the parasitized people, so he attempted to infect this hospital, with the aim of controlling all of humanity?"

"Director Wang discovered the director's intentions. She researched a solution, first experimenting with pregnant women and then taking the placenta from the babies to try and develop an antidote to free everyone from the parasite. Then next, should we help Director Wang develop the antidote?" Guan Ling asked.

Xing Ye said, "You're only partly right. If we follow the route of these three following fate players, that probably would've been the ending we'd end up."

"So then that's the surface ending?" Cao Qian asked.

Yan Hebi was in disbelief, "Is the normal ending this difficult? In my previous worlds, true endings weren't this difficult to get. We've already reached this point. Is there something we don't know?"

Xing Ye's voice was solemn, "I'm not sure about the difficulty of other worlds, but this world is indeed very hard. Do you really think we know everything about the truth? Don't you feel like we've been overlooking something?"

"What are we missing?" Yan Hei echoed as he considered Xing Ye's reminder. He did feel like he had missed something, but he couldn't figure out what.

Guanying also began to recall all the clues in this world, trying to figure out what was missing.

Cao Qian picked up the notebook and flipped through it. When she saw a line, she suddenly realized what was missing. "We still haven't found the two parasites that the system initially mentioned. All the test results of the monsters and babies to date show that they're all humans, mutants, or evolved humans. Not a single one is a parasitic monster!"

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