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Chapter 102: Director Wang

Chapter 102: Director Wang

Xing Ye nodded, "That's right, it's those two parasites. The mutated humans and evolved humans were all originally human. We still haven't found the parasites, the source of all of this."

"What was on the department head's CD?" Caoo Qian asked.

"It's a written account of how the department head found a strange organism whose tissue can fuse with human cells, giving people the ability to liquidify their bodies. It also lists the experiments the department head conducted with these organisms to alter his own body." Xing Ye raised the CD and said, "It doesn't contain anything explicit. It's just a lab diary."

Xing Ye's tone was calm, but the other three felt a chill run down their spines.

"Where are the parasites?" Yan Hebi asked.

"Not sure, the CD doesn't say." Xing Ye shook his head, "But we don't have much time left. Ge Kuangyi's already on the verge of losing his human awareness. I don't think the department head was lying when he said he wasn't sure. His research focused on how to change and accelerate the changes, without considering how to revert his patients back to their original state. But through the baby, we can infer that Director Wang might have a solution."

Yan Hebi said, "I've found Ge Kuangyi through the surveillance. He's not doing well right now."

He connected the computer to the internet and showed everyone the screen. They could see Ge Kuangyi curled up on the floor in the corridor on the 15th floor of the second building.

"He hasn't turned into a monster yet. He's much stronger than the measles patient." Guan Ling said, "There might still be hope."

"But how can we save him?" Cao Qian asked.

Xing Ye said, "Ever since I got the fever, I've been thinking about one thing. Why was the measles patient the first to fall ill? Was he just that unlucky, to have gotten infected on the very first day before he could learn anything about this world? Is that possible that the system truly gave no time to do anything and zero chance at all?"

Yan Hebi asked, "What if he's just really, really unlucky?"

Xing Ye shook his head, "No, I'm the unluckiest one. I chose hard mode. According to logic, I should have been the first one to be parasitized. Why did the measles patient and Ge Kuangyi get parasitized first?"

Guan Ling said, "That makes sense. Why is that?"

Xing Ye said, "There's only one possibility: those two have had countless brushes with the key to solving the parasites. They should be the ones closest to the truth or the solution, but they missed the opportunity.

"Based on how you guys described the world earlier, no matter how unlucky the opposing fate player is, the system would never throw them into an impossible situation with no way out. At the very least, it wouldn't throw them in front of the boss as soon as they enter the game. So the measles patient and Ge Kuangyi must have come into contact with the solution! If we find the common point between them, we can save them, and I can prevent my own transformation."

The three fell silent.

Xing Ye hadn't slept in 24 hours, had a fever, and was faced with the threat of turning into a parasitic monster. Despite that, he was still able to think so calmly and rationally. He was truly incredible.

Yan Hebi's fingers flew across the keyboard. Xing Ye instructed him to turn the surveillance feeds into smaller screens. Sixteen screens were displayed on one interface, each playback adjusted to the highest speed. Xing Ye stared at the computer.

Half an hour later, Xing Ye said, "It's indeed the 19th floor."

"How could you tell?" Yan Hebi rubbed his eyes, feeling like he was going blind. They had watched it together, but he didn't see anything.

"The 19th floor is the only floor without surveillance. Look at the elevator footage. After the measles patient went down from the 20th floor, he went straight to the 19th floor. We can't see what happened there, but he stayed there for nearly two hours before leaving at 2:30 in the morning. After Ge Kuangyi took the CD from the department head's office, he also took the elevator to the 19th floor and stayed for about an hour.

"After Guan Ling helped treat Ge Kuangyi, he clearly stated that he didn't want to cooperate with us. After separating from us, he went to the 19th floor again. But it seemed like he was still missing something, so he went to the emergency department."

Cao Qian immediately thought of something, "The measles patient was found in the emergency department in the morning! Both of them discovered clues in the 19th floor and went to the emergency department, but they didn't find anything!"

If they had found something, Ge Kuangyi wouldn't be lying on the floor struggling right now.

"Let's go to the emergency department first," Xing Ye said, "They both discovered something in the 19th floor before going to the emergency department. Going to the 19th floor now would just waste time."

The four of them walked out of the office Nurse Lin had prepared for them. Just as they were about to enter the stairwell, they saw the elevator door open, and Director Wang in a white coat walked out.

The emergency staircase was directly opposite of the the elevator in the Gynecology Department. Their group was passing through just as Director Wang walked out, directly blocking her path.

Guan Ling facepalmed. Their luck was just awful. If it had been one minute earlier or one minute later, such an awkward scene wouldn't have happened.

Xing Ye and the others opened the door to the stairwell without saying a word. But just as they passed by Director Wang in the blink of an eye, the woman, who had always maintained a kind smile, suddenly said, "Wait."

As if they would wait!

Xing Ye and the others didn't hesitate and rushed into the stairwell. But the instant they charged, a gust of wind blew, and Director Wang appeared in front of them.

"I told you guys to wait. Young people these days really have no manners," Director Wang's fake smile slowly disappeared.

Her speed was even faster than Cao Qian, who had a speed-boosting starting ability!

Cold sweat dripped down Cao Qian's forehead. Director Wang's speed reminded her of somebody- Bai Xu.

But Director Wang was an ordinary person, not a brain-eating ghost. How could she be that fast?

Director Wang's nose twitched, and she said, "You have the scent of milk on you, the smell of the baby born yesterday. Strange, he should be in the intensive care unit. I assigned a few people to take turns watch over him. How did you come into contact with him?"

Milk scent? Guan Ling smelled his sleeve but didn't smell anything. Was Director Wang's nose that sensitive?

The four of them couldn't help but think of the description of the baby on the lab report. He was an evolved human. Could Director Wang be an evolved human too?

The Director was a mutant. His body changed, acquiring liquid characteristics and the fuse with other mutants. Director Wang, on the other hand, appeared completely human throughout. However, she had extraordinary physical abilities.

Cao Qian clenched her fists, ready to fight, but Xing Ye reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder. He stood in front of everyone and said to Director Wang, "I know Nurse Lin. She came to my ward yesterday, crying and telling me about a terrifying experience she had. She recounted what happened in the delivery room the night before and said she didn't know what had become of the baby. So, we agreed to come and see the baby tonight.

"We managed to get into the delivery room and saw that the baby was healthy and normal. After that, she felt relieved and drank a bottle of medicine. Soon after drinking it, she fell asleep. We didn't know what happened, so we left her in the staff room and prepared to leave. I originally wanted to look around some more, but I felt like I had a fever and wanted to find some medicine to bring the fever down."

"You have a fever?" Director Wang's expression softened, and she extended her hand towards Xing Ye. "Let me take a look."

Xing Ye calmly approached her, while Cao Qian and the other two were tense.

Director Wang felt Xing Ye's forehead and, like a normal doctor, asked him to stick out his tongue.

"Hmm, you have a fever," Director Wang held Xing Ye's hand and said, "I can see you're a good child. I have a special fever-reducing medicine in my office. Go there and take it."

He couldn't take that medicine. Xing Ye's mind raced. He quickly thought of the original story's surface ending and immediately pointed to his ankle, saying, "Director Wang, there's something I didn't tell you. Look at this."

Director Wang finally noticed the corrosive wound on Xing Ye's ankle and said with surprise, "Where did you get injured? It looks severe!"

"On the 18th floor of Building 1," Xing Ye said, "We encountered a huge monster there and almost died. Luckily, there was an electric leakage on the 18th floor, which stunned the monster. We were in a panic and didn't know what to do. Before the monster passed out, he said we couldn't escape. Even if we called the police or left this hospital, it wouldn't matter; sooner or later, he would be back. He also said we would turn into such monsters as well.

"At that time, I remembered what Nurse Lin told me about giving birth to a healthy baby and a monster. She also mentioned that you gave her a liquid to drink, which would keep her safe. After I found out I had a fever, I was extremely anxious. I came here to see the mother and the baby to confirm if they were monsters. They weren't!"

"Director Wang, you're so powerful. There must be a way to prevent me from turning into a monster, right?"

Director Wang's gaze turned gentler and gentler as she listened. In the end, she hugged Xing Ye and patted his shoulder consolingly. Her voice was kind, "Don't be afraid. I do have a way. In fact, I have been secretly opposing that monster and trying to save those parasitized by it. Unfortunately, his power is too strong, and I can't defeat him yet. All I can do is bitterly resist.

"Oh right, what did you say earlier? He died from electrocution? What kind of monster was it?"

"It's a large octopus. It didn't die but passed out," Xing Ye bit his lip as he cried helplessly. He gripped Director Wang's hand like a drowning person clutching at their only hope, "After he fainted, several people were lying on the ground, and I even saw the department head among them. Director Wang, do I know something I shouldn't know? What should I do?"

Yan Hebi suddenly hugged Guan Ling and wailed loudly, "This hospital is so terrifying! Help!"

Guan Ling also promptly played along with Xing Ye's act.

Cao Qian rolled her eyes. She couldn't perform so dramatically and could only cover her face with her hands, turning away to face the wall. Her shoulders shook, as if she was weakly sobbing.

"He fainted! That's wonderful." Director Wang couldn't control her joy upon hearing Xing Ye's words. She smiled and said, "I should have known he's afraid of electric shocks. I should have done it earlier... Hahaha, you're truly a good child. Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you."

"By the way," Xing Ye said, "I have a friend who started having a fever yesterday. Just earlier, he suddenly fell in great pain and started having severe convulsions. We took the risk of going to the 18th floor to the department head's office to save him. He told us that there might be a way to save him in the department head's office. He also said he took a CD from the director's office during the day."

"A CD!" Director Wang almost lost control of her voice, "Where is the CD? You'd better not be lying to me."

Xing Ye replied, "I'm not lying. The CD is in Ge Kuangyi's hands. He stole it from the director's office yesterday and didn't give it to us. Right now, he's lying in the corridor on the 15th floor of Building 2. He can't even speak now. We can't save him. Do you have any way?"

"Wait a moment," Director Wang took out her phone, her other hand still holding Xing Ye's hand firmly, "I'll make a call to confirm. If the CD is really with him, we can prevent anyone else from being para- I mean, getting in trouble."

She sent people to confirm on the 18th floor of Building 1 and the 15th floor of Building 2. After about ten minutes, she received the exact same reply as what Xing Ye had said.

"Good child, good child, hahaha," Director Wang couldn't hide her excitement. She showed Xing Ye the video on her phone, "Don't worry, I had someone inject medicine into Ge Kuangyi to delay his transformation. Watch the video."

The video showed several people wearing masks injecting Ge Kuangyi with a needle. He soon stopped convulsing, his expression relaxed as he fell into a deep sleep.

"He will wake up in about two hours, and then we'll know where the CD is," Director Wang said. "As for you... go to my office first. Once I find the CD, I'll meet you guys there."

Xing Ye reached out, "Director Wang, please save me! I'm already feverish, why don't you inject me with the medicine too?"

Seeing his impatient look, Director Wang smiled, "Okay, then you guys go to my office first. There will be people to inject you with the medicine soon."

A few minutes later, someone came to take Xing Ye and the others to Director Wang's office. Director Wang had already hurriedly left the obstetrics and gynecology department, leaving someone to watch over Xing Ye and the others.

In Director Wang's office, four medical staff were guarding them, two men and two women.

They seemed quite confident in their abilities and didn't tie them up. They guarded them lazi

On the way to Director Wang's office, Xing Ye pretended his fever was getting worse and fell to the ground. Someone quickly picked him up. That person was very fast and strong.

But that action was enough to tell that the guard was far weaker than Director Wang!

After entering the office, Cao Qian immediately kicked away the guards' phones, preventing them from contacting Director Wang. Although their strength and speed were no match for Cao Qian, a four-on-one fight would still be very close.

However, just Cao Qian was already difficult for them to beat. Xing Ye's team still had two more people!

Guan Ling raised his gun, firing two shots at the knees of two people, while Yan Hebi swung an office chair fiercely at the third person's head. Although these three were faster and stronger than normal, they were not a match for Xing Ye's group of three, and they were soon knocked unconscious.

"They're far weaker than Director Wang." Cao Qian said casually.

Xing Ye said, "We need to be faster. Let's go to the emergency department."

Director Wang, of course, had no idea that these few had powers beyond ordinary people. She thought sending a few capable people to guard them would be enough. Who knew they were just didn't dare to face her for the time being; a few small fries were nothing.

The four of them quickly went downstairs. Guan Ling complained, "Director Wang is too terrifying. Her smile's so dangerous, she's definitely not a good person. I even thought she opposed the department head and was a good person."

It was this guess of his earlier that reminded Xing Ye: Director Wang and the department head were not partners. They didn't interfere with each other in the hospital purely because have been unable to deal with each other.

When Director Wang found out that the hospital director's power was weakening, she would surely rush to take over everything belonging to her rival. How could she have the time to bother with Xing Ye and the others?

Xing Ye intentionally threw out the clue about the CD to make Director Wang save Ge Kuangyi and lead her attention away with the CD.

He let Director Wang feel that they knew something, so they couldn't die for the time being. However, they also weren't the most critical thing at the moment. There were more important matters waiting for Director Wang to handle.

Only by doing this, could they buy some time to breathe.

Based on Director Wang's performance earlier, if they faced her head-on, they wouldn't win unless Cao Qian was sacrificed. They might even attract her subordinates, alerting the enemy.

"Damn it," Yan Hebi cursed, "What kind of world is this? This is the first time I've encountered a world with two bosses!"

Xing Ye: "..."

Why did he have the feeling he had dragged everyone down? It must be an illusion!

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