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Chapter 101.1: Examination Results

Chapter 101: Examination Results

"No way, right?" Guan Ling looked more shocked at Xing Ye being infected than if he himself had been. "Shouldn't it have been me?"

Xing Ye recalled the words written in the notebook and explained, "If you drank that bottle of blue liquid or stayed alone in the duty room tonight and got attacked by the new mutant dispatched by the department head, you probably would've gotten a fever today.

"But since we've already eliminated those dangers, it's based on luck value now. It's no surprise that the next to get the fever is an opposing fate player."

"But I'd rather be the one to get infected than let it be you, Boss!" Guan Ling wailed sincerely, "If I get a fever, you can still figure out a way to save me. If you get a fever, what will we do?"

He was just an inch away from clutching Xing Ye's pants and crying.

Xing Ye shook his head, "It's fine, I can hold on for the time being. Plus, doesn't the fever last a day before the infection breaks out? If I lose consciousness, you guys just need to think of a way to wake me up."

Cao Qian looked at Xing Ye for a while, then ran over to the department head and ruthlessly stepped on his foot. "Is there a way to delay the parasitization?"

Crack. The group heard the sounds of bones snapping as Cao Qian's foot made its way up from the department head's fingers, to his arm, to his shoulder.

The department head was already permanently paralyzed and lacked the will to fight. He let out a low cry as Cao Qian kicked him twice, "Don't... don't shout... I... I don't know, really... don't know... Director Wang, Director Wang's research is different from mine, she might have a solution."

"Stop stepping on him," Xing Ye leaned against the wall, pushing away Yan Hebi, who was trying to support him. "I already suspected that the department head might not know anything. It's okay. Let's go find Director Wang."

He was currently only running a mind fever, probably not yet even reaching 38 degrees. Even if his fever got worse, it would still take some time and wouldn't be a problem until it reached 40 degrees.

"Yes, we agreed to meet Nurse Lin at 2 o'clock. We still have half an hour, so we should go now," Yan Hebi said, concerned abou Xing Ye's physical condition.

Cao Qian and Guan Ling also agreed on going to the Obstetrics and Gynecology department as soon as possible, but Xing Ye said, "Wait.".

He glanced at Cao Qian's notebook and said, "It says here that our mission is to find the 'person with a human face and beast's heart'. Shouldn't all the people on the floor here count as finding our mission target?"

Guan Ling suddenly realized, "We've found so many people, so as long as we survive until the mission is completed, we can earn a lot of points, right?"

Cao Qian said, "That should be the case, but we don't know how the system will distribute the points for this round. If it's based on the number of defeated individuals, then Xing Ye should earn the most points."

Guan Ling said, "I'm not in a hurry to earn points. I'm satisfied with however much the system wants to give me."

Yan Hebi unexpectedly said, "I've already decided to team up with you guys. It's better if I don't get too many points, so I can continue doing missions in the chaos worlds. Right, Yiyi?"

Xing Ye looked at him and really wanted to reveal his identity. But when he thought about how Cao Qian described his mania in her notebook and how he said things like "What use does this stupid rod have?" made him change his mind. He decided to endure it for now; he still wanted to keep his rod.

The monsters in the department head's office and the stairwell had all turned into people. The four of them spent some time dragging all these people into the department head's office. After counting, there were more than 70 people. They would have to see how the system would distribute the points after the game ended.

After completing all this, it was already 1:50.

The four of them walked into the stairwell and headed for the Obstetrics and Gynecology department.

Guan Ling frowned and said, "Even though we've defeated the department head, the plot is still unclear, and we have no clue about the true ending."

Hearing his words, everyone couldn't help but look at Xing Ye. Xing Ye felt a heavy headache and his vision seemed a bit blurry. He walked while as he flipped through the notebook, again and again, feeling a bit dizzy.

He said, "I just noticed that there's a thermometer in my bag. I checked my temperature while working earlier and it was 37.7 degrees. This temperature shouldn't make me feel this uncomfortable, right? Right now, I feel dizzy, my eyes are dry, my temples are throbbing, and my eyelids are especially heavy. It feels like I'll faint if I lean against the wall. These symptoms don't seem right."

Yan Hebi rubbed his head and said, "Come to think of it, I feel the same way. I'm very..."

"Very sleepy," Cao Qian said. "Xing Ye rested for ten hours in the afternoon because of the sedatives and then hasn't rested for 24 hours since yesterday. How about you two?"

Guan Ling and Yan Hebi said in unison, "We haven't slept for 24 hours either, and we haven't rested all day. We've been constantly running around and just experienced a major battle."

Cao Qian said with a relaxed expression, "Then feeling sleepy is normal."

Yan Hebi asked, "You don't seem sleepy at all."

Cao Qian pointed at Guan Ling and said, "He used the A Shattered Mirror Put Together twice today, both times on me. It's normal for me not to be sleepy; it hasn't been long since he healed me."

"Ah... yawn..." Yan Hebi yawned and looked at Cao Qian with envy. "It's nice not to be sleepy."

Xing Ye rubbed his temples. He felt awful and his vision was slightly blurred. It was getting difficult to think clearly.

They persisted until they reached the Obstetrics and Gynecology department. The corridor was very quiet at this time, with no expectant mothers in labor tonight. Nurse Lin was waiting for them with anticipation.

Seeing them arrive, she quickly waved and said, "Come here."

She led the four of them into a treatment room and said, "The pregnant woman is fine; she has been under the care of the nursing staff. I managed to send the nursing staff away, so we can check for a minute or two without any problems. But the baby is troublesome. Since it's a premature baby, they have been in the intensive care unit, and several people were assigned to monitor them on a 24-hour rotation by Director Wang. I couldn't get close to them."

"What about your two teammates?" Cao Qian asked carefully.

"They fell asleep after taking the medicine during the day. Director Wang said they needed to sleep for a full 24 hours and won't wake up until 6 a.m. this morning," Nurse Lin whispered. "I don't know what they were thinking, actually drinking it. Did they trust their luck that much?"

"Can your starting abilities handle them?" Xing Ye asked, "Ours aren't suitable."

Nurse Lin shook her head, "If I could, I would have done it already. I am responsible for defense and both of my abilities lean towards defense. I don't have any control-type abilities to suppress them."

The group fell silent. None of their abilities were in the control department. Cao Qian could attack, but they didn't want to resort to violence until they determined Director Wang's stance.

"My QR code should work," Yan Hebi winked at Xing Ye.

He meant that Xing Ye could use his starting ability to deal with a few ordinary nurses easily. However, Xing Ye's head was still dizzy. He had no confidence he could use Redrawing Pen.

Rubbing his temples, Xing Ye said to Nurse Lin, "Get me a bottle of medical alcohol, and I'll wash my face to wake up a bit. Then we can proceed."

He walked into the women's restroom and leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. After he calmed down a little, he splashed cold water on his face to make himself more comfortable.

Looking at the mirror on the wall, Xing Ye couldn't help but take out the makeup mirror from his bag. He wanted to use a wet tissue to wipe off the lip print.

To his surprise, as soon as he opened the mirror, he saw writing on it: "I have a control ability, but I can't activate it because you don't like me right now."

Xing Ye: "..."

He felt like his head was going to explode. Why did everything since he had woken up involve emotional debts? Seeing there was no one else in the restroom, Xing Ye couldn't help but ask, "Did I really like you a lot before?"

As soon as the question left his mouth, the mirror suddenly spoke, "Sigh, I already answered this question yesterday and the day before. This is the third time, I'm getting tired of it. Oh! I can speak again? It seems you still believe what I say. Otherwise, my favorability wouldn't have increased."

Xing Ye was slightly taken aback by the mirror's voice. No one had told him whether the mirror was male or female, and Cao Qian's notebook only mentioned following fate props. There was no mention of the mirror's abilities or the prop's situation.

However, it did say a favorability of 80 was required to use the following fate prop's skill. Cao Qian mentioned that her intimacy level with Swan Crystal Linda was very low.

Cao Qian was unaware of Xing Ye's favorability level with the mirror and only knew that it was high. Combined with the mirror claiming that Xing Ye kissed it, Xing Ye had always thought that the mirror was a female. Who would have expected the mirror to be male?

Nevertheless, the voice was pleasant, and Xing Ye didn't mind. The mirror's slightly pampered voice, a clear sign of a good upbringing, made him want to tease the mirror a bit.

The mirror chattered on, "Let me see if the favorability level is enough to talk about my starting abilities. It seems like it is. My initial skill was upgraded by you once, and it's now called 'Devastating Beauty.' I can control players with normal eyesight and aesthetics, including NPCs in the game world. As long as they are human and meet the conditions, I can control them."

"Devastating beauty?" Xing Ye asked back.

The mirror said, "Yes, because I'm a once-in-a-millennia beauty. But it's too bad, our favorability doesn't reach 80 so no matter what I say, it's useless. In this world, I'm nothing more than the most beautiful freeloader.

Did he really need to add adjectives to being a freeloader? Also, the mirror seemed very confident in his own appearance...

Xing Ye said, "I'm really looking forward to seeing your appearance."

The mirror spiritlessly replied, "I don't have the strength to make you like me anymore. I've already said it twice, and my voice is a bit hoarse now. Please don't forget me again. Only you remember me in this world, only you can accompany me. You always forget me, and it makes me feel really sad."

The last sentence was choked out, as if he was about to cry.

This proud little mirror was crying bbecause he couldn't remember him.

Xing Ye felt a pang of sadness in his heart and asked in a low voice, "Did you also like me a lot before I lost my memory?"

"Yes, my favorability towards you was always above 80. Anything you wanted, I would've given you. But every time you forget about me, I can't even say a word and have to stay in the darkness, waiting for you to open the mirror so I can write a few words. Please don't forget me again. Let's finish this world today," the mirror replied, sounding slightly dejected.

The mirror just stopped short of saying, "I feel so lonely."

Xing Ye's finger gently brushed the mirror, his heart soft. Suddenly, he saw a young man with red-rimmed eyes in the mirror, rubbing away his tears. Xing Ye's lip print was clearly visible on the young man's smooth forehead.

"Once we finish this world, will I remember what happened between us before?" Xing Ye asked uncertainly.

"Yes," the person in the mirror nodded.

"Don't worry," Xing Ye's fingertip landed on the corner of the person's eye. "I won't forget you again."

Xing Ye didn't wipe off the lip print, leaving it clearly visible on the mirror. He slowly closed the mirror and put it back in his bag.

Xing Ye clapped his cheeks forcefully before walking out of the bathroom.

The others were worried when Xing Ye didn't come out of the restroom even after ten minutes. Yan Hebi suspected that Xing Ye had fainted or something had went wrong, so he asked Cao Qian to check on him. However, Cao Qian refused to go no matter what.

When Xing Ye emerged from the restroom, Nurse Lin handed him a bottle of alcohol.

Xing Ye dipped a cotton ball in alcohol and wiped his forehead and temples to clear his mind. Then he said to Yan Hebi, "Give me your phone. I want to take another look."

His previous memories were a bit fuzzy, and he needed to refresh them repeatedly.

After several minutes of reviewing, Xing Ye nodded, indicating that they could proceed.

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