High Energy QR Code

Chapter 100: Fever

Chapter 100: Fever

Xing Ye wanted to deny it, but he couldn't remember. Plus, he could recognize the lipstick mark on the mirror had indeed been left by him. The evidence was conclusive and irrefutable.

Now, all he could say was, "I'm sorry, I can't remember anything. However, I'm not a person that shrinks from responsibility. Once I clear up my identity, I'll definitely give you an explanation."

Unexpectedly, the mirror wrote back: No, I'm not that mad. Otherwise, I would've exploded in the department head's office earlier. I think deep down, you also know I'm not that angry. You're just too embarrassed to face me, so you pushed everything on your amnesiac self."

Xing Ye: ?

Wait, wait, can somebody tell him what's going on with this complicated emotional entanglement of theirs?

He didn't remember anything at all and the first things he saw when he opened his eyes were monsters, special abilities, QR codes, people passed out all over the hospital, and now, a mirror that seemed to have an emotional entanglement with him. All these things happened within a short time span of ten minutes. Couldn't anyone give him time to think and accept it?

No. Based on the people around me, none of them seemed panicked or confused. They were already prepared for my amnesia, and they all mentioned my yesterday's self. Did yesterday's me anticipate that I would lose my memories?

Grabbing the key point, Xing Ye asked, "Why did I lose my memory, and how did you guys anticipate it? Did my yesterday's self make sufficient preparations?"

Guan Ling nodded, "That's right, Boss. You deliberately chose to lose your memory in a dangerous situation to deepen our trust. Don't you feel like we're quite trustworthy now? We didn't harm you earlier despite the danger earlier, so now you can temporarily let down your guard and trust us, right?"

Xing Ye: "..."

He felt like they had anticipated all of his thoughts.

Cao Qian took out a small card and handed it to Xing Ye. "I lost all the audio we recorded and the notes you wrote have also been reset. But I still have my notebook. I copied everything down. You can take a look at it after you've figured out your situation. Here's the card with your medical record."

On the medical record, Xing Ye's hospitalization time had already turned into three days. Apart from some basic information about his three illnesses, there was also a row of text left by Cao Qian. It wrote: Yan Hebi (the tallest guy) doesn't know that you're not a girl. Please don't tell anyone that you're male, or your mania symptoms will break out.

P.S: Actually, we could tell Yan Hebi for you, but Guan Ling thinks that your crossdressing helps us gain Yan Hebi's assistance. His QR codes and starting abilities are very useful. Guan Ling is worried that if he knows you're actually male, he won't want to team up with us anymore. Personally, for some reason, I feel like you look really good in women's clothing and don't want you to change. Please destroy this message after you've read it so Yan Hebi doesn't see.

At the end, she even left a little smiley face emoji. When he saw it, Xing Ye felt like his heart burned a little.

"Little Yiyi," Yan Hebi said, moving closer, "Put everything else aside for now and memorize the five QR codes on my phone first. This way, we can keep our combat power maxed and I'm free to use the QR codes."

With that, he directly handed his phone over to Xing Ye for him to memorize. Xing Ye felt both an indescribable sense of doubt and sympathy for Yan Hebi.

But the mania symptoms prevented him from saying anything about it.

From what he could tell so far, he and Cao Qian had the best relationship. Cao Qian had a more casual attitude with him and watched him with interest. Guan Ling blindly worshipped him and didn't trust Yan Hebi, so he wanted to use the beauty trap. Yan Hebi seemed to really like how he looked, making him feel a little guilty. There's also the mirror, who he had kissed...

Am I really somebody with so many messy relationships? Xing Ye couldn't help but doubt himself.

But right now, the most important thing was figuring out his current situation.

Xing Ye put away his medical record and took Cao Qian and Guan Ling's notebooks. He compared the two's notes. Inside, they had also written down yesterday's cheat sheet for the department head's office battle.

"You didn't tell us all of your speculations." Cao Qian said, "You said there were some details you weren't sure about, and telling us would only make things more confusing. Furthermore, yesterday's you believed that after you saw what I recorded, you would have the same thoughts. You believe in yourself."

Xing Ye: "..."

Why did he feel like his yesterday's self and his current self were two different people? Forget it, that wasn't important. The crucial thing was to look at the data.

Guan Ling watched as Xing Ye quickly read through the notebooks and carefully contemplated. He spoke up, "After getting the cipher key yesterday, you said you deciphered the CD's contents and that it was just as you had guessed. You said we had to go to the first building's 19th floor, the floor that's right upstairs. Should we go now?"

"Give me a little time." With the notebooks in hand, Xing Ye temporarily put aside the emotional entanglements and focused on figuring out what happened in the hospital.

Cao Qian and the others kept guard by his side. The department head's group laid limp on the ground. The entire 18th floor was dead silent.

At 1:30 AM, with memories just spanning a bit over an hour long, Xing Ye handed the notebooks back and said, "I roughly understand."

He set aside his emotions and trust in his teammates for the time being. Dealing with the monsters was the most pressing matter right now. Although he still had his doubts and found it difficult to completely trust his teammates, he had to prioritize the bigger picture.

"I no longer remember what's in the encrypted CD, but if my yesterday's self said it was as he had thought, I can pretty much guess what the CD said." Xing Ye looked towards the department head, "It's been so long and he still hasn't attacked, so he probably can't move. Let's ask him if there is any way to treat people who have already been parasitized. We still need to save Ge Kuangyi. We might not be able to guarantee his life, but we can still buy some time."

The four held their weapons as they approached the group on the floor. Most of their clothes had been corroded by acid, leaving pale bodies passed out on the floor. It was a frightening sight.

Xing Ye kicked him and the department head groaned but didn't speak. He weakly opened his eyes and looked at Xing Ye, cutting a sorry figure.

Xing Ye thought for a few moments before opening his phone and memorizing Clear Test Cabin's QR code. He used his starting ability to draw a test cabin and put the department head inside.

He drew another one and randomly chose one of the people on the floor to test.

A minute later, the laboratory results came out.

The department head's test results were:

Patient's Race: Mutated human

Patient's Physical Condition: All bodily fluids have been drained. Very poor physical condition. All tissue in the body has been damaged. There is the possibility of lifelong disablement.

Patient's Characteristics: The brain has a special ability to transmit brainwaves. It is highly likely that it can control mutants similar to the patient.

The other person's test results were the same as the department head's, save for the last part. The characteristics section instead read: The patient's emotional system is damaged. Although they possess memories, it is not advisable to consider this mutant human and its pre-mutated state as the same being. The personality pre-mutation has already been erased.

"So apart from the department head, all those parasitized have essentially been killed and their bodies used to create a monster with their past memories? Furthermore, the department head can control these monsters. They can continue to live among others in the real world..." Yan Hebi said after looking at the test results, "Damn, if the department head continued to infect people and parasitize the rich and powerful, he would be able to dominate the world."

Xing Ye said, "Maybe that was his plan."

Guan Ling sighed, "In his eyes, what Ge Kuangyi and I did were equivalent to being insignificant. Even if we report to the police, after being infested, we would claim it was a prank. No wonder he is so confident. Speaking of which, I should have a fever today, but I don't feel any feverish symptoms..."

Cao Qian had been observing Xing Ye and noticed he didn't seem comfortable. She couldn't help but ask, "Xing Ye, are you okay?"

Xing Ye touched his head and said, "I think I have a fever."


Translator's Note

Kiki: I've been reading the author's other work (Mr. Melancholy Wants to Live a Peaceful Live) lately, and I love it so much! It kind of feels like an alternate universe Xing Ye hahaha. It made me feel bad about translating QR Code so slowly ahaha... whoops.

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