The Deities of Hell

Chapter 36 - The Messenger from Hell Part 3

Ritsu and Pomkichi decided to work together with Ria.

Ritsu and Ria described their own worlds to the other.

Using the bandage around his eye, Ritsu wrapped it over his wound on his forehead.

“So this place is the Sanctuary of Hell.”


“Why is Dad chasing you, Ritsu?”

“Huh? Why? Uh, there’s a vegetable field outside, right? He’s chasing me because I took vegetables without permission.”

“If you apologize, he’ll forgive you.”

“I can’t do that.”

The two talked about the things the other person didn’t know about.

However, Ritsu couldn’t tell Ria that Lars was a bad person who brought people into the Sanctuary.

He didn’t tell her about what kind of person Lars was in his world either.

It was too cruel to tell her.

“I’ll give you this. I found this at a museum. A prince needs a crown, right?”

“Yay! Thanks, Ritsu,”

Ria said and kissed Ritsu on his cheek.

Although Ritsu was happy at that, instead of being the lecherous kid he normally was, he acted gentlemanly.

Ria had received a black crown from him.

She carefully put it on top of her head.

“This is the basement.”

“Shall we go?”

Ritsu went to go down to the basement.

However, Ria didn’t follow him.

“What is it?”

“I-I’ll wait here. Dad forbade me from going down to the basement.”

“What? It’s fine, so come on.”

“No. I’m curious, but more than that it’s scary.”

“Fine. Then can you keep watch?”

Ritsu and Pomkichi entered the basement with the two of them instead.

It was dim but spacious and clean.

There were various medicines that made it seem like a suspicious laboratory.

“It’s strangely cold.”


While shivering from the cold, they felt around the drawers of the desk and walls covered in photographs.

“What’s this? A student ID?”

There were two student IDs in the drawer in the desk.

One was of Mizuki Yumeno, 3rd year class A, of Yamanashi Middle School.

The other one was of Yua Kanzaki, 3rd year class A, of Yamanashi Middle School.

Both of the student IDs had portraits on them.

“Yamanashi Middle School? It’s the same school I go to! But these are alumni from 7 years ago. Mizuki Yumeno? It’s the same last name as Ria’s. Rather than that, this girl is so cute. Honestly, this is the type of upperclassman I like.”

Ritsu stared at the student IDs.

“Ritsu, come here!”

Pomkichi called Ritsu.

Ritsu immediately went to Pomkichi.

“What? What’s this?”

Ritsu was looking at a frozen girl.

Like Snow White sleeping in the glass coffin, her beauty was preserved by the ice.

He felt like he had seen her face somewhere.

“Woah! It’s the girl in the student ID! Yua Kanzaki! Why did Lars freeze this girl? Just what reason… Huh!? No way!?”

“Did you figure something out?”

“Lars is a lolicon! That’s why he froze this girl! I won’t allow this, you bastard!”

“Whaaat!? I won’t allow that either!”

The two of them were probably thinking of two different things.

“What did you find in this drawer?”

“I haven’t opened it yet.”

They opened the last drawer.

There, they found an SD card for a camera and the key they were looking for.

“It’s the key!”

“There’s something else in here.”

“That’s an SD card for a camera. Rather than that, hurry and take the key so we can go.”

Ritsu took the key for the door on the third floor.

Then they left the basement and approached Ria who was waiting outside.

“We got the key!”


“Alright, let’s hurry to the third floor.”

The three of them confirmed that Lars was nowhere to be seen and headed for the staircase leading up to the second floor.

“There’s no one here, huh.”

“Hey, Ritsu, you said you were handsome, right? What did you mean by that?”

Amid the tension, Ria began to talk.

Flustered, Ritsu turned to Ria.

“Shhh! What will you do if your dad hears you!”

“It’s alright. Dad can’t hear anything, so he won’t notice any sounds.”

“Huh? Is that so?”


Knowing Lars was deaf, Ritsu sighed in relief.

Then, he answered Ria’s question.

“Being handsome means good-looking guys like me. Both the appearance and the personality are good.”

“How do you judge that?”

“It’s fine to look at a man’s sword.”


“This here. The crotch.”

Ritsu pointed at his crotch, and Ria inclined her head with a puzzled look.

“Is it called a sword?”

“In the case of men, yeah.”

“And for women?”

“Hmm, a sheath, maybe?”

“So I have a sheath?”


Ritsu made a dirt joke with a 7-year-old girl without batting an eye.

Pomkichi showed a troubled expression at this.

“Ritsu! Don’t teach her things like that!”

“She’ll know eventually anyway. This is the simple truth.”

“So it’s fine to judge if a man is handsome by looking at his sword, right?”


“Ugh! I can’t!”

Pomkichi gave up thinking.

“I want to see Ritsu’s sword.”

“Haha, sure!”

While heading for the staircase leading up to the third floor, Ritsu was about to show Ria his sword.

At that moment, thez bumped into Lars who was waiting around the corner.



“Oh no.”

The three people stiffened from Lars’ stare.

Lars glared at Ritsu and pushed him away from Ria.

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