The Deities of Hell

Chapter 37 - The Messenger from Hell Part 4

Having run into Lars, Ritsu began trembling.

When Ria was pulled away from him, he unconsciously took a step back.

“Why are you with this kid, Ria?”

Trembling, Ria pulled out a notepad from her pocket at Lars’ questions and handed it to him after writing something on it.

“Forgive them for taking my vegetables? Ria, why the heck would—Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Lars made a strange face for a moment when he first read the notepad, but as soon as realized it, his expression turned dark instead.

“Ria, return to your room.”

Being told that, she turned a page on the notepad with teary eyes.

However, Lars grabbed her wrist as if to scold her.

“I will hear it later. Hurry and go to your room now.”


Ria picked up the notepad she had dropped and left while crying.

Turning to look at Ritsu, she seemed to give him an apologetic look.

“You tricked Ria, huh? I won’t let you live for that.”

“O-oh no!”

Panicking from Lars’ glare, Ritsu turned to go back where he had come from.

Pomkichi also followed him in a hurry.

“Is he coming after us?”

“No! He’s not coming after us!”

Lars didn’t chase after Ritsu straight away.

However, that was only for a few seconds.

He immediately spread his huge wings and followed them from above.

“So it was a feint after all! He’s coming after us! He’s extremely angry!”

“Right! I’m the guy who was going to show his sword to his daughter! It would be stranger if he didn’t get angry! Still, this is seriously bad! My Devil’s Eye doesn’t work on him! And I’m not confident I can strike him with the sword! He separated us from Ria! What a day!”

Ritsu babbled like always as he ran.

Then, he entered the library on the second floor.

“They hid, huh?”

After following them into the library, Lars lost sight of Ritsu.

Planning on searching for him in the room, he spread his wings and flew up in the air again.

“Let’s go with the plan to pass him without meeting.”


Hiding behind the bookshelves, he used the blind spot of them to pass Lars without being spotted.

Until he saw his chance, he continued walking in the cover of the bookshelves.


He took advantage of Lars and ran toward the entrance.

However, Lars noticed Ritsu running and hurled a book at his head.


“So he was on his guard! Since there’s only one exit, he purposely created an opening! He’s too clever!”

Ritsu immediately stood up and rushed out of the library.

However, Lars hist his hand once again with a book.

The sword dropped from his hand.

“My sword!”

As he was reaching for his sword, having left the library, Lars trampled on it.

He looked down at Ritsu groveling on the floor.

“I will help you as for now. However, make a contract that you won’t show yourself here ever again,”

Lars said.

However, Ritsu wasn’t that obedient of a child.

Ritsu was the leader of children in their rebellious age.

“I refuse!”

Ritsu’s eyes turned yellow.

At the same time, a book flew through the air straight toward Lars’ eyes.


Because of that, Lars’ hood fell down.

Blood dripped from his eyes under the hand he was holding over them, and he took a step back.

“It can’t be helped if you refuse. I’ll lead you to hell.”

Lars had a calm and well-balanced face.

Ancient headphones covered his ears, and blood flowed from one of his eyes.

“Hell? I am the one who should be saying that! I am the dead from hell! Pomkichi! I will be your opponent!”

Pomkichi said, standing in front of Lars.

However, he was instantly kicked flying.


“So he can’t even buy time, that idiot bear.”

“There’s nowhere to run. How about you obediently agree?”

“I have no choice. I can only give it a try.”

Ritsu picked up his sword and drew it from the scabbard.

They walked slowly, keeping a distance from one another.

“Devil’s Eye, Balor!”

Ritsu used his Devil’s Eye, and another book hit Lars.

At the same time, he aimed his sword at Lars’s neck.

However, Lars repelled his sword with the chain of his handcuffs and maintained distance again.

“I’ll be troubled if you approach me like that.”

Lars muttered and pointed at Ritsu.


“I missed. This is unexpectedly difficult.”

Lars shot something like a star toward Ritsu.

It was the same speed as if he had thrown a baseball at him, and powerful enough to slice through his skin as it grazed his cheek.

It was not something humanly possible.

Although Ritsu’s Devil’s Eye wasn’t a human feat either, he was sure Lars possessed some strange power.

“One more.”

“Oh no.”

Sensing the danger, Ritsu decided to run.

He turned tail and ran, picking up Pomkichi from the ground on the way.

“The third floor! I can only run to the door on the third floor! I can’t win against that guy!”

Ritsu climbed the stairs together with Pomkichi.

There was a wide hole there, and a big door further inside.

“There it is!”

Ritsu rushed to the door and tried to unlock it with the key.

At that moment, the fragments of the star-like bullet shot Ritsu’s shoulder.


“Although you tried to get away, that’s only a wish. I’ll make you see reality.”

Lars spread his wing inside the hole and blocked Ritsu as soon as the door had opened.

Planning on preventing his escape, he scowled at Ritsu.

“It seems I have no choice but to take you down.”

“Get him, Ritsu!”

Ritsu held up his sword as Pomkichi hid behind his back.

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