The Deities of Hell

Chapter 12 - The Devil of Greed Part 5

Having entered the building, Mizuki readied the shovel as a weapon as he went further inside.

“First off, I should get out of this building.”

Using the flashlight inside the dark building, he slowly went to look for the stairway to the second floor.

“Found them! The stairs!”

He went down the stairs from the third level to the second.

However, a dark wall blocked halfway through the path.

“What’s this? Why is there a wall here?”

Shining the flashlight on the wall, he realized its true nature.

The wall was something made out of a group of spiders.

Being shined upon ad thinking it was the morning light, the spiders moved slowly like drowsy children.

“S-sorry. I interrupted your nap.”


“Ugh! I’m really sorry!!”

Flustered, Mizuki turned to go back.

However, the previous spider had already caught up with him from behind.

“Oh no! I have no choice but to go up!”

After running for a while, he saw the door to the room and went up to the fourth floor while out of breath.

However, a considerable amount of spiders lurked on the fourth floor as well.

As soon as he reached the floor, he saw a wandering spider.

He hid the flashlight with his hand and sneaked to the spider.

And then, he smashed it as hard as he could from behind.


“Pant… Pant…”

He dragged the shovel to a nearby cabinet to take a short break.

“I’m so tired.”

Sighing, he looked through the drawers in the cabinet.

There, he found a notebook and pliers.

He stared at the notebook for a moment.

On the cover, there was the text “My Survival Diary” in shaky handwriting.

“Day 1: a week had passed since the appearance of devils in Tokyo. The sound of the army and police fighting has disappeared. Just what are those things… Invaders from space? Or artificially created people? Or did they come from a world mankind doesn’t know about? The more I think about it, the scarier it becomes.

Day 3: I am hungry. I can’t move anymore. I will definitely die. I want to see my family… Even though I had been waiting for my first time in the Martial Arts Stadium…

Day 7: a boy called Michelle Saienji used a strange power to fight the devils. Is he a savior sent from heaven?”

That was written in the notebook.

Although there were pages too dirty to be legible, he continued reading those pages he could.

“Devils? In Tokyo… Is it about this place?”

Mizuki returned the notebook to the drawer and put the plier in his pocket.

After resting for a moment, he looked for the stairs with an uneasy feeling.


He smashed every spider he encountered along the way.

And then, he finally found the stairway.

After having climbed up to the next floor, he reached the rooftop.

Although there didn’t seem to be any spiders there, it was strangely cold, and the upper parts of the buildings were connected.

“Yua’s direction is over there. It looks like that crumbling townscape… Just a little bit further.”

Mizuki saw the crumbling townscape Yua was in before his eyes.

When the stars shone down on the landscape, it looked like a completely different world.

Mizuki started to run toward the different world.

“No way!?”

However, when he was about to cross the bridge to another building, the bridge crumbled.

He threw the handcuff to the other end of the bridge and held on to it tightly.

“Okay. I got impatient.”

Taking a deep breath, he looked down for an instant.

When he did, he saw a gigantic spider with eyes all over its body—Spidey was clinging to the wall of the building.

When the debris from the crumbling bridge fell down and hit Spidey, the previous drowsy-looking eyes opened up wide.

“S-sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”


“Woah!! I’m really sorry!”

Mizuki screamed and thrust the shovel into one of Spidey’s eyes.

The moment Spidey faltered, he pulled the handcuff once and immediately ascended to the other rooftop.


He ran as fast as he could.

Swinging its arms and extending its legs, Spidey spat thread balls as it ran across the rooftop.

Because of Spidey’s weight, the building gave a violent sound as it started to crumble.

The ground shook under Mizuki’s feet, and Spidey spat thread balls and groaned behind him.

“A dead end!”

The rooftop of this building was a dead end.

The crumbling world before him was the world Yua was in.

However, miraculously, a thread was connected from the roof to the crumbling world like an electric line.

Still, if he fell down, the height meant absolute death, and the electric line was too thin to walk on.

Mizuki jumped at the line and rotated the handcuff around it, so his right hand was free while his left was tightly fastened to it.

Riding the electric line like a ski lift, the chains grazed it as he went down.

Mizuki reached a house in the inner part in a few seconds.

Still, Spidey clung to the thread and was on its way to him.

“I am going to Yua. So long, Spidey.”

He took out the pliers from his pocket and cut the decayed electric line.

Spidey dangled from it as it fell down.

Unluckily, Spidey fell down on sharp rubble.


The rubble pierced its stomach and it writhed in pain.

Although it didn’t seem like a fatal injury, it couldn’t chase after Mizuki anymore.

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