Chapter 11 - The Devil of Greed Part 4

Mizuki found himself surrounded by iron bars, similar to a birdcage.

Looking around, he noticed he was confined.

“M-morning… Spidey.”

Behind the cage stood the enormous spider watching him that Mizuki had named “Spidey”.

Since the first monster they had encountered was Snakey, he must have associated this one with it too.

The monster spider—Spidey, didn’t make any attempt to eat or kill him and simply observed him with multiple eyes all over its body.

Looking at it objectively, it wasn’t too different from looking at a hamster.

“What is that? Pet food? Am I supposed to eat that?”

There was a huge tomato in the cage.

It was a big as the tomatoes Snakey grew.

“Are you friends with Snakey? You might even be the same type of monster.”

Mizuki kept his composure exceedingly well.

Once he had collected himself, he observed Spidey observing him.

And then, he took one mouthful of the tomato.

“To be honest, it’s not that good.”

After a while, Spidey left the room.

“What do I do?”

There was no crack for Mizuki to go out of the cage through.

The surroundings looked like a factory.

Different from the department store, it seemed like Spidey’s living quarters.

However, it was an intricate place for a factory.

Outside of the cage, there was no place for him to put his feet on.

“I can’t feel… Any pain in my foot.”

He checked the condition of his foot by running around and jumping up and down in the cage.

He didn’t feel any pain as he had in the department store and he seemed to be able to run on it with no problems.

“How do I escape? The best-case scenario would be if Spidey opened the cage so I could run away with no obstacles, but… I would end up caught in the blink of an eye. Hmm… What do I do?”

He racked his brains as much as he could.

“But what if I disappeared in the cage? Spidey would definitely open the cage then… But to disappear…”

Mizuki hardened his expression.

And then, an extraordinary break-out plan came to mind.

“That might work! But what’s below?”

He looked down from the cage.

Below him stood a train on a railroad, and an area like a train factory spread out.

Right next to it was a multi-story building.

“I have no choice. I can’t leave Yua by herself.”

Mizuki muttered and adjusted the length of the chain between the handcuffs.


Spidey climbed on the steel frame leading here and there and approached the cage where Mizuki was.

However, there was only a bit tomato inside while Mizuki was nowhere to be seen.

Flustered, Spidey lifted the cage to check it.

As it thought, Mizuki was gone.


Spidey used its human hands to unlock the cage.

And then, confirming that Mizuki was gone, it looked around with all its eyes.

It went downstairs to look for Mizuki.

“That went well.”

Coming out of the tomato, Mizuki grinned as he wiped himself with a cloth.

Apparently, by hiding himself in the tomato, he succeeded in deceiving Spidey.

“Spidey went downstairs, huh. Then, I’ll have to go up.”

Mizuki threw up the handcuff on the steel frame.

He pulled on it once before climbing up the chain.


“What!? How!”

While crossing the steel frame, he met another spider.

It was a minion spider of Spidey from the department store.


Flustered, Mizuki started running along the steel frame.

However, the spider moved along the steel frame faster and smoother than him.

On top of that, he had to dodge the thread attacks it shot out.

“Oh no! I can’t go up anymore!”

Mizuki halted at the end of the steel frame.

Being cornered by the spider, he grew desperate.


The spider shot a thread toward him.


The ball of thread flew toward Mizuki’s stomach, but he twisted his body just in time, and it hit the wall of the building behind him.

The thread created a connection between the spider and the building.

“This is it!”

Looking at the thread leading out to the building, Mizuki clung to the spider and threw them off the steel frame.

Flying through the air with the spider, they headed toward the building.

Since the thread was connected, he could imitate Tarzan.

They fell through the window on the third level.



However, the moment they entered the building, the spider landed on top of him.

Mizuki stretched the chain of the handcuffs and tried to avoid being bitten by it, but because of its strength, he couldn’t do much more than that.

Still, he immediately kicked the legs of it and smacked it with a shovel he found nearby.

Liquid spouted from the spider’s body, and after moving a little, it collapsed to the ground.


“Pant... Pant... That was dangerous… I have to hurry and go back to Yua.”

Dragging the shovel covered in the spider’s liquid, he slowly opened the door out of the room.

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