Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1748 - The Qin Yue Ensemble

At that moment, the sacrificial altar was in chaos. The Haotian Emperor was fixed in the air, Hall Master of Joy was attacking Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable Yue was plucking the zither strings to disturb the fourth young master, Qin Mu was attacking the zither strings of the fourth young master, and the four elders were killing everyone else.

The sacrificial altar was broken, and the Haotian Emperor was immediately freed from the state of being sacrificed. Before he landed, he met the third elder, Cang Yancui, and was slapped to the ground.

At the same time, Qin Mu's fingers landed on the zither strings, and two of his fingers slid forward along the strings!

Heaven Capital Opening Heaven Volume!

A beam of light whizzed along the zither strings, vanishing into the past.

The seventeenth era of the universe was already six billion years old, and Qin Mu's divine art followed the strings that connected to the past, instantly retracing six billion years of history.

In a short instant, Qin Mu used this divine art and the zither strings of the fourth young master to see his divine art follow the zither strings back to when Ancestral Court was sealed, passing through the battlefield of the masters of creation and the ancient gods. Going back in time, he saw the era when the giant beasts were everywhere in Ancestral Court, witnessing the rise of the masters of creation and the birth of the ancient gods.

In the next instant, his divine art brought his vision to an even more ancient era, the formation of the Five Ancient Gods, Tai Yi cutting down the world tree, and a great fire burning the plains.

Then, his divine art brought his vision through the Life Creation Calamity and into the Calamity of Destruction!

In the Calamity of Destruction, the incomparably beautiful Jade Capital of Ancestral Court stood tall in the chaos, undergoing the baptism of the calamity. After a long time, it never broke.

Qin Mu's divine art rapidly passed through the zither strings and rushed into the Jade Capital.

In the Jade Capital, under the Dao Tree, the fourth young master, Zi Xiao, was sitting under his own Dao Tree, playing his zither with his index finger pressed on one of the strings.


The power of Heaven Capital Opening Heaven Volume came from the zither strings, and a small section of Zi Xiao's index finger broke off. He couldn't help but reveal a look of astonishment!

Losing this finger was not a serious injury to him. He was also proficient in the Art of Creation, so he could recover quickly. However, this divine ability was actually able to invade through his zither strings and was only detected when it was right in front of him. This was somewhat inconceivable!

"Old Seven, you're quite capable!"

Fourth Young Master Zi Xiao's severed finger was regenerated. He sighed in admiration and then stroked the guqin. He played it slowly and leisurely.

On the other side, Qin Mu had just used the Heaven Capital Opening Volume to attack the Fourth Young Master when two of his fingers exploded.

The Fourth Young Master's divine power was transmitted to his fingers through the sound of the guqin. Hongmeng's corporeal body was no match for his divine power.

Qin Mu's two fingers that had exploded immediately turned into chaotic aura before turning back into two fingers. His Dao of Tai Yi vibrated and turned into the Tai Yi Divine Axe.

Just as the Haotian Emperor crawled up, he saw Qin Mu raising the gigantic axe and slashing it towards the back of his head. The divine axe divine ability was extremely exquisite. Even he couldn't understand Qin Mu's axe technique, let alone how to dodge it.

'Celestial Venerable Mu hates me to the core. He's determined to kill me! My life is over! '

Just as he thought of this, he saw Qin Mu's aim was extremely poor. The axe chopped at the empty space.

The Haotian Emperor was stunned. Qin Mu's axe clearly missed, but it seemed to have chopped at something. The Tai Yi Divine Axe in his hand that was formed by the Dao of Tai Yi exploded from the shock. Even Qin Mu's palm was shaken to the point of bleeding.

As the Tai Yi Divine Axe shattered, a new Dao of Tai Yi was formed and turned into the Tai Yi Divine Axe again. Qin Mu spun rapidly around the Haotian Emperor and chopped at the back of the Haotian Emperor's head with the Tai Yi Divine Axe.

The Haotian Emperor didn't dare to move. He stood there sweating profusely. 'He's fighting the Fourth Young Master across space!'

In the past, Hall Master Ling Guan told him that he wouldn't be able to last more than ten moves against Qin Mu. However, that was more than ten years ago.

Now, he felt that if Qin Mu wanted to kill him, he wouldn't even be able to last a single move. He would die instantly!

Fortunately, Qin Mu was now focused on dealing with the Fourth Young Master's skills from the zither strings. The two of them were fighting six billion years apart, and the battlefield was in the present. Fourth Young Master Zi Xiao was at a disadvantage because he couldn't see Qin Mu's skills. Coupled with the influence of the Great Calamity of Destruction, he wasn't as good as Qin Mu in terms of changes and responses.

His previous attack tore apart the Celestial Heavens and killed countless weapons and strong practitioners from prehistoric times. Even Feng Hualian, who was from the older generation, died under his zither strings.

However, he had been accumulating his power for a long time. When he fought against Qin Mu, Qin Mu wouldn't give him time to accumulate his power.

Qin Mu's Tai Yi Divine Axe chopped at the zither strings to stop him from interfering with the seventeenth era.

However, he also had to protect the zither strings with his skills to prevent them from being chopped off by Qin Mu.

If Qin Mu chopped off the zither strings and cut off his connection with the seventeenth era, Qin Mu would be able to kill the Haotian Emperor with his axe in the next moment, destroying his foundation!

The arrival of Miluo Palace would be a farfetched dream.

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