Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1747 - The Hidden Blade In The Dark

In the Celestial Heavens, palaces collapsed one after another, and the upper bodies of the prehistoric elites who had been smuggled in continuously slid down, dying violent deaths.

The collapse of the Celestial Heavens was even more shocking. The setup of the five elders was almost useless in front of the fourth young master's zither string!

A single string and a single note of the zither had sliced the Heavenly Court apart and even killed the head of the Five Elders, Feng Hualian. Such ability was unheard of!

There were still many prehistoric elites in Heaven who had luckily escaped and were not injured by the fourth young master's zither string. However, the shock caused by this zither string had instantly dispelled all their ambitions and destroyed their Dao hearts!

Cold sweat broke out on the foreheads of the four elders, and their Dao hearts were also on the verge of collapse.

They thought that they had the initiative and would definitely be able to stop Mi Luo Palace's descent. In the past, Miluo Palace had only occupied the majority, and the master of Miluo Palace had been there to suppress the epochs of the universe. Thus, they had been willing to lie dormant.

Now that they had occupied the majority, the young master of Miluo Palace was just a person fishing for fame. In terms of ability, he was not necessarily better than them. Thus, they had the idea of stopping Miluo Palace's seventeenth epoch.

However, when they really fought, they realized how big the gap was between them and the young master of Miluo Palace!

The Haotian Emperor stood up and suddenly took a step forward, saying coldly, "Four elders, are you still not going to submit? If I pluck the zither string again, I will make all of your billions of years of hard work disappear! "

Qin Mu frowned slightly.

He had already expected that the Haotian Emperor's Dao heart would collapse, but he had not expected it to be like this, so unbearable.

In the battle of the Primordial Realm, when Cesltial Venerable Yun had killed the second young master's clone, he had also destroyed his Dao heart, causing a flaw to appear in his Dao heart.

Qin Mu had held him back until Jiang Baigui had defeated Xuandu and come to his aid. He had held him back until his momentum was gone.

Since then, the Haotian Emperor's Dao heart had completely collapsed.

Qin Mu had also encountered a similar situation.

After the Haotian Emperor seized Youdu, his Dao Heart was completely destroyed. He wanted to go to Heaven to beg for forgiveness and kneel down in surrender.

The difference was that at that time, Yu Chenzi brought news of Dao Ancestor and Brahma Buddha, bringing a trace of hope. For the current situation, they had relied on this insignificant glimmer of hope to turn the tables and defeat the seemingly unbeatable Heaven.

The Haotian Emperor also had hope. This hope came from Ancestral Court's Jade Capital, but he wasn't able to revive his Dao heart and walk further.

This was because Qin Mu and the Haotian Emperor had different goals.

Qin Mu wanted to realize his own ideals and ambitions. He wanted to obtain the right to live, the right to equality, and the right to use God for the people. He wanted to promote the idea that the people's daily necessities were the way of the saints.

After he lost all hope, any hope brought him closer and closer to his ideals and ambitions. Thus, his Dao heart became stronger and stronger.

The Haotian Emperor wanted his own desire for power. His Dao heart was also built on the foundation of his desire for power.

Even if he obtained the support of Ancestral Court's Jade Capital, his Dao heart couldn't return to how it was before. Jade Capital controlled him tightly and became his master. He was just a puppet on strings.

He was getting further and further away from monopolizing power.

"Four elders, kneel and worship me, kneel and worship me!"

The Haotian Emperor's gaze landed on the four elders and he said coldly, "I want to use your power! I order you to immediately send the order to capture Seventh Young Master Qin Mu and eliminate the bandits of the Primordial Realm! "

The four elders hesitated for a moment. They looked at each other and silently looked at Feng Hualian's corpse on the sacrificial altar. They were a little hesitant.

Feng Hualian's blood flowed out from the corpse and dyed the sacrificial altar red. However, the blood sacrifice in Ancestral Court was still there. The blood sacrifice devoured the essence qi and slowly exchanged energy.

The four elders stood up silently one by one. The Haotian Emperor revealed a smile.

Venerable Moon's heart tightened, and she loosened the strings on her zither.

When Hall Master Joy saw this, she smiled slightly. "Little sister, big sister really wants to listen to your zither melody."

Suddenly, a Dao fruit on her Dao tree floated up and spun. With a hum, Celestial Venerable Yue saw Hall Master of Joy everywhere!

This was the result of using the path of space to the extreme!

Qin Mu had once told her that Hall Master Joy also cultivated the space Dao. However, it was different from her space Dao. From the looks of it now, it was indeed so.

Hall Master Joy's Dao of space was external. She relied on the ultimate void to form her Dao, placing her Great Dao outside. When her space Dao was executed, the surrounding space would be folded into countless parts. There were countless Hall Master Joy.

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