Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1733 - Battle Of The Blood Rust

Heaven Duke looked at Ancestral God King's corpse and felt an indescribable sorrow in his heart. He originally thought he would cry, but his frame of mind was too high now. He only felt sorrow.

He was getting closer to achieving the Dao that Tai Yi had mentioned. However, the advancement of his Dao Realm also made him gradually lose some basic feelings.

Heaven Duke's true body was still transforming into the starlight of the Heavenly Dao and flowing into his body, increasing his cultivation and abilities. He had already broken free from the restraints of the ancient Heaven Duke, but wasn't the Dao Realm of the Heavenly Dao and the Heaven's Heart another kind of restraint?

When the people of the primordial era raised their heads to look at the starry sky, the heavens were born.

Therefore, heaven's heart was the heart of man, the heart of all living things.

Heaven Duke had jumped out of the Heavenly Dao, but with the heaven's heart, it would restrain him and make him act according to it.

Achieving the Dao wasn't as wonderful as he had imagined.

But it wouldn't be too bad.

His words and actions wouldn't cross the Heavenly Dao, and he wouldn't be limited to the Heavenly Dao. He could still comprehend other Great Daos and improve himself.

He sat down silently and comprehended silently, improving himself and trying to break through the final barrier.

On the other side, the army of the celestial heavens had already been chased out of the Primordial Realm. They had lost all their weapons and lost many soldiers along the way. Along the way, the soldiers of the celestial heavens had also tried to stabilize themselves and set up camp to fight against the pursuers of Eternal Peace. However, the pursuers of Eternal Peace didn't give them the chance.

The army of the celestial heavens that went to block the enemy would usually be ambushed by Celestial Venerable You from Youdu before they could even set up their formations. Next, the Eternal Peace Army would rush over and turn into a crushing encirclement and suppression battle.

At the same time, the army of Eternal Peace grew larger. Crimson Light and Crimson Light rushed over, and the reinforcements from the other heavens of the Primordial Realm swarmed over. The number of allied troops increased day by day.

On the other hand, when the celestial heavens went to the other heavens to plunder the armies of the other heavens, they were met with intense resistance. After a bloody battle, they finally escaped.

While they were escaping, the heavens announced their uprising and rebelled against the tyranny of the celestial heavens.

Ling Yuxiu had built Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges with the various great heavens on the eve of the war, and they were interconnected. The use of these bridges was obvious.

It was because of these Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges that the news of the celestial heavens' defeat in Youdu and Xuandu spread so quickly throughout the worlds. It was also because of these Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges that the rulers of the various heavens could come to the Primordial Realm and attack the celestial heavens in such a short time.

Emperor Hao Tian and Celestial Empress organized several counterattacks, trying to borrow the power of the two of them who had achieved the Dao to kill the higher-ups of the enemy. However, when Xu Shenghua, Celestial Venerable Yue, Black Tortoise, and Lang Wo arrived, Yue Tingge, who was guarding West Earth, led the West Earth army to block their retreat path. They attacked from the back, forcing them to retreat with hatred.

Eternal Peace's Celestial Venerable level battle power had already surpassed the celestial heavens. In addition to the death of Grand Primordium and the death of Ancestral God King, the celestial heavens' power was truly gone.

The celestial heavens retreated from the Primordial Realm and made a long journey through the starry sky towards the ancestral court. Along the way, the various great heavens rose up and marched into the starry sky to seek revenge on the remaining survivors of the celestial heavens.

This path could be said to be dyed in blood.

They fled and fought their way to the battlefield where they had annihilated the masters of creation. However, they encountered an unforeseen event in the Blood Rust Zone.

The only remaining god king of the masters of creation, Shu Jun, stood in the center of the Blood Rust Zone and sighed ruefully. Over a million years ago, he had led the masters of creation here to fight the ancient gods, Celestial Emperor Tai Chu, and the half-gods.

It was the grandest battle in history, and in the following million years, no other battle could match it. Only the battles of the Primordial Realm in recent years surpassed the Battle of Blood Rust Zone in scale!

In that battle, he, a primordial divine king, had suffered a crushing defeat!

The masters of creation that had walked out of the ancestral court had been completely wiped out. Even he, the divine king, only had a tiny bit of consciousness left in the fragment of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone!

Later on, he was found by Wei Suifeng. Wei Suifeng hid the Origin Stone and gave it to Qin Mu. Only then did he receive a new life.

After that battle, the remaining survivors of the masters of creation race that had been hiding in the Great Void were Lang Wo's group.

"Back then, I made a wrong decision and buried the era of the masters of creation. The race of the masters of creation almost died because of me."

Shu Jun passed by one sacrificial altar after another. Those bloodstained sacrificial altars were the origin of this universe's civilization. The masters of creation couldn't return to the glory of the past, so they could only integrate into the present era.

"But the masters of creation can still shine in this new era!"

Shu Jun bowed, and the Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge burst forth. His voice was powerful and filled with boundless passion. "For the masters of creation of the future generations, my compatriots, please awaken with me, the once defeated leader, and fight the celestial heavens!"

The army of the celestial heavens had already arrived at the Blood Rust Zone. In the vast interstellar ruins, surging consciousness suddenly burst forth and engulfed the Blood Rust Zone!


The Three Enclosures Higher Knowledge activated all the sacrificial altars in the long and narrow ruins. Above the sacrificial altars, all kinds of ancient and divine apparitions appeared. Shu Jun was at the front, and the ancient and divine apparitions condensed by the consciousnesses of the ancient masters of creation after their deaths followed behind him as they attacked the army of the celestial heavens!

The soldiers of the celestial heavens fought with all their might and rushed forward. They finally rushed out of the Blood Rust Zone before the Eternal Peace army arrived. However, they suffered heavy casualties and left behind countless corpses of gods and devils.

The Blood Rust Zone dimmed, and the ancient sacrificial altars were destroyed. The ruins were no longer as spectacular as before.

When Lang Wo saw Shu Jun, he was kneeling in front of the shattered remains of the masters of creation.

Lang Wo stepped forward and looked at the man who had buried an entire era. After a moment, she said slowly, "Divine King, the blame isn't on you. Anyone else would have lost that battle."

She had once reprimanded Shu Jun, but after learning about the cause and effect of the battle, the hatred in her heart dissipated.

Shu Jun stood up shakily and wiped away the tears of blood on his face. He shook his head and said, "I'm no longer the divine king of the masters of creation. I'm now a human, and you're the divine king of the masters of creation. There are only a few hundred people left in the race of masters of creation. Lang Wo, our reproduction ability is poor. For the sake of the masters of creation's reproduction, you need to take responsibility. You need to find the strongest man and use his bloodline to improve the bloodline of the masters of creation."

Lang Wo's gaze flickered, but she didn't say anything. She led the remaining masters of creation to continue chasing the army of the celestial heavens.

Jiang Baigui walked over to Shu Jun and plainly said, "In the future, Celestial Venerable Mu won't stay in the center of power. Even if Lang Wo borrows Celestial Venerable Mu to change the bloodline of the masters of creation, they won't become rulers because of this."

He glanced at Shu Jun. "Eternal Peace doesn't need new ten Celestial Venerables."

Shu Jun chuckled and joined his army in a carefree manner. He said, "Saint King Jiang, you are a saint, but your senior brother isn't. If Lang Wo makes a move, there's no chance of failure. No man can resist her temptation! There are hundreds of masters of creation, and there's a possibility of the extinction of their race at any time. If you want to reproduce and survive, you have to change your bloodline. It's not for power and authority, it's for survival!"

Jiang Baigui thought about it. The hundreds of masters of creation were indeed almost extinct. If their reproductive abilities were any worse, they could be classified as extinct.

"Don't make a big fuss."

Jiang Baigui said, "When some people get angry, the masters of creation might really go extinct."

Shu Jun smiled. "Don't worry. Lang Wo knows her limits. Speaking of which, are there any apothecaries in your army? I'm injured…"

In Eternal Peace, Qin Mu's injuries were slightly better, and he was finally able to get off the bed and walk around after removing the God Killing Nail.

These few months, Ling Yuxiu had been taking care of him, afraid that he would run around.

There were still auroras in the sky, floating around. It was obvious that the battle between the Grand Prime and the two ancient gods of Tai Chi hadn't ended.

Ling Yuxiu raised her head to look around and asked in puzzlement, "Is Taishi so hard to play Taiji?"

Qin Mu's body swayed, but he still couldn't stand properly. Ling Yuxiu hurriedly supported him.

Qin Mu took a deep breath and said with a smile, "It's indeed hard to fight Taiji, so it's hard to avoid using too much strength. If we let him go, the two ancient gods of Taiji will be hard to deal with. The most important thing now is whether the sacrificial altar left behind by Celestial Venerable Hao has been found."

"Lan Yutian is already looking around, there should be news."

Ling Yuxiu consoled him, "You don't have to worry too much. Lan Yutian has remarkable abilities and extraordinary abilities. If we find those sacrificial altars, we will definitely be able to destroy them."

Qin Mu shook his head. "What I'm worried about is that after the blood sacrifice has been going on for so long, the successors of Miluo Palace will most likely descend. With his abilities, he won't be able to deal with the successors of Miluo Palace. Even with the addition of Shang Jun who has already achieved the Dao, he definitely won't be able to fight against the successors of Miluo Palace!"

He let out a shaky breath and raised his head to look at the starry sky. After a moment, he said, "I still need to make a trip to the Ultimate Void to see big young master. No matter what, I have to let him release Tai Yi! Celestial Venerable Hao still doesn't know that the ancestral court has already fallen. His celestial heavens has already changed owners and are now occupied by the prehistoric stowaways."

He pushed Ling Yuxiu's hand away and tried his best to take a few steps, but he almost fell.

Ling Yuxiu went forward to hold him up. Qin Mu took a deep breath and said, "Junior Brother Jiang just needs to send Emperor Hao Tian to the ancestral court, and both sides will kill each other. The celestial heavens will be completely annihilated. Maybe Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Empress will survive, but they are no longer a threat. However, what I'm more worried about is that they will collude together. With Celestial Venerable Hao's current temperament, it's very likely that he will do that. When that time comes, we will have to face the prehistoric stowaways and the Dao Beings of Miluo Palace! The pressure we will have to face will only be greater than before!"

"Only by going to the Ultimate Void to meet the Eldest Young Master of the Mi Luo Palace will it be easy to release him. Only then will the battle of the ancestral court turn for the better!"

Ling Yuxiu shook her head and said, "Your injuries have yet to recover, so how can you go up to the Ultimate Void? You should recuperate quietly and not run around. Furthermore, it will take over a decade for the celestial heavens' army to return to the ancestral court."

Qin Mu thought about it and nodded his head. He returned to his room to work silently.

He entered the dream again, and layers of dream realms spread out. Numerous dainty Qin Mus were studying the transformation of the Dao markings in the dream realm, comprehending the marvel within.

Year after year passed. After six years, the wounds on Qin Mu's body gradually shrunk. Even though his complexion was still lacking and his body was still slightly weak, there were no major problems.

On this day, Qin Mu tidied up his luggage and boarded the World Crossing Golden Ship. He said with a smile, "Now, we can visit the straw hut!"

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