Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1734 - Meeting The Eldest Young Master

The World Crossing Golden Ship sailed into the Ultimate Void. Qin Mu stood at the bow of the ship, and the golden ship floated quietly along the direction of his heart.

"Forty-two years is already very close. You should be appearing soon."

Qin Mu stood at the bow of the ship and didn't look behind him. A blurry figure appeared behind him. If someone's gaze landed on that person, that person would vanish.

Qin Mu didn't look at that person. Instead, he muttered to himself, "The battle of the celestial heavens is about to end. In this battle, Carefree Village is destroyed, and there are only over two thousand soldiers left. However, the people of Carefree Village are safe. They are living in Eternal Peace now and are living very well. When they come into contact with Eternal Peace's reform, they will quickly accept it and enter the reform."

He laughed out loud. "I know that if you were still around, you would definitely say with a straight face that all these sacrifices were worth it. However, when you see the departure of your old friends, you will still be sad, but you won't show it."

Beside him, that person looked at the boundless void and stood there silently.

"I didn't revive them, I didn't try to revive anyone."

Qin Mu continued to say, "Now that the cycle of reincarnation has been established, all living things are equal in the cycle of reincarnation. Earth Count will reward or punish them according to the good and evil that they did when they were alive. If they commit too many sins, karma will burn them into ashes. However, after the cycle of reincarnation, the people who are revived won't remember their previous lives."

He smiled and said, "I will implement a new system of the Ancestral Court's Dao Realm, and the original system will be eliminated. In that case, we might be able to solve the problem of destroying the great calamity. You might be the final Dao practitioner of the old system."

That person had a deep gaze and didn't say anything.

"After Celestial Venerable Hao is defeated, he will return to the ancestral court."

Qin Mu continued to say, "Along the way, he has lost many soldiers and lost many generals. His vitality has been greatly damaged, and everyone has deserted him. After escaping to the ancestral court, it's still unknown if he will still have a million soldiers left. He might only have a few hundred thousand at most. He can no longer stir up the world, but he won't be satisfied. The Dao practitioners of Miluo Palace will take the chance to descend, and the three young masters and four young masters won't give up. Emperor Hao Tian will completely rely on them, and he might even join forces with the stowaways of the World Tree."

He smiled and said, "After you return, you still have many things to do, so you won't be idle. We will fight side by side against the dangers of the ancestral court. I'm very happy about the battle of the ancestral court."

He laughed out loud. "Prehistoric successors and stowaways stole the spirit qi and spirit energy of the heaven and earth and took up too much of the universe's energy. It's good that they came here. Kill them and return their power to this universe, allowing this universe to live for a longer time. The Shang Lord killed Tai Yi to benefit the Primordial Realm. If these Dao successors die in the 17th Epoch, our universe will continue to grow. It will be like the First Epoch, surviving for 300 billion years. 300 billion years is a long time."

His gaze was deep as he said, "This will be the most glorious era. You will see everything."

The World Crossing Golden Ship floated leisurely, its speed becoming faster.

"The reason why I want to meet Tai Yi is because the first wave of counterattacks from the three young masters and four young masters will definitely be incomparably intense, and I might not be able to defend against it. We seem to be in a good situation, but we are in grave danger."

Qin Mu explained to him, "With my current abilities, it's far from enough to deal with the three young masters and four young masters. Only Tai Yi can do this and block the two young masters of Miluo Palace, preventing them from descending. I feel that the ancestral court will be a good training ground for us to grow."

The person beside him remained silent.

Finally, they reached the straw hut in the Ultimate Void.

Qin Mu disembarked from the boat and came to the straw hut. The figure on the golden boat let out a faint sigh.

Qin Mu turned back and the figure on the ship vanished.

Qin Mu sat down and cast his other thoughts out of his mind. He quietly looked at the door of the straw hut, and after a moment, he asked solemnly, "Great Senior Brother, can you reveal yourself?"

The void was silent, and there was no sound. Only the cold wind blew continuously.

Qin Mu said indifferently, "After all these years, my understanding of the paths, skills, and divine arts of Miluo Palace has deepened, and my understanding of your paths, skills, and divine arts has also become deeper than before. With my current abilities, I can execute the Tai Yi Divine Axe and break open your straw hut. However, you and I are from the same sect after all, so I would like to meet you."

There was no movement from the straw hut.

Qin Mu gave a slight smile and said leisurely, "If you don't believe me, I can execute it for you to see. You probably still don't know how much third brother has taught me during this period of time."

He stood up and executed the Dao of Tai Yi. The Dao of Tai Yi transformed into the Tai Yi Divine Axe in his hand, and Qin Mu executed the axe technique that Tai Yi had imparted to him.

Qin Mu had a grim expression as the divine ax slowly swept past his face. This ax looked ordinary, but it hid thousands of marvels, deploying the paths, skills, and divine arts of Tai Yi to the fullest.

Not only that, the 6,400 Great Daos in the straw hut were all broken by his ax. It was truly irresistible!

The 6,400 straw huts represented the 6,400 different Great Daos of Eldest Young Master Grand Supreme. Every Great Dao represented the standard of a Dao practitioner who had achieved the Dao. Furthermore, they were derived from the primordial runes!

In terms of exquisiteness and cultivation, Qin Mu had never seen anyone who could reach the level of big young master and Grand Supreme!

However, no matter how many Great Daos there were, they were all primordial runes. Now that he had experienced the battle with the third young master and the pain of six years of illness, he had also entered the Dao through dreams in these six years and had researched most of the Dao techniques of the Miluo Palace hidden in the Dao injuries!

The ax skill Tai Yi had imparted to him with the help of the crutch was originally targeted at the paths, skills, and divine arts of the Miluo Palace. In addition, Qin Mu's comprehension of the paths, skills, and divine arts of the Miluo Palace had become deeper, so his trip here this time was much smoother!

Qin Mu pulled back his ax, and the Tai Yi Divine Axe transformed into the Tai Yi Dao and entered his divine treasures. His aura was slightly unstable, and he took a deep breath. He had just recovered from his injuries, and his cultivation had yet to return to its peak.

"Eldest Senior Brother, what do you think?"

Qin Mu stabilized his breath and walked forward. He said solemnly, "If you aren't willing to talk, I'll break your seal by force and release Tai Yi! If you are willing to show yourself, you and I might not have to fall out!"

He came to the front of the straw hut and roused his spirit once again. Just as he was about to use the path of the Tai Yi Divine Axe, he suddenly heard a soft creak as the door of the straw hut opened.

Qin Mu was stunned. He saw an elder pushing open the door and raising his head to look at him. He then turned around and carefully locked the door.

Qin Mu examined the elder who was much shorter than him and saw that his Primordial Violet Vapor was restrained. There was nothing sacred or special about him, as if he couldn't be found in a crowd.

The Eldest Young Master was an ordinary old man.

Tai Yi was a ball of primordial qi that was ever-changing and had no traces to be found. He could be a man or a woman, transform into all things in heaven and earth, and even jump into the long river of primordial chaos to transform into other people who had achieved the Dao. He was unpredictable.

On the other hand, Eldest Young Master was an ordinary person who couldn't leave a deep impression on people.

On his body, there were no fluctuations of the Great Dao, as though he was dead. However, since he had also cultivated the paths, skills, and divine arts of the Miluo Palace, Qin Mu could see the terrifying power contained in the elder's body!

He was even stronger than Tai Yi!

Qin Mu sat down, and the elder also sat down. He was like a withered tree with no signs of life.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he suddenly said with a smile, "Senior Brother, I've seen Teacher transforming into the path and entering the path of destruction before. You imitated him, but it didn't seem like it. When Teacher transforms into the path of destruction, he is completely disheartened, and his Dao heart is dead, which is why he fell into death. However, you imitated that his Dao heart was already dead and didn't really transform into the path of destruction."

The elder in front of him opened his mouth, and Qin Mu's heart trembled violently.

The elder in front of him was using Hong Meng Dao Language to speak, and every syllable contained extremely profound truths. Dao Language was originally profound, and Hong Meng Dao Language contained the marvel of the Great Dao. One word could even transform into the world's most terrifying divine art!

The Dao language that came out from the mouth of the eldest young master's great master was cryptic and difficult to understand. It was unfathomable and profound, and the moment he opened his mouth, it caused the visions in front of Qin Mu's eyes to appear again. It was as if he had fallen into a boundless world. Countless truths transformed into reality and flashed past his eyes!

The first syllable of Eldest Young Master Supreme Master's Dao voice came out, and the history of the Miluo Palace in the Second Universe Era flashed past Qin Mu's eyes, presenting a magnificent sight.

In the Daoist language, the master of Miluo Palace entered the world to redeem people at the beginning of the Second Universe Era. He imparted paths, skills, and divine arts, actively seeking ways to prevent the universe from being destroyed.

A short Dao sentence encompassed the magnificent history of the Second Universe Era in a single sentence. It was truly inconceivable. It even included the process of Second Young Master becoming the disciple of the master of Miluo Palace and learning to strive for success!

When the Second Universe Era showed signs of a great catastrophe, the master of Miluo Palace began to actively plan to establish Miluo Palace. He planned to enter the calamity and try to save everyone to go to the next universe.

When the first Dao voice fell, the history of the Second Universe Era was completely presented in Qin Mu's mind, including the failure of the master of Miluo Palace.

The Eldest Young Master spat out the second Dao language, and the past of the Third Universe Era was revealed. The ideals, ambitions, rules of conduct of the Miluo Palace's owner, as well as everything he had done to destroy the great calamity, included his failure.

The third Dao language was spoken, and everything from the Fourth Universe Era appeared!

Soon, the fifteenth syllable of the Daoist language came out. This syllable was very long. The Eldest Young Master had tried to use the history of the Miluo Palace's owner to describe why the owner's Dao heart had died, why he had given up on entering the seventeenth era, and why he had lost all hope.

In this Daoist language, Eldest Young Master had shown Qin Mu the future of the seventeenth era that Miluo Palace's master had deduced.

It was a cold silence, a complete void!

An incomparably thin membrane of the void that didn't have any thickness opened up horizontally and was incomparably vast. There was nothing inside that membrane of the void, no life!

Eldest Young Master shut his mouth and closed his eyes. He didn't speak anymore, leaving Qin Mu with incomparable shock!

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