Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1682 - Lotus Seed Plant Pool

"So it's a spirit official. You've already logged into the seventeenth era?"

The voice of a woman came from the mouth of Celestial Emperor Hao who had transformed into a woman, and she said mockingly, "How pitiful, you don't even have a head! From your wound, I saw the remnants of Old Seven and Shang Jun's Dao technique…"

Just as she said that, her appearance changed again, returning to the appearance of Emperor Hao Tian.

Panic appeared on Emperor Hao Tian's face, and he said solemnly, "Dao Brother Spirit Official, quickly assist…"

His appearance changed again, and he transformed back into Second Young Master Limitless!

The Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall raised his hand and looked at this scene with his mouth agape. He saw Emperor Hao Tian and the second young master of the Miluo Palace changing their appearances continuously. Meanwhile, Emperor Hao's body was also changing between the man and the woman!

This scene was extremely strange, but he didn't dare to ask.

The second young master of Miluo Palace was extremely ruthless. In Miluo Palace, no one dared to offend her. Only the master of Miluo Palace dared to reprimand her.

The second young master sought revenge for the smallest grievance and was extreme in his handling of matters. At the end of the sixteenth era, he even committed a heinous sin of murder!

She had not only killed ordinary living beings, but also those who had achieved the Dao, including those who had achieved the Dao in the Miluo Palace!

When the second young master killed in all directions, the worlds in the heavens collapsed and destroyed her body. That kind of scene was also the nightmare of those who had achieved the path!

Although the Shang Lord who achieved the Dao through killing was notorious, he paled in comparison to the second young master.

There were even rumors in the palace that the second young master didn't go on a killing spree when he lost his mind during the sixteenth era. In fact, she had already started to lay her hands on those who had achieved the Dao, but no one had discovered it.

The sweat on Hall Master Ling Guan's body was hot. He quietly got up and retreated. The second young master of Miluo Palace had borrowed the corporeal body of Celestial Emperor Hao to descend. Not to mention Celestial Emperor Hao, even if he made a move, it would be useless.

"I have already offended the seventh young master. If I offend the second young master again, I will truly be doomed!"

He retreated to the front of the palace gate. Suddenly, the apparitions of Purple Firmament Hall and Numinous Sky Hall appeared behind Emperor Haotian's head at the same time, and the two palaces shone brightly!

The power of these two throne halls instantly rose to the extreme. The Purple Firmament Palace shrunk and came to the heart of Emperor Hao's brows. It became an inch long and stuck to the heart of his brows, protecting his corporeal body!

Emperor Hao Tian's corporeal body immediately stopped transforming!

Meanwhile, the Numinous Sky Hall stayed in Emperor Hao Tian's celestial heavens to guard his primordial spirit, protecting it from being invaded by the second young master!

"Third, fourth, teacher has secluded himself from the world, you guys are really something!"

Second young master's laughter came from Emperor Hao's mouth. "You guys must go against me?"

In Emperor Hao Tian's celestial heavens, the path of the Ruins of End transformed into the form of the second young master. She was a woman whose beauty surpassed that of Celestial Empress. There was a mole at the corner of her right mouth that looked like a bruise left behind by a wound.

She stood under the Southern Heavenly Gate, and Emperor Hao Tian's celestial heavens also distorted. It was as if the space and time in the place she stood was collapsing around her!

She only occupied half of Emperor Hao Tian's cultivation and took the other path of the Ruins of End that had yet to achieve the Dao for herself. However, the battle prowess she could unleash was even greater than the other half of Emperor Hao Tian!

The three young masters and four young masters were also extremely fearful of her and didn't dare to try to refine her.

Suddenly, obscure Dao language came from Purple Firmament Hall. It was obvious that the fourth young master was talking to her during the disaster of the sixteenth era. However, this Dao language was extremely profound and used the Prehistoric Dao language. Even Hall Master Ling Guan couldn't understand it.

Second Young Master tilted his head and listened for a moment. He sneered and replied in Hong Meng Dao language.

Her Primordial Dao Language was even more profound than the fourth young master, Zi Xiao. It was obvious that her attainments in the Dao of Primordial Chaos were higher!

At this moment, the voice of the third young master came from the Numinous Sky Hall. It was also Hong Meng Dao language.

Celestial Emperor Hao was confused and didn't know what the three of them were talking about.

However, when he was exploring the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, the fourth young master, Zi Xiao, had taught him some Dao language and made him use it to scheme against Qin Mu. Even though he couldn't understand it, he could still figure out the meaning of some syllables in a daze.

However, the information contained in every syllable of the Primordial Dao Language was incomparably huge and complicated. If one used the divine language to explain one syllable, it would take at least a year!

Even so, he might not be able to explain the reason behind one syllable of the Primordial Dao Language!

The three young masters of Miluo Palace answered in the Primordial Dao Language. After a moment, the second young master snorted and his body suddenly vanished.

Emperor Hao let out a sigh of relief. In the Numinous Sky Hall, Third Young Master Ling Xiao's voice rang out. "Dao Friend Hao, Second Young Master wants to borrow your body for a period of time. During this time, she will coexist with you."

Emperor Hao Tian's heart tightened, and his scalp turned numb.

Fourth Young Master Zi Xiao said, "You don't have to worry too much. She's just praising that she lives in your body and will leave in the future. Furthermore, with her around, it's only a matter of time before you trample over Eternal Peace."

Just as Emperor Hao was about to speak, there was no sound from the two treasure halls. The three young masters and four young masters had already left.

Emperor Hao Tian's Dao heart was a little flustered. There was a terrifying existence in his body that could change his gender and appearance at any time. Furthermore, it could swallow him at any time and refine him. Just thinking about it made him uneasy.

"Maybe I can refine her…"

Just as he thought until here, Second Young Master's voice suddenly rang out, and he said with a smile, "This idea of yours isn't bad, no wonder you could climb to your current position. However, there are too many people who want to kill me. The other young masters of Miluo Palace, the Blasphemer Daoist of Tiandu, and a number of other small fries all want to get rid of me. Even Teacher wants to get rid of me!"

She was very happy. "However, even though the universe was destroyed thirteen times in a row, it still couldn't destroy me. Instead, it made me stronger. I'm going to use your body, make way first."

Emperor Hao Tian's expression changed drastically, and his body immediately transformed from a man to a woman. All of his male characteristics vanished!

Mistress Yuanmu poked her head in and giggled when she saw this.

Second Young Master turned his head to look, and Mistress Yuanmu immediately shrunk her head back and vanished. Her voice came from afar, "Hao'er, you are the same as your mother. As expected of my biological child! There's another person living in your mother's body!"

Emperor Hao Tian only felt his primordial spirit and consciousness being pushed to the side. He hurriedly executed his divine art and tried to separate the second young master from his body!

His attainments in the path of creation weren't weak, so when the battle of Youdu broke out and he fought Founding Emperor, he could send a clone to Youdu.

However, just as his Creation Dao was activated, Purple Firmament Hall and Numinous Sky Hall shone brightly, suppressing his Creation Dao!

Emperor Hao Tian's heart turned cold.

"Don't waste your energy."

Second young master said with a smile, "Third and Fourth are bad, they won't let you release me. They are also worried that you will separate from me and I will save my main body. At that time, they will have lost control of this universe. These two bad boys are very smart. Was that woman your mother just now? Sacrifice your mother to me and I can leave you."

Emperor Hao Tian's heart pounded violently, and the second young master chuckled. "You are tempted. You really want to sacrifice your mother to me."

Hall Master Ling Guan hurriedly said, "Your Majesty, you can't!"

The second young master swept his gaze at him, and Hall Master Ling Guan hurriedly retreated out of the palace. "Your Majesty, if the second young master is separated from you, this universe will be destroyed! You must not release her!"

The second young master walked out of the palace while Hall Master Ling Guan stood in the distance, not daring to come close.

The second young master glanced at him and sneered. "You are merely the guard of the Miluo Palace, yet you dare to spout nonsense? If you dare to be impudent again, I'll eat you!"

Hall Master Ling Guan didn't dare to speak.

Second Young Master walked out of the palace with large strides and saw countless armies of the celestial heavens attacking Supreme Emperor Heaven and Carefree Village's 33 heavens. All kinds of gods and devils attacked together, causing the sky and earth to crumble.

"The reason why Old Third and Old Fourth made an agreement with me was to borrow my power to deal with Old Seventh!"

Second young master looked at Carefree Village from afar, and his gaze landed on the World Tree. He said with a smile, "I also happen to be dealing with Old Seven, so we hit it off immediately!"

Suddenly, her shoulder shook, and another head grew out. This head had the appearance of Celestial Emperor Hao. She said, "Since we have the same enemy, then I… I will temporarily use a body with Second Young Master to deal with Celestial Venerable Mu!"

The second young master glanced at him and shook his head with a smile. "How are you a match for Old Seven? Without me, you will definitely lose this battle!"

Emperor Hao Tian was unconvinced. Suddenly, the second young master raised his hand and flicked his finger. Emperor Hao Tian instantly felt a portion of the magic power in his body being depleted. He transformed into a lotus seed and flew forward.

His heart stirred slightly. "Ruins of End divine art?"

Even though Hall Master Ling Guan didn't have a head, he had five eyes on his body. He looked at this scene in horror.

What Second Young Master flicked out was a lotus seed-shaped divine art. The speed of that lotus seed was extremely astonishing, and it left behind a black line in the sky. It passed by the celestial heavens and Carefree Village's army that were fighting and landed in Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Supreme Emperor Heaven had already become thinner from the battle between the two armies of gods and devils. Even though it seemed like it could collapse, the two armies were still in a fierce battle. Countless gods and devils died at any moment.

The lotus seed that Second Young Master flicked out landed in Supreme Emperor Heaven, and wherever it landed, wisps of primordial qi spread out and soon transformed into a pool of chaos.

The army that was fighting in the surroundings didn't notice this scene at all. There were flying divine weapons everywhere, terrifying divine arts, and enemies displaying the power of gods and devils, moving mountains and filling seas, overturning rivers and seas. No one had the time to pay attention to the chaos pools that had appeared on the ground.

The chaos pool grew to the size of four to five mu before it stopped growing. The surface of the pool suddenly rippled, and a lotus leaf grew out.

When the lotus leaf grew out, a terrifying phenomenon appeared!

With the lotus pond as the center, the ground in the surroundings twisted and swirled, and the space instantly collapsed towards the lotus pond!

Supreme Emperor Heaven was also an extremely huge heaven. With a loud rumble, it was twisted into the shape of a flower tube!

At the borders of Supreme Emperor Heaven, the two armies that were fighting in Supreme Emperor Heaven couldn't stand still and fell into the chaos pool!

On the huge ships, the firepower of the pill furnaces was raised to the extreme, but they still couldn't fly out of Supreme Emperor Heaven. The gods and devils on the ships were terrified to see that no matter if it was them or the ships, they were all stretched endlessly!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the gods and devils fell, they were blown by the heat and silence of the wind, and their bodies exploded uncontrollably. They transformed into streams of chaotic qi and sank towards the lotus pond!

Emperor Hao Tian watched this scene from afar, and his heart couldn't help but palpitate.

This scene was simply too terrifying. Even those who had achieved the path would find it hard to defend against such an attack, let alone those gods and devils of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

'If I had such power…'

His heart burned with passion. Even though the army of gods and devils was fighting in Supreme Emperor Heaven and the army of the celestial heavens was far superior to Carefree Village, he didn't feel any heartache. What he was thinking was how to control such power!

At this moment, in Carefree Village, Qin Mu raised his Taiyi walking stick and threw it from afar!

The Tai Yi walking stick pierced through the layers of space and stabbed into the chaos pool in the next moment. It landed on the lotus leaf and stabbed it into the bottom of the pool!

A vibration rang out, and Supreme Emperor Heaven was pierced by the Tai Yi walking stick. The chaos pool flew out from the back of Supreme Emperor Heaven and exploded with a bang!

Second Young Master's divine art was completely broken!

Even though her divine art was broken, Supreme Emperor Heaven was still twisted into the shape of a lotus. The survivors of the army of gods and devils from the celestial heavens and Carefree Village didn't continue fighting. Instead, they stood in the strange lotus heaven in a daze, not knowing what to do!

"Old Seven."

Second young master raised his head and looked at Qin Mu who was standing on the Grand Pure Land of Carefree Village from afar. He gave a charming smile that was very moving.

The two of them looked at each other across space. Qin Mu raised his hand and wiped his neck.

The second young master chuckled, and his head shrunk before vanishing. "Old Seven, other than Teacher, who hasn't suffered at your hands before? However, I'm an exception…"

Emperor Hao Tian's body returned to that of a man, and he couldn't help but feel relieved.

In the sky above Carefree Village, Celestial Venerable Yun quietly observed this scene, trying to figure out the second young master's character and weakness. 'As long as there's a weakness in his character, there's a possibility of killing him!'

At the same time, in South Heaven, Shang Pinying finally lasted until the third day when Bai Yujing and Heavenly King Yi Luo arrived.

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