Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1681 - Second Young Master Descends

"I have achieved the Dao!"

Mistress Yuanmu was wild with joy. Suddenly, her eyes rolled, and with a flick of her sleeves, a huge abyss appeared. Crown Prince Ming Ya and Xie Wuqi rolled out from it.

Mistress Yuanmu blinked and examined them with interest.

Crown Prince Ming Ya was astonished. He could see that the current Celestial Empress was slightly different from the previous one.

Mistress Yuanmu chuckled. "It's interesting to see father and son fighting and brothers killing each other. However, we can't let Tai Chu and Hao'er recognize you…"

She executed the divine art of reincarnation, and the appearances of Crown Prince Ming Ya and Xie Wuqi instantly changed. Crown Prince Ming Ya became a handsome young general while Xie Wuqi became a silent man that looked like a black tower.

Mistress Yuanmu was indescribably excited. She couldn't wait to pull the two of them to Emperor Hao Tian and see if he could recognize them.

Suddenly, she froze on the spot, and her mind went blank.

After a moment, Mistress Yuanmu came back to her senses. She couldn't remember what had just happened.

"Did that slut sister jump out?"

She was slightly frightened, but she had no idea that she wasn't the real Yuanmu, but the consciousness that Qin Mu had created using the path of reincarnation.

The reason why she was in a daze for a moment was because when Qin Mu was executing the path of reincarnation, Celestial Empress had resisted and caused the divine art of reincarnation to be incomplete.

"Does Hao'er know how to cultivate the Mirror of the Ruins of End?"

Mistress Yuanmu threw the matter of her being absent-minded to the back of her mind. She was so excited that she trembled, wishing for the whole world to be in chaos. "In that case, will Second Young Master come out? It will be much more lively after she comes out…"

In the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven, Qin Mu and Celestial Venerable Yun sat facing each other.

After a moment, Qin Mu said, "Even though Emperor Clear Sky is suspicious by nature, he definitely can't resist trying the Mirror of Ruins. Because he knows he's inferior to me, he has to try no matter what to maintain his dominance! As long as he tries, he will be possessed by second young master."

Celestial Venerable Yun had already heard the whole story from him, and he couldn't help frowning. "How terrifying is second young master?"

"When I met Celestial Empress just now, with my current abilities, I can no longer kill her. Her power can distort a heaven like Supreme Emperor Heaven, and with just her own Great Dao aura, she can tear Supreme Emperor Heaven apart."

Qin Mu said, "The power that second young master can bring over isn't much stronger than Celestial Empress, but her comprehension of the path of the Ruins of End is deeper and harder to deal with."

Celestial Venerable Yun's gaze flickered. "I don't know how strong Celestial Empress is, but I do know how strong Celestial Emperor Hao and Tai Chu are. Brother Mu, I want to know how strong you are now!"

Qin Mu sat there without moving. "You want to use my abilities to deduce Celestial Empress' abilities and then deduce the abilities of the second young master of Celestial Venerable Hao who has seized half of Celestial Venerable Hao?"

Celestial Venerable Yun nodded and rose. He stretched out his hand and grabbed. The Tai Chu Emperor Sword flew over and landed in his hand.

Qin Mu continued to sit there, looking at the Tai Chu Emperor Sword in his hand.

This Emperor Sword was the accompanying treasure of Tai Chu. Because of the Grand Emperor, it had fallen into the hands of Celestial Venerable Yun. After Celestial Venerable Yun was revived, in order to unleash the power of this sword, he had cultivated the sword skills of Eternal Peace and Founding Emperor. He was now a great expert in the sword path.

With a sword in his hand, he had the bearing and spirit of Founding Emperor back then.

Celestial Venerable Yun stepped forward and executed the Tai Chu Emperor Sword.

The complete Tai Chu Origin Stone in the heart of his brows shone brightly. With a ding, the light shone on the sword.

The power of the Tai Chu Dao in the emperor's sword gradually increased. With the Tai Chu Origin Stone, he could control the emperor's sword. Back then, with the Grand Emperor Origin Stone in hand and the emperor's sword in hand, the Tai Chu had no choice but to submit and become his godson!

Celestial Venerable Yun used the Tai Chu Emperor Sword to execute his Sword Dao at the same time. The consciousness Dao Fruit behind him spun, and the thirty-six layers of consciousness overlapped!

His technique was also the Purple Heavens Blue Skies technique that was good at absorbing nutrients from other techniques. Purple qi rose ten thousand yards and floated behind him!

The transformations and power of this sword move were unexpectedly powerful!

Celestial Venerable Yun had fought with Tai Chu twice. The first time, he was barely able to fight against Tai Chu, but the second time, he was already on par with Tai Chu. He even seized the chance when Tai Chu was unprepared to snatch his Tai Chu Origin Stone!

Celestial Venerable Yun became stronger each time, and by testing Qin Mu's abilities this time, he already had the power of a true practitioner of the Dao!

He could be said to be the person with the highest talent in cultivating during the Dragon Han Era. Qin Mu and Celestial Venerable Hao had imparted the method to become a god on behalf of Celestial Venerable Yu, but they had only confirmed the realm of the celestial heavens. As for how to cultivate, everyone was in the dark.

Everyone was on the same starting line, and Celestial Venerable Yun was the first to figure out the Emperor's Throne Realm. He was also the first to cultivate to it!

His sword move was truly profound and indescribable!

Yet when the sword came to Qin Mu's front, it met Qin Mu's finger.

This finger was the Primordial Finger. Using primordial qi to construct primordial runes, it formed countless extremely complicated runes that transformed into the Five Greats and the myriad Dao of the heavens!

This finger was like the birth of the universe. In an instant, it experienced the five tai chi transformations and then gave birth to the myriad Dao of heaven and earth.

In the past, Qin Mu's finger hadn't changed at all. He had simply imitated the Dao markings of the Miluo Palace on the walls of the Miluo Palace. After Celestial Venerable Ling imparted what she had comprehended over forty thousand years to Qin Mu, he had finally mastered it!

The sound that came from his finger was no longer the sound of breaking through the air, but the ringing of a bell. With a loud bang, Celestial Venerable Yun's footsteps were messed up, and he was forced to retreat to dispel the force of the strike.

Qin Mu raised his hand and looked at his finger. He saw a red dot on his fingertip.

The power of the Tai Chu Emperor Sword was still powerful. Celestial Venerable Yun's sword had actually broken through his Primordial Finger and pierced through his fingertip!

When Eternal Peace and the celestial heavens fell out, Qin Mu had returned from the ancestral court and was blocked by the Tai Chu. The two of them had fought in Tai Chu's Grand Qi Overarching Heaven, and in the end, Qin Mu had been schemed against by the third young master of Miluo Palace. The third young master had targeted his weakness and created the great divine art of Primordial Dao Transformation. He had used the hands of the twenty-four Treasure Hall Masters to execute it and beat Qin Mu into the primordial state.

In order to solve the Primordial Dao Transformation, Qin Mu had received guidance from Lan Yutian to cultivate the primordial body and cultivate the primordial spirit. Even though he was still a distance away from his peak, the strength of his corporeal body was truly terrifying!

His corporeal body could be said to be the strongest corporeal body in history. It was much stronger than the corporeal body of the ancient Celestial Emperor Tai Chu. However, Celestial Venerable Yun's sword had broken through his corporeal body's defense. It was truly powerful!

Celestial Venerable Yun moved his feet, and the Tai Chu Emperor Sword crisscrossed, circling Qin Mu up and down. All kinds of exquisite sword techniques were executed.

Qin Mu still sat there without moving, and his hands appeared in front and behind him. All kinds of divine arts, paths, and skills burst forth, sometimes transforming into the five great mines, sometimes executing Calamity Breaking Sword with his fingers, sometimes transforming into the Heaven Opening Writing of Heaven Capital, and sometimes executing primordial divine arts to block all of his attacks.

Celestial Venerable Yun was forced further away. The power of the Tai Chu Emperor Sword could no longer penetrate Qin Mu's divine art and threaten Qin Mu's main body.

Suddenly, he gave a long roar and pulled back his sword. The Connate Qi above his head rushed into the sky, and the Tai Chu Origin Stone at the heart of his brows shone even brighter. He executed the Tai Chu Origin Stone and mobilized the Dao Tree's Dao Fruit. He actually tried to merge the Connate Qi and the Dao of consciousness into Tai Chu's Divine Ability!

His aptitude was indeed outstanding. After he revived, he began to comprehend the Dao of Tai Chu and had some achievements!

The path he walked was different from Qin Mu, Tai Chu, and Celestial Venerable Hao's. He walked the path of two paths that went hand in hand. While cultivating the path of consciousness to refine the Grand Emperor's Dao Fruit, he also cultivated one qi of the precelestial. He wanted to cultivate two Great Overarching Heavens to become one and reach the stage of the Tai Chu Dao!

His Tai Chu's Divine Ability was indeed incomparably exquisite, and he seemed to be on par with the ancient gods of Tai Chu.

Just as his Tai Chu's Divine Ability reached Qin Mu's body, Qin Mu raised his right hand and spread his five fingers outwards. Instantly, hundreds of abysses of all sizes appeared around his body and swallowed all of his divine arts. He didn't have any power to get close to him.

Celestial Venerable Yun pulled back and revealed a look of disbelief.

The abyss of the Ruins of End around Qin Mu dissipated, but it didn't threaten his Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven.

Celestial Venerable Yun hung the Tai Chu Emperor Sword on the Dao Tree and walked forward with a frown. "If Second Young Master has your methods, you can be said to be invulnerable to all techniques. No divine art can hurt her. If you want to hurt her, you can only fight her in close combat!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "She has immersed herself in the path of the Ruins of End, and her achievements are only above mine. Furthermore, she can only enter and not exit the path of the Ruins of End. However, if we can't kill her and continue fighting, she will only become stronger! What's even more terrifying is that if Second Young Master Possesses Celestial Venerable Hao, she will try to undo the seal on the master of Miluo Palace and release her true body! When her true body comes into being, I'm afraid even if the eldest young master of Miluo Palace comes into being, he might not be her match!"

Celestial Venerable Yun frowned even more. After a moment, he said, "It's too difficult to kill such an existence."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. "Back then, when you had nothing, you plotted to kill the Grand Emperor and Tai Chu. Now that you have so many Celestial Venerables, can you plot to kill Second Young Master?"

Celestial Venerable Yun raised his eyebrows and looked him in the eye. He said solemnly, "I sacrificed a million masters of creation to get rid of the Grand Emperor. Only then did I kill him. Lang Wo still hates me for being ruthless. I didn't hesitate to give half of the Heaven Alliance's power to Celestial Venerable Hao to get rid of the ancient Celestial Emperor Tai Chu. As a result, the Heaven Alliance split up and affected the future generations for hundreds of thousands of years. In order to achieve my goal, I'm unscrupulous. Are you sure you want me to kill the second young master? How many people do you want to sacrifice?"

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched.

On Celestial Venerable Yun's platform, he said bleakly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you aren't me after all, and you aren't a Celestial Emperor of a generation. Celestial Emperor Yun of the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens can sacrifice everything, including everyone around him, to achieve his goal! You aren't like me."

He revealed a smile and said, "That's why you are Celestial Venerable Mu, not Celestial Emperor Mu. I'll think of a way to get rid of Second Young Master. You don't have to worry."

Qin Mu stood up and said, "After you think of a solution, you must tell them not to act on your own!"

Celestial Venerable Yun smiled. "You can rest assured."

Qin Mu gave him a deep look and turned to walk down Great Overarching Heaven.

Celestial Heavens Camp, Celestial Emperor Palace.

Emperor Hao Tian finally couldn't hold it in anymore and started to cultivate the Mirror of Ruins technique.

"Dao brother, please protect me."

Emperor Hao Tian was cautious after all, so he invited Hall Master Ling Guan over. Hall Master Ling Guan said solemnly, "Don't worry, Your Majesty. Are you worried that seventh young master will take the chance to launch a sneak attack? With me around, he won't be able to enter."

Celestial Emperor Hao shook his head. "I'm not worried about Celestial Venerable Mu. I'm worried about Grand Imperial Sire and Mother."

Hall Master Ling Guan was slightly stunned and said indifferently, "Aren't the lifeforms of your seventeenth era a little too dirty? You even need to guard against your own people. Don't worry, they won't dare to be impudent."

He sat down quietly, and Emperor Hao Tian was also at ease. He immediately started to cultivate the Mirror of the Ruins of End, reducing the cultivation of his body.

The Mirror of the Ruins of End that Yuanmu had imparted to him was unexpectedly smooth in cultivation. The cultivation of Celestial Emperor Hao's Body of the Ruins of End was also incomparably dense, and he could be said to be a top Celestial Venerable. When all of his cultivation was dissolved, his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was also destroyed, leaving only a chaos pool in the Ruins of End!

The chaos pool was like a bright mirror. Emperor Hao Tian used his Dao heart to look at the chaos pool.

With one look, another face was reflected on the chaos pool in the abyss.

Emperor Hao Tian's mind was blown. 'I've fallen into a trap! The one who taught me the Mirror of Ruins wasn't Mother, it was Celestial Empress!'

Just as he thought until here, his mind suddenly became muddled!

Emperor Hao Tian made a prompt decision and executed his Connate Qi Dao. Ten thousand heavenly wheels were erected behind his head, and he defended his Dao heart to the death. However, another consciousness came over majestically and destroyed everything in its path, completely erasing his consciousness of the body of the Ruins of End and replacing it!

Emperor Hao Tian's Dao Tree flew over and stood upright behind him. Dao flowers bloomed, and rays of light shone into his brain.

The Spirit Official Hall Master also sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly stood up to look at Emperor Hao Tian. He saw that Emperor Hao Tian's appearance had suddenly changed, and his chest swelled up. In the blink of an eye, he had become a beautiful woman!

Spirit Official Hall Master was about to make a move, but when he saw this woman, he was scared out of his wits and hurriedly knelt on one knee. "Spirit Official pays my respects to Second Young Master!"

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