Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1674 - A Victory

"The Primordial Realm needs a victory!"

Saint Woodcutter looked down. Supreme Emperor Heaven was already in danger. The celestial river flowed and formed two huge circles in front of Supreme Emperor Heaven. The river water flowed and moved the ships on the river. The light from the cannons on the ships slanted like rain.

If Supreme Emperor Heaven collapsed, it would definitely press down on Eternal Peace!

Even though the territory of Eternal Peace had already occupied half of the Primordial Realm, under the pressure of Supreme Emperor Heaven, it would definitely destroy countless lives in Eternal Peace and bury them in the world!

No matter if it was the morale of Carefree Village or Eternal Peace, it would be a huge blow!

"The Primordial Realm needs a victory…"

Saint Woodcutter clenched his fists and shifted his gaze away from Supreme Emperor Heaven. He muttered, "I need a great victory that can raise the hearts of people and the morale of the army!"

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha and Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi, Yan Yunxi, were waiting for his command to attack. Sakra's Paramita Ark was trapped in the celestial river while the other heavenly kings were in Carefree Village. The army of gods and devils of Carefree Village's 33 heavens were also waiting for his command!

However, Woodcutter still didn't give the order. His gaze landed on the back of the celestial river, where the main force of the Celestial River Navy hadn't yet moved.

Heavenly Teacher Zhu Shaoping remained firmly in the center of the army. In front of him and behind him were 120,000 huge ships. This was the main force of the Celestial River Navy!

Beside him were the Emperor's Throne Realm existences that assisted Ge Yuntian, the Six-Arms, Left Minister, and the Right Minister!

The ones that had trapped Sakra and the Paramita Ark and attacked Supreme Emperor Heaven were the one million ships that had been released from the hold of the one hundred and twenty thousand ships!

When Carefree Village mobilized its main force, it would give Zhu Shaoping a chance.

"Wen Tiange!"

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher said with a hoarse voice, "Supreme Emperor Heaven can't last much longer, and neither can Cold Pond! Let me go!"

Saint Woodcutter didn't reply and raised his right hand instead.

Guan Cha stared at his right hand, only to see him raise a little finger. He couldn't help but look disappointed as he snorted angrily and said in a low voice, "If there was a smelly ditch, you would already be lying inside!"

Saint Woodcutter raised his little finger, and suddenly, between the two celestial rivers, a huge piece of land came slicing horizontally from the Primordial Realm and Youdu. The fog was boundless, and countless white bones piled up like mountains. In between the mountains, a stone tablet stood tall, and on it were a few words written in blood.

"The living realm of the dead!"

The sudden appearance of Fengdu interfered with the real world, and the gods and devils of the celestial heavens that were attacking the countless ships of Supreme Emperor Heaven immediately lost their flesh and blood, turning into white bones.

All of the ships were covered in white bones, and those gods and devils were in chaos.

King Yama led the gods and devils of Fengdu to attack the ship. The gods and devils of the celestial heavens turned into white bones while the dead of Fengdu grew out their corporeal bodies. With this, the gods and devils of the celestial heavens suffered heavy casualties!

Quite a number of ships lost control and crashed in all directions. Their ships were damaged, and quite a number of people died.

Zhu Shaoping raised his eyebrows. His gaze was always on Woodcutter, staring at his little finger.

"Zuo Shu, send troops!" he said resolutely.

Zuo Shuhuai immediately led an army into Fengdu.

On the other side, Saint Woodcutter retracted his right hand and raised his left hand, curling up a little finger. In Carefree Village, Heavenly King Tian Shu drank a mouthful of wine and carried the Imperial Gate Divine Knife. He laughed and said, "Erlangs, follow me to kill the enemies!"

He sprinted over barefooted, and behind him, tens of thousands of soldiers of Carefree Village followed him. They rushed down and attacked the army in Zuo Shuye's arms!

Zhu Shaoping made a prompt decision and shouted, "Right pivot, send troops to intercept Mingdu Heavenly King!"

Right Minister of Moon Observation Garden led a fleet and set sail. On the flying ship, the sun shone brightly and shone far away. Mingdu Heavenly King Tian Shu cultivated the Youdu Devil Dao, and when the sun shone on him, devil qi sizzled!

Saint Woodcutter raised his brows, clenched his fist, and raised his index finger.

He raised his index finger, and Green Emperor led the Heavenly Dragon Tribe of Carefree Village to attack the Right Pivot Army.

Zhu Shaoping sneered. "In front of the Celestial River Navy, any divine dragon is a bug! The Six-Armored Army, attack and get rid of that old ghost!"

Once the six armors were out, Saint Woodcutter let out a sigh of relief and said, "Zi Xi, go!"

Yan Yunxi laughed lightly and rode on her donkey, Lü Zheng. She led an army towards the Celestial River Navy led by the Six Armors and shouted, "Formation!"

"Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi is like a woman."

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha praised sincerely, "However, her battle power is indeed incomparably strong! It should be my turn to chop wood, right?"

Beside Zhu Shaoping, a huge army was sent out along the way. Saint Woodcutter ordered the various armies of Carefree Village's 33 heavens to fight, and even the Qin clansmen of Qin Hanzhen's bloodline were sent out. Only Guan Cha was not sent out.

Guan Cha clenched his fists and stared at the back of his head.

Finally, Saint Woodcutter gave a thumbs up, and Divine King Lang Wo immediately led the masters of creation towards the main camp of the Celestial River Navy!

Only his personal guards were left by Zhu Shaoping's side. Although there were many gods and devils, it was difficult for them to stop a Celestial Venerable like Lang Wo!

Zhu Shaoping laughed loudly and allowed Lang Wo's army of masters of creation to attack. When they were less than a hundred miles away from each other, the curtains on the ship beside him suddenly opened, and a giant divine weapon appeared. It was the Great Ultimate mineral vein of the ancestral court!

Zhu Shaoping bowed and said with a smile, "Please, Great Yin Empress!"

The Great Yin Goddess slowly rose from the taiji mine. She stretched her hand out and grabbed the mine, welcoming Lang Wo.

Zhu Shaoping smiled from afar. "Wen Tiange, you still have Di Yiyue lying in ambush in Carefree Village, so why don't you let her appear and see if this generation of Founding Emperor can break through my army!"

Saint Woodcutter gave a faint smile and bowed. "Please, Your Majesty!"

In the Paramita Ark that Sakra was in, a woman suddenly flew out and sliced through the fleet of the celestial heavens that surrounded the ark at lightning speed, rushing straight for Zhu Shaoping!

Zhu Shaoping said with a smile, "So Founding Emperor is here! What a pity, you can't compare to the traitor Qin Ye."

Behind him, another huge curtain opened up on the ship, and there were over a dozen volcanoes of the ancestral court that had been refined into weapons. The guards under Zhu Shaoping set up formations and activated their divine weapons to trap Di Yiyue.

Zhu Shaoping was calm and unruffled in the midst of the chaos. He spread out his sleeves and said with a smile, "Wen Tiange, what are these dozens of ships behind me? I'm afraid you still don't know that these ships are the Celestial River Pagoda, the elite soldiers of the elite troops! Other than the Celestial River Pagoda, there are also the Twelve Treasures of the celestial heavens! However, do you still have any troops?"

With a command, the curtains on the ships were pulled open, and gods stood on them. They were all gods of Jade Capital Realm!

The Celestial River Navy's strongest force was the Celestial River Pagoda Army. Now, all of Carefree Village's troops had been mobilized, but the Celestial River Pagoda remained motionless!

Furthermore, every ship had a heavy weapon. There were mountains, rivers, seas, and clouds. They were all forged by the sacred grounds of the ancestral court!

The most eye-catching was the Nine Hells Stage!

Suddenly, two trails of tears flowed down Woodcutter's face as he muttered, "We need a victory, a huge victory…"

He felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders, and he suddenly shouted, "All soldiers, listen up, activate Eternal Peace's heavy weapon!"

Fisherman Han Tang was covered in injuries as he worked together with the two big red kuns to fight against Young Master Zuo, Yan Sheng. Yan Sheng was a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne, and his abilities far surpassed his. Han Tang was proficient in the art of beast taming and continuously controlled different huge beasts to fight Yan Sheng. However, he could only take a beating and had no room to retaliate.

Most of the soldiers under him were injured and dead. If this continued, they would definitely be wiped out.

Right at this moment, Woodcutter's voice rang out, and Han Tang's spirit was roused. He shouted sternly, "Sacrifice the River Diagram of Heavenly Mountain!"

Scrolls soared through the sky and spread out. Majestic mountains and rivers rushed towards them, and soon, they became real!

The five carts of soldiers rushed into the mountains and rivers, only to see that the mountains were also boundless and the waters were boundless. When they looked back, they could no longer find their way back.

Zuo Shaozai raised his head and saw worlds of all sizes floating in the sky. There were also quite a number of five carriages that were running around like headless flies.

Eternal Peace Art Saint's River Diagram of the All-heaven Mountain was a painting of a heaven, and every heaven was connected. Han Tang led the remaining troops and gathered the superior troops to encircle and annihilate the scattered five carriages.

Zuo Shaozai and Yan Sheng saw this, and their eyes almost popped out. They immediately led the remaining survivors to attack the heavens where the cold pond was.

Suddenly, he stopped and looked ahead with a grim expression. There was a mountain peak there, and on the peak, a man with Carefree Sword was sitting there.

The corners of Young Master Zuo's eyes twitched. "Founding Emperor Qin Ye! Aren't you already dead?"

He suddenly heard the sound of a zither and looked towards another mountain. Celestial Venerable Yue was sitting on another mountain, playing her zither.

His mind was in a mess, and he suddenly saw a mountain peak that was surrounded by boundless purple gas. Celestial Venerable Yun stood under the Dao Tree, his clothes fluttering in the wind.

His forehead was covered in cold sweat as he laughed. "It's all fake, it's just a painting!"

At this moment, he saw Qin Mu, Lang Wo, Celestial Venerable You, Earth Count, and Heaven Duke in the painting.

The painting saint of Eternal Peace was also known as Deaf and the crown prince of the Heavenly Painting Sect. His painting path had already reached the 28 heavens!

Above the celestial river, the Paramita Ark was surrounded and in imminent danger. Sakra also heard Saint Woodcutter's shout and his spirit was roused. With a loud shout, the ships of the Paramita Ark flew out one after another!

Those ships were like modules that continuously pieced together and formed a behemoth that was no inferior to the Paramita Ark!

This ship was designed by Wei Suifeng to break the Celestial River Pagoda!

Sakra's corporeal body expanded steadily, and he landed on the ship. He shouted, "Weapon refinement poison, follow me to break the Celestial River Pagoda!"

The soldiers under him smeared the poison that Eternal Peace had sent over on the divine weapons, broke through the barrier of the celestial heavens' ships, and the unrivaled ship headed straight for the Celestial River Pagoda!

The armies of Carefree Village raised all kinds of divine weapons sent by Eternal Peace, and the situation was reversed. The Celestial River Navy was at a disadvantage!

Zhu Shaoping's mind was in chaos. Suddenly, he saw a formation laid out and formed celestial palaces in the sky. The celestial palaces were scattered, and there were countless gods and devils of Carefree Village guarding them. They became a part of the celestial heavens!

"Great Celestial Heavens' formation!"

Zhu Shaoping felt dizzy. Wherever the formation passed, the battleships of the Celestial River Navy would shatter into pieces. It was like an attack from a Celestial Venerable!

The formation went straight for Divine King Lang Wo and landed behind her head.

Lang Wo was almost killed by the Great Yin Goddess. The formation diagram fell to the back of her head, and the auras of the thirty-six celestial palaces fused with her. She said indifferently, "Dao Friend Tai Chi, do you know how much power you have after achieving the Dao?"

Goddess of Moon's pupils contracted, and she activated the taiji mine to protect her body.

"I didn't know."

Lang Wo raised her palm. "But now, I know. You will soon know how terrifying this power that you yearn for is."

Saint Woodcutter wiped away the tears at his temples. Behind him, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha saw the current situation and couldn't help feeling her blood boiling. She was itching to make a move.

Yet Saint Woodcutter never gave the order for him to attack. At first, Guan Cha could still endure, but later on, she couldn't hold it in anymore and shouted, "Woodcutter, it's my turn, right?"

Woodcutter shook his head.

Guan Cha waited for a moment before shouting angrily, "Quickly let me fight!"

Woodcutter shook his head again and said, "You can't fight. If you fight, Zhu Shaoping will come and kill me. If I die, Carefree Village will lose, and I can't die. With you around, Zhu Shaoping won't dare to kill me. Your role is to protect me."

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher was furious and raised his fist. Niu Sanduo immediately transformed into a human and hugged him while shouting, "Old master, you can't beat him! If you beat him to death, Carefree Village will really lose!"

Woodcutter said seriously, "You should have listened to Sanduo. You protecting me well is the greatest merit."

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher gave a furious shout and forced Niu Sanduo back. He sat down cross-legged and grabbed a bunch of rocks to crush them into pieces.

The black tiger god sat beside Woodcutter and lowered his head to look at the ground, not daring to make a sound.

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