Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1664 - I Have Returned

Shang Jun followed Qin Mu step by step. Wherever Qin Mu went, he would follow.

He didn't need to think about whether Qin Mu's path was correct or not. He also didn't need to think about how Qin Mu used the primordial runes and primordial qi to deceive the forest of obelisks. He just needed to follow Qin Mu.

Along the way, they walked and stopped. If Qin Mu walked out of the monument forest by himself, it would be much simpler, but if he brought Shang Jun along, it would be countless times more complicated.

The obelisk forest was created by the eldest young master to suppress the paralyzed body and other Dao achievements. Among them was Shang Jun. In order to deceive the obelisk forest, Qin Mu had to construct it with the primordial runes to conceal Shang Jun's Great Dao aura. Only then could he bring him out of this place.

Grandmist structure was also a huge problem for Qin Mu. He calculated as he advanced.

He was like a moving obelisk. When Shang Jun walked in his shadow, it was as if he was suppressed in Qin Mu's obelisk, so there was no change in the obelisk forest.

If Qin Mu's grandmist structure was wrong and Shang Jun's aura leaked out, he would immediately be suppressed by the forest of obelisks and be smashed into the real stone tablet!

After an unknown period of time, Qin Mu finally brought Shang Jun out of the monument forest. Sweat was rising all over his body. During this period of time, he had calculated with all his might and pushed his brain power to the extreme, finding the only way out of the countless changes. Only then did he walk out of the monument forest.

At this moment, he relaxed, and his mind suddenly became muddle-headed. His limbs were weak.

Qin Mu closed his eyes and panted heavily. He stood there to stabilize his mind.

Shang Jun turned his head back and saw a dense cluster of monuments standing there. There were so many of them that he couldn't find their way back.

It was as if a lifetime had passed. He thought of the sixteenth era and his perseverance back then. He thought of what he had experienced in his life and felt like he had experienced all kinds of things in his previous life.

And in this life, he would obtain a new life!

Not long later, Qin Mu opened his eyes and walked out of the door.

Shang Jun continued to follow him. Qin Mu didn't speak, and Shang Jun also didn't speak. He seemed to have completely merged into Qin Mu's shadow.

He was an existence that had achieved the Dao through killing, and he had also been an assassin. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to kill a person that had achieved the Dao before he had achieved it. He had hidden in Qin Mu's shadow, and normal people couldn't see him at all. They couldn't even sense his aura at all.

The two of them were about to walk out of the door when Qin Mu suddenly stopped. Shang Jun also stopped with him.

Qin Mu looked outside cautiously, and after a moment, he laughed loudly. "As a fellow young master of Miluo Palace, is senior brother planning to help third and fourth brother and suppress me? I heard senior brother is teacher's most valued disciple. If it was teacher, what would teacher do?"

There was silence outside the door.

Shang Jun's heart couldn't help but beat violently. He looked outside the door. What was outside?

Why did Qin Mu suddenly say that?

Could it be that the young master of the Miluo Palace was right outside the door?

"Teacher can be impartial and not be biased towards me or other senior brothers."

Qin Mu said indifferently, "If you really inherit my legacy, you won't stop me, and you won't stop Shang Jun either. That's because when Shang Jun achieved his Dao, Teacher didn't stop him."

It was still silent outside the door.

Shang Jun frowned slightly and thought to himself, 'Could young master have misjudged? There's no one outside.'

Right at this moment, an obelisk appeared in their field of vision. That obelisk was floating towards them.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and walked out of the door. In the shadows, Shang Jun followed him out of the door, and no one stopped them. Only the obelisk quietly floated past them and into the door.

Qin Mu looked back and saw the obelisk coming to its original position and landing.

In the shadow, Shang Jun hesitated and said, "Young Master, Old Monster and the rest…"

Qin Mu frowned slightly and raised his hand to stop him from continuing.

As the obelisk landed, the old man, old woman, Zhu Santong, and the rest of the people from the small village would be suppressed again and sealed in the obelisk, unable to escape!

Furthermore, the obelisk formation had already been restored to its original state, and there were no more loopholes. If Qin Mu returned to this place in the future, he could only rely on his own abilities to break the formation!

This required Tai Yi's battle prowess!

"Tai Yi's battle power…"

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched, and he thought to himself, 'I don't have it now, but I will in the future!'

Suddenly, the two broken doors flew up and merged together to form a complete door which was embedded in the door.

The two doors closed, and primordial runes circulated on them, locking the door.

"Big Senior Brother, you can't be like Teacher!"

Qin Mu turned to leave, and his voice reverberated in this abandoned land. "If you continue to follow Teacher's path, even if you can do it exactly the same as Teacher, you won't be able to escape Teacher's end. Teacher has already failed! Why don't you try another path?"

No one in the abandoned land answered.

Qin Mu brought Shang Jun away.

When they walked out of the abandoned land, Shang Jun finally asked the question in his heart, "Where was big young master just now?"

"He didn't really descend."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "He might be the one who resembles the master of the Miluo Palace the most out of the seven young masters of Miluo Palace, but it's just a resemblance. His every move and even his philosophy are similar to the master of the Miluo Palace. I've never seen him before, but from the fact that he's learning the primordial runes, I can see his character. He suppresses his nature and makes himself more like the master of the Miluo Palace. In that case, he will definitely follow the instructions of the master of Miluo Palace and return to his own universe. Therefore, it's impossible for him to descend here."

Shang Jun was slightly puzzled.

It was hard for him to understand a person like the young master of the Miluo Palace.

"He's just a projection."

Qin Mu said, "When Old Monster and the rest attacked his Dao Tree, they still alarmed him, so he projected his projection over to take a look. I have to reason with emotion, or else he will seal me in the gate as well. It's precisely because he imitated the master of Miluo Palace that his nature has a flaw. As long as we grasp this point, we can escape."

He let out a long sigh and said, "If the ones following me aren't you but the old monsters and the rest, we won't be able to escape… Let's go to the ancestral court and establish the ultimate void corresponding to the World Tree!"

He determined his direction and headed towards the black mountain of the ancestral court.


The Yu Shi, Shi Xiu, Spirit Book, Spirit Abyss were sacrificed one after another, transforming into energy to enter the past universe. The Dao Tree of the Spirit Official Hall Master became clearer, and the Dao fruits on the Dao Tree became stronger.

Now that ten years had passed, as long as the heavens of the Spirit Abyss were sacrificed, he would be able to return to the peak of the sixteenth era. At that time, there would be no one in this universe that could match him.

The Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall waited quietly. Today was the day when the sacrifice of the heavens of the Spirit Abyss was completed, and also the day when his Dao Tree would descend completely.

Even though he was a Dao practitioner who had lived for four universe cycles and had an incomparably tenacious Dao heart, he couldn't help but feel a slight ripple at this moment.

When the Dao Tree descended, he could be one step ahead of everyone in Endless Palace and imprint his Great Dao in the ultimate void of this universe!

This was the first move!

He had imprinted the Great Dao before everyone else, so before this universe collapsed, he could cultivate his fourth Dao fruit!

"With the arrival of the Miluo Palace, the collapse of this universe is inevitable. It will probably happen even faster than the collapse of the sixteenth era. Not everyone has the chance to cultivate another Dao fruit in this universe, but I can definitely do it."

Hall Master Ling Guan was in a good mood. This was why he had risked offending the seventh young master, Qin Mu, to come here!

Finally, the heavens of the Spirit Abyss transformed into energy and vanished. The Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall only felt incomparably dense power of the Great Dao surging over from his Dao Tree, Dao Flower, and Dao Fruit. He couldn't help but feel comfortable and called Celestial Venerable Xu over. "Thanks to you taking care of me for the past ten years, I have also repaid you, raising the Great Dao of Youdu that you have cultivated by a lot. Today, I have succeeded. I shall go to your universe and void to try to imprint my Great Dao and establish my ultimate Great Overarching Heaven."

Celestial Venerable Xu bowed in thanks.

In the past ten years, the Spirit Official Hall Master had taught her how to cultivate and she had benefited greatly from it. Her cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds, far surpassing her previous self.

"Cultivate according to the method I taught you, achieving the Dao isn't difficult."

Spirit Official Hall Master Dao Li stood behind him and instructed, "If Celestial Emperor comes to ask, just tell him that I will imprint the Ultimate Void. When I achieve my Dao in this world, I will have two Dao flowers and three Dao fruits. I will only need to separate my corporeal body to transform into five Dao achievers to assist him."

Celestial Venerable Xu was astonished. 'Five people who have achieved the Dao?'

Hall Master Ling Guan flew up, and each step he took was one heaven. After thirty-six steps, he stepped into the Ultimate Void.

"There aren't many people who have achieved the Dao in this young universe. It's a pity that six billion years of history is so useless."

Hall Master Ling Guan sensed the Great Overarching Heaven Wave coming from the Ultimate Void and could tell that there were a few Great Overarching Heavens. He couldn't help but shake his head.

He sat down and started to entrust his Great Dao. Even the cold wind of the Ultimate Void couldn't do anything to him. He had achieved his Dao in the past universe, not in this universe. Therefore, he still needed to imprint his Dao into the Ultimate Void to unleash his cultivation and strength to the maximum.

If it was an ordinary period, he might have chosen to enter the world to cultivate on a different path from the previous Cosmic Era. This was the orthodox cultivation path of Miluo Palace.

"However, there are seven young masters in this universe. I can't cultivate in the orthodox way! After all, they are seven young masters…"

The army of the celestial heavens was vast and mighty, and they were getting closer to the Primordial Realm. However, along the way, they had expended a lot of resources, and even with the astonishing financial resources of the celestial heavens, it was difficult for them to hold on.

More importantly, Eternal Peace had severed all the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges that were connected to the celestial heavens, causing the celestial heavens to lose their rule over the thousands of worlds in the heavens. Without the resources of the tens of thousands of worlds in the heavens to support them, the celestial heavens sent troops to attack Eternal Peace. Just the exhaustion of the journey was a little strenuous.

Meng Yungui was ordered to head to South Heaven to plunder the wealth of the various heavens. The disciple of Celestial Venerable Huo, Yan Yazi, hurriedly came to welcome him and personally treated him. After receiving Celestial Emperor's decree, he immediately ordered all kinds of wealth to be sent over.

Meng Yungui had waited for more than ten days in Southern Heaven. Yan Yazi was already prepared, and hundreds of cargo ships lined up on the tributary of the celestial river.

Yan Yazi respectfully sent Meng Yungui off and whispered, "This lowly official has heard that Heavenly Teacher is a human and loves rare treasures. Heavenly Teacher, that small boat was given to you by this lowly official."

Meng Yungui boarded the ship and looked down on Yan Yazi in his heart. He came to a ship and ordered, "Open the hold of the ship and check the supplies. Don't lose any weight."

The god official on the ship opened up the hold of the ship, and Meng Yungui looked inside. He couldn't help but be stunned. He saw that the hold of the ship was filled with humans. There were elders and young men.

Meng Yungui's mind was in a daze. Yan Yazi hurriedly smiled apologetically and said, "Heavenly Teacher, don't worry, I won't be lacking anything! The humans of Southern Heaven, as long as they are above forty years old, have all been sent over! Now, there are only two hundred ships, and there will be an endless supply of slave ships sent over…"

Meng Yungui grabbed his collar and lifted him up. He said in a hoarse voice, "I want supplies!"

"Heavenly Teacher, these are the supplies."

Yan Yazi struggled for a moment, but he couldn't break free. He hurriedly said, "During the period of the Fire Bandits, the human race offered sacrifices at the age of seventy, but that was already in the olden days. Now, Ancestral God King has made a new rule, we can offer sacrifices at the age of forty! Heavenly Teacher, don't worry, they are all very willing!"

He turned his head and asked the cabin, "Are you guys willing?"

The humans in the cabin said in unison, "Old master, we are willing!"

Meng Yungui put Yan Yazi down weakly and patted his shoulder. He muttered, "Yan Yazi, you did very well, very well…"

The supply fleet set off, and Meng Yungui stood at the bow of the ship. He clenched his fists again, but he loosened them again. He turned his head back to look at the long fleet, but he turned his head back again.

"I will personally send these clansmen to the army of the celestial heavens and personally send them over as rations for the gods and devils of the celestial heavens…"

He was muddle-headed when a voice suddenly echoed in his mind like a nightmare.

"I have a dream… Heh, it's actually so cruel…"

He spat out a mouthful of blood, but his complexion was much better.

Yan Yazi saw the transport fleet off and was about to return to prepare more slaves when Meng Yungui's voice suddenly rang out. "Yan Yazi!"

Yan Yazi hurriedly turned around and smiled apologetically. "Meng Tian…"

A beam of light flashed past and pierced through the heart of his brows!

The world in front of Yan Yazi's eyes collapsed, and he gradually fell into darkness. Meng Yungui's voice could be heard, and it was filled with delight.

"I… have rebelled!"

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