Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1661 - Expedition Of A Sword, Surging Everyone

"Is everyone finally showing their true colors?"

Qin Mu laughed loudly and raised his hand to overturn the dining table. Unexpectedly, the old man and the old woman made a move at the same time. Both of their hands pressed onto the table, and Qin Mu used his strength to flip the table, but it didn't fly away!

"With us around, Seventh Young Master can forget about flipping the table!"

The old man and the old woman smiled, and their faces turned red. Their four arms made cracking sounds, and they were almost pushed to their feet by him. Their hearts trembled. "Seventh Brother of Miluo Palace, your corporeal body is so strong!"

The two of them were existences that had achieved the Dao for four to five universe cycles. Even though they were sealed and suppressed here, their mighty power was almost lifted by Qin Mu.

Just as Qin Mu was flipping the table, the goat-horned girl who was eating under the tree with a bowl in her hand flashed to the table and pressed it down.

The hands and feet of that girl were nimble, and the bowl in her hands was empty. With a tap on her head, she aimed it at Qin Mu's face.

"If you don't eat the fruits I give you, then you won't have any good fruits to eat today!"

The space in the bowl shrunk rapidly, and everything in front of Qin Mu's eyes was spinning. Even his corporeal body and primordial spirit were spinning, trying to pull him into the bowl!

The vertical eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up, and a beam of primordial purple light shot out. It pierced through all the distorted space and hit the bottom of the bowl.

"You can use divine arts?"

The girl's arm trembled from the impact, and the bowl in her hand was sent flying. She then stood on the table and used her hands and legs to attack Qin Mu frantically.

Qin Mu flipped the table with one hand and raised his other hand to receive the girl's attack with one arm.

His strength was extremely great, and in a few moves, he sent the girl on the table flying.

That girl grunted and shouted, "He can use divine arts, and his corporeal body is also ridiculously strong. Be careful!"


That girl crashed into a huge tree, and the Dao runes of that tree burst forth. It was extremely gorgeous!

Behind Qin Mu, the woman sneered and said, "Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit, seventh young master is also a cheap person!"

She pulled out the club she used to hammer her clothes from somewhere and smashed it ruthlessly at the back of Qin Mu's head!

A halo burst forth from the back of Qin Mu's head, and the qi of primordial chaos spewed out. In the qi of primordial chaos, a hall of primordial chaos stood upright, blocking the gavel with a clang!

In front of Qin Mu, the pig slaughtering youth called Little Shang stretched his hand out and pulled out the knife that was stabbed into the table. With the divine knife in hand, Qin Mu's hair instantly stood on end!

The one who posed the greatest threat to him wasn't the old man, woman, or girl, but this youth!

These people were sealed by the big young master, and their cultivation was suppressed. Therefore, they couldn't use their divine arts and could only rely on the power of their corporeal bodies.

These people clearly had their own ways to achieve the path, and the power of their divine arts was even greater. Since they couldn't use their divine arts, they didn't have many abilities left. Only this person called Little Shang walked a different path. He was more like an existence like Butcher who had cultivated battle techniques to the extreme!

Of course, Little Shang didn't achieve the path through battle techniques. If it was a battle technique, then Big Young Master's seal wouldn't be able to suppress him. It wouldn't be able to seal him either. He could just rely on the power of his corporeal body to slaughter his way out.

His battle technique had yet to achieve the Dao, and his murderous aura was so intense that it even surpassed the Heaven Emanations and God Execution Mysterious Knife. He should have achieved the Dao through killing and cultivated the Killing Dao!

Even so, he had killed too many people. His battle techniques, cultivation, and killing path could be said to be the most terrifying existence in the village!

Even if his cultivation was suppressed by big young master's seal, his abilities were enough to threaten Qin Mu!

With a knife in his hand, his qi and blood were dense, and the sight of billions of floating corpses floating in the sea of blood appeared behind him!

There were also Dao trees that had been split into two, Dao fruits that had been split apart, and corpses of those who had achieved the Dao. It was incomparably terrifying!

Qin Mu immediately ignored the pig that was sprinting over. With a flip of his palm, Calamity Sword appeared and slashed horizontally at Little Shang's knife.

Heaven Capital Opening Volume.

Little Shang struck vertically while Qin Mu slashed horizontally.

With this slash, everyone's expression changed drastically. The old man and the old woman immediately stopped pressing down on the table, and their four hands attacked Qin Mu at the same time. Their four arms flew up, and their attacks were like a storm!

Even under the table, their four legs were also attacking Qin Mu frantically!

At the same time they attacked, five mines suddenly appeared around Qin Mu. They pressed down on the two old men!

On the other side, the girl who was hit on the Dao Tree immediately plucked a Dao fruit and bit the tip of her tongue. A mouthful of Dao blood sprayed on the Dao fruit, and the power in the Dao fruit burst forth, rushing towards Qin Mu!

Where the Dao fruit flew, a abyss of the Ruins of End appeared and swallowed it!

On the other hand, the pig that had fused together stood up on its hind legs and bared its fangs. Its eyes were like copper bells, and its mouth and nose spewed fire. Its mane was as sharp as steel needles, and it stretched out its huge hand to grab a Dao Tree before smashing it ruthlessly at Qin Mu!


Qin Mu still sat there motionlessly, but the World Tree appeared behind him. Its crown was like a canopy that covered the sky and covered the sun, blocking the path of the boar!

The woman's body moved rapidly, and her club smashed down frantically. However, no matter how much brute force she used, Hall of Chaos remained in front of her, preventing her from getting close!

Qin Mu's sword slashed out, and it was like the Dao had come, like a complete Great Dao bursting forth with all potential!

And the potential of this Great Dao was Chaos Expansion, Heaven and Earth Opening!

What was the Dao Sword?

This was the Dao Sword!

All the apparitions behind Little Shang vanished, and a new one appeared!

It was as if heaven and earth had opened up, and a beam of light separated the sea of blood. A new world was born in that vast line!

A line of blood appeared on his waist.

The power of Dao contained in Heaven's Capital Heaven Splitting Tenet burst forth, and violent waves surged in all directions, sending everyone flying!

The pig god stood on the Dao Tree and exerted force with his legs, using all his strength to block the Dao Tree. However, the Dao Tree and him continuously retreated, leaving three deep marks on the ground.


He crashed into the house behind him, and the house collapsed.

On the other side, the old man and the old woman rose into the air and shouted repeatedly. Even though the two old men were old, their hands and feet were surprisingly fast and violent as they broke the seal on the five mines.

The two of them separated and landed on a Dao Tree respectively. With murderous intent, they shouted, "Shang Jun—"

The girl threw herself into Qin Mu's abyss of the Ruins of End. In the next moment, she flew out with her Dao Fruit in a disheveled state. However, she was sent tumbling by the impact of the waves and managed to stabilize herself.

Meanwhile, that woman raised her gavel horizontally to block in front of her, and her footsteps moved back and forth continuously. The ancient well that was washing clothes behind her suddenly spewed out light, and Dao Liquid was actually revealed in the well water. The clouds shone brilliantly, and it was like the sea.

"Shang Jun!"

With a mournful expression, she finally managed to block the wave and immediately looked towards Little Shang.

There was a trace of red on Shang Jun's waist and blood flowed out.


The knife in his hand suddenly split open and landed on the table, leaving only the handle.

The pig god roared angrily and rushed over with large strides. When his feet landed on the ground, shattered rocks flew in all directions, and soil churned. His body was imposing, and with the Dao Tree in his hand, he attacked Qin Mu with great moves!

"Zhu Santong, you can't!" the old man and the old woman shouted from the other two Dao Trees.

That pig god leaped up and swung the Dao Tree to smash down ruthlessly!

Qin Mu didn't even raise his head. The Calamity Sword in his hand whooshed as he faced the pig god. Streaks of blood light appeared in the sky, and Zhu Santong landed on the ground. A basin of water landed on the legs of the pig in front of him, and a basin of water landed on the legs of the pig behind him. The basin of water landed on the pig head, and the tail of the pig was sliced neatly.

There were also various plates that were evenly cut.

Qin Mu picked up an empty plate with his other hand and waved his arm. Three Dao Fruits landed on the plate.

The Dao Tree crashed to the ground and took root. Its branches swayed, but the Dao fruit on the tree had already vanished. It was sliced off by Qin Mu's sword light and placed into the plate.

Qin Mu sheathed his sword and stuck the Calamity Sword along with the sheath beside him. He said with a smile, "Everyone, my culinary skills are pretty good too. Why don't I show everyone a few moves?"

Zhu Santong's pig head faced Qin Mu head on, but he still didn't die. He said ruthlessly, "Seventh Brother of Miluo Palace, even your elder can't kill us, or else he wouldn't have suppressed us! You don't have the ability either!"

That girl screeched, "You can use your cultivation, but we can't. What's the point of defeating us? If you have the ability, let us go and fight fair and square? Ya Ya can beat you to death with one hand!"

That woman hurriedly ran to Shang Jun and examined his body. Shang Jun touched his stomach and shook his head. "It's nothing serious, just a cut on his skin. He held back."

His gaze was strange as it landed on Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's sword was truly incomparably terrifying. It had broken through his strongest killing move and even sliced through his knife that had achieved the path!

However, when the sword slashed across his waist, it was exerted force and didn't kill him.

If the power of Qin Mu's sword burst forth, he would definitely be separated by the sword. In an instant, he would experience the five phases of chaos, primordial chaos, primordial beginning, taiji, and taiji, transforming into a heaven and earth. His body would die and his Dao would vanish!

The old man and the old woman were nimble and slipped down from their Dao Trees to check on his injuries. They only let out sighs of relief when they saw that he was fine.

Zhu Santong's pig head rolled his eyes on the table, but he couldn't move his head. He couldn't see Shang Jun, so he shouted, "Old monster, what happened to Little Shang? Was he killed by him? Let us fight him to the death!"

The old man said, "There's no problem with him, his injuries aren't as serious as yours."

The pig head let out a sigh of relief and stared at Qin Mu with his pig eyes wide open. "Damn it, my injuries are the heaviest after all this time! Seventh Brother of Miluo Palace, how did you do it? Why can't I fuse?"

Qin Mu grabbed his chopsticks and picked up a piece of pig ear. The woman hurriedly said, "Young master, don't eat it. Zhu Santong's abilities are extraordinary, and he has cultivated the Undying Dao Body. If you eat any of his meat, he will take shape in your body and play the devil in your stomach."

Qin Mu put the pig ear back and put down his chopsticks. He said in astonishment, "There's such a skill? I left a sword Dao scar in his wound to prevent him from fusing, and he can still form in my stomach?"

The pig head was pleased with himself and said, "My abilities aren't something a little brat like you can understand! Grandpa…"

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he stretched out his hand to grab the sword sheath. His expression was dark.

The old man immediately sat down and said with a smile, "Miluo Palace's seventh young master is magnanimous, don't lower yourself to the level of this pig. Wouldn't that be lowering your status? Young master, keep your sword well."

The pig head sneered, "Old monster, why are you afraid of him? Even big young master can't kill us…"

Qin Mu gave a cold humph, and his aura suddenly changed. Sitting there, he was like a square stone tablet!

Only one obelisk was missing in this heaven and earth. At this moment, the primordial qi in Qin Mu's body had transformed into primordial runes to make up for the missing one. Instantly, everyone's expressions changed drastically!

The five of them and the pig were pulled back by a terrifying force. In the next moment, their figures all vanished!

Qin Mu stood up and looked out of the village. He saw that outside the village, the surfaces of the obelisks were like mirrors. No matter if it was the old woman, the maid woman, Shang Jun, or Zhu Santong, they were all embedded in the mirrors and couldn't move.

On the other hand, Zhu Santong was still chopped into eight pieces. His body wasn't complete.

In the entire village, other than Qin Mu, only the paralyzed man on the sickbed in his room wasn't taken into the obelisk.

"Even though big young master has obtained the inheritance of the master of Miluo Palace, I know a little about his obelisk formation. It's not difficult for me to restrain you guys."

Qin Mu dispersed the sequence of primordial runes in his body and said, "Everyone, can we have a good talk now?"

Only then did everyone feel as though a heavy burden had been lifted off their shoulders. They walked down from the mirror on the tablet, bewildered.

"What does Seventh Young Master want to talk about?" the old man asked.

Qin Mu took out the geographical map of Tai Yi and asked, "Has everyone seen this kind of geography before?"

The old woman and the old man recognized it for a long time. They shook their heads and said, "We have been suppressed for several universe eras and have never seen this map."

The woman and the girl also shook their heads.

Shang Jun suddenly said, "I've seen it before. This is the distribution map of the Dao Tree in the final void of the sixteenth era."

Today was the college entrance examination. I wish all Dao friends success in transcending the tribulation!

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