Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1672 - The Battle Of Carefree Village

The broken cliff of the Primordial Realm was filled with killing intent.

The four great heavenly teachers of Carefree Village, Woodcutter, Scholar, the old farmer, and Fisherman stood on the city tower of Jade Barrier City and looked ahead.

The broken cliff was tall and stretched for tens of thousands of miles like a natural moat, splitting the Primordial Realm into two halves.

This place was the source of Surging River in the past, and Heavenly Yin World had an entrance here. There were also many cracks in the worlds that were connected to this broken cliff.

Later on, when the Primordial Realm broke through its seal, the celestial river rose into the sky, and tens of thousands of worlds rose up. This place became a natural danger zone.

There was a Supreme Emperor Heaven that had fallen here, and it was located on the east side of the broken cliff. It could be said that it was guarding it.

The 33 heavens of Carefree Village had landed here, and they floated above Supreme Emperor Heaven. They were arranged diagonally to form a formation that occupied the natural barrier.

Among the four great heavenly kings of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, Di Yiyue, Qing Huang, Sakra, and Tian Shu each had their own troops. Di Yiyue was the second generation Founding Emperor, but she was also wearing armor.

Lang Wo led an army of masters of creation alone. Although they were few in number, they were powerful.

There was also Celestial Venerable You overseeing the place. His primordial spirit was vast, and he guarded the Primordial Realm's Youdu. Heaven Duke was also in the center of the Primordial Realm not far away, activating the Heavenly Dao treasure to protect the Primordial Realm's Xuandu.

The army of the celestial heavens came from the west. If they wanted to attack Eternal Peace, they would have to pass through here.

If they took a detour, they would be intercepted by Carefree Village, so the celestial heavens had to attack this place no matter what.

At this moment, Carefree Village had constructed over a dozen checkpoints and a hundred god cities, storing the army of gods and devils. A steady stream of Eternal Peace's heavy weapons was being transported over, and they were ready to fight the main army of the celestial heavens.

Divine cities of all sizes were scattered all over the highlands in the west of the broken cliff. In recent days, there were already quite a number of vanguard troops from the celestial heavens that had come here to attack those divine cities. They had already fought numerous small-scale battles, and both sides had won and lost.

The main force of Carefree Village remained motionless, waiting for the final battle.

Saint Woodcutter raised his head and saw the celestial river shaking endlessly in the sky. The flow of the river was even more rapid than before, and the current was rising. This was a sign that the Celestial River Navy was about to arrive.

"The celestial heavens came aggressively, but the heavens and the myriad worlds were silent. The heavens have suffered for a long time, but they didn't move because they were looking around."

Saint Woodcutter's gaze was faint as he said, "If Carefree Village and Eternal Peace were to be destroyed in a single clash, they wouldn't rebel against the celestial heavens and continue to bow their heads to the celestial heavens, allowing them to exploit them. If Carefree Village and Eternal Peace can hold on, they will waver, and the heavens will support us. Therefore, we need a huge victory!"

Yan Yunxi said, "The Celestial River Navy is the most powerful army of gods and devils in the celestial heavens. It has 120,000 ships, a million small ships, and countless gods and devils. The commander of the Celestial River Army has always been personally led by Heavenly Teacher. Which Heavenly Teacher is the Celestial River Navy this time?"

"It's Heavenly Teacher Zhu Shaoping. Heavenly Teacher Zhu Shaoping is ranked fourth among the four heavenly teachers."

Heavenly Teacher Fisherman raised his hand gently and saw a bunch of fish flying out from the celestial river. There were about four to five hundred of them. They flew around him for a few weeks and whispered in his ear.

After a moment, Fisherman Han Tang said, "However, this time, the Celestial River Navy has planted the upper assistant of the two assistants of the celestial heavens, Ge Yuntian, and the left young butcher of the four slaughter. Six-Armed, Left Minister, Right Minister, and also the five carriages of the celestial heavens as support. The five armies will flank the attack."

The school of fish flew up again and swam happily into the celestial river.

Yan Yunxi sucked in a cold breath and said in a low voice, "These strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm have also joined the battle. There are too few of us on the Emperor's Throne Realm, so we can't stop them…"

Saint Woodcutter's gaze landed on her, and he said word by word, "We must win this battle!"

Yan Yunxi smiled. "I know. It's a pity that if you cultivated diligently and didn't create any messy postcelestial success theories, you would already be on the Emperor's Throne Realm."

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha suddenly said, "That's not right. With just this power, we can indeed fight Carefree Village, but it's impossible to destroy it easily. After all, Celestial Venerable You is here, and Divine King Lang Wo is here as well. These are two Celestial Venerables. If the two Celestial Venerables make a move…"

Saint Woodcutter looked at Fisherman Han Tang, who shook his head. "Even though I can control the celestial river water beasts and monitor the navy's movements, if a Celestial Venerable is hiding inside, these water beasts won't be able to see it."

Saint Woodcutter frowned and observed the water markings of the celestial river. "There must be existences that are dealing with the two Celestial Venerables in the Celestial River Navy. Celestial Venerable Xu can stop Celestial Venerable You and Divine King Lang Wo. I'm afraid they will have to face the ancient gods of Tai Chi. Pass down my orders, let the people of Carefree Village migrate to Eternal Peace."

The hearts of the three heavenly teachers trembled slightly, and Woodcutter said with a calm expression, "If we don't win, we will leave some seedlings for Founding Emperor Era."

The three heavenly teachers nodded silently and ordered a portion of the gods to migrate the people of Carefree Village.

More than ten days later, the celestial river suddenly trembled violently. The entire celestial river suddenly lost control and descended from the sky. Instantly, a flood flooded the sky and flooded the land, drowning everything in its path!

How turbulent was the celestial river?

This huge river that stretched across the universe and countless heavens fell from the sky, causing the ground to sink. The flood spread out for tens of thousands of miles and crashed violently. Wherever it passed, regardless of whether it was the plains, basins, or mountains, everything turned into a kingdom of water!

The people living in the Primordial Realm had all become duckweeds struggling in the water, drifting along with the waves!

Along with the flood of the celestial river, countless celestial river dragon kings rushed out. Divine dragons stirred up waves in the torrential water, summoning the wind and summoning the rain!

In the hinterlands of the Primordial Realm, dark clouds that spanned ten thousand miles instantly appeared in the sky. The dark clouds were filled with lightning, and countless divine dragons shuttled through the clouds. The heavy rain poured down, increasing the momentum of the water!

The interior of the Primordial Realm, including Carefree Village, turned dark. Only the god cities shone with divine light in the darkness, protecting a region.

There were also lightning kings and lightning mothers wielding magical artifacts, unleashing thunderstorms to bombard the swamp country below. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Amidst the torrential rain and water, huge ships of unknown width finally appeared in front of Carefree Village. They were surrounded by suns and moons!

On those ships, battleships sailed out from the hold of the ships. The flags of a million battleships fluttered in the wind!

The Celestial River Navy had finally arrived. With the Dragon King of the World and the Thunder God and the Goddess of Lightning, they took Carefree Village down a notch!

Just as the dragon king was acting fierce, waves suddenly flooded the Surging River, and divine dragons rose from the water. An incomparably loud voice rang out, shaking the clouds. "When the celestial river falls to the ground, it will be Surging River, and it won't be controlled by the celestial heavens! Surging River belongs to me, Dragon Rearing Sovereign! All dragon kings, listen to my command!"

In Surging River, divine dragons of all sizes cried out endlessly as they flew over. The one in the lead was Dragon Rearing Sovereign with a dragon head and a human body. His corporeal body was huge, and countless divine dragons coiled around him!

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's cultivation rose steadily, and he transformed into an indomitable giant. With his trident in hand, he used it to open up a river, drawing in the flood, allowing it to flow into the Surging River.

Countless dragon kings of the celestial heavens pounced over from the water and sky. Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body trembled, and countless Surging River dragon kings flew up from his body. The battle between the dragons was intense.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign walked through the slaughter of countless divine dragons, pushing Dragon Rearing Scripture to its limits. Numerous dragon kings of the celestial heavens were invaded by his Dragon Rearing Scripture, and they were controlled by him. In the darkness, countless slippery huge dragons were overturning the seas and rivers, and the battle was abnormally intense!

The thunder god and lightning mother of the celestial heavens came over one after another, beating the huge drums and hammering lightning to bombard Dragon Rearing Sovereign!

Countless dark clouds swirled, and bolts of heavenly lightning descended from the sky. They were dense like rain as they struck at Dragon Rearing Sovereign. The light of the lightning lit up the source of Surging River as bright as day.

Suddenly, new light appeared in Supreme Emperor Heaven.

In the towering mountains of Supreme Emperor Heaven, mountain ranges shook, and huge divine mountains slowly stood up. Chains connected them to ancient and deep divine wells, and the light in the well was dazzling as the suns slowly rose into the sky.

The Sun Guardian from the Founding Emperor Era and the Sun Guardian from the descendants of Xuandu Heaven Duke drove the huge Sun Ships to disperse the darkness and light up the sky!

The sun on Sun Ship gave off blazing flames, vaporizing the dark clouds and burning them into nothingness.

Du du—

The bugle horn sounded out from Supreme Emperor Heaven, and the ancient battle song made everyone's scalp turn numb and their blood boil!

On the Sun Ship in the lead, Yan Jingjing's body was tall and sturdy. In her four arms, she grabbed onto a pillar while her other two arms pulled back the divine bow. The arrow light sliced through the sky and shot down a lightning god.

On the walking Sun Ship, dazzling arrow lights shot into the sky, shooting towards Thunder God and the Mother of Lightning in the sky.

"Moon Guardian!" someone shouted.

More and more Moon Ships stood up, and the bright moons rose into the sky. The bright moons reflected the light of Sun Ships, transforming into beams of astonishing power that reaped the lives of the Thunder God and Electric Mother of the celestial heavens!

The million ships of the Celestial River Navy sailed towards Carefree Village.

In the center of the million warships, there was a blazing fire that rushed into the sky. It was the blazing fire of Zhu Shaoping's personal guards. Zhu Shaoping, the South Pole's sacred god, cultivated a body of sacred fire. The gods under him were also half-gods from the South Pole.

Countless half-gods raised their flags and pointed them out. However, they saw the flames of the celestial river flooding over from the celestial river, burning on the surface of the water!


A Paramita Ark rushed into the celestial river, and Sakra Heavenly King stood on the ark with countless gods and devils of Carefree Village under his command. They rose up in flying carriages, and when the carriages opened up, countless sword pellets flew out.

The sword pellet spun, and countless flying swords transformed into a sword stream that was even larger than the celestial river!

Eternal Peace Sword Formation, Flying Sword Cleansing the Earth!

In the Primordial Realm's Youdu, Celestial Venerable You suddenly opened his eyes, and countless paper boats flew out. Elder messengers of death carried lanterns and prepared to slaughter their way into the world of the living.

At the same time, the Primordial Realm's Youdu trembled violently. A bull horn burning with Youdu devil fire pierced the Primordial Realm's Youdu, and Celestial Venerable Xu's huge head popped in. He opened his mouth and let out a soundless roar.

Countless Youdu monsters and devils poured out from Celestial Venerable Xu's mouth like a flood, attacking the messengers of death!

When Qin Mu and Shang Jun came to the Primordial Realm, they saw fire and water in the center.

The battle of Carefree Village had finally begun.

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