Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1658 - Spirit Official Hall Master

As the heavens of the heavenly lake were continuously transformed into energy to be sacrificed to the great calamity of the sixteenth era, more figures appeared from the net of Dao chains, becoming clearer.

Spirit Official Hall Master had a peculiar appearance. He had a red face and fierce teeth. The hair at his temples grew upwards like small wings, and there was a vertical eye at the heart of his brows. The vertical eye was blazing with flames.

There was a dragon head growing out of his navel, and only his head was exposed outside. He looked sinister and fierce, and it was actually a living creature.

Behind him was an azure dragon that was like a ribbon that surrounded his body.

This person who had achieved the Dao in the past universe had a malevolent face and didn't look like the gods, devils, or Postcelestial lifeforms of the current world.

Celestial Venerable Xu suppressed the shock in her heart, but her gaze couldn't help but fall on the Spirit Official Hall Master's navel. The dragon head actually opened its eyes and looked at her.

Celestial Venerable Xu's heart jumped, and she looked away.

"Don't be afraid."

That Hall Master of Spirit Official Hall opened his mouth, and Dao language came from his mouth. It was extremely cryptic and profound. "This dragon head is my intestines. I was born in the thirteenth era and had achieved the Dao for a long time. Because I had lived for too long, my corporeal body developed intelligence over time. My intestines have already transformed into dragons and become ancient gods."

Celestial Venerable Xu and Celestial Venerable Hao's hearts trembled. There was such a cultivation path in this world?

How long had this Spirit Official Hall Master lived to transform his intestines into ancient gods?

However, from the meaning of his words, there was more than one type of ancient god in his body. Every part of his corporeal body could be separated from his body and become independent, becoming ancient gods!

This was many times more powerful than the abilities of the Grand Emperor's corporeal body which contained the imprints of the ancient gods!

Spirit officials had similar positions in the celestial heavens. Spirit officials were usually in charge of protecting the celestial heavens and protecting it.

There were five hundred spirit officials in the celestial heavens, and every one of them had outstanding abilities. They could be considered elites among the elites of the celestial heavens, and their battle power was extremely strong!

This Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall should be the Guardian of Miluo Palace, and his strength was probably top-notch among those who had achieved the Dao!

When the heavens of the celestial lake were completely dissolved and turned into sacrificial offerings, Hall Master Ling's body finally escaped from the disaster of the sixteenth era and descended into Youdu.

Hall Master Ling Guan stretched her body, and Celestial Venerable Xu couldn't help but take a few steps back. The power that Hall Master Ling Guan had inadvertently leaked out made it hard for her to endure, forcing her to retreat and avoid the impact of this violent aura.

Celestial Emperor Hao still stood there unmoving. The pressure that Hall Master Ling Guan gave him was extremely strong, but it wasn't enough to make him retreat.


The Spirit Official Hall Master bent down, and his huge face stopped in front of Emperor Hao Tian. His eyeballs rolled up and down, and the vertical eye in the heart of his brows also moved up and down as he examined Emperor Hao.

"You are the Celestial Emperor of this universe?"

He straightened his back again, and his voice boomed in Youdu like a bell. "Third and fourth young master have always indulged you. Even if you played some tricks in front of them, borrowing their power and not doing anything for them, the two young masters would still indulge you. Why do you ask?"

He didn't wait for Celestial Emperor Hao to reply and continued, "Because the two young masters know that you can't defeat the seventh young master!"

The corners of Emperor Hao Tian's eyes twitched, and his steady Dao heart suddenly rippled.

Spirit Official Hall Master seemed to have guessed the change in his Dao heart and continued, "If you can't defeat the seventh young master, you will go back and beg the two young masters. In the end, you will still have to obediently work for the two young masters! This is why the two young masters allowed you to play some small tricks in front of them."

"Your petty tricks are nothing in front of the two young masters. Seventh young master's scheming methods are also not something you can deal with."

Behind his head, the green dragon was like a ribbon, fluttering in the wind. The green dragon stretched out its claws and stopped on his shoulder, examining Celestial Emperor Hao and Celestial Venerable Xu curiously. Hall Master Ling Guan continued to say, "That seventh young master has roamed through numerous universes, and countless people have suffered at his hands. They can't say what they have suffered, and they can't beat him. How difficult is he to deal with? The two young masters only need to deal with this point to deal with you. Celestial Emperor Hao, do you understand?"

Emperor Hao Tian composed himself and bowed. "I… I understand."

Hall Master Ling Guan revealed a smile and took a deep breath. Suddenly, the space behind him shook violently, and a Dao Tree slowly appeared. On the Dao Tree hung three Dao Fruits and a Dao Flower. They were full of spirituality and had an oppressive aura of the Dao. However, they were unable to enter the current universe!

Hall Master Ling Guan gave it a try and frowned. He stopped summoning back his Dao Tree and said, "Sacrificing a heaven can only allow my corporeal body to come over, but not my Dao Tree. I need at least three heavens to recover to my peak state."

His gaze landed on Emperor Hao Tian, and he turned his head to look at Celestial Venerable Xu. "Hall Master Ling Guan's magic power is boundless, and he's the number one combat power of our celestial heavens! Minister Xu, sacrifice the four great heavens, Jade Rock, Shi Xiu, Spirit Book, and Spirit Abyss to ensure that Hall Master's Dao Tree is here. This is an important matter, so do it immediately."

Although Celestial Venerable Xu was a little unwilling, she still went to do it.

Jade Rock, Shi Xiu, Spirit Book, and Spirit Abyss—the four great heavens—had all died at the hands of Celestial Venerable Xu. The four great heavens had also been demonized by her and dragged into Youdu. There were numerous gods and devils on it, and it was already her territory.

Emperor Hao Tian wanted her to sacrifice her territory, so she was naturally a little unwilling.

"Just a hall master alone requires the sacrifice of five great heavens to descend completely. If all the hall masters of the 72 halls of Jade Capital City descend, I'm afraid I will need to sacrifice three hundred and sixty heavens!"

Celestial Venerable Xu was astonished. What if the young master of Miluo Palace descended?

What if all of the Dao successors of the Jade Capital City descended?

He probably wanted to sacrifice all the worlds in the universe!

Emperor Hao Tian took out the Spirit Official Hall and offered it to the Hall Master. He said with a smile, "This is the Hall of Supreme Venerable. I've borrowed it for a long time and benefited a lot from it. Since the real owner is here, I naturally have to return it to the original owner."

Spirit Official Hall Master put away the treasured hall and praised, "You know how to adapt to the situation and raise your head. I thought you were hard to get along with, but it seems I was wrong. Celestial Emperor, even the seventy-two hall masters aren't willing to come this time. Why do you ask? Offending the seventh young master! Offending him is like poking a hornet's nest and bringing bad luck for the rest of your life! When he returns to the past, he will definitely torture the descenders in all ways. I'm still the honest one who chose to descend here. However, I won't fight the seventh young master head-on. You know the reason."

Emperor Hao Tian was furious. 'If I don't fight with Celestial Venerable Mu head-on, wouldn't I be inviting a high and mighty old man to lord over me?'

Even though he was angry, he said respectfully, "Hall Master is worried that Seventh Young Master will make things difficult for Hall Master if he returns to the past. After all, Hall Master and Seventh Young Master have lived in the Mi Luo Palace for a few universe cycles."

Hall Master Ling Guan laughed loudly. "You're a wonderful person, I'm starting to like you! Seventh young master doesn't abide by the rules and is also restless. Other than the eldest young master, who in Miluo Palace hasn't suffered from him before? It's also because he's the seventh young master and the old master dotes on him, so he doesn't bother with him. He acts evil just because the old master dotes on him, so who's afraid of him?"

When Emperor Hao Tian heard this, he felt much more at ease. 'Although this Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall is a vulgar person, his evaluation of Celestial Venerable Mu is very accurate. At least they have some common language. It won't be hard for us to get along in the future.'

Celestial Venerable Xu moved the four great heavens over and started to sacrifice them. However, it would take some time for the four great heavens to be sacrificed, and Spirit Official Hall Master's Dao Tree wouldn't be able to descend anytime soon.

Emperor Hao said his goodbyes and left. "Dao brother, don't worry. If four heavens aren't enough, I'll let Minister Xu sacrifice a few more." After saying that, he left Youdu.

"Dao Brother Spirit Official, why did you only cultivate Dao Flower and not Dao Fruit in your previous life?" Celestial Venerable Xu asked.

Hall Master Ling Guan glanced at her. After a moment, he said, "The time is short, and there's not enough spirit energy."

Celestial Venerable Xu didn't understand.

Hall Master Ling Guan said, "During the sixteenth era, there were too many stowaways, resulting in the transfer of spiritual energy to the Shattering Calamity of the fifteenth era. The sixteenth era was very small, and the Ultimate Void couldn't be expanded. The entire Ultimate Void was filled with Great Overarching Heavens."

Celestial Venerable Xu stared with her eyes wide open, unable to imagine that kind of situation.

"In the sixteenth era, there was only one land of the ancestral court, as well as the various heavens of those who achieved the Dao. There was no other place."

Spirit Official Hall Master said, "In the entire sixteen epochs, the universe was pitifully small, and the spirit energy wasn't abundant. It was very congested. Not only me, but other people also couldn't form Dao fruits in such a place. It's already remarkable that I managed to cultivate the Dao Flower. Some senior brothers couldn't even cultivate the Dao Flower. The sixteen epochs universe only lasted for 600 million years before it collapsed and fell into the great calamity of destruction."

He chuckled and said, "In these six hundred million years, only one native achieved the Dao. Do you know how he did it?"

Celestial Venerable Xu shook his head.

"He achieved the Dao by killing!"

Spirit Official Hall Master said, "This fellow, hehe, is truly a ruthless character. His talent is also peerless and unimaginable! He knows that the universe will be destroyed and his spirit energy is insufficient. It will be difficult for him to achieve the Dao and he will definitely die, so he fell into the Killing Dao. He slaughtered many heavens that had achieved the Dao and killed another one. Finally, he achieved the Dao before the universe was destroyed and entered the ultimate void. He imprinted the Killing Dao and became the Great Overarching Heaven!"

He clicked his tongue in admiration and said, "His Dao Tree Dao Fruit had just been cultivated when the Ultimate Void was crushed by him. The Ultimate Void couldn't withstand so many Great Overarching Heavens to begin with, so when he achieved the Dao, he crushed the Ultimate Void, leading to the destruction of the sixteenth era."

Celestial Venerable Xu was stunned. "No one stopped him?"

Hall Master Ling Guan shook his head. "There were originally people who wanted to stop them, but they were stopped by old master. Old master said that we owe the living beings of this universe a debt and shouldn't interfere, so we didn't stop them."

He shook his head and was clearly not impressed by the actions of the master of Miluo Palace.

Celestial Venerable Xu was astonished. 'If all the Dao successors of the Jade Capital City descend, how long can our universe last?'

"This ruthless character who achieved the Dao through killing is called Shang Jun, but he still incurred the wrath of the masses. During the calamity, he still didn't know how to stop and went to hunt other people who had achieved the Dao through tribulation. He killed countless people and hoped to improve further."

Spirit Official Hall Master said indifferently, "The more he kills, the higher Shang Jun's cultivation will be. After that, Eldest Young Master couldn't hold it in anymore and suppressed him with some terrifying existences. Now, I don't know if he's dead or alive. Hehe, in the Great Calamity of Life and Death, he most likely won't be able to last this era…"

Even though he said so, he still revealed a worried expression. It was obvious that the strength of that Shang Jun wasn't that simple.

In the abandoned land of the Ultimate Void, that door floated alone in this dirty field. The world behind the door was extremely vast, but there were no strange 'treasures' that dared to barge into this place. On the contrary, these strange 'treasures' avoided the world behind the door.

Qin Mu wrinkled his nose and suddenly smelled the scent of blood rust. It filled his nostrils and made him feel like he was holding a piece of rusty iron and a fish.

The smell made him uncomfortable.

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