Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1657 - Descent

Qin Mu floated in the abandoned land. The pickle field in this Ultimate Void was very vast. It was as if all the things that hadn't been destroyed in the sixteen Great Cosmoses had been thrown here.

He passed by a withered Dao Tree which had completely withered. However, Qin Mu could still sense a weak consciousness from it.

He wanted to examine it in detail, but that consciousness was extremely simple and didn't respond to him at all. It was as if it had entered a state of chaos and didn't provide him with any information.

'This practitioner must have had his consciousness beaten into a chaotic state during the apocalypse,' Qin Mu thought to himself.

The consciousness hiding in the Dao Tree could no longer survive, so it was impossible for it to wake up.

Qin Mu left. The various items in the abandoned land of the Ultimate Void weren't fixed, and they were flowing at all times. If he wanted to find the door that hid the obelisk, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Furthermore, he couldn't use his consciousness here. His consciousness would be turned into nothingness by the ultimate void, so he could only rely on his eyesight to search.

Time passed day by day, and Qin Mu met countless unimaginable things. He even met the ruins of the Celestial Capital a few times, but he still couldn't find that gate.

During these days, his legs gradually grew and became about the same height as before. It was just that his legs were still a little weak. His primordial spirit also gradually grew stronger. Of course, if he wanted to recover his primordial spirit to its peak, he still needed to cultivate even longer.

At his peak, his primordial spirit was vast. If he pushed it to the extreme, his primordial spirit could cover an entire heaven. Although it wasn't as terrifying as Celestial Venerable You's primordial spirit, it was still extraordinary.

Right now, his primordial spirit was only thirty yards tall and couldn't be compared to the divine arts practitioners on Life and Death Realm.

Even so, he was still one of the strongest existences in the world!

His corporeal body and primordial spirit were all refined by primordial qi, and he walked the path of the master of Miluo Palace. On the other hand, his cultivation path coincided with the path of the master of Tiandu, gathering the talents of both families.

'I'll search for another two years. If I can't find that gate in two years, I'll return to Eternal Peace!'

Qin Mu endured the loneliness alone and searched bitterly in the abandoned land. He saw the head that was stuck on the flag and the woman combing her hair in a bronze mirror. He also saw a divine weapon that was continuously bleeding.

He also saw a Dao Fruit growing human heads continuously, but they were also being melted by the cold wind.

Other than that, he also encountered a group of coffins. The coffins were chained together, forming a row that floated in the boundless void.

This abandoned land was filled with strange things.

Previously, Qin Mu had planned to collect some treasures from the abandoned land, but when he saw these strange things, he lost that thought.

These things were also pickles for him. Not only were they useless, but they were also extremely dangerous. He had been chased by the strange head and broken ship time again. When he was collecting the mottled bronze mirror, he was almost pulled into the mirror by the woman. As for the head hanging on the flag, it had already grown together with the flag and was inseparable!

What was even more terrifying was that there were secrets hidden in the things here. They were trapped in the abandoned land, blown away by the cold wind and unable to leave. If Qin Mu brought them out of the abandoned land, it would probably be to fulfill these things and bring great disaster to the world!

"There are many undying beings hidden in the abandoned land."

The more Qin Mu saw, the more certain he was of his guess. Some existences that didn't die in the Great Calamity of Life and Death hid in all kinds of treasures, waiting for the time to revive.

They were undying beings, and even the ultimate void was indestructible. The abandoned land was a natural cage that imprisoned them here, preventing them from escaping.

If they brought these treasures away, it would help them instead!

The two years gradually came to an end, and Qin Mu's state of mind went from anxious to calm. The door landed on a huge coffin, and Qin Mu sat on it. Banging sounds came from the coffin as though there was a living person being suppressed in it.

The door was very heavy, enough to suppress the thing in the coffin.

Qin Mu knocked on the door and said with a smile, "Brother inside, I'm just taking a ride, why are you so anxious?"

Muffled roars came from the coffin, and the banging sounds became even more urgent, as if some monster was using its head to smash against the coffin.

Qin Mu laughed and raised his head to look forward.

In front of them were rows of coffins that were chained up. Their heads and tails were connected, and they were currently floating towards the darkness in the distance.

Qin Mu planned to use these coffins to rest. As for what was buried in the coffins, he didn't want to know at all.

The long journey in the past few years had made him unable to take it. His legs had yet to fully recover, so he needed to stop and rest.

At this moment, the smile on Qin Mu's face gradually faded as he stood up.

The coffin at the front was currently turning away from the planned route, and in front of the coffins was a door frame without a door!

In the door frame, huge obelisks could be faintly seen!

It was incomparably smooth, like countless flawless mirror-like obelisks!

The huge monument formed a forest and stood in the world behind the door.

The obelisks reflected the void and the groups of coffins that floated past the door. Qin Mu could even faintly see the things in the coffins on the surface of the obelisk!

These coffins were actually filled with Dao blood. In the Dao blood, there were monsters with thick hair. They looked like corpses and were stiff. Their teeth were very long and their nails were very sharp. They were frantically grabbing onto the walls of the coffins!

The corpses of those who had achieved the Dao were soaked in the blood of the coffin, turning into a strange lifeform!

Qin Mu jumped in shock and gradually relaxed.

These coffins should be another power that had achieved the Dao other than the Miluo Palace and the Heaven Capital. The path they took was different from the Miluo Palace and the Heaven Capital.

The abilities of these people who had achieved the Dao were inferior to those of the Miluo Palace and the Heaven Capital, so they used the wood of the World Tree to sculpt a coffin before locking themselves in it.

In the end, when the great calamity of life and death erupted, they used the coffins refined by the World Tree to avoid the calamity. However, they didn't avoid the calamity of creation. In the great calamity of the universe, they turned into blood, and their corpses soaked in the blood that they had transformed into, becoming corpse demons.

"It's also possible that the blood isn't their own. It's even more likely that they killed other people who had achieved the Dao and used the Dao blood of those who had achieved the Dao as vessels to lie in it, hoping to survive the Life and Death Calamity."

Qin Mu grabbed the door and leaped up. He stepped on the coffins and went straight for the door frame. Under his feet, threatening roars came from the coffins. It was obvious that the things in the coffins weren't content.

"However, why can't they come out after the Life and Death Calamity?"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and revealed a smile. "It's obvious that they have gone overboard. Someone took the chance when the Life and Death Calamity erupted to seal their coffins, preventing them from escaping after the arrival of a new universe. Well done!"

His mood became much better, and he laughed loudly. He leaped from the coffin at the front and landed in the door frame.

In his hand, the door flew up and closed with a click.

Qin Mu turned his head back to take a look. This door should have two sides, and there was still a missing door in the frame.

"Where's the other door?"

Qin Mu couldn't help being astonished. The treasure forged by the young master of Miro Palace was definitely of superior quality and wouldn't be so easily damaged. What had caused the two doors of this door to break free from the door frame?

He went forward and tried to remove the door. However, even though his power was stronger than that of Celestial Emperor Hao who had achieved the Dao through force, he couldn't separate the door from the frame!

Qin Mu frowned and released his palm.

'If I want to destroy this door, its power either comes from the outside world or from the inside! In this universe, there's basically no one stronger than me. Could it be that someone has come out from the world behind the door?'

He turned around and looked at the world behind the door. The monoliths were like a forest, towering into the clouds. In the sky, there was even a sun that was blazing with astonishing firepower. The sun didn't move and didn't have its own orbit like the other stars.

This was a complete world!

"The door flew out of the door, which means that there are two possibilities. The first possibility is that the existence that was suppressed in the monument forest came out and sent the door flying from the inside. The second possibility is that someone from outside grabbed the door and tore it open, throwing it out. The second possibility is only a third, or even less."

Qin Mu stood in front of the door and gestured. The easiest way to break open this door from the outside was definitely not to throw it out, but to use brute force to blow it into the world behind the door!

Therefore, it was more likely that the person who was suppressed here had beaten his way out and sent the two doors flying!

Qin Mu composed himself and walked into the world after entering the door.

"No matter who Big Young Master is suppressing here, I have to try!"

His figure vanished behind the door and walked into the monument forest.

Youdu was pitch black.

Celestial Venerable Xu stood in the center of the heavens of the celestial lake. She had completely pulled this heaven into Youdu, and the entire heaven was filled with skeletons. Celestial Venerable Xu walked among them, and when her feet landed on these skeletons, they gave off cracking sounds. It was unknown how many skeletons had been crushed by her feet.

These white bones were the lifeforms of the heavenly lake, and there was no lack of corpses of gods and devils. There were even a few that were on the Numinous Sky Realm. However, when the heavenly lake calamity broke out, no matter how strong these gods and devils were, they died in an instant under Celestial Venerable Xu's divine art.

The extinction of the entire heavens happened in a breath's time.

Celestial Venerable Xu raised his head and looked at the Great Overarching Heaven Fragments floating around the celestial lake. There was an incomparably huge hexagon pillar in each of the pieces, and all kinds of strange markings were carved on its surface.

Above these hexagonal pillars, there was a Dao fruit floating in the air. Blood flowed out continuously from the Dao fruit, and the blood flowed through the vein lines of the hexagonal pillars, activating them.

In the sky above the heavens of the heavenly lake, the six prism pillars formed a dense chain. The entire starry sky of the heavenly lake had been shattered by these chains, turning into pure energy that was transmitted to the sixteenth era through the sacrificial altar formed by the six prism pillars.

Celestial Venerable Xu still remembered that when the calamity of the Heavenly Lake broke out, she had executed all the living beings in the Heavenly Lake. In the next moment, the blood sacrifice had begun, and everyone's corpses were aging rapidly. Their flesh, blood, and primordial spirits were all transformed into pure energy that was absorbed by the sacrificial altar, turning into white bones.

However, the sacrificial altar had to devour the heavens of the heavenly lake at a slightly slower pace. Only until now did it devour all the stars and galaxies of the heavenly lake.

Now, the chains had already reached the main landmass of the heavenly lake. As long as they devoured this main landmass, the energy offered by the sacrifice should be enough to allow a person who had achieved the Dao to descend.

Right at this moment, a head slowly appeared between the chains.

Celestial Venerable Xu's heart trembled slightly. He knew that those who had achieved the Dao were about to descend!

She hurriedly left the Tianhu Continent, her body tense as she prepared to deal with any mishaps!

"There's no need to be nervous."

Celestial Venerable Hao's voice came from behind her. "This is the Hall Master of the Spirit Official Hall of the seventy-two throne halls of the ancestral court, not an outsider!"

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