Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1632 -Stopping You From The Achieving Dao

The other reincarnation of Tai Chu was Du Yufei.

Du Yufei didn't go to Eternal Peace's Dao Sanctuary or Imperial College. Instead, he went to Heavenly Saint Academy to seek knowledge. Because Eternal Peace had to face the pressure of the celestial heavens, when Heavenly Saint Academy recruited scholars, they usually had to check their souls and roots before they could enter.

Du Yufei had been investigated before, and his background was clear. There was nothing wrong with his resume, family background, and background.

His performance after entering the academy was considered to be below average among the scholars of Heavenly Saint Academy. He was the unremarkable kind and had never shown anything special.

He was a loner and rarely interacted with others.

On this day, Du Yufei went to class and heard the sound of someone selling. "Selling mirrors! Selling mirrors! The best divine mirrors are from High Emperor's ancient tomb! A mirror is only sold for fifty thousand great abundance coins!"

Du Yufei didn't think much of it. The atmosphere of Heavenly Saint Academy had always been like this. Heavenly Saint Academy's predecessor was Heavenly Saint Cult, and many of the cults were from all walks of life. They came from all walks of life and led the liveliness of the city.

The scholars of Heavenly Saint Academy also had the temperament of country bumpkins. When they got some treasures, they would sell them in the academy. Some people even liked to brag, exaggerating the treasures they got.

Du Yufei walked forward and saw quite a number of people gathered beside the scholar who was selling mirrors to examine the divine mirrors.

"Good treasure!" someone shouted.

That scholar raised a divine mirror and shouted, "This divine mirror is a treasure from High Emperor's ancient tomb, an item of High Emperor Heaven, so it's naturally a good treasure. You guys rarely even see it in the past! Today, I'm only selling it for fifty thousand great abundance coins, so it's a huge loss!"

When Du Yufei flew towards the divine mirror, it happened to shine at him.

Du Yufei was stunned, and he was a little absent-minded. He shook his head again and continued to walk towards the classroom. When the bell rang, everyone around the scholar immediately dispersed and ran towards the classroom.

Du Yufei turned back to take a look and saw that the scholar selling mirrors was gone. He must have gone to class.

Qin Mu walked out of Heavenly Saint Academy with a smile on his face. He threw the divine mirror and saw the apparition of Du Yufei in the mirror experiencing life after life in the reincarnation cycle. All of his divine arts, paths, and skills were imprinted in the mirror.

The moment Du Yufei looked at the divine mirror, he had already fallen into Qin Mu's divine art. His experiences in life after life were imprinted into the mirror.

'This mirror is really cheap to sell for fifty thousand great abundance coins.'

Qin Mu smiled. The treasure he had personally forged was a priceless treasure. Fifty thousand great abundance coins was indeed equivalent to giving it away for free, but it was a pity no one knew what it was.

"Tai Chu is indeed cunning. Even though Du Yufei and Yan Duxing cultivated the Hall of Treasures, they each took half of it. It's obvious that Tai Chu was worried that someone would see through his reincarnation, so they split up to cultivate."

Qin Mu returned to the celestial palace in the sky above Surging River and slowly studied and comprehended, filling up the missing fourteen halls.

Finally, the remaining fourteen throne halls were finished by him. As the last throne hall was completed, Qin Mu's aura suddenly rose drastically, and he felt an incomparably powerful force surging over from the past!

It came from the power of the past sixteen universes, the power of the seventy-two Dao cultivators of the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital City. Although they had never come to this universe, their Dao arts had been passed down through the inheritance of the seventy-two throne halls of the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital City!

Vaguely, his gaze seemed to pierce through the sixteen universes that had passed away. He saw the boundless chaos and the 72 powerful figures standing under their respective Dao Trees!

They were in the calamity of their own universes and had experienced the calamity, yet they weren't obliterated by the life and death of the universe!

The chaos was too thick, and Qin Mu could only see the figures of the seventy-two followers of the master of Miluo Palace. He could see the light from the Dao fruits hanging on the Dao Tree behind them, but he couldn't see their faces clearly.

"Seventh young master!"

He heard voices from the past, voices of those who had achieved the path. They traveled through time and space, passed through the great calamity of destruction, and entered his ears.

"You cultivated our technique and have fallen into our control!"

The seventy-two overlapping voices were so loud that even the deaf could hear, and they reached deep into his heart. "You stealing our power is equivalent to digging your own grave!"

"Now that you are under our control, you are destined to be unable to achieve the Dao!"

In Qin Mu's mind, the seventy-two voices rumbled and shook, and they didn't calm down for a long time.

In the boundless primal chaos, the seventy-two of them walked towards him as if they wanted to walk from the past to the present, from illusion to reality.

He stood there and suddenly sneered.

In the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure in the heart of his brows, the Jade Capital City was connected to the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. It was like the projection of the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. This was borrowing the power of the Jade Capital City to raise his cultivation realm.

There would definitely be hidden dangers if he did that. Therefore, when he cultivated the 72 throne halls, he immediately alerted the Dao successors who had constructed the 72 throne halls of the Jade Capital City!

These people who had achieved the Dao were the overlords of the past universe. Their divine arts were remarkable and inconceivable. The treasured hall they had left behind was their power to compete with each other. As long as Qin Mu cultivated, he would borrow their power and be sensed by them.

This included the Yuan Sage who had already died in the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital, as well as Nanxiang, who had met Qin Mu once.

In the past universe,the Yuan Sages hadn't died yet, and Yuan Monarch Nanxiang hadn't resolved her grudge with Qin Mu.

"Do you think you can stop me with the seventy-two throne halls just because I borrowed power from you guys? Dream on!"

In the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, Qin Mu's primordial spirit grew larger, becoming stronger.

"My goal isn't as simple as cultivating to Jade Capital Realm."

His body was upright like a World Tree, firm and unyielding. Even the great calamity of destruction couldn't erase it!

Behind him, the World Tree stood beside the Great Celestial Heavens. It was as if it had been blown by a gale. Strong winds blew, and its branches and leaves fluttered in the wind.

His goal was to borrow the power of Ancestral Court Jade Capital City and use it as a stepping stone to enter the next realm!

His next realm was in the center of Jade Capital City, the palace hall that was faintly discernible in the chaos qi!

That was his goal!

The hall in the chaos aura was originally in the Numinous Sky Hall. After Qin Mu learned of the Numinous Sky Trap, he was full of vigilance towards Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne Realm.

The last time, the lotus in his divine treasure had opened up, allowing him to comprehend the path of life and death in the universe. On the path of life and death, he comprehended his own path and his own Dao.

That was his brand new technique, a brand new Dao technique. He had used this new Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to experience countless great calamities of life and death before finally forming a huge hall in the primal chaos.

His goal was to cross the primordial chaos and reach the front of this hall. He would step into this hall and ascend to the Emperor's Throne that belonged to him!

This was his Dao, his path!

Previously, when he was cultivating, he felt that his strength was lacking and he couldn't enter the hall.

Now, with the power of the ancestral court's Jade Capital City's seventy-two throne halls, he had sufficient confidence!

"72 Dao friends, you are all my stepping stones!"

In the Jade Capital City, Qin Mu's primordial spirit looked at the apparitions of the seventy-two throne halls and revealed a smile. "The reason for your existence is to help me achieve the Dao!"


In his divine treasures and celestial heavens, waves of terrifying aura fluctuated, and the apparitions of the seventy-two Dao successors walked out of their respective treasure halls. Behind them, Dao trees gave off incomparably thick Great Dao auras.

On the Dao Tree, the Dao fruits hung on the branches, varying in number.

The Dao runes from the Dao Fruit were marvelous and grand, filling his divine treasure universe with all kinds of Dao sounds and all kinds of Dao lights.

The seventy-two successors blocked the path of his primordial spirit.

Qin Mu walked forward, and the celestial heavens trembled. Within the celestial palaces, paths, skills, and divine arts were boiling. Countless rays of light poured over and tunneled into Qin Mu's primordial spirit.

The ancestral court, Xuandu, Yuandu, Youdu, Heavenly Yin, Ruins of End, all kinds of gods appeared.

In the five great mines of the ancestral court, multicolored light rose up, and each of them had a god sitting on top of the mines with an ancient face.

For a moment, the Dao voice in Qin Mu's divine treasure universe rumbled. It was incomparably spectacular!

His divine treasures were bustling, but his body was still standing there calmly. He didn't move, and his aura didn't leak out at all.

Great Celestial Heavens, Jade Capital City.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit walked forward, and behind a huge hall, the Dao Tree suddenly swayed. The Dao fruit trembled, and a supreme aura of the Great Dao rushed towards him. It was as if it was a black knife that could cut through time. It slashed horizontally!

Qin Mu stretched out his hand and punched out to meet the knife light!

"Your power wasn't lent to me, it was seized by me!"

The universe of the divine treasures boiled, and his magic power was almost berserk. He punched out and shattered the knife light. His body suddenly rose into the sky and landed in front of the hall with a rumble. He cupped his hands and bowed!


In front of the treasured hall, the apparition of the person who had achieved the Dao exploded and transformed into surging primordial qi.

Qin Mu cupped his hands and bowed again. Behind the throne hall, the Dao Tree shattered and the Dao fruit exploded.

In front of the celestial heavens, the branches of Qin Mu's world danced in the air, absorbing the light transformed from the shadow of the Dao Tree Fruit. Not a drop was left.


The Ruins of End burst forth and absorbed the chaotic qi formed by the apparition of the person who had achieved the Dao.

Qin Mu straightened his back, and his cultivation rose steadily. He continued to walk forward, and his voice rumbled in the universe of the divine treasures.

"You think you can stop me from achieving my Dao?"

His five fingers spread open, and thirty-one layers of the Heavenly Dao Realm appeared. The five of them merged into one, and he pushed forward with his palm. In front of the treasured hall, the apparition of another cultivator who had achieved Dao resisted with all his might. All kinds of Great Dao divine arts were unleashed, and he finally blocked the attack.

Yet in the next moment, Qin Mu had already come to his left. Using his hand as a knife, he slashed horizontally and killed him!

Qin Mu squatted down and leaped to the back of the throne hall. He descended from the sky and crushed the apparition of the World Tree into pieces!

The World Tree absorbed the light formed by the Dao Tree apparition, and the Ruins of End swallowed the apparition of the Daoist that had been killed.

"Not only must I become my Dao!"

Qin Mu waved his right arm, and his cape fluttered behind him as he walked towards the third hall.

"I still want to return to prehistory, to your universe, your era!"

His body flashed, and he almost came face to face with the apparition of the third person who had achieved the Dao. He raised his eyebrows. "I will personally meet you guys! I don't have the habit of only being beaten up and not fighting back…"


The apparition of the Dao Achievement fell into the hall and exploded.

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