Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1629 - The Hen Dragons Will Never Be A Slave

At the lowest level of the Ruins of End, the Chaos Sea gave off boundless light. Within the light, the Ruins of End lotus seed given to Qin Mu by the second young master of Miluo Palace actually split open, and a root that was full of sharp spikes popped out. A dark red lotus leaf curled into a cylinder.

The roots grew, and the lotus leaves drilled out of the chaos sea, revealing the sharp horns.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. Ever since he had obtained this lotus seed, he had thrown it into the abyss of the Ruins of End in his divine treasures and ignored it.

He didn't expect to receive Emperor Hao's technique from the human skin that Xing An had sent over and comprehend the path of the Ruins of End that Emperor Hao had comprehended. It had actually taken root and sprouted just like that!

'Celestial Venerable Hao and Xing An are truly my lucky stars!'

The root and germination of the Sinkhole lotus seed could be said to have solved the most crucial part of his cultivation technique system!

Qin Mu stared at the abyss in his divine treasures and saw that the lotus leaf was slowly unfolding and growing. The markings on the lotus leaf were the path of the Ruins of End and were extending continuously.

Qin Mu's comprehension of the path of the Ruins of End wasn't inferior to that of Emperor Hao, and it wasn't inferior to that of Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress.

He had once studied the corporeal bodies of Yuanmu and Celestial Empress thoroughly, and all kinds of runes of the Ruins of End were unified by him with microscopic algebra and macroscopic algebra.

However, the true path of the Ruins of End wasn't that simple. The true path of the Ruins of End actually contained the Dao of Life and Death of the universe. Qin Mu had already accumulated many insights in this area, but it wasn't enough for the lotus seed to grow.

The lotus seed of the Ruins of End contained the complete Dao of the Ruins of End. How to induce it to germinate was the most important thing.

Comprehending Emperor Hao Tian's technique this time made up for what he lacked.

Even though the lotus leaves of the Ruins of End grew in the Chaos Sea and floated on the surface of the sea, they weren't tainted by any Chaos Qi or dust.

As the lotus leaf grew, another lotus leaf also grew out from the chaos sea. Next, a flower bud revealed its sharp horns from the chaos sea.

Twin lotuses!

As the lotus leaves and lotus flowers grew, all kinds of marvels of the path of the Ruins of End came flooding into Qin Mu's mind. They contained the marvels of another extreme wind that was the opposite of the Ultimate Void. However, this wind was only one of them. The most important thing was the marvelous principle of the universe being destroyed by chaos and being born from it!

His comprehension grew deeper, and he gradually fell into his own withering state.

His aura withered rapidly, and the power of the Ruins of End in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure grew stronger. It swallowed Youdu, the Primordial Realm, the thousands of worlds in the heavens, and even Xuandu. It caused his divine treasure universe to sink into a state of silence!

In the end, the ancestral court also crumbled and fell into the Ruins of End.

Finally, everything in his divine treasures returned to chaos. The thick and heavy primordial qi was like an ocean, leaving only the twin lotuses and the World Tree.

Even his celestial palaces and celestial heavens were buried in the Ruins of End Chaos!

Not only that, there were thirty layers of void hidden in his divine treasures. These voids were also annihilated and vanished without a trace!

Qin Mu's aura had completely dispersed, and there was no aura of a living person at all. The few hen dragons gathered their courage and came forward to examine Qin Mu from left to right before pecking at the corner of his shirt.


When the hen dragons confirmed that Qin Mu was dead, they cried out happily and flapped their wings.

A hen dragon planned to fly above Qin Mu's head and guide the mountains and rivers, announcing that this celestial palace that Qin Mu had visualized was about to become their territory. At that moment, a loud bang that could split heaven and earth came from Qin Mu's body!

Before the hen dragon could even reach Qin Mu's head, it was roasted by a flame and landed on the ground, giving off a fragrant smell of meat.

When the other hen dragons saw this, they immediately scattered like birds and beasts. Only a few cows in the distance lazily flicked their tails and took a glance over. They then became quiet again.

Two small red fish leaped out from the celestial river and transformed into two huge red kuns with their fins propping up the ground. They shook their heads and tails as they advanced with difficulty, trying to catch a few cows to eat.

The few cows stood up alertly and stared at the big red kun that was getting closer. They quietly retreated.


An incomparably terrifying aura suddenly burst forth from Qin Mu's body, and boundless life force poured out. In an instant, countless stars surged out from his body and rapidly emerged!

The world was spinning, and the vast ancestral court passed through the herd of cows and the big red kun. It passed by the hen dragons that were escaping, and soon, they were all brought into the ancestral court.

The Red Leviathan, the herd of cows, and the hen dragon were in a daze. They felt boundless life force pouring into their bodies, and a few yellow cows mooed. Their bodies spun helplessly in the air, and their bodies grew larger. Their souls and spirits were also rapidly growing after receiving this vigorous life force!

The corporeal bodies of the big yellow bulls transformed, and sizzling sounds rang out from their bodies. Red dragon scales crawled out from the surface of their bodies to replace the hair of the bulls. Their tails became as hard as steel and filled with sharp spikes!

Their heads expanded, and their horns became sharper. Coldness gave birth to light!

Divine power poured out from their bodies, and their muscles became stronger. They couldn't help but stand up on their two feet and transform into a Kui Dragon. The cry of a cow mixed with the roar of a dragon!

Their hooves came together in front of their chests, and the muscles on their bodies looked sinister and terrifying!

These cows had received the chance to split the heaven and earth apart from Qin Mu and transformed into a Kui Dragon, awakening their intelligence. They couldn't help but have evil thoughts and wanted to avenge their companions by killing the two big red kun.

They raised their heads and saw that the two huge red kuns were also swallowing this heaven-splitting opportunity. Their bodies became even larger as they floated in the air, shaking their heads and wagging their tails as they swam towards them in delight.

A few Kui Dragons hurriedly ran away, and the hen dragons in the distance also became extremely gorgeous. Their bodies became ten times larger, and their bodies were full of divine power. It was just that their brains were too small, and they didn't have any intelligence. When they saw the herd of cows running over, and the huge red kun chasing after them, they immediately flapped their wings to escape.

Right at this moment, the creation of heaven and earth came to an end, and everything calmed down.

The big red kun, the herd of cows, and the flock of chickens all stopped and looked back. They saw Xuandu, Youdu, the ancestral court, the myriad worlds, and the ancient gods floating around them. However, they had shrunk countless times.

A Chicken Break Dragon pecked on a shining sun and swallowed it. Not long after it swallowed the sun, it dropped an egg with a pop.

"Cluck cluck cluck," it cried out in surprise.

Suddenly, the newly opened universe contracted violently. The big red kun, the bulls, and the chickens couldn't stand still and flew backward with a roar. The abyss of the Ruins of End appeared and swallowed everything. All the worlds and heavens distorted and fell into the bottomless pit, destroying everything!

The chicken, the cow, and the cow were all struggling, yet they were powerless to resist this destructive power.


They were swept into the Ruins of End and were quickly destroyed, turning into chaos.

Dead silence.

Only a huge radish in the distance stuck its head out from the mud and looked at the scene in horror.

After a moment, there was another loud bang that split the heaven and earth apart. The primordial chaos around Qin Mu opened up and evolved again. The radish crawled out from the ground and started to run.

However, even though its speed was fast, the current that could split heaven and earth quickly caught up to it. The heavens and tens of thousands of worlds were born from the void, and Radish grew frantically before falling back into Youdu.

In Youdu, a few dead hen dragons appeared. They were all alone and had no one to rely on. Only their souls were left, and they could only watch as the radish flew past them while dancing.

Radish saw a few more Kui cows in their soul form, as well as two huge red kun that had become incomparably huge and opened their mouths wide to swallow everything.

They immediately cooperated and swam out of Youdu with all their might. Suddenly, a monster with the head of a bull, the body of a human, and the face of a tiger was born behind them. Its physique was astonishingly huge, and there were two long horns on its head that looked like long rivers of lava.

The bull-headed god had Qin Mu's face, and he held the Styx River in his hand. He used the Styx River as a whip and noticed them struggling in Youdu. His three eyes revealed astonishment.


The ghost river pulled them over and swept them up. They danced around and were sent out of Youdu.

Bang, bang, bang—

They fell to the ground, confused.

The hen dragon, the Kui Ox, the big red kun, and the carrot stood up and landed in front of the celestial palace. When they looked back, they saw that the newly born universe was collapsing and being destroyed again. They couldn't help but feel a lingering fear.

"Cluck cluck cluck cluck…" A hen dragon hugged its egg and jumped around happily.

One of the Kui Dragons hurriedly touched his own body and realized that he was perfectly fine. His corporeal body had returned, and he couldn't help crying.

"If we survive this disaster, we will definitely have good fortune!"

A Kui Dragon opened its mouth and suddenly jumped in shock. "Moo! I can talk? I've become a demon?"

The group of Kui dragons were overjoyed and mooed non-stop. The Kui dragon cried out, "We shall form an alliance with blood and become sworn brothers. From today onwards, we shall be the overlord of the Celestial River!"

The carrot and the two big red kun that were flying in the sky opened their mouths and spoke in the human language, "After surviving a great disaster, good fortune will definitely follow. Let us become sworn brothers and sisters! What do you guys think?"

They looked at the hen dragons, and they blinked their small eyes at them while crying out, "Cluck cluck?"

The carrot said suspiciously, "They don't seem to have awakened their intelligence… Do we need to sacrifice a chicken to form an alliance? Why don't we…"

After a moment, the surviving hen dragons trembled in the corner of the Southern Heavenly Gate where the celestial palace was located. They looked at themselves in fear as they became roasted chicken companions.

"Why are these hen dragons hiding here?"

Granny Si's voice came from the palace, "Blind, what are we having for lunch today?"

"The two fish in Mu'er's house aren't bad."

Blind's voice sounded out, "Add some carrots and beef."


The hen dragons and the sworn carrots, big red kun, and kui dragons hurriedly dispersed.

That night, in the Black Forest outside the celestial palace, a dozen hen dragons set up a bonfire and spewed out a fire dragon to light it up.

They surrounded a simple sacrificial altar that was constructed from dry wood. As they walked, they circled around the sacrificial altar while calling out in a low voice to hold a mysterious sacrifice.

After an unknown period of time, the hen dragon egg in the center of the sacrificial altar suddenly gave off a soft crack, and a crack appeared on the egg.

A small hen dragon with an eggshell on its head stood up from the egg. Its left wing pointed to the sky and its right wing pointed to the ground, giving off its first cry after coming into this world!

"The hen dragons will never be slaves! Cluck cluck—"

Qin Mu used his own cultivation to evolve the life and death of the divine treasure universe. With every life and death, not only did his comprehension of the path of the Ruins of End deepen, the World Tree in his divine treasure also grew continuously.

The Ruins of End lotus seeds transformed into twin lotuses, finally solving the circulation system of his technique!

After an unknown period of time, Qin Mu opened his eyes, and the vertical eye in the heart of his brows was filled with chaos. He executed his technique, and the tree branches of the world behind him swayed. A huge celestial heavens appeared, and in the Jade Capital City, chaos surged. There was a treasure hall that was faintly situated between illusion and reality.

On Star Seizer Peak of Dao Academy, Xing An received the thread that Ling Yuxiu had ordered people to send over. After taking a look, his gaze flickered, and he said to the chest, "This is the reason why I wanted Cult Master Qin's brain. He only has one brain, yet he found something I couldn't find."

He stood up and said, "Pack your luggage, we are going to the celestial heavens."

The chest hurriedly rummaged around the palace and stored everything that could be taken away into his body. He quickly stored all the treasures in Xing An's palace and closed the lid on himself before following Xing An with light footsteps.

"Patriarch Creation Palace Master, Celestial Venerable Xing An?"

Xing An closed the palace door and walked towards the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in Eternal Peace's capital city. He said in a low voice, "I don't care, I just want to see what's worth collecting in the celestial heavens…"

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