Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1601 - You Can Only Die

Heaven Duke's abilities had yet to reach the level of a Celestial Venerable, and his magic power was much weaker than in his previous life. However, what made him stronger than the Heaven Duke in his previous life was that his comprehension of the Heavenly Dao was even deeper than his son, Ancestral God King.

After breaking free from Heaven Duke's corporeal body and the restraints of the Heavenly Dao, he could comprehend the inner meaning of the Heavenly Dao and get closer to it.

The Heavenly Dao Weapon among the fifty Heavenly Dao treasures landed in his hands. The Heavenly Discipline, Heaven Beggars, Heaven Mudra, Heaven Merit, Heaven Secrets, and the other forty-nine treasures transformed continuously and advanced layer by layer, shattering God Emperor Lang Xuan's corporeal body.

Lang Xuan's corporeal body shattered, and the celestial heavens in the heart of his brows expanded outwards. Five red ropes pierced through the celestial heavens in all directions, passing through the Dao Fruit.

Heaven Duke rushed forward with the Heaven Insight Dao Weapon in his hand. The forty-nine Heavenly Dao treasures flew up and down, combining together continuously. They destroyed the buildings in the Lang Xuan Celestial Heavens and went straight for the Dao Fruit!

The Dao fruit sank into the red rope and didn't dare to struggle. It could only watch as he closed in!

If Heaven Duke touched the red knot, his Dao fruit might not be able to survive!

Right at this moment, Celestial Venerable Hao appeared in front of the Dao Fruit and waved his hand. A Ruins of End abyss appeared, and Heaven Duke fell into it along with the treasure.

The divine art of the Ruins of End trembled violently, and the fifty heavenly treasures swirled, carrying Heaven Duke out.

Heaven Duke flew out of God Emperor Lang Xuan's celestial heavens and landed on the ground. His celestial sword slashed at Earth Count Ah Chou, and the golden rope that bound him broke. Ah Chou crashed into the monument forest.

"Your abilities aren't bad."

Celestial Venerable Hao praised, and his gaze landed on him. His eyes were like two invincible black holes, giving off an extremely uneasy feeling. "Heaven Duke, after you were revived by Celestial Venerable Mu, your abilities are much better than before. Back then, when you were still Celestial Venerable Hong, even though your magic power was the best, your Dao heart was too weak. After Celestial Venerable Qin opened up the Dao Realm, Celestial Venerable Hong fell behind and was assassinated by Celestial Venerable Mu. Heaven Duke, if you are willing to return to the ten Celestial Venerables, I will welcome you back."

Heaven Duke stood up on his Heavenly Platform Dao Weapon, and Heavenly Dao treasures danced around him. He chuckled and said, "The death of Hong has nothing to do with Celestial Venerable Mu. I only have myself to blame. Furthermore, the one who killed Hong wasn't Celestial Venerable Mu, but the unfilial Ancestral God King."

Behind Celestial Venerable Hao's head, the 35 celestial palaces formed the 10,000 Heavenly Dao Wheel. Qin Mu tried to break out of the formation in the Heavenly Wheel, but Celestial Venerable Hao's 35 celestial palaces were ever-changing, blocking him.

"High Venerable Ling Yu, now you know that working with Celestial Venerable Mu is like asking a tiger for its skin, right?"

Celestial Venerable Hao suddenly said, "Celestial Venerable Mu is unscrupulous. Even if you form an alliance with him, he will break it at any time. Heaven Duke is also clear about this."

Qin Mu stopped trying to escape and laughed loudly. "High Venerable Ling Yu, have I violated the Dao Fruit's Alliance with you? When you and I established the Dao Fruit's Alliance in the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel, you said that I needed to helped you seize God Emperor Lang Xuan. I did help you seize Lang Xuan's body and didn't break the oath."

High Supreme Spirit Jade's consciousness came out from the Dao Fruit, and he sneered. "Miluo Palace's seventh young master, you truly live up to your reputation. You indeed helped me seize Lang Xuan's body, but at the same time, you also left this strange seal in Lang Xuan's body! Not only that, you even took the chance to pierce through my Dao fruit with your sword, trying to kill me!"

In the Wheel of Myriad Dao, Qin Mu's face was full of glory. "That sword was an accident. I didn't know you were so eager, which was why you missed. However, I have been scheming for a long time. You are a prehistoric Dao practitioner. If I let you descend into this universe, no one else would be able to survive. Therefore, I had no choice but to kill you. However, I didn't expect that after you formed an alliance with me, you would actually form an alliance with Celestial Venerable Hao. Your ability to be two-faced isn't bad."

Heavenly Venerate Ling Yu mocked, "Seventh young master, I'm not the one looking for Celestial Venerable Hao, it's Celestial Venerable Hao."

Qin Mu said in astonishment, "Brother Hao, you found him?"

Celestial Venerable Hao had a smile on his face. "Dao Friend Mu, if you can find him, why can't I find him? That day when you were suppressed by me in the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel, you took the chance to observe the paths, skills, and divine arts of the Celestial Venerables. I was also taking the chance to observe their paths, skills, and divine arts."

The smile on Qin Mu's face gradually faded.

Celestial Venerable Hao continued to say, "The secrets in the Lang Xuan Dao Fruit can't be hidden from me. Your contact with High Venerable Ling Yu also couldn't be hidden from me. You can reach an agreement with High Lord Ling Yu, so I naturally can as well. Cooperating with me is the same as cooperating with the three young masters and four young masters of Miluo Palace. No matter what, it's much better than working with the seven young masters of Miluo Palace who don't keep their word, right?"

Qin Mu's expression turned grim, and he asked, "In that case, how did you get rid of Founding Emperor and come here?"

Celestial Venerable Hao said leisurely, "Who said I got rid of Founding Emperor? Celestial Venerable Mu, I was able to survive from the Dragon Han Era until now, and the number of methods I have is beyond your imagination. The support of the three young masters and four young masters isn't something you can imagine. I have two sides in my body, and Founding Emperor has been hindered by my body that has achieved the Dao. My body of the Ruins of End will then head to Youdu to preside over the overall situation."

"Since there are three young masters and four young masters supporting me, with their power, why shouldn't I use it?"

He said indifferently, "In the battle of Youdu, you seem to have the upper hand, but everything is still under my control."

Heaven Duke carried Ah Chou and Earth Count, retreating silently.

He felt that something was wrong. The current situation had clearly surpassed Qin Mu's calculations. Celestial Venerable Hao's trump card had also surpassed Qin Mu's calculations. If he didn't leave now, he probably wouldn't be able to leave!

Celestial Venerable Hao ignored him and said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you are indeed the most troublesome person I have ever met. Whether it's your wisdom or your schemes, they are all astonishing to me. However, you have too little time, too little time. If you were given another three to five hundred years, you would really be able to turn the tables. It's just that now, you are still not good enough. In the battle between us, you are always a step behind. This line is the difference between victory and defeat!"

He raised his hand, and his voice reverberated in Youdu. It spread to every corner of Youdu, and the fighting void, Ling, You, Zu, Huo, Yue, Lang Wo, Taiji, and Taishi could hear it clearly.

"I have to use it well! Since I have the support of the Miluo Palace, I have to use it well. The Miluo Palace is my power! My power has already made my father despair and have no choice but to submit to me!"


Youdu split open, and a piece of the Great Overarching Heaven flew out, pressing down from the sky. Wherever it passed, cold wind would blow, forcing Xu, Ling, You, Zu, Huo, Yue, Lang Wo, Taiji, and Tai Shi to avoid it.

Suddenly, another piece of the Great Overarching Heaven Net flew out and flew towards Youdu, followed by a third and a fourth piece!

The sixteen Great Overarching Heaven Fragments were like transparent mirrors, and each of them had a huge hexagonal pillar standing upright. Qin Mu looked into the distance and saw that the hexagonal pillars contained a strange Dao charm. His heart couldn't help jumping. 'Could the hexagonal pillars in the Great Overarching Heaven be sculpted from the Dao Tree?'

Even if he was trapped in the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel that Celestial Venerable Hao's celestial heavens had transformed into, he could still use the eye in the heart of his brows to see everything clearly.

On the six prisms of the Great Overarching Heaven Fragments, there were all kinds of strange markings carved on them. The prisms stood upright in the cold wind, not moving at all.

As the Great Overarching Heaven Fragment spun, a Dao Fruit appeared on the top of the strange markings on the prism. The Dao Fruit split open, and fresh blood flowed out from the Dao Fruit. It was like an earthworm that followed the markings.

The markings instantly seemed to come to life, twisting and spinning, giving off dazzling light!

The light passed through the refraction of the Great Overarching Heaven Fragment and shone in all directions. Countless strange Dao markings instantly appeared in the void of Youdu, and they were like gunpowder that had been ignited as they scattered around Youdu.

Everyone who was fighting felt a strange contract connecting their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits.

"This is the blood sacrifice formation imprinted in the ancestral court. This kind of contract is the blood sacrifice contract."

Celestial Venerable Hao said, "The content of the contract is very simple. It's a sacrifice of the flesh and blood of two universes, using the lifeforms of the other universe to exchange for the lifeforms of this universe. Because this kind of blood sacrifice contract was forged by the fourth young master by sacrificing sixteen people who had achieved the Dao in the past universe, you guys can't resist at all. As long as you guys die, the blood sacrifice contract will be activated."

Heaven Duke carried Ah Chou and Earth Count as fast as lightning, planning to escape Youdu. When he heard his words, he couldn't help feeling despair and stopped.

Now, even if he carried Ah Chou out of Youdu, he would still bring this blood sacrifice contract with him.

Heaven Duke put down Ah Chou and chuckled. "Old friend, I'm afraid I can't protect your corporeal body anymore. If you can survive, we can meet again in the future."

He raised his head and looked up in Youdu. He saw what Earth Count saw when he looked up.

They were the myriad of living beings in the universe.

One world after another, countless living beings, their emotions, joys, sorrows, joys, sorrows, joys, sorrows, separation, and reunions were all reflected in his eyes.

In the past, Heaven Duke didn't understand why Earth Count didn't want to achieve the path and why he only wanted to become a human. Now, he understood.

If one had to abandon the happiness of the human world to achieve the path, then what was the point of achieving the path? It was better to be a person with emotions, anger, sorrow, joy, sorrow, joy, sorrow, joy, separation, and harmony.

Heaven Duke swept his sleeves and picked up the Heavenly Dao treasure, planning to return to save Qin Mu.

At this moment, the sky of Youdu split open, and a celestial palace shone with dense divine light as it descended from the sky.

It was a Patriarch Creation Palace.

The Patriarch Creation Palace of the celestial heavens no longer had a master. Without Mistress Yuanmu's control, no one could use the creation divine weapon in the Patriarch Creation Palace.

Celestial Venerable Hao smiled, and the ten thousand celestial wheels behind his head spun. Goddess Tai Su's accompanying treasure flew out and landed in the Patriarch Creation Celestial Palace. The creation divine weapon in the Patriarch Creation Celestial Palace was instantly activated.

The path of creation was boiling in the celestial palace. The creation divine weapon that Celestial Venerable Ling had created back then was circulating at an unimaginable speed. The incomparably complicated divine weapon shot out rays of light, gradually creating a majestic body in the spinning ring!

Suddenly, the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu strode out!

Heaven Duke sucked in a cold breath and couldn't be bothered to save Qin Mu. He immediately sprinted towards the World Crossing Golden Ship.

"Celestial Venerable Ling, I'll deal with Celestial Venerable Xu!"

He shouted loudly, "The creation divine weapon was created by you, go deal with it!"

Celestial Venerable Hao didn't mind. He walked towards the Patriarch Creation Palace and said leisurely, "The creation divine weapon has fused with the Dao of Tai Su. Aunt Tai Su's accompanying treasure is no longer Celestial Venerable Ling's divine weapon. Heaven Duke still thinks that Celestial Venerable Ling can destroy the creation divine weapon, isn't he overestimating her?"

Qin Mu said, "Celestial Venerable Hao, could it be that you plan to let High Lord Ling Yu enter the body of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu?"

Celestial Venerable Hao said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Mu is indeed smart, but not smart enough. Killing Aunt Taisu is the most crucial step for me to unify the world. After obtaining the supreme treasures of the Great Simplicity Dao and the Great Simplicity Dao, I can control the creation divine weapon and create as many divine weapons as I want. As for the materials needed to create the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, Earth Count's corporeal body is my material."

"The agreement between High Sovereign Ling Yu and me is to revive him. I'm not like you, I will keep my promise and let him borrow the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu to revive."

He brought the Dao fruits of Qin Mu and Ling Yu to the Patriarch Creation Palace and said, "These divine weapons, Celestial Venerable Yu, are the capital to kill You You, Yue, and the rest. However, my goal isn't that simple. I still need to lure Celestial Venerable Ling over and use the treasures of the four young masters of Miluo Palace to kill her. Heaven Duke has already gone to replace her and let her come over."

Qin Mu suddenly said with a smile, "You said that you can revive High Venerable Ling Yu, so can you undo the red knot I left behind? If you can't undo the red knot, High Venerable Ling Yu will only die."

Celestial Venerable Hao's pupils contracted, and his gaze landed on the red rope that had pierced through Lang Xuan's primordial spirit and Ling Yu's Supreme Dao Fruit.

"I really can't undo it."

After a moment, Celestial Venerable Hao said apologetically, "I'm sorry, High Venerable Ling Yu. I can't fulfill our promise. You can only die."

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