Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1600 - Victory And Defeat In An Instant

Qin Mu came to the front of the Hellfire Monument Forest, and his gaze flickered. He asked solemnly, "Where's Ah Chou Earth Count?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan was still sitting on the Hellfire Virtue Monument, swinging his legs. He said with a smile, "You only ask about Ah Chou and not Heaven Duke? Celestial Venerable Mu, Ah Chou Earth Count is in my hands, and the reincarnated Heaven Duke is also in my hands. Heaven Duke will be sad to hear your words."

Qin Mu smiled and asked, "In that case, where is Heaven Duke?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan waved his hand, and a golden rope suddenly hung down from midair. Heaven Duke's hands were tied behind his back, and his legs were tied together. He was hung in midair by the golden rope.

Below was the karma fire in the monument forest. It continued to burn until it reached Heaven Duke.

Qin Mu raised his head to take a look. Even though Heaven Duke was badly burned, he was still alive, so he continued, "What about Ah Chou and Earth Count?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan clapped his hands again, and another golden rope hung down from the sky. It was the same way as Heaven Duke.

Qin Mu couldn't resist laughing. "Serves you right!"

God Emperor Lang Xuan asked curiously, "Celestial Venerable Mu doesn't seem to be worried about them at all."


Qin Mu leisurely said, "Back then, they took the initiative to beg for death and courted death in all kinds of ways. They never asked for my opinion, causing me to not only have to risk my life for them, but also the life of my friends. If it was my life, it would be fine, but to have my friends risk their lives for those two old bastards makes me angry. Does God Emperor have a whip? Help me whip them!"

God Emperor Lang Xuan stared at him, and a divine whip slid out from his sleeve. Without looking back, he whipped Heaven Duke.

"Good beating!" Qin Mu cheered.

God Emperor Lang Xuan let go of the whip, and it flew up automatically to lash at Heaven Duke and Ah Chou who were hanging up.

Qin Mu's three eyes lit up, and he cheered repeatedly. He felt a sense of satisfaction in his heart.

God Emperor Lang Xuan saw that he didn't seem to be faking it and asked, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you don't seem to feel sorry for them."

"Sorry? Bah!"

Qin Mu said angrily, "These two old geezers are courting death. It's fine if they died, but after you came back to life, their abilities are no different from before! However, after they came back to life, they were also captured by you in one move. This is truly disappointing!"

Heaven Duke was ashamed.

His current strength was indeed far from his previous life.

As for Ah Chou and Earth Count, because his three souls had dispersed and they had yet to be revived by Qin Mu, they had no consciousness in their bodies, so they didn't feel anything from Qin Mu's words.

God Emperor Lang Xuan's gaze flickered, and he smiled. "Why don't we kill them?"

Qin Mu didn't mind. He waved his hand and said, "God Emperor, feel free to kill them. I'm honored by the ancient gods as the Invincible Great Wizard. If you kill them, I can also revive them. They only had their corporeal bodies destroyed by you and their cultivation destroyed. Just start over."

God Emperor Lang Xuan raised his eyebrows. It seemed a little difficult to use this method to force Qin Mu to submit.

"In that case, I'll kill them!"

God Emperor Lang Xuan smiled and said, "I really want to try my Tai Chu Divine Ability and see if it can break your legend of being indestructible!"


Qin Mu's right hand landed on the hilt of the Calamity Sword, and his knees bent slightly. He leaned forward slightly and smiled. "God Emperor can kill them, but the instant God Emperor kills them, God Emperor will also die."

God Emperor Lang Xuan's legs stopped trembling, and his body tensed up involuntarily. He stared at his every move and said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Mu, are they the hostages I used to threaten you, or are they the hostages you used to threaten me? I feel like I'm being coerced by you."

Qin Mu said with a calm expression, "Maybe both. Lang Xuan, with your intelligence, you should be able to guess that Celestial Venerable Hao sent you to stop me because he wanted to kill you with a borrowed knife. He didn't kill me, but you. Because you are his elder brother, you are the greatest threat to his throne."

A celestial heavens appeared behind God Emperor Lang Xuan's head, and his Dao Fruit floated above the Numinous Sky Hall. He smiled and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you want to sow discord between us? Do you think you can kill me with your abilities?"

"It's not a provocation, it's the truth."

Qin Mu's Dao heart was empty as he said calmly, "Ever since you guys tried to refine me in the celestial heavens, I have a seventy to eighty percent confidence in killing you guys. I have the confidence to kill any Celestial Venerable in the celestial heavens, except for Tai Chu and Celestial Venerable Hao who have achieved the Dao. Celestial Venerable Gong died in my hands, so God Emperor should know this."

God Emperor Lang Xuan narrowed his eyes and stared at him. He suddenly said, "I only need one move to kill Heaven Duke and Earth Count!"

"I only need one move to kill you!"

Qin Mu said indifferently, "Furthermore, you can kill Heaven Duke with one move, but if you want to kill Earth Count Ah Chou, you can't do it with one move. Earth Count had prepared for tens of thousands of years today. Maybe from the day Ah Chou Earth Count attacked the celestial heavens, he had already started to scheme. In these eight hundred thousand years, he had used karma fire to refine Ah Chou Earth Count to refine the Unbreakable Golden Body. Not to mention you, even if your father, Tai Chu, came personally, he might not be able to destroy his Karma Fire Golden Body in one move!"

God Emperor Lang Xuan's palms were covered in sweat. He laughed and said, "You only need one move to kill me? Celestial Venerable Mu, you are flattering yourself too much!"

His celestial heavens rumbled, and the twenty-eight throne halls surrounded and protected the celestial heavens, increasing his battle power and aura!

The Hellfire Virtue Monument that he was sitting on couldn't withstand his pressure either. It shattered bit by bit, and the shattered parts turned into fine powder. It was even assimilated into the Qi of Absolute Beginning!


Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm spread out, and the World Tree appeared behind him. His aura also suddenly rose!

God Emperor Lang Xuan executed his Dao Fruit, and the Dao Fruit revolved above the Numinous Sky Hall of his celestial heavens. His primordial spirit sat on the Emperor's Throne of the Numinous Sky Hall, and his voice was loud and deafening. "Celestial Venerable Mu, you are too arrogant! After I obtained the Dao Fruit, my cultivation abilities increased in a straight line! My comprehension of the Dao of Tai Chu far surpasses yours, even my father's! I have already cultivated to the 35 heavens of the Tai Chu Dao Realm!"

His aura trembled and came crushing over. Just his aura alone caused the Hellfire Monument Forest around Qin Mu to collapse continuously!

At the same time, the divine whip that was whipping Heaven Duke suddenly coiled around his throat and tightened!

Heaven Duke didn't say a word, and his face turned red.

That divine whip was like a python, and the tighter it was, the thinner Heaven Duke's neck became!

Qin Mu paid no attention to it. The surrounding monument forest collapsed, and only the ground under his feet remained motionless.

"Lang Xuan, when we were exploring the dangers under the Jade Pool of the Ancestral Court together, we met the owner of your Dao Fruit. I admire your dominance."

Qin Mu said calmly, "You rejected the temptation of the Dao Fruit's owner and knocked him out of the prehistoric universe's calamity. At that time, you were high-spirited and arrogant. Why did you lose that drive today and become Celestial Venerable Hao's dog? Celestial Venerable Hao, on the other hand, became the dog of Miluo Palace's Young Master, and you were even inferior to him. What was the reason that made you so depressed?"

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you still can't become one of the ten Celestial Venerables."

Lang Xuan tightened his whip and sneered. "If you become one of the ten Celestial Venerables, you will understand my choice. To the ten Celestial Venerables, there are no ideals, only benefits. For my own benefits, I can suppress the owner of the Dao Fruit and swallow his Dao Fruit by force. I can also rely on Celestial Venerable Hao for my own benefits! By the same logic, Celestial Venerable Hao will also rely on Miluo Palace's young master for his own benefits!"

Qin Mu's expression dimmed. "I understand…"

Before he could finish his sentence, forty-nine Heavenly Dao treasures fell from his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm. Along with them fell the God Execution Stage of the Ancestral Court and the two God Execution Mysterious Knives on the God Execution Stage!

The God Execution Mysterious Knife appeared, and the other forty-nine Heavenly Dao supreme treasures rumbled as the Heavenly Dao shook!

God Execution Mysterious Knife was the 50th Heavenly Dao, Heaven Emanations!

The black knife appeared and patched up the fifty heavens!

Heaven Duke immediately sensed the fifty Heavenly Dao treasures and focused his mind. The fifty Heavenly Dao treasures immediately flew out from Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and slashed at the golden rope above his head and the divine whip that was wrapped around his neck!

The Flame Virtue Monument under God Emperor Lang Xuan's butt instantly collapsed. When his feet landed on the ground, his primordial spirit turned around and attacked Heaven Duke, Ah Chou, and Earth Count at the same time!

This strike was majestic and unleashed the Dao Realm divine art of the Dao Realm of Absolute Beginning to its limits!

At the same time, his Great Celestial Heavens roared and spun as incomparably terrifying power poured into his corporeal body, mobilizing all of his cultivation to attack Qin Mu!

Not only did he want to kill Heaven Duke and Ah Chou, he also wanted to kill Qin Mu!

However, the moment he made his move, the spinning Dao Fruit suddenly stopped. God Emperor Lang Xuan instantly felt his comprehension of the Grand Primordium Dao vanish without a trace!

Only the Divine Origin Finger that he had comprehended from comprehending the Dao of Absolute Beginning was still there. However, the Dao Realm divine art executed by his primordial spirit and the 35th level Heavenly Dao divine art executed by his corporeal body had all lost their power!

The Finger of Divine Essence was the first heaven of his Dao Realm. He had comprehended the great divine art of Absolute Beginning by himself, and after that, he couldn't comprehend the second heaven for a long time.

Until he and Qin Mu entered the Great Overarching Heaven Fragment under the Jade Pool and obtained that Dao Fruit.

After he obtained the Dao Fruit, he comprehended the Absolute Beginning Dao Realm. With the help of the gods, he comprehended Dao Realm after Dao Realm, deducing the Dao of Absolute Beginning to the thirty-five heavens of the Dao Realm!

This level far surpassed his father, Grand Primordium. His younger brother, Celestial Venerable Hao, could be said to be number one in the world. He was only a step away from Grand Primordium achieving the Dao!

But now, everything was like the moon in the water, vanishing without a trace!

In a moment of desperation, he was about to change his move when Qin Mu unsheathed his Calamity Sword and came to the heart of his brows. With a gentle tremble, a sword light stabbed into his brain!

The sword light split into five and transformed into five red ropes.

However, the main body of the Calamity Sword didn't pierce through his brain. Instead, it changed directions and went straight through the Southern Heavenly Gate of his celestial heavens. Along the way, it destroyed all the buildings of the celestial heavens and shook the celestial river in the celestial heavens until it transformed into two huge waves that split the Jade Pool into two!

This sword sliced the Jade Capital City in half and arrived at the Numinous Sky Hall in the next instant!

In the Numinous Sky Hall, God Emperor Lang Xuan's primordial spirit turned around!

"Finger of Divine Essence!"

When his finger met the sword light, its power burst forth. It was indeed worthy of being the number one divine art among the ten Celestial Venerables. Even though it was simple, its power was truly terrifying!

However, that sword light faced the power of the divine essence finger with irresistible force, completely breaking the power of this attack!


The Calamity Sword stabbed into the tip of his primordial spirit and shot out from the last section of his thumb, turning into a beam of light that stabbed into his primordial spirit's brain.

God Emperor Lang Xuan's primordial spirit was frozen, and his corporeal body was also frozen.

At the same time, the Dao Fruit smashed through the Numinous Sky Hall and landed in God Emperor Lang Xuan's primordial spirit's brain. It spun rapidly and was pierced by the Calamity Sword!

At the same time, Celestial Venerable Hao appeared behind Qin Mu, and the thirty-five celestial palaces behind his head transformed into ten thousand celestial wheels. They crashed down and crushed Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm, sucking Qin Mu and his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm into the ten thousand celestial wheels!

"Celestial Venerable Hao!"

Qin Mu's astonished voice came from the Myriad Heavenly Wheel, and his body passed through it to escape.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, your skills are still lacking." Celestial Venerable Hao's palm pressed down, forcefully suppressing him into the heavenly wheel.

In front of the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel, in the Lang Xuan Celestial Heavens, the Dao Fruit in Lang Xuan's primordial spirit was spinning furiously, completely obliterating Lang Xuan's consciousness and controlling his primordial spirit.

His primordial spirit and celestial palaces roared as they descended, preparing to seize Lang Xuan's corporeal body.

Just as the Dao Fruit controlled the primordial spirit to enter God Emperor Lang Xuan's corporeal body and enter the heart of his brows, he suddenly saw five red ropes hidden in the heart of God Emperor Lang Xuan's brows. His primordial spirit fell precisely into the red ropes.

The red string quickly tied up, wrapping around Lang Xuan's primordial spirit and Dao fruit.

"Seventh young master!" A furious roar came from the Dao Fruit.

Heaven Duke broke free and grabbed the Heavenly Dao Weapon. He controlled the fifty Heavenly Dao treasures, and the power of the fifty Heavenly Dao treasures instantly boiled. With one strike, he smashed into the heart of God Emperor Lang Xuan, shattering his corporeal body!

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