Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1569 - If The Heavens Had Feelings, The Heavens Would Grow Old

"When a man is about to die, his words are kind."

Lang Wo looked at Celestial Venerable Gong, who had been reduced to ashes, and shook her head. "Even so, it can't hide the fact that you have been helping the villain for the past million years. You can't erase the evil you have done in the past million years just by persuading people to do good."

She returned to the 33 heavens of Carefree Village and said to Yan Yunxi, "Celestial Venerable Gong is dead. May Eternal Peace's Emperor Yanxiu retract her net."

Yan Yunxi's heart trembled, and she immediately ordered a god to rush to Eternal Peace to inform Ling Yuxiu of this news.

Twenty days later, Xiong Qi'er came to Eternal Peace's capital city to meet Ling Yuxiu.

She was the true ruler of West Earth's True Heaven Palace, a person of the same generation as Ling Yuxiu. Even though she was ten years younger than Qin Mu, her position and prestige in West Earth was still above Xu Shenghua.

Back then, West Earth's True Heaven Palace was a sacred ground that was on par with Heavenly Saint Cult, Dao Sect, and Great Thunderclap Monastery. This sacred ground was to choose the female masters, and they had to choose people with pure Dao hearts. The younger they were, the better. Only then would they be recognized by the four spirit beads.

When Xiong Qi'er was eight years old, she had already received the recognition of the Four Spiritual Beads and had the power of a true god. She was much stronger than Qin Mu back then.

After over a hundred years of bitter cultivation, her Dao heart had reached an extremely high level. That was why Ling Yuxiu had chosen to invite Wei Shijie, who had killed the Grand Emperor's borrowed body.

"Even though Celestial Venerable Gong has a strong consciousness, she's different from the Grand Emperor."

Xiong Qi'er listened to the whole story and pondered for a moment before saying, "The Grand Emperor doesn't dare to come into contact with the latest reform results of Eternal Peace, but the reincarnation of Celestial Venerable Gong dares to. Her reincarnation Tao Xiu has remarkable abilities and is an outstanding person among the younger generation of Eternal Peace. Her reputation is extremely great. Your Majesty, even though I can kill her, it's hard to kill her. Her consciousness illusion will interfere with me, and she will take the chance to escape."

Ling Yuxiu said, "Then who do you think is going to kill Tao Xiu? Is Fang Fang confident?"

Xiong Qi'er said, "Killing Celestial Venerable Gong doesn't mean that one with high battle power can kill her. The person who kills her must have an even stronger consciousness and be able to see through all of her illusions. Thus, Dao Master Lin Xuan, Zhan Kong Rulai, and Little Jade Capital probably won't be able to do it and will be easily escaped by her. Divine Knife Luo, Zhe Huali, although they are powerful, it's also slightly difficult to deal with her consciousness. Thus, I recommend a person with a vast consciousness and boundless divine arts that can break through the reincarnation of Celestial Venerable Gong. However, this person isn't in Eternal Peace."

Ling Yuxiu's heart stirred slightly, and she said with a smile, "I know where this person is. Wait two days."

Two days later, Hu Ling'er rushed to the capital and Ling Yuxiu told her about it. Hu Ling'er smiled and said, "I see, I'll just call him over."

"Thank you, Ling'er."

Hu Ling'er laid down the sacrificial altar and personally cast the spell. The sacrificial altar established a connection with the other world, and the sky split open. An incomparably huge hole appeared, and on the other side of the hole was a vast land.

A deep and resonant voice rang out in the air above Beijing. "Who is the godson of the supreme ruler of the summoned beast world…"


Hu Ling'er called out loudly, "I'm your sister!"

That deep and resonant voice gave a fright, and after a moment, a huge head sunk down from the hole. The dragon qilin popped his head out with a face full of smiles. "So it's Big Sister. Big Sister, why are you calling me?"

"If there's nothing important, I can't let you come over?"

Hu Ling'er stood on the sacrificial altar and placed her hands on her hips. She beamed with joy and said, "However, I did call you over for something important. Come over quickly!"

"Big Sister, please wait a moment."

The dragon qilin pulled back his head, and he heard a conversation coming from the beast world. "Foster father, my sister told me to go over… Nothing will happen. Foster father, don't worry… I won't come back! I'm going to meet Cult Master and my wife. I haven't seen them for many years… Don't worry, I won't leave foster father here alone…"

After a moment, a youth with the head of a qilin and the body of a dragon came down from the beast world and came to the sacrificial altar. It was the dragon qilin, and he was wearing black clothes that were inlaid with gold and jade. He looked indescribably luxurious.

Hu Ling'er sized him up from head to toe and sneered, "You are rich in the beast world and have a respectable position. Your Yan'er has been thrown to the black mountain to incubate her eggs, and her children are all in groups. Aren't you afraid that a male bird will hook up with your wife!"

The dragon qilin smiled apologetically. "Foster father can't manage the beast world by himself, so I'm helping to manage it. If I want to come back, foster father won't let me go. Yan'er and I have already done a good deed, and South Deity is the first to agree to it! Besides, all the beasts in the world are under my care, so who would dare to steal from me?"

Ling Yuxiu said, "Long Xiao sees you as his foster son and is also guarding against Imperial Preceptor's hostage, so he naturally won't let you return."

Only then did the dragon qilin notice her and immediately greeted, "Your Majesty."

Ling Yuxiu said, "No need for formalities. Imperial Preceptor saw that you have grown up, so he let you out and let you make a career out of it. Over the years, you have been cultivating with Long Xiao, so you must have some achievements. Just now, the little princess of True Heaven Palace said that you could deal with Celestial Venerable Gong's reincarnation, Tao Xiu, so she invited you back."

The dragon qilin looked at Xiong Qi'er and immediately recognized her. Xiong Qi'er ran over and cheered, "Slide! Slide!"

The dragon qilin was helpless and said, "You are now the leader of True Heaven Palace, and I'm also the young master of the beast world. How can I do such a shameful thing?"

"Slide!" Xiong Qi'er insisted resolutely.

The dragon qilin could only reveal his true form and transform into a behemoth. He raised his tail and formed a huge arc.

Xiong Qi'er crawled to the tip of his tail and slid down from the top. The dragon qilin's body caved in, and the girl slid onto his back. The inertia carried her into the air, and she giggled non-stop before rushing back down.

This wasn't as simple as a slide. Xiong Qi'er continued sliding for a long time, but she still didn't stop. Ling Yuxiu was helpless and said, "Minister, the important matters are more important."

Xiong Qi'er hurriedly stopped and blushed.

The dragon qilin transformed back into a majestic youth and said, "When she was young, Cult Master wasn't willing to coax her, so I only did this when I was coaxing her. Where is Tao Xiu now? If I get rid of her, I'm going to see my wife and child. I don't want any male birds to be blind…"

Xiong Qi'er took out the Life and Death Book and Tao Xiu's information and handed it to the dragon qilin excitedly. "I'll go with you!"

The dragon qilin hurriedly looked at Ling Yuxiu, and she said with a smile, "Dragon Pi hasn't returned for many years, and he still has to go to the ancestral court to meet Yan'er and his children. Minister, let's talk about this next time."

Xiong Qi'er could only give up.

The dragon qilin immediately set off for Bin Prefecture on the shore of the East Sea.

His speed was extremely fast. His speed surpassed Qin Mu's, and he had been cultivating diligently in the beast world for the past few years. He had tried to help Long Xiao establish the beast world civilization and make many groundbreaking achievements. His abilities were extraordinary.

Qin Mu rarely returned to Eternal Peace, but he was summoned by Hu Ling'er and the rest from time to time to catch up. The results of Eternal Peace's reform didn't fall behind.

The dragon qilin was much more mature and steady than before. He also had the dignity of a young master from the Beast World. Along the way, he flipped through the information of Celestial Venerable Gong's reincarnation. From the techniques that Tao Xiu had learned, to the divine arts that she was proficient in, as well as her research direction, all of her achievements in life were recorded in great detail.

Ever since Qin Mu had discovered that Celestial Venerable Xiao's reincarnation had entered Eternal Peace and quietly climbed to the center of power in Eternal Peace, a surveillance and net that targeted the reincarnations of the ten Celestial Venerables had quietly begun.

The dragon qilin closed the scroll and lowered his head to take a look. He had already reached Bin Prefecture.

Bin Prefecture was north of River Tomb, a god city that had flourished in recent years.

A hundred years had passed since the last calamity of Eternal Peace. Over the past hundred years, Eternal Peace had undergone a world-shaking change, and its wealth had increased exponentially. However, the problem also came with it. The god cities grew larger, and the number of people they could accommodate increased exponentially. However, it was impossible for a city to expand without a border, so there were other god cities that had risen.

Binzhou was one of them, and it was also one of the more outstanding ones. It eased the pressure on the people of River Tomb, and many young people liked to gather here.

The dragon qilin came to the city and found the place where Tao Xiu lived. He saw that there was a banquet being held there. After asking around, he found out that it was Tao Xiu's family that was holding a banquet for a hundred days.

"Celestial Venerable Gong's reincarnation is married? The file didn't mention this."

The dragon qilin was astonished and continued to ask around. Tao Xiu was married to a divine arts practitioner from Binzhou. She wasn't considered a rich family and had been married there for two years.

'How could a person like Celestial Venerable Gong get married? Could the man be the reincarnation of a certain Celestial Venerable?'

He sneaked into the banquet and used the Life and Death Book to shine on the male owner of this house. He discovered that the male owner had a clean background and wasn't the reincarnation of a Celestial Venerable.

This man's aptitude and comprehension weren't the kind that was peerless. It wasn't too good, and it wasn't too bad either. It was possible for him to cultivate to the god realm, but it was impossible for him to achieve an earth-shattering feat.

The dragon qilin pondered for a moment and then pointed at Tao Xiu. She was indeed a reincarnation of a Celestial Venerable, but there was nothing fishy about it.

He had a strange expression. Why would a Celestial Venerable marry an ordinary person?

'Could it be Celestial Venerable Gong's illusion?'

His consciousness was strong, and his abilities had become stronger over the years. When he focused his gaze, he saw that it wasn't an illusion.

Tao Xiu's cultivation was inferior to his. If it was an illusion, he would definitely see through it.

Tao Xiufang also noticed the dragon qilin among the guests. It was hard not to notice this strange-looking man.

"Dragon Pi, can you let me live past today?" Her consciousness rippled into the dragon qilin's mind.

The dragon qilin nodded silently.

The 100-day banquet was very lively. As the mistress of the family, Tao Xiu was very attentive in front of people and behind people. She was also hugging her child and doting on him in every way possible. It was as if the heartlessness of her previous life was going to be compensated in this life by this baby.

The dragon qilin stayed at the banquet and observed quietly. When the banquet dispersed, he walked out of Binzhou and waited quietly outside the city.

The sun rose from the east and leaped out of the sea.

The sea breeze was cool and blew at the youth's clothes. He stood by the sea and looked at the sunrise. The sunlight made his face flush red.

Tao Xiu walked over from behind him with a complicated expression. "The masters of creation are also humans. Even though I'm an esteemed Celestial Venerable, I'm still disturbed by the mortal world after reincarnation and have a mortal heart. Young master of the Beast World, you were ordered to kill me, right?"

"Celestial Venerable Gong is heartless and disloyal. I didn't expect you to marry and become a mother."

The dragon qilin turned around and said, "If I knew, I wouldn't have accepted this task. You don't look like a Celestial Venerable now, but more like a good wife and mother, making it hard for me to do anything. That's why I'm giving you half a day to settle your funeral matters."

Tao Xiu looked at him and said in a low voice, "Without the power struggle of the celestial heavens, my heart is calm, and I understand the love of mortals. Celestial Venerable Mu killed me, but I don't want revenge, and I don't have any thoughts about the power of the celestial heavens. Can the young master of the Beast World be lenient and let me be an ordinary person? I'm willing to only serve my husband and teach my children to live a normal life."

It was hard for her to lower her stance, but now she did.

The dragon qilin looked at her with a calm expression. After a moment, he said, "Cult Master once taught me that I can't be too bad to good people, and I can't be too good to bad people. This isn't fair, it's just fair. If I'm too good to bad people, I'll let down the good people and mortals who were hurt by bad people. If I'm too bad to good people, I'll let down the good things that good people have done in the past. If I can't do those good things myself, why must I magnify the scattered stains on the good people?"

Tao Xiu listened quietly.

The dragon qilin continued, "I once asked him why he didn't revive an old friend of his. He had the ability to do so. He said that reviving Grandmaster would remind him of the countless mortals who had died at the hands of Grandmaster. What Grandmaster did before he died wouldn't change the bad things he had done in his life. Celestial Venerable Gong, in your long life, there have been many people begging for mercy from you, right?"

Tao Xiu nodded silently.

"Have you let them go?" the dragon qilin asked.

Tao Xiu shook her head and suddenly said, "For my small family, I won't sit back and wait for death!"

The dragon qilin greeted her. "Have you arranged a wet nurse for the child? If not, I can give you half a day."

Tao Xiu shook her head and said, "I've already arranged it."

The dragon qilin revealed a smile. "In that case, please make your move."

Tao Xiu shouted and rose up, using all her strength and all her divine arts to attack him!


The sea breeze of the East Sea suddenly rose, and the huge waves crashed against the shore, giving off a world-shaking boom. The dragon qilin walked towards the west and didn't head straight for Binzhou. Instead, he took a detour.

He didn't want to enter Binzhou again.

Behind him, Tao Xiu's corpse was swallowed by the waves.

"If the heavens had feelings, the heavens would grow old. The righteous path of the human world is the vicissitudes of life."

He turned his head back to take a look. The waves of the East Sea were rushing, and he turned his head back. In front of him was River Tomb City's Mount Zhong, where dragons and tigers resided.

The wind and rain of Mount Zhong gradually rose, and the heaven and earth turned yellow.

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