Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1568 - The Fall Of Divine King Gong Yun

This sword light was the Facing Calamity Sword, the nineteenth sword form, a basic sword form. The sword light started from Celestial Venerable Gong's primordial spirit and fell straight down, stabbing into the Numinous Sky Hall of Celestial Venerable Gong's most majestic celestial heavens.

The Numinous Sky Hall collapsed.

This hall was the source of Celestial Venerable Gong's supreme power. When this power collapsed, terrifying power surged in all directions and destroyed the halls in Jade Capital City!

Celestial Venerable Gong knew something was wrong, and he immediately activated his consciousness.

However, Qin Mu's other sword light exploded in her brain and shattered her consciousness, making it hard for her to focus her consciousness.

This sword light was like the primordial chaos and Dao traveling together. As Qin Mu bowed, it burst forth, shaking her brain and consciousness into chaos.

Her consciousness was strong and wasn't completely destroyed by Qin Mu's worship. However, her consciousness was scattered and couldn't be condensed.

The energy waves caused by the collapse of Numinous Sky Hall swept in all directions, and the speed at which her Jade Capital City was collapsing became faster. In the energy tide that swept through everything, the sword light also surged, turning everything in its path into powder!

Soon, the collapse destroyed the entire Jade Capital City and rushed outside to attack the celestial palaces.

If Celestial Venerable Gong's consciousness was still at its peak, with her abilities, she could completely abandon the main celestial palace, the Jade Capital, and even her primordial spirit to break her wrist to survive.

However, her brain had been shaken into a ball of primordial qi by Qin Mu's other sword light, and her consciousness was in a mess. She couldn't do this.

She could only let the celestial palace collapse.

If one stood in her celestial palace, they would be able to see a magnificent and breathtaking sight.

The divine cities formed by the tall and majestic buildings were shattered by the terrifying energy fluctuations and sword lights. They crumbled continuously, raising an even more powerful and terrifying tide of energy and sword lights, destroying even more divine cities at an even faster speed!

The celestial palaces tilted, crumbled, and fell, transforming into even more violent energy as they fell!

Her primordial spirit melted in this energy.

Celestial Venerable Gong's paths, skills, and divine arts had their own unique points. Her celestial heavens was formed by overlapping celestial palaces, and from afar, it looked like a curved horn. It was different from other celestial heavens.

The celestial heavens collapsed from the top and crashed down, crushing the celestial palaces on the next level. It gradually formed an unstoppable momentum.

In these celestial palaces, there were tall and majestic god statues. They were the innate gods that she visualized using the masters of creation's unique visualization technique.

This was her unique point. During the collapse of her celestial heavens, god statues woke up and revived. These visualized ancient gods tried their best to escape, but even Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the other ancient gods she visualized couldn't escape this calamity of destruction!

Qin Mu's Facing Calamity Sword was what he had felt after the Eternal Peace Calamity broke out. He felt that he was powerless, that he didn't have a soul, that he had become a walking corpse, and that he was about to die. That was how he had created the Sword Dao, which was also the nineteenth basic sword form.

He used this sword to face the calamity, to face the calamity of his own death, to bid farewell to his past self.

This sword eradicated all of his previous foundations, shattered the celestial palaces, and destroyed his divine treasures. In the end, all of his celestial palaces and divine treasures turned into primal chaos.

He was reborn in the chaos.

It could be said that from that moment onwards, the big boy, Qin Mu, had already died. Qin Mu, who had come back to life from death, had a brand new soul and had become brave and tenacious.

Qin Mu could face the calamity and obtain new life, but Celestial Venerable Gong couldn't.

Her celestial heavens completely collapsed, and incomparably terrifying energy rushed into the heart of her brows, scattering the consciousness that she had painstakingly gathered under the attack of a Primordial Chaos Dao Travelling Together.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!

Seven explosions rang out in succession as the seven great divine treasures in her body were destroyed one by one and crushed into powder!

In the end, her celestial heavens' celestial palace divine treasures were completely destroyed. The energy transformed into sank down and pressed down on her Dao heart.


Her mind was completely silent, and her Dao heart was undulated. Only the heart of her brows was broken, and that was the sword mark that Qin Mu had left behind.

Qin Mu sheathed his sword and stabbed it into the wooden sheath. He looked at her calmly.

Celestial Venerable Gong also looked at Qin Mu with a calm expression. There were no emotions on his face, and he said expressionlessly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, my consciousness reaches the 35 heavens of the Dao Realm, imprinting the 35 voids. Your move can't kill me."

Her gaze was empty as though she couldn't focus. She suddenly walked out. "I can't die. I'm the last master of creation."

Qin Mu's gaze was complicated, and he revealed a hint of reluctance. However, this trace of reluctance soon faded.

He didn't stop Celestial Venerable Gong and allowed her to leave.

Celestial Empress rushed over and looked at Celestial Venerable Gong with a strange expression. She didn't stop her and allowed her to leave.

Celestial Venerable Gong came to the edge of the twin lotuses and stepped on the void, passing through the falling tide.

She walked out of the tide of the Ruins of End and followed the descending Styx River upstream. Soon, she reached Youdu.

Youdu was formed by countless worlds and heavens that had been destroyed. It was the land of death, the origin of the devil path. It was incomparably ugly and dark, filled with the most corrupt and warped devil nature in the world.

However, Celestial Venerable Gong's Dao heart was unprecedentedly calm. She ignored the ugliness of Youdu as though she had returned to her youth.

During the primordial era, she was a member of the Xin Clan. At that time, she was carefree.

In her eyes, the dark sky of Youdu seemed to have become an azure sky, and the devil fire spewing out from the nostrils of the huge Earth Count became the bright and beautiful sun in the sky.

The young female master of creation cultivated with the elders of the race. The elders embedded a Grand Primordium Divine Stone in the heart of her brows, telling her that it was a gift from Ju Yushi.

She followed the elders to hunt and capture primordial behemoths. She learned consciousness divine arts from her uncles and visualized with her sisters-in-law and companions.

She grew up and became an elder of the Xin Clan, but she wasn't old at all. She was young, beautiful, and her body was filled with the vigor of youth.

At that time, the universe wasn't as big as it was now. The universe was still growing and expanding day by day. At that time, they sacrificed West Deity White Tiger in West Pole, making White Tiger the guardian of the Xin Clan.

In the spring of this year, she met a young man from Ju Yushi. The young man riding on the back of the huge beast stared straight at her.

Meanwhile, she was already the strongest existence in the Xin Clan. The chief and the elders were already discussing whether they should let her succeed the throne and become the chief of the Xin Clan.

"I want to marry you," the young man said to her.

Her companions laughed at this young man's stupidity, and even though that young man was called away by his own clansmen, he still kept looking back at her.

She couldn't remember if it was love at first sight, but that young man fell in love at first sight.

After countless years, she became the chief as she wished. When the old chief abdicated, he said to her earnestly, "From today onwards, you shall inherit this name."

"It's West Earth, the West that produces gold. You have to be like the previous chief, sacrificing our visualization divine white tiger. You have to be like the previous chief, abandoning all relationships."

"Your race will become the most important thing in your life from now on. It will become something that you will protect with your life."

"When your bugle horn blows, the woman of Nü Xin will be filled with power greater than that of a man. Your long whip isn't just for herding, it isn't just for taming those huge ferocious beasts. It can also tame men and make them submit to you. It can also transform into a sharp spear and shatter all threats of Nü Xin."

"You will stand on the head of the white tiger and rule over the vast and boundless territories of the west. All places that can hear your horn will be the ranch of the Xin family!"

"You will raise your long whip the gods that don't obey. You will sweep down the stars in the sky and punish all those that don't obey!"

"You will use your youth, life, and even beauty and love to conquer all the tribes in the surroundings and make them submit to Nü Xin!"

"You will become the king of the entire universe, the king of all the ancient gods! You will become…"

"Divine King Gong!"

Celestial Venerable Gong walked past Earth Count. Earth Count looked at her curiously and revealed a look of astonishment. Elder Messenger of Death was astonished and was about to summon his boundless clone to kill her when Earth Count's consciousness wavered. "Benevolent Saint King, there's no need."

Elder Messenger of Death looked at Celestial Venerable Gong carefully and nodded silently. "Earth Count is wise, there's indeed no need."

"She's already dead. She's creating an illusion to prevent her Dao heart from collapsing."

Earth Count watched her leave and pondered, "Who killed her?"

Celestial Venerable Gong walked, unknowingly walking out of Youdu.

She arrived at the ancestral court in a daze.

Before her eyes was not the magnificent sight of the ancestral court, but another sight.

It was her big day. The young man who had fallen in love with her at first sight and said he wanted to marry her had become the Grand Emperor whose name shook the world.

That young man's growth speed was astonishing. When he was young, he had already become the chief of the Ju Yushi Clan.

His power threatened the Nü Xin Clan. His Ju Yushi conquered all the tribes in the world and annexed small tribes, making Ju Yushi stronger.

The three kings of the primordial era, Bo Yang, Shu Jun, and Gong Yun had all fought with this young man before. The young man called Bo Yang and Shu Jun, and viewed her as an elder. Only he addressed her as an equal.

Shu Jun was the first to be defeated, and she was also defeated by this young man. In the end, the young man challenged Bo Yang, the most ancient and powerful Divine King.

The battle between the young man and Bo Yang shocked the world. The most ancient Divine King and his dragon mount were also defeated by this young man.

The three kings had no choice but to work together, which was why they retreated from the Yu Family's attack. In order to stop the invasion of the Ju Yushi, they formed an alliance and respected the young man as the Grand Emperor.

Today was the day she would marry the Grand Emperor.

The Grand Emperor repeatedly asked for a marriage, but she rejected him. However, he didn't give up and continued to ask for one.

The Grand Emperor was obsessed with her.

She recalled the words of the old chief who had died in battle when she succeeded the throne. She had finally agreed to the Grand Emperor's marriage proposal. The primordial era was too barbaric and bloody. She had to consider the future of the Xin Clan.

Since the Xin family couldn't conquer the world and the universe, they would conquer the man who conquered the universe.

Celestial Venerable Gong walked past the ruins of the ancestral court's Xin family. The sight of it made her recall how the Grand Emperor had lost his mind and slaughtered her people.

At this moment, her illusionary realm fluctuated violently, and Celestial Venerable Gong immediately changed the illusionary realm, freeing herself from this sorrowful memory.

"I'm the last master of creation. I can't die," she warned herself.

At that time, the Grand Emperor had received the sacrificial offerings from all the masters of creation races. Both his corporeal body and consciousness had reached unimaginable heights. His consciousness had broken through the ultimate void and imprinted itself in the ultimate void, transforming into an incomparably wonderful Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven. In the Great Overarching Heaven, Dao Trees grew, Dao flowers bloomed, and Dao fruits grew.

The Grand Emperor was like the sun in the midday sky. He didn't need to conquer the other races, as they had already submitted to him. As a result, God King Gong became the woman with the greatest power, and the two of them ruled the entire universe together.

The Grand Emperor's madness was beyond everyone's expectations.

When she stood on the ruins of the Xin Clan and looked around, all she saw were the scattered and shattered corpses of her clansmen. She had also gone mad.

She fell to her death and threw her son, who was born to the Grand Emperor, into the arms of the Grand Emperor's adopted son, Tai Chu.

Celestial Venerable Gong left the ancestral court.

She came to the Primordial Realm.

The Primordial Realm didn't exist in the primordial era. It was the last battle of the masters of creation that split the ancestral court into two. This piece of land expanded and became the Primordial Realm, also known as Yuandu.

She walked on the Primordial Realm, and the flames of war raged in front of her. Celestial Venerable Gong, who was surrounded by layers of illusions, looked into the distance and saw the army of the celestial heavens chasing after Carefree Village's 33 heavens. They had already reached here.

Her gaze suddenly froze as she looked at the huge bodies that were jumping around and fighting non-stop.

It was the masters of creation.

Lang Wo was leading the remaining masters of creation to fight the celestial heavens and defend Carefree Village with the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor!

Celestial Venerable Gong groaned dreamily as she felt the pain in her Dao heart.

Divine King Lang Wo noticed her and was astonished. She hurriedly flew over and imprinted layers of consciousness paths into the void, sealing it off. She asked warily, "Gong Yun, are you here to kill me? There are only these people left!"

The woman in front of her had incomparable confidence. She shouted at the top of her lungs, "The Paramita Void has been destroyed. All the masters of creation left! If you stop us, the masters of creation will be wiped out by you!"

Celestial Venerable Gong looked at her in a daze. This beautiful master of creation was like her when she was young. She muttered, "I'm not the last master of creation?"

Lang Lang shook his head. "If you kill us, you won't be the last master of creation. From the moment you became one of the ten Celestial Venerables, you are no longer a master of creation."


Celestial Venerable Gong seemed to hear the sound of her Dao heart shattering.

In front of her eyes, layers of illusions were shattered like shattered glass.

She revealed a bitter smile and raised her hand to touch Lang Wo's face. She said softly, "Don't learn from me…"

The damage caused by Qin Mu's sword exploded in her Dao heart. In front of Lang Wo, Celestial Venerable Gong shattered like porcelain.

Lang Wo was stunned. She wanted to hold her hand, but when she touched it, it was like touching ashes.

Celestial Venerable Gong, Divine King Gong of the past, was reduced to ashes in front of her.

Her consciousness also turned into ashes.

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