Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1541 - Crazy Ancestor Spirit Luo Xiao

At that moment, two celestial rivers appeared in the sky above Surging River Dao. One of them was the original Surging River that floated in the sky, while the other was the one that had sailed over from forty thousand years ago. The surging river water stretched forward with dense fog.

In the fog, the long river stretched out and became longer. In a short period of time, it had already crossed Eternal Peace and reached the depths of space.

The place where the celestial river had vanished into the space was the Fallen God Valley that Qin Mu had discovered back then, the location of the High Emperor Celestial Heavens.

The celestial river of Fallen God Valley also flowed in the sky, flowing towards the High Emperor Celestial Heavens. However, the High Emperor Celestial Heavens had already been sealed, and the blind elder Yu Yusheng stood guard there, collecting Celestial Venerable Ling's corpse day after day, year after year.

Qin Mu used one hand to execute Celestial Venerable Ling's hairpin, and his other hand drew a huge circle, transforming it into a divine art, taiji, and yin and yang to block the Vermillion Bird's corporeal body.

A huge taiji diagram appeared in the air, and the Grand Emperor controlled the vermillion bird's corporeal body to stretch out its claws. The taiji diagram split open, and blazing flames ignited it.

Just as he tore apart the taiji diagram, he saw Qin Mu leaving the city tower and walking into the fog.

Without any explanation, the Grand Emperor controlled the vermillion bird corporeal body to rush into the fog. The vermillion bird corporeal body flew rapidly in the fog, but what was strange was that the fog and the celestial river in the fog were indescribably long.

Just as the two of them entered the fog, Celestial Venerable Hao also arrived above Surging River.

The fog pervaded the air, lingering for a long time.

At the same time, Celestial Venerable Gong, Celestial Venerable Xu, Ancestral God King, God Emperor Lang Xuan, and the rest rushed towards the Land of the Great Void. Before they could reach the Land of the Great Void, they saw the two ancient gods of Taiji rushing over. Stars were shining in the taiji sand table behind their heads, and stars were trailing behind them.

The few Celestial Venerables looked at each other. "Celestial Venerable Xiao sent these two ancient gods, and it seems like he values Carefree Village very much. He can't tolerate Founding Emperor walking out of the Paramita Void."

Founding Emperor and Carefree Village were stuck in the void of the Paramita World like rats in a mouse hole. They could get rid of them whenever they wanted.

However, with Founding Emperor and Carefree Village running out, it wouldn't be so easy to catch them in one fell swoop.

Although Celestial Venerable Xiao had almost fallen out with Celestial Venerable Hao, they were unanimous when it came to benefits. Thus, when Founding Emperor walked out of the Paramita Void, both Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Venerable Xiao had to send strong practitioners to intercept him.

The few Celestial Venerables walked side by side with the two ancient gods of Tai Chi. Just as they reached the Land of the Great Void, they saw a burning man flying backward. There were thousands of sword wounds on his body, and blood was spurting out!

The four Celestial Venerables and the two ancient gods were astonished. Suddenly, sword light rushed towards them, and the four Celestial Venerables shouted in unison. They tried to block it, but the moment they came into contact with the sword light, their divine art was immediately broken!

Celestial Venerable Gong activated the bugle horn to strengthen everyone's qi and blood. In the next moment, the bugle horn broke, and the horn that made everyone's blood boil instantly stopped!

Celestial Venerable Gong's consciousness burst forth, and just as she was about to follow the sword light to attack, a sword cry rang out and went straight into the depths of her Dao heart.

Celestial Venerable Gong's expression changed drastically, and Founding Emperor's sword light burst forth from her Dao heart. The sword lights in her body expanded from the inside out, piercing through her organs and skin. In the blink of an eye, she was covered in blood, and her cultivation and abilities were greatly reduced!

The celestial palace behind her head also crumbled, and under the pressure of her cultivation, she immediately flashed away. She was shocked and furious. 'Tai Su has never completely healed my sword injuries. In the battle of Xuandu, the sword wounds left behind by Founding Emperor are still there!'

When the sword injuries in her body burst forth, God Emperor Lang Xuan's divine essence finger broke through the sword light that came out of nowhere. He didn't lose a finger, but when he executed his divine essence finger divine art, his ten fingers fell off one by one.

Only then did he see his divine essence finger divine art burst forth. However, it wasn't his finger that had tapped out. Instead, a mouthful of divine blood spewed out from his broken finger and transformed into blood arrows.

God Emperor Lang Xuan's expression became extremely strange. His divine essence was broken by people time again when he was besieging Qin Mu in the Jade Capital of the ancestral court.

He didn't expect him to repeat the same mistake so soon!

Qin Mu used a sword, and Founding Emperor also used a sword. They were almost the same sword skills, but they were much more experienced!

At that time, God Emperor Lang Xuan was incomparably old, but now, he had already recovered to his peak. He didn't expect his finger to still be severed by a sword!

At the same time, Founding Emperor's sword light had already reached the heart of his brows.

'How is Qin Ye so strong?' God Emperor Lang Xuan felt despair.

At this moment, in the celestial palace behind his head, the Dao Fruit suddenly became alive and took the initiative to control his qi, blood, and cultivation. Countless chains rose from the celestial palace and intertwined, transforming into divine arts to meet Founding Emperor's sword light.

God Emperor Lang Xuan felt his blood run cold. At that moment, he felt that his qi, blood, cultivation, and even his celestial palace and primordial spirit weren't his!

There seemed to be another person living in his body. That person had boundless foundation and was currently occupying his corporeal body and primordial spirit bit by bit!

In the past, he didn't notice it, but now that he was facing Founding Emperor's sure-kill strike, the person in his body couldn't hold back anymore and started to seize his corporeal body and primordial spirit!

'Celestial Venerable Mu is right, that Dao fruit is very strange!'

When he thought of this, the Dao Fruit had already controlled his vital qi to transform into a chain to block Founding Emperor's sword.

The heart of God Emperor Lang Xuan's brows split open, and he was almost stabbed in the brain by the sword light. The Dao Fruit also became silent after blocking the sword.

God Emperor Lang Xuan seized the chance and immediately turned to run. At the same time, he saw another horn on Celestial Venerable Xu's head being sliced off by a sword light.

Celestial Venerable Xu's injuries were almost the same as those in the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital City. In the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital City, Qin Mu had used the same sword move to cut off one of Celestial Venerable Xu's horns!

Now, Founding Emperor had used the same move to sever her other horn!

Lang Xuan ran, and he saw Ancestral God King surpassing him at an even faster speed, running from behind him to the front.

This casual glance made him realize that the sword wounds on Ancestral God King's body were almost identical to the sword wounds that Qin Mu had left on Ancestral God King in the Jade Capital City!

"Celestial Venerable Mu and Founding Emperor are both surnamed Qin, as expected of sword users. Every sword is aimed at our flaws! Thus, our sword injuries are exactly the same!"

He was astonished. 'However, Celestial Venerable Mu only managed to defeat us after a battle. Yet Founding Emperor didn't even meet us face to face and severely injured us! This fellow…'

A terrifying thought appeared in his mind. 'Could he have already achieved the Dao? Why is Ancestral God King running faster than me? That's right, as long as this fellow runs faster than me, he can escape! F*ck…'

"Congratulations, Dao friend Founding Emperor, you have already achieved the Dao!"

Lang Xuan heard the voice of the ancient god of taiji, and the voices of the two ancient gods were filled with delight. They said with a smile, "Sword Dao achieves the Dao, and now Founding Emperor is the number one man in the world. How enviable!"

Suddenly, the sword light became incomparably bright, and a series of explosions rang out. The taiji sand table expanded rapidly and transformed into the taiji star field. The star field spread out and caught up to the escaping God Emperor Lang Xuan.

Just as the Galaxy was about to drown God Emperor Lang Xuan, the accompanying treasure suddenly split open. The two ancient gods of Great Ultimate grunted, and a grunt came from behind God Emperor Lang Xuan.

God Emperor Lang Xuan's hair stood on end when he saw the two ancient gods of Tai Chi covered in blood. Every snake scale on their bodies was split open by a sword, and they rushed to his front from behind.

Only then did God Emperor Lang Xuan realize that the two ancient gods' accompanying treasure, the taiji sand table, had been split into two. The two ancient gods each had half of the back of their heads, and they had been split apart by Founding Emperor's sword!

The fear in God Emperor Lang Xuan's heart couldn't be any greater. Founding Emperor who had achieved the Dao was simply too terrifying. In terms of power, he was probably even stronger than Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Venerable Xiao!

'However, these two ancient gods are also faster than me!'

God Emperor Lang Xuan was completely disheartened, and he cried bitterly in his heart, 'Didn't that Dao Fruit want to seize my corporeal body? Why did it stop after resisting for a moment? Come quickly—'

He tried his best to speed up as he chased after the few Celestial Venerables in front of him. Behind him, the sword light in Founding Emperor's hand dispersed, and he walked out of Carefree Village towards the Primordial Realm.

Behind Founding Emperor, the 33 heavens of Carefree Village separated one by one. The land masses spread out, and countless gods and devils slaughtered their way towards the army of gods and devils of the celestial heavens.

"Return to the Primordial Realm!"

Countless Founding Emperor soldiers shouted, their voices shaking the sky. "Kill our way back to the Primordial Realm, kill our way back to our homeland!"

The army of the celestial heavens guarding this place had already been defeated. Son of Heaven Yin, Shang Pinyin, and the rest controlled the army to prevent it from dispersing and resisted with all their might.

"It's time to go to Surging River."

Founding Emperor looked in the direction of the Primordial Realm. At that moment, Divine King Lang Wo's voice rang out. "Qin Ye, are you really going to abandon the Paramita Void and enter the Primordial Realm?"

Founding Emperor turned back to look. Divine King Lang Wo stood far away and greeted him.

Founding Emperor returned the greeting and said, "The Void Bridge can no longer stop the Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens. There's no longer a need for the Paramita Void to exist. Divine King, your race of masters of creation should consider your future and take the initiative to enter the world to face the calamity. Only after the calamity will you be able to live."

"Survived a calamity?"

Divine King Lang Wo was stunned and bowed to him. "Thank you for your guidance, Dao Brother."

The woman raised her head, but Founding Emperor was already gone.

Divine King Lang Wo muttered to herself and turned back to the Paramita Void. Her consciousness rose and merged with the Ancestor Spirit World.

"Ancestral spirits of the masters of creation, it's time for the masters of creation to make a choice between life and death, so I've awakened you."

Her consciousness was vast and boundless, and it rippled in the Ancestor Spirit World. She asked the ancestors of the masters of creation who created the Paramita Void, "Will the masters of creation enter the world of their own accord to face the calamity, only then will there be more than enough life? Will the masters of creation enter the world with their entire race to participate in this calamity that is fighting for the orthodoxy of heaven and earth?"

In the Ancestor Spirit World, huge spirits woke up from their slumber. Their consciousnesses touched each other, and in a short moment, they grasped everything Divine King Lang Wo knew.

"It's too dangerous."

An ancient spirit consciousness said, "Divine King, you are gambling on the lives of our masters of creation, betting on an impossible future. Our race is defending the treasured land, and no one can break through it. It's not suitable for us to participate in the calamity of this Celestial Venerable struggle."

The other ancient spirits shook their consciousnesses. "Divine King, as the only remaining divine king of the masters of creation race, you need to be responsible for all of your people. You can't take the lives of your people to gamble on the illusory future."

Divine King Lang Wo frowned.

"I want to go!"

Suddenly, a crazy voice rang out. "We must go! If we stay here, we'll just be floating duckweed without roots. Only the outside world is our territory!"

Numerous ancient spirits looked over and frowned. The one who spoke was the crazy ancestor spirit, Luo Xiao.

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