Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1542 - Destruction Of The Paramita Void

Luo Xiao, the ancestor spirit, had woken up. He had also sensed the changes in the world from Divine King Lang Wo's consciousness, so he voiced out his thoughts.

"Ancestor spirit Luo Xiao has always been crazy and lacks main consciousness."

An ancient and cryptic consciousness surged and said, "His thoughts are unclear, his consciousness is unclear. Divine King can't listen to him."

Many ancient spirits said, "Don't listen to him."

Luo Xiao's voice was mournful and furious. "A small place with no ambition, guarding the current situation, and dying is not a day away! If you want to leave, you must leave!"

"Ancestor spirit Luo Xiao is worthy of respect, but his thoughts are muddled and I can't listen to him."

Numerous ancient spirits said, "Divine King, you have to know that if you lead your people out of here and enter the world to fight, how many people will die? My race of masters of creation is already on the decline and can't take any more trouble."

Divine King Lang Wo's figure was graceful as she stood in the void, her clothes fluttering. She looked very serene.

After a moment, her consciousness reverberated in the Ancestor Spirit World. "I'm determined to lead the masters of creation out of the Paramita Void and into the world to fight. I want to give the masters of creation a future that will allow them to live. Please forgive me!"

Her consciousness angered many ancient ancestor spirits. Countless of them shouted angrily, "Lang Wo, we gave you the title of divine king because we saw that you weren't affected by your emotions. You were able to judge calmly, and you were thinking for your people. You won't be emotional. Now that you have the heart to gamble, you will only bring our people to destruction!"

"Acting emotionally will only make you just like the Grand Emperor, Bo Yang, and Shu Jun!"

"We granted you the name of the divine king, but we can also take it back!"

"If you insist, you will no longer be the divine king of our masters of creation race!"

Divine King Lang Wo's expression was still as calm as before. She plainly said, "The title of Divine King was bestowed by you. You have the right to take it back, but you can't influence the choice of my people. The masters of creation of the Paramita Void can only survive by relying on Carefree Village. Now that Carefree Village has migrated, me and the masters of creation have to move as well."

"Then we shall strip you of your title as a divine king!" the ancestor spirits of the Ancestor Spirit World said in unison.

Divine King Lang Wo retracted her consciousness. At this moment, the entire Ancestor Spirit World appeared in the sky above the Paramita Void, covering the various worlds on the Paramita World. The masters of creation in these worlds raised their heads and looked at the Ancestor Spirit World.

The Ancestral Spirits of the various races of the Ancestor Spirit World appeared one by one. They were majestic. Their consciousnesses surged and reached the minds of every master of creation. They announced that they would deprive Lang Wo of her title as the Godly Monarch and prohibit the masters of creation from listening to her orders.

The various tribes of the masters of creation were in an uproar. Everyone was whispering to each other and discussing among themselves. For a moment, they couldn't accept this decision.

Lang Wo had always been calm, allowing the ancestor spirits to take everything from her. Only when they took everything from her did her consciousness burst forth and sweep through all the worlds.

"Are there any masters of creation willing to follow me and leave the Paramita Void to fight in the outside world, reclaim our ancestral land, and seize the power to survive?"

Her voice rang out in the minds of every master of creation. "There is no future here, only a heaven and earth created by an illusory consciousness. Although the Paramita Void is good, if the enemy comes, they will block us here, leaving us with no chance to escape!"

"Follow me!"

"The world outside is even wider!"

The Ancestor Spirit World was furious. The consciousness that formed the Ancestor Spirit World suppressed Lang Wo's consciousness, preventing her from persuading the masters of creation.

Lang Wo continued to use her consciousness to tell everyone her thoughts. "There might be intense competition there, and there might be deaths. However, we will learn, improve, and follow the times!"

"Follow me, for the future of our race, for the descendants of our race! Follow me!"

The Ancestor Spirit World suddenly transformed into a huge eye. It was the foundation of the Ancestor Spirit World, a Tai Chu Origin Stone!

Numerous ancestor spirits' consciousnesses were suppressed by the Origin Stone, and their consciousnesses became ten times stronger. Lang Wo's consciousness was suppressed by them, and she couldn't communicate with the masters of creation anymore.

Lang Wo's expression was still calm as she quietly stood in the void and looked at the people of the various heavens.

No matter if it was the Summer Stage Tribe, the Can Nü Tribe, or the Dongming Tribe Tribe, the Cave Abyss Tribe, the Dragon Banquet Tribe, or the Pearl Hill Tribe Tribe, not a single master of creation stood up. No one said anything about following her.

The corners of Lang Wo's mouth twitched, but she didn't use her consciousness. Instead, she opened her mouth and said in a pleading voice, "Follow me. Don't stay here anymore."

She suddenly lost control of her emotions and couldn't stop crying. She shouted, "Follow me! If you stay here, the masters of creation will be wiped out! Follow me—"

Still no one responded to her.

Lang Wo looked at them in despair. Everyone avoided her gaze.

They were too reliant on the ancestor spirits. It was the ancestor spirits who sacrificed themselves to create this Paramita Void. It was also the ancestor spirits who built the Ancestor Spirit World and protected them for a million years.

When they fought with Carefree Village, it was the ancestor spirit who helped Lang Wo defend against Founding Emperor.

Divine King Lang Wo was also conferred by the ancestor spirits. The ancestor spirits could appoint her as a divine king, or they could appoint others as divine kings. On the surface, the one with the greatest authority was Lang Wo, but in reality, it was the ancestor spirits of the Ancestor Spirit World that controlled the power of the Paramita Void.

Ancestral spirits could become divine kings or even become the holy infant.

Lang Wo stumbled as she walked through the heavens. She looked at her clansmen with anticipation, but no one responded to her. No one stood out and said, "I'll follow you."

Even those people who usually respected her the most didn't dare to meet her gaze.

For the sake of the masters of creation, Lang Wo abandoned all her emotions. However, the emotions in her heart suddenly burst forth, making her lose control. She felt that everything she had done was futile.

Her heart had almost lost all motivation. Her technique and her cultivation had almost collapsed!

"I'll go with you." Suddenly, a voice broke the silence.

Lang Wo was delighted and looked towards the source of the voice. Xiu Zhong stood out and said solemnly, "I'll go with you. Lang Wo, although you're younger than me, your wisdom has won me over. I believe in your judgment."

He turned around and shouted, "My clansmen, who wants to leave with me?"

He didn't use his consciousness, but his voice was loud and powerful, spreading throughout the heavens. One by one, the masters of creation from the same tribe stood up and quietly came to his side.

Lang Wo regained her courage, and her crumbling Dao heart calmed down. Her cultivation also stopped declining.

'No matter what, Lang Wo is the divine king in my heart.'

Can Nü stood out and said with a smile, "She never had any selfish motives, so I listened to her. Does anyone in my tribe believe me?"

Another few masters of creation stood up and walked silently to her side.

The masters of creation from the Summer Stage Tribe, Dragon Banquet Tribe, Dongming Tribe, Pearl Hill Tribe, and other tribes also stood out and quietly came to Lang Wo's side.

Lang Wo calmed down and waited quietly. Gradually, the number of people increased, but there were still less than ten thousand people.

Lang Wo looked at the tribes, but no one responded to her.

"As long as you walk out of the Paramita Void, you will never return!" The consciousness of the Ancestor Spirit World rumbled.

Lang Wo raised her head to look at the Ancestor Spirit World. "Ancestor Spirit Luo Xiao, are you coming with me?"

"I'm not going."

Luo Xiao's face appeared, and he was no longer as crazy as before. He said calmly, "They built the Ancestor Spirit World and the Paramita Void according to my prophecy. I can't abandon them."

Lang Wo nodded silently and led the group of masters of creation that numbered less than ten thousand towards the Void Bridge.

They turned back to look. The ancestor spirits of the Ancestor Spirit World had already begun to select new chiefs and appointed new elders. Finally, under the joint recommendation of the elders and chiefs, a new divine king was chosen.

Lang Wo turned her head and led her clansmen through the three rooms to the Void Bridge.

Outside the Void Bridge, the battle between Carefree Village and the celestial heavens was still ongoing. Founding Emperor had left early, and Celestial Venerable Yue had also left Carefree Village. This made the army of the celestial heavens calm down. The four great heavenly teachers, the heavenly kings, and the four deities of the four directions mobilized their superior forces to gain a firm foothold before surrounding them.

Because the number of gods and devils in Carefree Village was far inferior to that of the celestial heavens, it fell into a passive state and was trapped by the army of gods and devils.

The heavenly teachers and heavenly kings of Carefree Village had all come out to fight with the heavenly teachers and heavenly kings of the celestial heavens. The battle was extremely brutal.

Under the lead of Qin Fengqing, that huge baby, the Qin Clan faced Son of Heaven Yin and the other four deities of the four directions. They also fought until the sky collapsed and the earth cracked. Even though Qin Fengqing was incomparably powerful and was called Little Earth Count, even though the Qin Clan was brave and skilled in battle and didn't fear death, they couldn't break through the encirclement of the gods and devils of the celestial heavens.

When Lang Wo led the masses to attack, Carefree Village was in danger. The army of the celestial heavens had already reached the 33 heavens, causing the heavens to collapse, revealing the huge iron dragon skeletons buried under them.

The entire 33 heavens of Carefree Village were 33 huge war machines, the greatest masterpiece created by the heavenly works of Founding Emperor Era. However, when faced with the terrifying divine artifacts of the celestial heavens, these 33 war machines could be broken at any time.

Lang Wo led everyone and rushed over. Numerous masters of creation and her consciousness divine arts burst forth, clearing the army of the celestial heavens in front of them. Instantly, they created a bloody path.

Nearly ten thousand masters of creation had huge corporeal bodies. They moved freely, changing the stars with a raise of their hands.

It was hard to unleash great divine arts on the battlefield, and they could easily threaten the lives of their own people. However, in close combat, they had unimaginable power. Not only did the masters of creation have powerful consciousness, but their corporeal bodies were also comparable to the ancient gods. In close combat, they far surpassed the half-gods!

With the addition of a Celestial Venerable like Lang Wo, the impact opened a path for Carefree Village's 33 heavens.

The 33 heavens roared as they rushed over. The masters of creation rose into the sky and landed on the various heavens to help the Founding Emperor army clear the army of the celestial heavens that had come to Carefree Village.

Lang Wo was also intercepted by the army of the celestial heavens. The four great heavenly kings of the celestial heavens controlled the four deities divine weapons of the ancient gods to surround and kill her. The power of the divine weapons was pushed to the extreme, transforming into the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise.

Lang Wo fought and retreated, holding back the four great heavenly kings. Only when the four great heavenly teachers finished reorganizing the formation and surrounded her did she retreat.

The army of the celestial heavens chased after Carefree Village all the way to the Primordial Realm.

At that moment, in the Paramita Void, the remaining masters of creation had just selected the next divine king when a figure suddenly crossed the Void Bridge and came to the Paramita Void.

Celestial Venerable Xiao appeared beside the new divine king that the masters of creation had chosen, Shui Yue. She looked up at the Ancestor Spirit World that had yet to disappear and couldn't help smiling.

"Third Brother, Luo Xiao, Second Brother is here to see you." His voice spread throughout the Ancestor Spirit World.

Luo Xiao's face appeared from the Ancestor Spirit World, and he shouted, "Be on guard—"

The Ancestor Spirit World transformed into a huge eye, and the consciousnesses of all the ancestors burst forth through the Tai Chu Origin Stone!

Celestial Venerable Xiao laughed loudly and allowed the consciousnesses of the ancestor spirits to attack him. The consciousnesses rushed into his mind, but they didn't unleash any power and were directly refined by him!

"Your consciousnesses stole mine!"

Celestial Venerable Xiao raised his hand to grab the Tai Chu Origin Stone from the Ancestor Spirit World. "I'm just returning it to its rightful owner! I've been waiting for this day for a long time!"


The spirit ancestors of the masters of creation attacked even more violently, but any consciousness attack was useless against the current Celestial Venerable Xiao.

Divine King Shui Yue also rose up and attacked Celestial Venerable Xiao. However, her attacks were nothing to Celestial Venerable Xiao.

Thousands of masters of creation rushed towards Celestial Venerable Xiao, who grabbed the Grand Primordium Origin Stone that formed the Ancestor Spirit World.

He grabbed with force, and the Ancestor Spirit World collapsed. Countless ancestor spirits inside were annihilated, and their consciousnesses were also devoured by Celestial Venerable Xiao.

"Luckily, Lang Wo left…"

Luo Xiao revealed a gratified smile. "The masters of creation aren't considered extinct."

His spirit and consciousness shattered, and his consciousness fell into absolute darkness.

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