Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1530 - Fusion

The two ancient gods of taiji had white hair, and their corporeal bodies and appearances were no longer the same as before. During this trip to Jade Capital City, they had also been invaded by the calamity of destruction and had become old.

"They must have left the long river of chaos when they were helping Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu fuse, and they only came here now."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered as he thought to himself, 'The reason why they are in such a hurry to leave Jade Capital City should be because they are worried that the Goddess of the Ruins of End, who has broken out of her cocoon, will be harmful to them. After all, they are terrifyingly old now, and the one born from the cocoon might be a person who has achieved the Dao!'

Only when the ancient gods of Tai Chi left the Jade Capital City and regained their youth and strength would they be able to deal with the possible changes.

Right now, they were extremely weak. If it was Yuanmu who broke out of the cocoon, they couldn't escape death!

The two ancient gods were terrifyingly old, so old that they couldn't even feel Qin Mu following behind them. After they got ashore, they dragged the Dao Tree out of the city with difficulty.

On that tree, the cocoon was hanging on a branch that was three yards tall. There was light flowing inside the cocoon, and it stuttered. One could faintly see the figure of a woman swimming around like an eel, weaving the cocoon continuously.

That cocoon was formed by light, and the woman in the cocoon was like a silkworm that was transforming, spewing out light to weave a huge cocoon.

As the two ancient gods dragged the Dao Tree, the huge cocoon swayed back and forth on the tree.

Behind them, the World Crossing Golden Ship emerged from the long river of chaos and slowly sailed up the river bank.

At the bow of the ship, Qin Mu leaped down, and with a thought, the golden ship became smaller. It finally sailed into the heart of his brows and floated on the crown of the World Tree.

The World Tree became even taller and grander, and its crown expanded his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure by over ten times.

He had stayed in the Jade Capital City for more than three years. During these three years, the World Tree had absorbed the energy of the sixteen great calamities of the universe's destruction and become much stronger.

The growth of the World Tree also nourished his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, making his ancestral court even more vast. The myriad worlds in the heavens also became more astonishing, and all kinds of sacredness seemed to materialize.

The most crucial thing was the five great mines in his ancestral court. These five mines were even more astonishing than before. The mountain ranges rose and fell, creating a myriad of phenomena. All kinds of marvelous lights burst forth from the mines, and all kinds of Dao sounds burst forth from them.

During his trip to the Jade Capital City, his greatest gain wasn't the Dao pattern of the master of Miluo Palace, nor was it the God Execution Mysterious Knife of God Execution Stage, nor was it the 49 Heavenly Dao cardinal treasures. It was the growth of the World Tree!

He followed behind the two ancient gods of taiji calmly, feeling hesitant.

'If I make a move now, it would be a great opportunity to get rid of Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress! The ancient gods of Tai Chi can't stop me, I can even get rid of them…'

He found it hard to make a decision. The two ancient gods hadn't done any evil, and they had even helped him a lot. If he attacked them, his conscience wouldn't be at ease.

However, now was the best time to completely eradicate Yuanmu and Celestial Empress. They had yet to completely merge and transform. If they succeeded in merging and transformed successfully, becoming Daoists, it would be extremely difficult to get rid of them!

In fact, Qin Mu might not even be able to escape from their hands.

A cold light flashed in Qin Mu's eyes, and his right hand rested on the hilt of the Calamity Sword. His fingers gripped the hilt one after another, and the Calamity Sword silently left its sheath.

At this moment, the two ancient gods suddenly stopped. The white-haired ancient Yang God smiled and said, "Is it Celestial Venerable Mu?"

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and smiled, saying leisurely, "Dao brothers, have you sensed my killing intent?"

The Yin Goddess smiled and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu is wrong. We didn't sense your killing intent, we saw Celestial Venerable riding a golden ship."

Qin Mu was even more astonished. "Both of you saw me when you were on the river? Why didn't you stop to make small talk?"

The two ancient gods said with a smile, "We don't dare. We are extremely old now, and we are afraid that if we stop and exchange greetings, we will be killed by Celestial Venerable. Thus, we can only pretend that we don't see Celestial Venerable and that ship and walk past you."

"We are also gambling on whether Celestial Venerable Mu's curiosity is really as strong as the rumors say. If Celestial Venerable Mu is really as curious as the rumors say, he wouldn't have made a move. Instead, he would have followed us personally to see how Yuanmu and Celestial Empress fused and achieved the Dao."

Qin Mu's face turned black, and he continued to walk towards them. He said resentfully, "Dao brothers know me very well. Dao brothers, I'm not curious anymore. I just want to get rid of Shi Qiluo and Heavenly Lady Yan."

The two ancient gods turned around to face Qin Mu. The little old man, Ancient God Yang, chuckled and said, "The two Celestial Venerables, Shi Qiluo and Heavenly Lady Yan, no longer exist. The only ones left now are the Ruins of End Goddess."

The power of the Calamity Sword in Qin Mu's hand gradually increased, and he said with a smile, "Whether it's the Ruins of End's goddess or Heavenly Lady Shi Qi and Luo Yan, I'm going to kill them today. May Dao brothers not stop me."

The little old woman, Great Yin Goddess, bent her body, and her small eyes had a crafty glint as she chuckled. "Celestial Venerable Mu, do you know what we siblings are best at?"

Qin Mu was stunned and had a bad feeling.

"Us siblings are best at faking—"

The little old man and the little old woman said in unison, "Before we were born, we created a fake taiji mine and fooled all the masters of creation. Even the Grand Emperor and the three Divine Kings were fooled by us! And now, we tricked Celestial Venerable Mu again!"

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he stabbed forward with his sword. Before his sword light could reach the two ancient gods, the two ancient gods, along with the Dao Tree and the cocoon on the Dao Tree, suddenly exploded, transforming into yin and yang qi that dissipated!

"Dao Brother Tai Shi, take a look, this is what you call old and experienced!" Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming in admiration as he looked towards the Taishi Ancient God Dao who was trying his best to absorb the Taishi mine in the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

His consciousness burst forth and swept in all directions, trying to find the whereabouts of the two ancient gods. However, the Jade Capital City was full of danger, and there was a cold and lonely wind everywhere. His consciousness was quickly shattered!

Qin Mu rose into the air, and the World Crossing Golden Ship flew out from the heart of his brows. Its whistle grew louder, and Qin Mu landed on the bow of the ship. The World Crossing Golden Ship rampaged through the Jade Capital City, and Qin Mu stood at the bow of the ship to survey the surroundings.

The golden ship ignored the hot and silent wind, the strangeness of the Jade Capital City, and crushed its way through. On the other hand, Qin Mu was completely unharmed, and no strangeness could invade the golden ship.

In the distance, two ancient gods of taiji were dragging the Dao Tree out of the city. They suddenly turned back and saw a huge ship shining with golden light rising from the Jade Capital City. The bottom of the huge ship passed by a huge hall that reached into the clouds, causing the roof of the hall to collapse. A huge chunk was missing.

"So powerful!"

The two ancient gods couldn't help being astonished and hurriedly used all their strength to drag the Dao Tree away.

A violent tremor came from behind them, and Goddess of Great Yin turned back to look. She saw the World Crossing Golden Ship coming to a dense forest of Dao Trees. In the dense forest, Dao Trees swayed their branches like tree demons, and thousands of them grew like countless tentacles, sweeping towards the golden ship in midair.

The huge golden ship was pulled down from the sky and was about to crash into the dense forest of the Dao Tree.

The two ancient gods had just let out a sigh of relief when they suddenly saw the World Crossing Golden Ship entering the dense forest and crushing the Dao trees. The Dao trees swayed from side to side, and their trunks broke apart. The Dao Tree forest was flattened!

Some of the dried Dao fruits on the Dao trees were also crushed into the ground. They were truly incomparably fierce!

The two ancient gods sucked in a cold breath, and the golden ship floated into the sky once again. It sailed towards them and didn't avoid anything in the Jade Capital City. It crushed everything in its path!

'Celestial Venerable Mu, that fellow, I wonder which river he fished out this ship from. It's simply too powerful!'

They tried their best to drag the Dao Tree, wishing they could immediately rush out of Jade Capital City and escape. However, there were many dangers in Jade Capital City, and the slightest carelessness could result in death. Furthermore, they were truly old and couldn't escape anymore.

Suddenly, soft cracking sounds came from the Dao Tree behind them. The two ancient gods' hearts stirred slightly, and when they turned back, they saw that the huge cocoon on the Dao Tree had split open.

A beautiful woman was sitting in the cocoon, hugging the cocoon and gnawing on it. The cocoon was formed by light, and at this moment, half of it was actually eaten by the beautiful woman!

Looking at the woman's appearance, it was Celestial Empress!

The two ancient gods of taiji stopped and looked at the heart of Celestial Empress' brows. Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu looked exactly the same, except for one difference—the heart of their brows.

Celestial Empress had a red mole between her brows, while Mistress Yuanmu had a black mole between her brows.

When the two ancient gods saw the red mole on the heart of the woman's brows in the cocoon, they relaxed and said in unison, "Congratulations, Dao friend!"

Celestial Empress quickly ate up the Dao cocoon and revealed a smile. She said leisurely, "Dao brothers, I still have to thank you two. Without your help, how could I have absorbed that little slut and reconstructed my corporeal body with hers?"

Behind her, celestial palaces leaped out and formed a celestial heavens. There were actually thirty-six celestial palaces!

"I absorbed that little slut and obtained everything about her, including the techniques and divine arts of Celestial Venerable Hao, Celestial Venerable Xiao, and Celestial Venerable Hong. It's too delicious, my sister is too delicious… I've been digesting her for over a year…"

She sat on the Dao Tree and suddenly felt something. She immediately floated up and turned around to see a magnificent golden ship sailing over aggressively.

The two ancient gods of taiji let out sighs of relief. Unexpectedly, when Celestial Empress turned around and her beautiful hair fluttered in the wind, the two ancient gods of great yin and great yang couldn't help but be flabbergasted.

When they saw Celestial Empress' beautiful hair floating up, she didn't have the back of her head!

What should have been the back of his head now had a face!

It had the exact same face as Celestial Empress!

The only difference was that there was a mole in the heart of this face!

The face smiled charmingly at them and stuck out its tongue playfully.

The two ancient gods felt their blood run cold. "Mistress Yuanmu!"

Celestial Empress didn't absorb Mistress Yuanmu. Instead, she had become one with her!

The two ancient gods looked at each other, shuddered, and immediately slipped out of the city.

'The two of them are fused, yet not fused! Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu's weird temper fusing into one, wouldn't it cause chaos in the world?'


Violent collisions came from behind them, and the two ancient gods turned back to look. They saw Celestial Empress being ruthlessly pressed under the World Gold Ship, revealing only her white legs.

At the bow of the ship, Qin Mu pulled out his sword and pointed at the two ancient gods with murderous intent. He said coldly, "Dao brothers, where did you hide Celestial Empress? Hand her over, and we will still be friends!"

"Are you blind?" Celestial Empress groaned under the boat.

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